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Salesforce Certified Administrator (WI24) Dumps April 2024

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Salesforce Salesforce-Certified-Administrator Sample Questions

Question # 1

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to know the average stage duration for all closed Opportunities. How should an administrator support this request? 

A. Use process builder to capture the daily average on each opportunity. 
B. Add Formula Fields to track Stages on each Opportunity. 
C. Run the Opportunity Stage Duration report. 
D. Refresh weekly reporting snapshots for Closed Opportunities. 

Question # 2

An administrator at Ursa Major Solar just learned about the AppExchange and how helpful it can be to the company’s business. Which two actions can be accomplished via the AppExchange? ‘Choose 2 answers 

A. Find certified developers and consultants. 
B. Download the Dataloader data tool. 
C. Install industry-specific solution templates.
D. Download standard Lightning components.

Question # 3

Which two capabilities are considerations when marking a field as required in Object Manager? Choose 2 answers

 A. The field is not required to save records via the API on that object. 
B. The field is universally required to save a record on that object. 
C. The field is added to every page layout on that object. 
D. The field is optional when saving records via web-to-lead and web-to-case 

Question # 4

Ursa Major Solar wants to assist users with a guided expense report process to simplify submissions, routing, and authorizations. Which two tools should an administrator use to build this solution? Choose 2 answers

 A. Validation Rule 
B. Flow Builder 
C. Approval Process 
D. Quick Action 

Question # 5

What are three characteristics of a master-detail relationship? Choose 3 answers 

A. The master object can be a standard or custom object. 
B. Permissions for the detail record are set independently of the master. 
C. Each object can have up to five master-detail relationships. 
D. Roll-up summaries are supported in master-detail relationships. 
E. The owner field on the detail records is the owner of the master record. 

Question # 6

A sales rep has a list of 300 accounts with contacts that they want to load at one time. Which tool should the administrator utilize to import the records to salesforce? 

B. Data Loader 
C. Manual Import 
D. Data Import Wizard 

Question # 7

Cloud Kicks has asked the administrator to test a new screen flow that create contacts. What are two key components of testing the flow? Choose 2 answers

 A. Set Up a flow interview to test the flow. 
B. Run the flow using it to create contacts. 
C. Use Debug to test the flow in Flow Builder. 
D. Test the flow in a sandbox. 

Question # 8

Cloud Kicks has decided to delete a custom field. What will happen to the data in the field when it is deleted? 

A. The data in the field is stored for 20 days. B. The data is permanently deleted. 
C. The data associated with the field is required. 
D. The data is restorable from the recycle bin.

Question # 9

The administrator at universal containers has a screen flow that helps users create new leads. When lead source is “Search Engine”, the administrator needs to require the user to choose a specific a search engine from a picklist. If lead source is not “Search Engine”, this picklist should be hidden. How should the administrator complete this requirement?

A. Assign a decision element to direct the user to a second screen to hold specific search engine only when a lead source is “Search Engine”. 
B. Use an assignment element, one for when lead source is “Search Engine” and one for everything else. 
C. Create a picklist for specific search engine, and set conditional visibility so that is only shown when lead source is “Search Engine”.
 D. Configure a picklist for specific search engine, and use a validation rule to conditionally show only when lead source is “Search Engine” 

Question # 10

Sales and Customer Care at Ursa Major Solar need to see different fields on the Case related list from the Account record. Sales users want to see Case created date and status while Customer Care would like to see owner, status, and contact. What should the administrator use to achieve this? 

A. Related Lookup Filters
 B. Compact Layout Editor 
C. Page Layout editor 
D. Search Layout Editor 

Question # 11

Cloud Kicks has a custom object called Shipments. The Company wants to see all the shipment items from an Account page. When an Account is deleted, the shipments should remain. What type of relationship should the administrator make between Shipments and Account? 

A. Shipments should have a lookup to Account. 
B. Accounts should have a lookup to Shipments. 
C. Shipments should have a master-detail to Accounts. 
D. Accounts should have a master-detail to Shipments. 

Question # 12

Cloud kicks has the organization-wide sharing default set to private on the shoe object. The sales manager should be able to view a report containing shoe records for all of the sales reps on their team. Which 3 items should the administrator configure to provide appropriate access to the report? Choose 3 answers

A. Custom report type.
 B. Folder access 
C. Report subscription 
D. Field level security 

Question # 13

DreamHouse Realty requires that house showings be scheduled within the current year to prevent too many future showings from stacking up. How can they make sure Showing Date is only populated with a date this years? 

A. Sync the users' Showing Calendar to Salesforce and filter it to only look at this year. 
B. Create a report that shows any Showing Dates not scheduled in the current year to the updated. 
C. Add Help Text so the user knows to only add a Showing Date within the current year. 
D. Create a validation rule that ensures Showing Date contains a date within the current year. 

Question # 14

The administrator at Universal Container has created two objects: Containers_c Purchase_c, Management has requested that all container records display on purchase records in Salesforce. Which type of relationship between Containers_c and Purchase_c should satisfy the requirement? 

A. Roll-Up Summary field 
B. Formula field 
C. Master-detail field 
D. Lookup field 

Question # 15

Sales managers would like to know what could be implemented to surface important values based on the stage of the opportunity. Which tool should an administrator use to meet this requirement? 

A. Opportunity Processes 
B. Dynamic Forms 
C. Path Key fields 
D. Workflow Rules 

Question # 16

Universal Containers (UC) has a queue that is used for managing tasks that need to be worked by the UC customer support team. The same team will now be working some of UC's Cases. Which two options should the administrator use to help the support team? Choose 2 answers

 A. Configure a flow to assign the cases to the queue. 
B. Use assignment rules to set the queue as the owner of the case. 
C. Add Cass to the existing queue as available object. 
D. Create a new queue and add Cases as an available object. 

Question # 17

At Universal Containers, there is a custom field on the Lead named Product Category. Management wants this information to be part of the Opportunity upon lead conversion. What action should the administrator take to satisfy the request? 

A. Map the lead custom field to the product's product category field. 
B. Create a workflow to update Opportunity fields based on the lead. 
C. Create a custom field on the Opportunity and map the two fields. 
D. Configure the product categories picklist field on the product. 

Question # 18

Ursa Major Solar has its business hours set from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM for the reps that are on pacific time. The reps on Eastern Time need business hours set to start 3 hours earlier to cover for support. How should an administrator solve for this issue? 

A. Set temporary business hours for each time zone. 
B. Adjust the currant business hours to accommodate the Eastern Time Zone. C. Create one set of business hours per time zone. D. Allow the reps to set business hours manually. Answer: C
B. Adjust the currant business hours to accommodate the Eastern Time Zone. 
C. Create one set of business hours per time zone.
 D. Allow the reps to set business hours manually. 

Question # 19

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has deployed my domain. The Chief Marketing Officer wants to make sure that all of the Salesforce users log in using the branded login URL. There needs to be a grace period for the user's bookmarks to be updated. How should the administrator configure the policies in my domain settings? 

A. Set the login policy to require login from 
B. Set the Redirect policy to Do Not redirect. 
C. Set the redirect policy to Redirect with a warning to the same page within the domain. 
D. Set the login policy to prevent login from 

Question # 20

An administrator has assigned a permission set group with the two-factor authentication for User Interface Logins permissions and the two-factor authentication for API Logins permission to a group of users. Which two prompts will happen when one of the users attempts to log in to Data Loader? Choose 2 answers 

A. Users need to connect an authenticator app to their Salesforce account. 
B. Users need to get a security token from a trusted network using Reset My Security Token. 
C. Users need to download and install an authenticator app on their mobile device. 
D. Users need to enter a verification code from email or SMS, whichever has higher priority. 

Question # 21

The administrator at cloud kicks has been ask to change the company’s Shoe style field to prevent users from selecting more than one style on a record. Which two steps should an administrator do to accomplish this? Choose 2 answers 

A. Reactivate the appropriate Shoe Style values after the field type changes. 
B. Select the “Choose only one value “checkbox on the pick list field. 
C. Back-up the Shoe Style values in existing records. 
D. Change the field type from a multi-select picklist field to a picklist field. 

Question # 22

The VP of sales at Dreamhouse Realty has requested a dashboard to visualize enterprise sales across the different teams. The key place of data is the total of all sales for the year and the progress to the enterprise sales goal. What dashboard component will effectively show this number and the proximity to the total goal as a single value?

A. Table 
B. Stacked Bar 
C. Donut 
D. Gauge 

Question # 23

Ursa Major Solar uses two different page layouts for Account records. One page layout reflects the fields related to customer accounts and another page layout includes fields for partner accounts. The administrator has assigned the customer account page layout to sales and support users and the partner account layout to the partner management team. What should the administrator configure to meet this requirement?

A. Use a public group and a criteria-based sharing rule to share customer accounts with the partner team. 
B. Add members of the partner management team to the default Account team for the customer accounts. 
C. Grant create, read, edit and delete access to customer accounts on the partner team profile. 
D. Create one record type for customer accounts and one record type for partner accounts. 

Question # 24

The administrator at cloud kicks has been told that users are unable to add repeating tasks in salesforce. Which two solutions the administrator use to ensure users are able to do this? Choose 2 Answers 

A. Enable creation of Recurring Tasks in Activity Settings 
B. Disable shares Activities. 
C. Add create Recurring series of Tasks field on Page Layouts 
D. Turn on Task Notifications service. 

Question # 25

A sales rep at Ursa Major Solar has launched a series of networking events. They are hosting one event per month and want to be able to report on campaign ROI by month and series. How should the administrator set up the Campaign to simplify reporting? 

A. Add different record types for the monthly event types. 
B. Create individual Campaigns that all have the same name. 
C. Configure campaign Member Statuses to record which event members attended. 
D. Use Campaign Hierarchy where the monthly events roll up to a parent Campaign 

Question # 26

Which item is available in a Lightning App where visibility is limited to the Salesforce Mobile App? 

A. Today 
B. Favorites 
C. Utility Bar. 
D. Home Page. 

Question # 27

AW Computing has six sales teams in a region. These teams always consists of the same account manager, engineer, and assistant. What should the administrator configure to make it easier for teams to collaborate with the same customer? 

A. Enable and configure standard opportunity teams with splits. 
B. Enable account teams and show the users how to set up a default account team. 
C. Create a queue for each team and assign account ownership to the queue. 
D. Propose the users manually share all their accounts with their teammates. 

Question # 28

The administrator at Cloud Kicks has been asked to replace two old workflow rules that are doing simple field updated when a lead is created to improve processing time. What tool should the administrator use to replace the workflow rules? 

A. Quick Action Flow 
B. Before Save Flow 
C. Scheduled Flow 
D. Screen Flow 

Question # 29

Which two objects are customizable the Stage Setup Flow? Choose 2 answers A. Leads B. Campaigns C. Opportunities D. Campaign Members Answer: A,C

A. Leads 
B. Campaigns 
C. Opportunities 
D. Campaign Members 

Question # 30

Clod Kicks has the organization wide defaults for Opportunity set to private. which two features should the administrator use to open up access to Opportunity records for sales users working on collaborative deals? Choose 2 answers 

A. Sharing set 
B. Role hierarchy 
C. Profiles 
D. Sharing rules

Question # 31

Universal Containers requires that when an Opportunity is closed won, all other open opportunities on the same account must be marked as closed lost. Which automation solution should an administrator use to implement this request? 

A. Quick Action 
B. Workflow Rule 
C. Flow Builder
 D. Outbound Message 

Question # 32

The administrator at Ursa Major Solar has Created a new record type for customer warranty cases which two assignments should the administrator use to display the new record type to users? Choose 2 answers

A. Profile Assignment 
B. Role Assignment
 C. App Manager Assignment. 
D. Page layout Assignment. 

Question # 33

The CTO of AW Computing has defined a new policy for cases to improve customer satisfaction. All cases submitted with a Case Reason of Installation must be acknowledged immediately via email and assigned to the appropriate agents. Any cases that are still in the New status after 4 hours must be escalated to support management. What case management tools need to be utilized for this requirement? 

A. Auto-response rules, Macros, Entitlements 
B. Auto-response rules, Queues, Macros 
C. Auto-response rules, Queues, Escalation Rules 
D. Auto-response rules, Entitlements, Escalation Rules 

Question # 34

The administrator at Clod Kicks updated the custom object Event to include a lookup field to the primary contact for the event. When running an event report, They want to reference fields from the associated contact record. What should the administrator do to pull contact fields into the Custom report? 

A. Configure formula fields on event to populate contact information
 B. Edit the custom Event report type and add fields related via lookup. 
C. Create a new report type with event as the primary object and Contact as a related object. 
D. Use a dashboard with filters to show Event and Contact data as requested. 

Question # 35

The marketing team wants a new picklist value added to the Campaign Member Status field for the upsell promotional campaign. Which two solutions should the administrator use to modify the picklist field values? Choose 2 answers 

A. Add the Campaign Member Statuses related list to the Page Layout. 
B. Edit the picklist values for the Campaign Status in object Manager. 
C. Mass modify the Campaign Member Statuses related list. 
D. Modify the picklist value on the Campaign Member Statuses related list 

Question # 36

Universal Container wants to increase the security of their org by requiring stricker user passwords. Which two of the following should an administrator configure? Choose 2 answers 

A. Password different then username 
B. Prevent common words
 C. Minimum password length. 
D. Password complexity requirement. 

Question # 37

The VP of sales at Universal Containers wants to prevent members of the sales team from changing an opportunity to a date in the past. What should an administrator configure to meet this requirement? 

A. Assignment Rule 
B. Validation Rule 
C. Field-Level Security 
D. Approval Process 

Question # 38

DreamHouse Realty regularly processes customer requests for warranty work and would like to offer customers a self-serve option to generate cases. Which two solutions should an administrator use to meet this request? Choose 2 answers 

A. Web-to-Case 
B. Case Escalation 
C. Case Queues
 D. Email-to-Case 

Question # 39

New Leads needs to be routed to the correct sales person based on the lead address. How should the administrator configure this requirement? 

A. Create formula field.
 B. Use lead assignment rules. 
C. Assign with an escalation rule. 
D. Configure a validation rule 

Question # 40

Northern Trail Outfitters uses a custom object Invoice to collect customer payment information from an external billing system. The Billing System field needs to be filled on every Invoice record. How should an administrator ensure this requirement? 

A. Make the field universally required. 
B. Create a Process Builder to set the field. 
C. Define an approval process for the child.
 D. Require the field on the record type. 

Question # 41

Cloud Kicks has a team of product owners that need a space to share feedback and ideas with just the product team. How should the administrator leverage Salesforce to help the team collaborate? 

A. Use Quick Actions to log communication. 
B. Configure a Chatter Public Group. 
C. Create a Chatter Private Group. 
D. Add Activity History to document tasks. 

Question # 42

Cloud Kicks (CK) stores information about specific customers in Contacts and information about shoes and accessories in a custom Merchandise object. What should the CK administrator use to represent that Contact can be interested in multiple pieces of Merchandies?

A. Hierarchy column 
B. Lookup filter 
C. Formula field 
D. Junction object 

Question # 43

An administrator at Northern Trail Outfitters is creating a validation rule. Which two functions should the administrator use when creating a validation rule? Choose 2 answers 

A. Formula return type 
B. Error condition formula 
C. Error message location 
D. Rule active date 

Question # 44

What data loss considerations should an administrator keep in mind when changing a custom field type from Text to Picklist? Choose 2 answers 

A. There will be no data loss with use of a global value set. 
B. Assignment and escalation rules may be affected. 
C. Auto updates will be made to Visualforce references to prevent data loss. 
D. Any list view based on the custom field is deleted.

Question # 45

The sales manager at Cloud Kicks wants to set up a business process where opportunity discounts over 30% need to be approved by the VP of sales. Any discounts above 10% need to be approved by the user’s manager. The administrator has been tasked with creating an approval process. Which are two considerations the administrator needs to review before setting up this approval process? Choose 2 answers 

A. Create a custom Discount field on the opportunity to capture the discount amount 
B. Populate the Manager standard field on the sales users’ User Detail page. 
C. Configure two separate approval processes. 
D. Allow the submitter choose the approver manually. 

Question # 46

The administrator for AW Computing is working with a user who is having trouble logging in to salesforce. What should the administrator do to identify why the user is unable to login? 

A. Review the Security token. 
B. Review the password history. 
C. Review the Password policies. 
D. Review the Login history 

Question # 47

An administrator at Universal Container needs an automated way to delete records based on field values. What automated solution should the administrator use?

A. Workflow 
B. Process Builder 
C. Flow Builder
 D. Automation Studio 

Question # 48

What are three Setting an administrator should configure to make it easy for approvers to respond to approval requests? Choose 3 Answers. 

A. Update the organizations chatter setting to allow approvals.
 B. Enable the organizations Email approval response setting.
 C. Specify initial submission actions within the approval process. 
D. Add the Items to approve component to the approvers home page. 
E. Create a flow to automatically approve all records. 

Question # 49

Universal Containers is trying to improve the user experience when searching for the tight status on a case. The company currently has one support process that is used for all record types on cases. The support process has 10 status values. Service reps say they never need more than five depending on what kind of case they are working on. How should the administrator improve on the current implementation? 

A. Reduce the number of case status values to five. 
B. Create a Screen Flow that shows only the correct values for status and surface the flow in the utility bar of the console. 
C. Review which status choices are needed for each record type and create support processes for each that is necessary. 
D. Edit the status choices directly on the record type. 

Question # 50

The DreamHouse Realty team has a master-detail relationship set up with open house as the parent object and visitors as the child object. What type of field should the administrator add to the open house object to track number of visitors? 

A. Roll-up Summary. 
B. Multi-select Picklist 
C. Cross-object formula field 
D. Indirect lookup 

Question # 51

When a cloud kicks Opportunity closes, the company would like to automatically create a renewal opportunity. Which two automation tools should an administrator use to accomplish this request? Choose 2 answers 

A. Approval Process 
B. Flow Builder 
C. WorkFlow Rule 
D. Process Builder

Question # 52

Ursa Major Solar wants its sales reps to be aware when they are speaking with high-profile customers. Which two options should be added to the Lightning record pages to achieve this? Choose 2 answers

A. Custom Component 
B. Highlight Panel 
C. Action and Recommendations 
D. Component Visibility Filter 
E. Rich Text Area

Question # 53

The Human resources department at Northern Trail outfitters wants employees to provide feedback about the manager using a custom object in Salesforce. It is important that managers are unable to see the feedback records from their staff. How should an administrator configure the custom object to meet this requirement? 

A. Uncheck grant access using Hierarchies. 
B. Define a criteria-based sharing rules. 
C. Set the default external access to private. 
D. Configure an owner-based sharing rules.

Question # 54

The administrator at DreamHouse Realty added an email quick action to the Case page layout and is unable to see the action on the case feed. Which feature must be enabled to ensure the quick action will be displayed as expected? 

A. Email Notifications
 B. Email-to-Case 
C. Email Alerts 
D. Email Templates 

Question # 55

Ursa Major Solar has a path on Case. The Company wants to require its users to follow the status values as they are on the path. Agents should be prohibited from preventing the case back to a previous status. Which Feature Should an administrator use to fulfill this request? 

A. Validation rules. 
B. Global Value Picklists 
C. Predefined field Values. 
D. Dependent Picklists. 

Question # 56

Northern trail Outfitter wants to use contract hierarchy in its or to display contact association. What should the administrator take into consideration regarding the contact hierarchy? 

A. Contacts displays in the contact hierarchy are limited to record-level access by User.
 B. Contact Hierarchy is limited to only 3,000 contacts at one time. 
C. Customizing hierarchy columns changes the recently viewed Contacts list view. 
D. Sharing setting are ignored by contacts displayed in the Contact Hierarchy. 

Question # 57

An administrator at Universal Containers is reviewing current security settings in the company's Salesforce org. What Should the administrator do to prevent unauthorized access to Salesforce? 

A. Disable TLS requirements for sessions. 
B. Enable multi factor authentication 
C. Customize organization wide default 
D. Enable caching and autocomplete on login page 

Question # 58

Cloud Kicks users are seeing error messages when they use one of their screen flows. The error messages are confusing but could be resolved if the users entered more information on the account before starting the flow. How should the administrator address this issues? 

A. Remove validation rules so that the users are able to process without complete records. 
B. Create a permission set to allow users to bypass the error. 
C. use a fault connector and display a screen with text explaining what went wrong and how to correct it. 
D. Uncheck the end user Flow Errors box in setup. 

Question # 59

Ursa Major Solar is noticing a decrease in deals with a cross-sell opportunity type and wants to share all cross-sell opportunities with a team of subject matter experts in their organisation. The company has different roles, and the organisation wide default opportunity is set to private. How should the administrator accomplish this?

A. Add the subject matter experts to a public group and give them access to records with a criteriabased sharing rule. 
B. Change the organisation-wide default for opportunity from private to public Read/Write to open up access for subject matter experts. 
C. Enable territory management, assign the subject matter experts to the same territory, and give them access to the records with manual sharing. 
D. Create a new role for the subject matter experts and give them access to the records with the owner-based sharing rule 

Question # 60

The Administrator at Cloud Kicks need to automatically route support cases, regardless of how they are created, to a queue based on case priority. What tool should the administrator use? 

A. Email-to-Case 
B. Assignment Rules 
C. Auto-Response Rules 
D. Web-to-case 

Question # 61

Universal Containers has a private sharing model for Opportunities and uses Opportunity teams. Criteria-based sharing rules a sales rep at Universal Containers leaves the company and their user record is deactivated. The rep is later rehired in V administrator activates the old user record. The user is added to the same default Opportunity teams but h no longer able records the user worked on before leaving the company. What is the likely cause? 

A. The stage of the Opportunity records was changed to closed lost. 
B. Permission sets were removed when the user was deactivated. 
C. The record type of the Opportunity records was changed. 
D. The records were manual shared with the user. 

Question # 62

An administrator installed a managed package that contains a permission set group. The permission set group that was installed includes Delete access on several objects, and the administrator needs to prevent users in the permission set group from being able to delete records. What should the administrator do to control Delete access? 

A. Use a muting permission set with a permission set group to mute selected permissions. 
B. Create a new permission set that has Delete access deselected for the objects. 
C. Create a new role that prevents Delete permissions from rolling up to the users. 
D. Edit the profile for the users to remove Delete access from the objects. 

Question # 63

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to encourage employees to choose secure and appropriate passwords for their Salesforce accounts. Which three password policies should an administrator configure? Choose 3 answers 

A. Maximum invalid login attempts 
B. Prohibited password values 
C. Require use of Password Manager App 
D. Password complexity requirements 
E. Number of days until expiration

Question # 64

Which tool should an administrator use to identify and fix potential session vulnerabilities? 

A. Field History Tracking 
B. Setup Audit Trail 
C. Security Health Check 
D. Organization-Wide Defaults 

Question # 65

Users at Dreamhouse Reality are only allowed to see opportunities they own. Leadership wants an enterprise- wide dashboard of all open opportunities in the pipeline so that users can see how the company is performing at any point in time. How should an administrator create the dashboard without changing any sharing setting? 

A. Update the dashboard to folder settings to manager for the sales reps role. 
B. Add a filter to the dashboard to filter the opportunities by owner role. 
C. Build individual dashboards for profiles that need to see the enterprise results. 
D. Create a dashboard with the running User set as someone who can see all Opportunities 

Question # 66

Which three items are available in the mobile navigation menu? Choose 3 answers 

A. Lightning App Pages 
B. Lightning Home Page 
C. Chatter 
D. Utility Bar 
E. Dashboards 

Question # 67

Northern Trail outfitters has hired interns to enter Leads into Salesforce and has requested a way to is identify these new records from existing Leads. What approach should an administrator take to meet this requirement? 

A. Set up Web-to-Lead form the interns use. 
B. Define a record type and assign it to the interns. 
C. Create a separate Lead Lightning App. 
D. Update the active Leas Assignment Rules.

Question # 68

An Administrator at DreamHouse Realty wants an easier way to assign an agent capacity and skill set. Which feature should the administrator enable to meet this requirement? 

A. Knowledge Management. 
B. Omni-Channel 
C. Escalation Rules 
D. Territory Management 

Question # 69

Universal Containers introduced a new product and wants to track all associated cases that get logged. They are looking for an automated solution that would give the product's two lead engineers read/write access to all new cases that reference the new product. What should an administrator do to satisfy this requirement? 

A. Create a queue and a criteria-based sharing rule. 
B. Create a predefined case team and an assignment rule. 
C. Create a user-based sharing rule and an ad-hoc case team. 
D. Create an auto-response rule and a public group. 

Question # 70

An administrator at Dreamhouse Reality needs to Create Customized pages for the salesforce mobile app. Which two types of pages could an administrator build and customize using the Lightning App Builder? Choose 2 Answers 

A. User Page 
B. Dashboard page 
C. App page 
D. Record Page 

Question # 71

The sales manager at cloud Kicks approves time off for their employees. They asked the administrator to ensure these requests are seen and responded to by a backup manager while the sales manager is out on vacation. What should administrator use to fulfill the requirement? 

A. Delegated approver 
B. Two step Approval process 
C. Approval history related list
 D. Delegated Administrator 

Question # 72

Cloud kicks want to give credit to Opportunity team members based on the level of effort contributed by each person toward each deal. What feature should the administrator use to meet this requirement? 

A. Stages 
B. Splits 
C. Queues 
D. List Views 

Question # 73

When a Sales rep clicks a button on an opportunity, a simple discount calculator screen should be launched. Which automation tool should an administrator use to build this discount calculator screen? 

A. Flow Builder 
B. Workflow Rule 
C. Platform Event 
D. Process Builder

Question # 74

An administrator has been asked to change the data type of an auto number to text field. What should the administrator be aware of before changing the field? 

A. Existing field values will remain unchanged. 
B. Existing field values will be Converted. 
C. Existing field values will be deleted. 
D. Existing auto number field to Text is prevented. 

Latest Salesforce-Certified-Administrator Sample Questions:

The standard Lead Rating field has picklist values of Hot, Warm, and Cold. A list of new leads was importance without errors even though several records had the value of Unrated in the Rating field.

How were these records added without error?

A. The Restricted picklist checkbox was unchecked.
B. Field-level security was set to Visible for all profiles.
C. A global picklist value set was used to populate the picklist.
D. The Add to All Record Types checkbox was selected.

Answer: A

Explanation: A restricted picklist is a type of picklist that enforces the integrity of the picklist values by allowing only values defined in the picklist during data entry or import operations. If the restricted picklist checkbox is checked for a picklist field, then any records with values not defined in the picklist will cause errors during import operations. However, if the restricted picklist checkbox is unchecked for a picklist field, then any records with values not defined in the picklist will be imported without errors. References:

Salesforce Salesforce-Certified-Administrator Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam?
Answer: The Salesforce Certified Administrator exam is a certification exam that tests an individual's knowledge and skills in using the Salesforce platform. It covers data management, security and access, automation, reporting and analytics, and more.
How much does the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam cost?
Answer: The exam fee is USD 200, but it may vary depending on your location and currency.
How many questions are there in the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam, and how long does it take to complete?
Answer: The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions, and you have 105 minutes to complete it.
What score do I need to pass the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam?
Answer: You must score at least 65% (39 out of 60) to pass the exam.
What resources are available to help me prepare for the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam?
Answer: offers resources such as official study guides, practice exams, and online training courses. You can also find third-party study materials, such as books and online courses.
How long is the Salesforce Certified Administrator certification valid?
Answer: The certification is valid for three years from the date you pass the exam. After three years, you will need to retake the exam to maintain your certification.
What are the benefits of becoming a Salesforce Certified Administrator?
Answer: Becoming a Salesforce Certified Administrator demonstrates your proficiency in using the Salesforce platform, which can increase your credibility and marketability in the job market. It may also lead to new career opportunities and higher salaries.
How do I prepare for the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam?
Answer: To prepare for the exam, it is recommended to study the official exam guide, review the exam objectives, and take online training courses. You can  take practice exams to assess your knowledge and identify areas where you need more study.
How long does preparing for the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam take?
Answer: The amount of time it takes to prepare for the exam varies depending on your experience with the Salesforce platform. Preparing for the exam may take 4-6 weeks of dedicated study.
Can I take the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam online?
Answer: Yes, the exam is available as a proctored online exam, allowing you to take it from the comfort of your home or office. You will need a stable internet connection, a webcam, and a quiet, private location to take the exam.
What are some tips for passing the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam?
Answer: It is important to read the questions carefully, manage your time wisely, and review your answers before submitting. Study all the exam objectives and practice using the Salesforce platform to reinforce your understanding of the topics.
How did others prepare for the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam?
Answer: Some successful candidates recommend using study groups or finding a mentor to help prepare. You can also use online forums and resources to connect with others studying for the exam. It is also helpful to use flashcards or notes to memorize key concepts.
How long does it take to receive my certification after passing the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam?
Answer: You will receive your certificate immediately upon passing the exam. The certification will be available to download and share on your Salesforce Trailhead profile.
How often should I renew my Salesforce Certified Administrator certification?
Answer: The Salesforce Certified Administrator certification is valid for three years. After three years, you will need to retake the exam to maintain your certification. You can also choose to advance to other certifications or upgrade your skills to maintain your status as a certified professional.
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