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Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Developer (SU23) Dumps October 2023

Are you tired of looking for a source that'll keep you updated on the Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Developer (SU23) Exam? Plus, has a collection of affordable, high-quality, and incredibly easy Salesforce B2B-Commerce-Developer Practice Questions? Well then, you are in luck because just updated them! Get Ready to become a Salesforce Developer Certified.

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Salesforce B2B-Commerce-Developer Sample Questions

Question # 1

Numerous flags ... have a directimpact on the result set provided by the Global API's. What Global API Data-Sizing convention flag prevents an API request from propagating to further requests when provided as a Boolean parameter with a value of true? 

A. ccrz.ccAPI.SZ_REL
B. ccrz.ccAPI.SZ_ASSC 
C. ccrz.ccAPISizing.ASSC 
D. ccrz.ccAPISizing.REL 

Question # 2

The ccrz.cc_hk_UserInterface apex class, HTMLHead Include Begin and HTML Head Include End Cloudcraze Page Include sections allow additional content to be added to the HTML tag. What are two reasons that is it preferred to use the ccrz.cc_hk_UserInterface extension over the Cloudcraze Page Include sections? (2 answers) 

A. Salesforce apex:include is wrapped in <span> tags.
B. HTML does not support <div> tags inside the <head>
C. Salesforce apex:include is wrapped in tags.
D. HTML does not support <span> tags inside the <head>

Question # 3

A user wants the pricing to reflect the price values stored in an external ERP during the checkoutflow. In what way can this requirement be satisfied? 

A. Override the computePricingCart method in ccrz.cc_api_PriceAdjustoment and make the callout in this method.
 B. None of the above 
C. Override the computePricingReview method in ccrz.cc_CartExtension and make the callout in this method. 
D. Override the computePricingCart methos in ccrz.cc_api_CartExtension and make the callout in this method. 

Question # 4

The sizing keys used in the Salesforce B2B Commerce Global APIs five distinct operations. What are three of these operations? (3 answers) 

A. Refetch data (used on some Logic classes) 
B. Return formats as Map or SObjects lists 
C. Override static DAO classes and methods 
D. Related Query to call (sub queries or direct queries) 
E. Object type casting 

Question # 5

What are three ways to test the value of Page Label on any Salesforce B2B Commerce Community Page? (3 answers) 

A. Access the source HTML for the page viathe browser developer tools.
 B. Execute CCRZ.pagevars.pageLabels['PAGE_LABEL_NAME') in the JavaScript console. 
C. Execute CCRZ.processPageLabelMap('PAGE_LABEL_NAME') in the JavaScript console. 
D. Enable the 'display page label names' in cc admin. 
E. Execute (('PAGE_LABEL_NAME')) in the JavaScript console 

Question # 6

Witch static method invocation is used to initialize ccrz.cc_CallContext with information from ccrz.cc_RemoteActionContext and return an instance of ccrz.cc_RemoteActionResult in an apex @RemoteAction methos? 

A. ccrz.cc_CallContext.init(ccrz.cc_RemoteActionContext) 
B. ccrz.cc_CallContext.initCallContext(ccrz.cc_RemoteActionContext) 
C. ccrz.cc_CallContext.initRemoteActionContext(ccrz.cc_RemoteActionContext) 
D. ccrz.cc_CallContext.initializeCallContext(ccrz.cc_RemoteActionContext) 

Question # 7

Inwhich three different ways can a theme be enabled in Salesforce B2B Commerce? (3 answers) 

A. A Storefront setting 
B. An Account Group field value 
C. A per user setting 
D. Account 
E. Dynamically through a hook 

Question # 8

Which two Salesforce B2B Commerce visualforce pages must be enabled at a Salesforce Community level to make the out of the box SEO functionality available? (2 answers) 

A. CCSizeIndex 
B. SizeMap 
C. CCCatSiteMap 
D. ProductMap 

Question # 9

Which event should be triggered when user facing info, warning or error messages need to be displayed on a Visualforce page? 

A. showMessage 
B. displayPageMessage 
C. displayMessage 
D. pageMessage 

Question # 10

A user wants to leverage a three columnlayout on a page. The user also wants to move the mini-cart widget from the right to the center column. How can this requirement be fulfilled? 

A. Gross Layout Override 
B. Subscriber Template 
C. Page Include 
D. HandleBar Template Override 

Question # 11

How do the REST APIs in Salesforce B2B Commerce support pass-through parameter handling 

A. An exception is generated for unknown API keys
 B. Parameters are passed through the service handlers 
C. Parameters are filtered out before the request is processed 
D. Parameters are separated, but unused

Question # 12

What is essential for a Salesforce B2B Commerce theme to show up in the theme section in CC Admin? 

A. The theme needs to be set as a Custom Setting in Salesforce. 
B. The theme needs to be set in the Configuration Settings.
 C. The theme needs to have "theme" in the name of the Static Resource. 
D. The theme needs to be referred to in the head element on the page 

Question # 13

When a user buys 10 units of product B, the user wants 1 unit of Product A to be automatically added to the cart. How can this requirement be fulfilled? 

A. Override the AllowCheckout method in ccrz.cc_api_CartExtension 
B. Override the prepareForSave method in ccrz.cc_api_CartExtension 
C. Override the preprocess method in ccrz.cc_api_CartExtension
D. Override the prepareToAdd method in ccrz.cc_api_CartExtension 

Question # 14

How is a price group dynamically set? 

A. By overriding the ccLogicProductPrice class 
B. By using contract pricing 
C. By extending the ccApiPriceList API 
D. By extending the cc_hk_priceing hook 

Question # 15

A user wants to have a customized experience for adding items to the cart. The user also wants the mini cart module to reflect changes to the state of the cart afterwords. How should this requirement be fulfilled? 

A. Leverage the Addto Cart Global API which add items to the cart and also refreshes the page with the new data. 
B. Trigger the global „cartChange" event and then trigger „changeMiniCart" event after the Add to Cart Action on the custom button. 
C. Write a custom Remote Action to refresh the Mini Cart and refresh the Cart Line item count on the Cart Link in the header. 
D. Trigger the global „cartChange" event after the Add to Cart Action on the custom button. 

Question # 16

Which two statements are true regarding the cc_CallContext class in Salesforce B2B Commerce? (2 answers) 

A. The Salesforce session is accessible via the getSession method 
B. The class can be used internally within Salesforce B2B Commerce and in subscriber code to access context level parameters 
C. The userLocale variable returns the current Locale for storefront. 
D. The current storefront is accessible via thisclass

Question # 17

A new payment type for the Checkout flow has been implemented. Which three descriptors follow best practice for possible configuration metadata are needed to enable a flow? (3 answers) 

A. *.pay 
B. Cart 
C. Checkout
 D. *.Edit 
E. *.New 

Question # 18

How does a project implement the process to persist payment information datain the Checkout flow for Salesforce B2B Commerce version 4.2 and beyond? 

A. Trigger a remote action when the process payment button is selected to capture the payment. 
B. Trigger a remote action to store the payment information in the URL query parameters. 
C. Trigger the processPayment event and pass in the payment information object as an argument. 
D. Trigger the externalprocessedPayment and pass in the payment information object as an argument. 

Question # 19

Which method signature is used in the Global API's? 

A. Changes based on API and Method name 
B. ccrz.cc_Output (ccrz:cc_Input input) 
C. Map 
D. List> 

Question # 20

Which two steps are necessary to enable Salesforce B2B Commerce logging in the managed package?

 A. Ensure you save a value in the Logging Token input field in the Global Settings section of CC Admin.
B. Turn On theCheckbox "Cloudcraze Logging" in CC Admin. 
C. Ensure the value saved in the Logging token field is appended to the ccLog query parameter. 
D. Set a cookie with the Id of the user accessing the storefront in CC Admin 

Question # 21

A user wants to have a Contact Us page in the storefront. This page will be a web-tolead form and it should have the header and footer, essentially the same look and feel as all the pages in the application. How can this requirement be fulfilled?

 A. Page Include 
B. Subscriber Page (CC Page) 
C. Subscriber Template 
D. Body Include Begin 

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