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Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Consultant Question Answers

Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant Exam (WI23) Dumps March 2023

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Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

A customer indicates their point-of-sale system can be configured to upload a file every fifteen minutes. The filename is not consistent for each upload. Their consultant recommends they use a File Drop Automation. Which two considerations should be made? Choose 2 answers 

A. They may utilize an external FTP site. 
B. The directory Is unable to be used by another File Drop Automation. 
C. The directory used by the file trigger should be inside the import directory. 
D. The directory cannot contain more than five file triggers. 

Question # 2

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) maintains a blog for key outdoor enthusiast influencers to use in sharing their experiences with NTO equipment and the outdoors. NTO also sends out a weekly email newsletter, and they want to include links to the latest blog entries as part of the newsletter. Which two solutions could pull in the RSS feed at the time of send? Choose 2 answers 

A. Dynamic Content 
B. AMPscript 
C. Personalization Strings 
D. External Content 

Question # 3

A customer's web developer team is creating a form that will leverage a Marketing Cloud REST API endpoint to upsert rows into a data extension. How should the consultant create an installed package in Marketing Cloud to facilitate this functionality? 

A. Enable the package for all business units in the Marketing Cloud account. 
B. Create a separate installed package for each individual web form. 
C. Instruct the web team to store the client ID and secret in the client-side code. 
D. Ensure the package scope includes Read and Write permissions for data extensions.

Question # 4

A customer wants to capture and categorize email Not Sent events and begin identifying trends. They want to keep the data in Marketing Cloud and run queries against the dataset. The customer created a data extension to receive the information. Which order of Automation Studio activities should be recommended? 

A. Data Extract with the Data Extension Extract type > File Transfer to Safehouse > File Transfer unzip > SQL Query 
B. SQL Query > Data Extract with the Data Extension Extract type > File Transfer to Safehouse > Import File 
C. Data Extract with the Tracking Extract type > File Transfer from Safehouse > File Transfer unzip > Import File 
D. Data Factory Utility > File Transfer from Safehouse > Import File > Data Extract with Tracking Extract type 

Question # 5

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to send using the From Address of [email protected] They will then automatically forward replies to [email protected] NTO also wants to include an automatic reply to the customer's email address [email protected] Which email address would appear as the From Address for the automatic reply to the customer? 

A. [email protected] 
B. [email protected] 
C. [email protected] 
D. A [email protected] 

Question # 6

A customer wants to configure appointment reminders for patients in their clinic. The reminder should be sent day before the appointment date at 10 a.m and the appointment record should be updated in the patient was sent a reminder email. What solution could be recommended? 

A. Create a journey with CRM data source triggered on the reminder data and use Journey Builder activities to send a reminder and update the record in Synchronized Data Extension. 
B. Create a journey with CRM date based entry source, and use journey Builder activates to send a reminder and update the record in CRM. 
C. Create a daily scheduled automation to refresh the audience, and use Automation Studio activities to send a reminder with AMPscript in the message to update the record in Synchronized Data Extension. 
D. Create a daily scheduled automation to refresh the audience, and use Data Extension entry source for a journey with activates a reminder and updates the record in CRM. 

Question # 7

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to target Contacts in an abandoned cart Journey with a Facebook ad. An Ad Campaign Activity has been added to the Journey canvas. Which extension product should be enabled to use the Ad Campaign Activity? 

A. Interaction Studio 
B. Social Studio 
C. Advertising Studio 
D. Audience Studio 

Question # 8

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is using Einstein Content Selection to populate its emails with personalized product images at send time. Tnese emails typically see high engagement, but because of the frequency of these emails, a customer could see the same image asset several times within a 2-week span.How should NTO marketers ensure there's a limit to the number of timet a particular image asset can be chosen for a customer? 

A. Ask the content team to create more images in order to diversify the asset pool. 
B. Set a Fallback Asset. 
C. Utilize Einstein Engagement Frequency to send the emails less often. 
D. Set Fatigue Rules for the product Asset Classes.

Question # 9

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to create a relevant audience from a data extension for a daily send campaign. The audience will change from day-to-day. These emails contain a View As Web Page link and NTO wants to ensure this will not be broken when the audience is refreshed daily. What should be used to segment this audience? 

A. Use exclusion lists for the send - excluding those that already were sent the email 
B. Use AMPscript inside the email to pull information from a send logging data extension to determine which content displays based on message context 
C. Use a SQL Query to filter the audience into a new data extension that is overwritten each day 
D. Use SQL Query to filter the audience into a new data extension that is upserted every day 

Question # 10

Northern Trails Outfitters has a contact count of nearly 10 million records. They have noticed slower processing times when sending using Journey Builder. Which two actions could they take to optimize Journey performance? (Choose 2 answers) 

A. Perform large-scale segmentation in Automation Studio before admitting contacts into Journey Builder. 
B. Use Data Extension Entry Sources with Filters applied to perform segmentation activities for Journey Builder. 
C. Include data for decision splits in Attribute Groups in Contact Builder, use contact data rather than journey data. 
D. Create a prefiltered, sendable copy of data extensions for each journey instead of using the same entry source. 

Question # 11

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) stores customer purchase data m an external system. NTO ingests this data into Marketing Cloud through a file drop automation. The automation contains an import activity which overwrites a staging data extension, as well as an SQL Query activity which brings this data into a sendable data extension. NTO's marketing manager wants to be informed If mort than 1,000 records are ever imported through this automation, and would also like to prevent the sendable date extension from being updated that day. Which solution ts appropriate m this situation' 

A. Q Split the existing activities into two separate automations. 
B. Implement a Wait Activity to wait until the data extension is populated with records. 
C. Place a Verification Activity between the import and SQL Query activity. 
D. Write a custom SSJS script to 
E. validate the row count of the staging data extension and send a notification email. 

Question # 12

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to include a 'view online' link in an email template to enable users to view a web page version of the email. Which personalization string should they include as the href attribute in the link? 

A. %%view_as_webpage%% 
B. %%view_email_url%% 
C. %%vawp%% 
D. %%view_online%% 

Question # 13

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to have a periodic, dynamic newsletter send to a set data extension, but the data in this data extension will be regularly updated and the subscribers inside could be removed/added multiple times. What option should speed up the delivery while meeting these criteria? 

A. Journey that allows re-entry after exiting 
B. Scheduled Automation utilizing Triggered Send Emails 
C. Scheduled Automation using a Send Activity 
D. Single Send Journey 

Question # 14

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) plans on sending SMS and push notifications together with emails as part of a new customer onboarding journey. What should a consultant recommend as a unique identifier for each subscriber? 

A. A common field like Physical Address for Contact Key. 
B. A number field such as subscriber's phone number for Contact Key. 
C. An email address for Contact Key. 
D. A GUID or another generated ID for Contact Key. 

Question # 15

Northern Trail Outfitters has started the process of integrating its Marketing Cloud account and Sales Cloud org through Marketing Cloud Connect. Which configuration should be utilized for the API user created in Marketing Cloud? 

A. API User checkbox is selected, no roles are assigned to user. 
B. API User checkbox is selected Administrator & Marketing Cloud Administrator roles are applied. 
C. API User checkbox is deselected, Marketing Cloud Viewer role is applied. 
D. API User checkbox is deselected, all available roles are assigned to user. 

Question # 16

Northern Trail Outfitters has configured Reply Mall Management to handle manual unsubscribe requests. However, they have received complaints from customers who are still getting marketing emails despite having sent multiple unsubscribe replies including phrases like "take me off your list" or "opt out". How could this behavior be corrected' 

A. Ensure the DNS Record Redirect is correctly configured 
B. Ensure the two phrases are added to a filtered keyword list 
C. Ensure the two phrases are added the "Filtered Keywords" data extension 
D. Ensure "Common Misspellings" Is selected as one of the Reply Filters

Question # 17

A marketer want to personalize an email with real-time weather information from the Sunny Sky API. What tool should be used to parse and display the response within the email? 

A. Node.JS 
B. Apex 

Question # 18

Northern Trail Outfitters is sending Salesforce Triggered Sends using Marketing Cloud Connect. The sends have a status of failed. What shouifl the consultant do to diagnose tne Issue? 

A. Review Apex Jobs within Set Up in Sales Cloud. 
B. Manually clear the OAuth token to refresh the connection. 
C. Change the connection option to Scope by User. 
D. Ensure the System User is assigned the Standard User Profile. 

Question # 19

Nothern Trail Outfitters wants to enable Sales Cloud users to manually create a segment of both lead and contact records that can be targeted through the Send Flow in Content Builder. What should a consultant recommend for segmentation? 

A. Salesforce Data Extension 
B. Salesforce Report 
C. Synchronized Data Extension 
D. Salesforce Campaign 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Consultant Certification Exam? 
Answer: The Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Consultant Certification Exam is a comprehensive exam that tests a candidate's knowledge and skills in the areas of marketing automation, campaign management, analytics and reporting, and customer engagement. The exam is designed to assess a candidate's ability to design, implement, and manage a successful Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution.
What topics are covered in the Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Consultant Certification Exam?
Answer. The Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Consultant Certification Exam covers the following topics: marketing automation, campaign management, analytics and reporting, customer engagement, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud architecture. Candidates must demonstrate knowledge and skills in each of these topics in order to successfully pass the exam.
How do I prepare for the Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Consultant Certification Exam? 
Answer. The best way to prepare for the Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Consultant Certification exam is to use study guides, practice tests, and Salesforce-provided resources to gain an understanding of the topics covered in the exam. Additionally, candidates should use Salesforce Marketing Cloud documentation to become familiar with the platform and its features. Finally, candidates should review sample questions and answers from previous exams to gain a better understanding of the types of questions they may encounter on the exam.
Where can I find Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Consultant Certification Exam Dumps? 
Answer. is a great resource for Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Consultant Certification Exam Dumps. The website offers a wide range of dumps in PDF format that you can download for very reasonable price. The dumps contain real questions and answers from previous exams and are a great way to prepare for the exam.
How much does the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification Exam cost? 
Answer: The fee for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification exam is $200 USD.
How much time given for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification Exam?
Answer: The Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification Exam is a 90-minute multiple-choice exam.
What is the passing score for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification Exam? 
Answer: You must score at least 400 out of 500 to pass the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification Exam.
Is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification Exam available in other languages? 
Answer: No, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant Certification Exam is only available in English.
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