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Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer (SU23) Dumps October 2023

Are you tired of looking for a source that'll keep you updated on the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Developer (SU23) Exam? Plus, has a collection of affordable, high-quality, and incredibly easy Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Developer Practice Questions? Well then, you are in luck because just updated them! Get Ready to become a Developers Certified.

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Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Developer Sample Questions

Question # 1

A developer wants to include a comment within an AMPscript code block for the benefit ofother developers who will be reviewing the code.Which syntax should the developer use?

A. < !- This is a comment
B. // Thisis a comment
C. -- This is a comment
D. /" This is a comment */

Question # 2

A developer is making an API REST call to trigger an email send. An access token is usedto authenticate the call.How long are Marketing Cloud v1 access tokens valid?

A. Access tokens expire after 24 hours.
B. REST calls do not require an access token.
C. Each API call requires a new access token.
D. Access tokens expire after one hour.

Question # 3

NTO puts the word TEST at the beginning of the name for each testemai. Which querywould return the subs who were sent those emails?

A. SELECT * FROM _Job J INNER JOIN _Sent S on J.EmailName LIKE 'TEST%'
D. SELECT * FROM _Job J INNER JOIN _Sent S on J.JobID = JobID = S.JobID WHEREJ.EmailName = 'TEST%'

Question # 4

A developer is using the REST Authorization Service to obtain an OAuth access token.Which method should be used to include the access token in the API requests

A. Include the header x-access-token: your_access_token
B. Include as a query parameter access_token=Y0UR_ACCESS_TOKEN
C. Include the header Authorization: Basic your_access_token
D. Include the header Authorization: Bearer YOUR ACCESS TOKEN

Question # 5

Certification Aid wants to add records to a Data Extension using the SOAP API. Whichobject can be used for this? Choose 1.

A. DataExtensionObject object
B. Subscriber object
C. Attribute object
D. DataExtension object

Question # 6

Contact Builder can be used to create a relational model of an organization's data withinMarketing Cloud. Which three factors should be taken into consideration when preparingdata to be used in Contact Builder? Choose 3 answer

A. Assigningdata relationships and primary keys across all channels
B. Verifying data address marketing needs
C. Verifying all data extensions have a sendable value
D. Verifying each data extension has the required Email Address field populated
E. Normalizing data toreduce redundancy

Question # 7

A doctor's office creates Populations for staff, patients and vendors. What is the maximumnumber of Populations that should be created to ensure performance?

A. Five
B. Three
C. Unlimited
D. One

Question # 8

Anew record is appended to the Orders data extension each time a customer makes apurchase. Which SQL statement would select a unique list of subscribers who have mademultiple purchases?

A. SELECT TOP 1 SubscriberKey FROM Orders
B. SELECT DISTINCT SubscriberKey FROM Orders
C. SELECT SubscriberKey FROM Orders GROUP BY SubscriberKey
D. SELECT SubscriberKey FROM Orders GROUP BY SubscriberKey HAVINGCOUNT(*)>1

Question # 9

Which of the following statements are correctconcerning Contacts and Subscribers?Choose 2.

A. A Contact is subscribed to any channel.
B. Each Contact is also a Subscriber.
C. Each Subscriber is also a Contact.
D. A Contact is subscribed to a specific channel.

Question # 10

Which programming language should be used in email messages? Choose 1.

A. AMPscript only
B. Both
C. Either AMPscript or SSJS
D. SSJS only

Question # 11

A developer wants to populate a data extension with the date of the most recent click foreach subscriber. Which query would accomplish this?

A. SELECT TOP 1 c.SubscriberKey, c.eventDateFROM _Click c ORDER BY c.eventDateDESC
B. SELECT c.SubscriberKey, MIN (c.eventDate) AS eventDate FROM _Click c GROUP BYc.SubscriberKey
C. SELECT c.SubscriberKey, MAX(c.eventDate) AS eventDate FROM _Click c GROUPBY c.SubscriberKey
D. SELECT c.SubscriberKey, c.eventDate FROM _Click c WHERE c.IsUnique = 1

Question # 12

A developer is experiencing timeouts when testing a SQL Query Activity in AutomationStudio. How should the developer optimize the query?

A. Configure a longer timeout period within Administration in Automation Studio.
B. Use intermediate tables to breakqueries into smaller parts.
C. Ensure all SQL Query Activities are in the same step in the automation.
D. Limit joins to the INNER JOIN within all SQL Query Activities.

Question # 13

Certification Aid wants to create a file drop automation with a filename pattern. An importfile is placed daily on the Marketing Cloud Enhanced FTP server, and the file name alwaysstarts with the current month and day (e.g. OCT26). How should the filename pattern bedefined? Choose 2.

A. %%Month%%%%Day%%
B. %%MMDD%%
C. Ends With operator
D. Begins With operator

Question # 14

Certification Aid wants to add new customers to a cross-channel welcome campaign whenthey register on the company website. Which API should be used for this? Choose 1.

A. Personalization Builder API
B. Event Notification API
C. Transactional Messaging API
D. JourneyBuilder API

Question # 15

A developer uses an API to send data to a Marketing Cloud data extension onceevery fiveminutes using the REST API. They notice data does not always write to the data extension,leading to data loss.Which three best practices are recommended to avoid this issue? Choose 3 answers

A. In case of 'Not Authorized' errors, request a new Access Token and attempt the callagain.
B. In case of Server errors, request a new Access Token before each request.
C. In case of Server errors, ensure the Server is available and attempt the call again.
D. Use Username and Password authentication instead of oAuth client ID and client secret.
E. Store the expiry of the access token to ensure a new token is requested if the old one isinvalid.

Question # 16

When appending data to links via Web Analytics Connector, which parameter should beused to track subscriber behavior?

A. Email Address
B. Contact Key
C. Subscriber Key
D. Subscriber ID

Question # 17

Certification Aid wants to include SSJS in an email message. Which code block can beused for this? Choose 2.

A. <script runat=server></script>
B. <script language=ssjs></script>
C. <script runat=serverlanguage=javascript></script>
D. <script language=javascript></script>

Question # 18

An email requires custom AMPscript to append thesubscriber's zip code to a link in theemail. A field name zipcode already exist in the sending data extension. Its importantMarketing Cloud tracks subscribers who click on the link. Which two AMPscript functionsshould be used in the setup? Choose

A. 2Lookup
B. Contact
C. RedirectTo

Question # 19

A developer wants a link to be dynamic based on subscriber attributes. Rather than createnumerous links, the developer uses AMPscript to set the link's value as a variable. Thevariable will be used within the <a> tag. What should thedeveloper do within the <a> tag toensure clicks are tracked for the variable? Choose 2

A. Wrap the variable in a RedirectTo function
B. Ensure the Conversion attribute is 'true'
C. Wrap the variable in a v function
D. Include a variable for the Alias attribute

Question # 20

A developer needs to write AMPscript to ensure the expiration date on a coupon is the lastday of the month. What would produce the desired result?

A. Find the first day of next month and subtract one day
B. Use the date format stringfor last day of month within FormatDate
C. Add one month using DateAdd to now
D. Add 30 days using DateAdd to now

Question # 21

A customer wants to export send data to their SFTP. Which two automationswouldaccomplish this? Choose 2

A. Tracking Extract
B. Tracking Extract > File Transfer
C. Query (Data Views) > Data Extension Extract > File Transfer
D. Query (Data Views) > File Transfer

Question # 22

A developer identified duplicate contacts and initiated aContact Delete process for 10million subscribers. How could the process be expedited?

A. Change the Suppression value to a larger value
B. Manually delete subscribers in All Contacts
C. Stop current delete process and delete smaller groups
D. Delete anyunnecessary Sendable Data Extensions

Question # 23

A developer identified a use case where atriggered send of an email is needed. Thedeveloper already successfully set up authentication with a Client ID and Client Secret hasused them in several REST calls. When the REST call is made, a "401 Unauthorized" erroris returned. What is the first thing the developer should check?

A. The send permissions have been granted for the Client ID and Client Secret withinInstalled Packages.
B. The email interaction has been started
C. The automation permissions have been granted for the Client ID and ClientSecret withinInstalled Packages.
D. The email interaction has been published.

Question # 24

A developer, who is new to Marketing Cloud, needs to design a landing page for anewcustomer. They choose to use Server-Side JavaScript (SSJS) due to their extensiveknowledge of JavaScript from previous projects.Which two features would the developer be able to leverage in their Server-Side code?Choose 2 answers

A. Wrapping of AMPscript in SSJS code
B. Direct modification of the DOM
C. External Libraries to extend functionality
D. Include Try/Catch blocks within the code

Question # 25

A developer wants to add an image to Content Builder via the API and retrieve the image'spublished URL. Which method should the developer use?

A. GET using the RESTAPI/asset/v1/content/assets and parse the FilePropertiesparameter
B. Use the SOAP API to create a Porfoglio object and idenfity the Source property
C. POST to the REST API/asset/v1/content/categories and parse the Descriptionparameter
D. POST to the RESTAPI/asset/v1/content/assets and parse the FileProperties parameter

Question # 26

A developer wants CloudPages to work with a REST API returning data in JavaScriptObject Notation. The developer wants to efficiently ingest the data and write it to a dataextension.Which function should be used?

A. Server-Side 3avaScriptfunction Stringify
B. Server-Side JavaScript function ParseJSON
C. AMPscript function BuildRowsetFromXML
D. AMPscript function BuildRowsetFromString

Question # 27

A developer is implementing a custom profile center and using the LogUnsubEventrequest.Which parameter is required for the event to be tied to the appropriate send?

A. JobID
B. ListID
C. Unsub Reason
D. SubscriberKey

Question # 28

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to prevent competitorsfrom receiving a coupon email.They also want to capture email addresses of competitors who are included in the targetedaudience.Which feature could NTO use to prevent the coupon from being sent and report the emailaddresses skipped?

A. Auto-Suppressionlist
B. RaiseError AMPscript function
C. Exclusion Script
D. Try/Catch SSJS functions

Question # 29

A developer wants totransform the date and time 'Data_Enrolled' from Daylight Savingstime. How would the developer change the time to fall back one hour?

A. %%=DataAdd(Date_Enrolled,-1)=%%
B. %%=DateAdd(Date_Enrolled,-1 'H')=%%
C. %%=DateDiff(Date_Enrolled, 1, 'H')=%%
D. %%=FormatDate(Date_Enrolled,-1,'HH','en-us')=%%

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