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Salesforce Accredited B2B Commerce Developer (SP24) Dumps July 2024

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Salesforce B2B-Commerce-Developer Sample Questions

Question # 1

A developer suspects recent edits to a checkout flow have created a bug based on flowerrors being emailed. Given the emails and some inputs known to trigger the issue, whichtwo activities should the developer consider in their investigation?

A. Use the Org Browser tool in the IDE to download the flow XML and run a diff report
B. Look at the previous flow versions and compare them with the current one
C. Open the Flow, Select Debug, Provide the Inputs, Select Run
D. Open the Flow and select Attach to Live Session, Provide the Session Id, Select Attach

Question # 2

Which two statements are accurate?

A. A Lightning Web Component cannot contain an Aura component
B. A Lightning Web Component can contain an Aura component
C. An Aura component can contain a Lightning Web Component which contains an Auracomponent
D. An Aura component can contain a Lightning Web Component

Question # 3

How can a developer bring in a checkout flow step to another sequence order?

A. drag and drop checkout Screens in main checkout flow
B. drag and drop subflows in main checkout flow
C. Adjust next-state in previous subflow configuration
D. Reorder step in checkoutSteps.xml

Question # 4

In what way can a developer's code subscribe to platform events?

A. Flows and Apex Triggers
B. Flows
C. Apex Triggers
D. Process Builder, Apex Triggers and Flows

Question # 5

What is one requirement to keep in mind when including additional JavaScript 1h files in aLightning Web Component?

A. The files must be ES6 modules and must have names that are unique within thecomponent's folder.
B. Only five of the files can be used with an import statement
C. All the files must be imported to a singleton.js file and the singleton.js file can be usedwith an import statement
D. Only one of the files can be used with an import statement

Question # 6

What are two maintainable ways that Lightning Web Components can be made mobileready? 33m 215

A. Create a Lightning app page and add the component to the mobile navigation
B. Import a third party JavaScript library
C. Install the mobile extensions plug-in for VS Code
D. Decorate templates with mobile-ready

Question # 7

A developer has just deployed a new Lightning Web Component to an authorized org.What should the developer do next to use the new component on apage?

A. Go to "Deploy LWC" in Setup.
B. Navigate 3 to the Page, Click on the "Custom Component Editor,’ Click "Publish" on thenew component in the list and adjust the positioning.
C. Create a Metadata API (MDAPI) conversion file with the Command Line interface (CLI)then go to the page and adjust the positioning.
D. Go to the page, edit it, and drag the new component onto the page.

Question # 8

The ccrz.cc_hk_UserInterface apex class, HTMLHead Include Begin and HTML HeadInclude End Cloudcraze Page Include sections allow additional content to be added to theHTML <head> tag. What are two reasons that is it preferred to use theccrz.cc_hk_UserInterface extension over the Cloudcraze Page Include sections? (2answers)

A. Salesforce apex:include is wrapped in <span> tags.
B. HTML does not support <div> tags inside the <head>
C. Salesforce apex:include is wrapped in tags.
D. HTML does not support <span> tags inside the <head>

Question # 9

What does the developer need to implement to override Shipping in Checkout? 38m 04s

A. sfdc_commerce.CartShippingCharges
B. sfdc_commerce ShippingCharges
C. sfdc_checkout.ShippingCharges
D. sfdc_checkout.CartShippingCharges

Question # 10

A developer needs to debug a flow tracing a single input in complete detail, watching allvariable changes as the checkout process is executed. Which feature should the developerenable? ~.

A. Show the details of what's executed and render flow in Lightning Experience
B. Show the details of what's executed and render flow in Lightning Runtime
C. Add watch to variables
D. Show execution details inline

Question # 11

How can a developer make an integration available for selection?

A. Modify the StoreIntegrated Service to map to an Apex class id usingworkbench
B. Enter the integration class name and version in Store Administration
C. Create a RegisteredExternalService record using Workbench
D. The integration is available once it is uploaded

Question # 12

A developer is writing custom code to compare External Prices and Sales Prices for cartitems. What should be returned if the External Prices are the same as Sales Prices forProducts in the Cart? ~.

A. sfdc_checkout.IntegrationStatus.Status.SUCCESS
B. sfdc_checkout.IntegrationStatus.Status.SUCCEEDED
C. sfdc_checkout.IntegrationStatus.Status.ERROR
D. sfdc_checkout.IntegrationStatus.Success.FAILED

Question # 13

What happens to all previous tax entries during tax implementation?

A. Modified with the new Tax calculation
B. They are deleted from the Cart
C. Saved prior to recalculation
D. Ignored with the recalculation

Question # 14

Which technique is used by Lightning Web Components to provide areas of swappable,customizable content?

A. <slot> elements
B. JQuery templates
C. MutationObservers
D. CSS classes

Question # 15

Which wire adapter can a developer use to retrieve metadata about a specific object?

A. getObject
B. getObjectMetadata
C. All of the above
D. getObjectinfo

Question # 16

A developer is attempting to write a Lightning Web component from scratch by first creatingthe HTML markup and receives an error. Which three tags when used as the first elementin the file would produce an error?

A. <template>
B. <article>
C. <body>
D. <html>

Question # 17

Which tool is used to retrieve and manipulate Salesforce data in a Lightning WebComponent?

A. Aura requests
B. Wire adapters
C. Proxy adapters
D. XHR requests

Question # 18

In which two ways can events fired from Lightning web components be handled?

A. Programmatically adding event listeners
B. Adding callbacks to components
C. Listening for all possible events at the document root
D. Attaching handlers to DOM elements

Question # 19

A developer suspects that a defect exists in 30 lines of Apex code. How can the developeradd debug statements, run the block of apex code in isolation and observe the immediateresults?

A. Click the Check Out button in the storefront
B. Use the Execute Anonymous window
C. Activate Chrome dev tools and click the Check Out button in the Storefront
D. Use the Execute Immediate window

Question # 20

A developer is implementing an Inventory class for checkout. All the error states have beenhandled and now the developer needs to take the next step to indicate that inventory isavailable for all of the items and amounts in the cart. What should the next step be?

A. Return TRUE
B. Return sfde_checkout.InventoryStatus. SUCCESS
C. Return sfdc_checkout.IntegrationStatus. Status. SUCCESS
D. Return sfdc_checkout.InventoryStatus.Status. SUCCESS

Question # 21

What tool can a developer use to investigate errors during development? 07m 42s

A. Streaming API Subscription Channel for Commerce Diagnostics Event Logging
B. Commerce Diagnostics Event Logging JavaScript Console
C. Lightning Web Component for Commerce Diagnostics Event Logging
D. Custom Log Levels

Question # 22

Which three files comprise the essential pieces of a Lightning Web Component that isnamed myComponent?

A. myComponent.html
B. myNewComponent.css
C. myComponent.js-meta.xml
D. myComponent.aura
E. myComponent.js

Question # 23

Which two items are required for a developer to bring picklist values into a Lightning WebComponent?

A. import { getPicklistvValues } from 'lightning/uiObjectinfoApi';
B. import { LightningElement, wire } from ‘lwc’;
C. import { wire } from ‘lwc’;
D. import { picklistValues } from 'lightning/uiObjectinfoApi’;

Question # 24

Universal Containers (UC) needs to display data from standard objects (entities) in a different format than whatcomes with B2B Commerce out of the box. In doing this, what is one advantage of usingthe Lightning DataService vs using a custom Controller class?

A. Lightning Data Service translates the developer's component implementation to aVisualForce page for backward compatibility.
B. JavaScript proxies for transport objects are created in the developer's IDE automatically.
C. The developer can read, create, or modify single records or metadata without writingApex code.
D. There is a Visual Studio add-in that accelerates the layout process

Question # 25

Which three considerations should a developer keep in mind when creating a tax provider?

A. What events to fire in the Lightning Web Component
B. Whether to use JSON or XML
C. Success criteria
D. Whether an AppExchange package already exists
E. How to handle errors

Question # 26

Which three file extensions are allowed in a Lightning Web Component folder?

A. .js-meta.xml
B. .html
C. .Js
D. .gif
E. .jar

Question # 27

Which two practices are allowed when it comes to naming a Lightning Web Componentsfolder and associated files?

A. Beginning with a lowercase letter
B. Including whitespace
C. Using a single hyphen (dash)
D. Using a single underscore

Question # 28

What should a developer's implementation code return if the External Prices are the sameas Sales Prices for Products in the Cart?

A. sfde_checkout.IntegrationStatus. Status. SUCCESS
B. sfdc_checkout.IntegrationStatus. FAILED. Status
C. sfdc_checkout.IntegrationStatus.Status.FAILED
D. sfdc_checkout.IntegrationStatus.Success. STATUS

Question # 29

Which HTML element can be used as a root tag for a Lightning Web Component's HTMLfile?

A. <body>
B. <article>
C. <html>
D. <template>

Question # 30

What target does a developer need to set in the js-meta.xml file when creating a customLWC component for use in the Checkout Flow?

A. lightning_FlowScreen
B. lightning__CheckoutFlow
C. Iwe__FlowComponent
D. lwe__flow

Question # 31

A developer used slots to pass content from one Lightning Web Component to another.How can they access the.DOM for what was passed to those slots?

A. Call this.template.querySelector() and this.template.querySelectorAll()
B. Call this.querySelector() passing an id
C. Call this.querySelector() and this.querySelectorAll()
D. Call this.template.querySelector() passing an id

Question # 32

Which three files are required for a deployable Lightning Web Component calleddisplayMyData that will fetch and display data?

A. displayMyData.css
B. displayMyData.js-meta.xml
C. displayMyData.js
D. displayMyDataController.cls
E. displayMyData.html

Question # 33

What are two common and maintainable ways the content layout of a Lightning WebComponent can be implemented?

A. Spreading layout styles across several separate components
B. Styling the :host pseudo-element (or other elements) via the CSS file
C. Using inline styles
D. Applying SLDS classes to internal elements

Question # 34

Which interface does a developer have to implement to override Inventory in Checkout?

A. sfdc_commerce.ValidationCartinventory
B. sfdc_commerce.CartinventoryValidation
C. sfdc_checkout.InventoryCartVvalidation
D. sfdc_checkout.CartinventoryValidation

Question # 35

Which three statements are accurate?

A. An Aura component can contain another Aura component
B. An Aura component can contain a Lightning Web Component
C. A Lightning Web Component can contain an Aura component
D. A Lightning Web Component cannot contain an Aura component

Question # 36

What are three standard page reference types?

A. standard__app
B. standard__component
C. standard__pageNamed
D. comm_loginPage
E. standard__recordDetailPage

Question # 37

A developer needs to bulk export all of the Product data from an org and does not haveaccess to Data Loader or Workbench. However, the Command Line Interface (CLI) isavailable. Which command allows the developer to accomplish this task?

A. sfdx force:data:treeiexport -q <path to file containing soql query> -x export-demo -d /tmp/sfdx-out -p
B. sfdx force:data:tree:export -Product2 -all
C. sfdx force:data:tree:export -o Product?
D. sfdxforce:data:tree:export -h

Question # 38

Which three are considered code units, or discrete units of work within a transaction in thedebug logs?

A. Validation rule
B. Apex class
C. Web service invocation
D. Lightning component load
E. Workflow invocations

Question # 39

Which of these is a key pattern leveraged when building Lightning Web Components? 39m36s

A. Composition
B. Inventory
C. Juggling
D. Normalization

Question # 40

What class must a developer implement to override Pricing during the checkout?

A. sfdc_commerce.CartPriceCalculations
B. sfdc_commerce.PriceCalculations
C. sfdc_checkout.PriceCalculations
D. sfdc_checkout.CartPriceCalculations

Question # 41

Which component can be used in other Salesforce Experience templates outside of B2BCommerce?

A. Quick Order
B. CMS Collection
C. Product Detail Data
D. Results Layout

Question # 42

Which two user permissions in addition to View Setup and Configuration are required to bulk create Product data translations via Data Loader?

A. Import Custom Objects
B. B2B Commerce Super User
C. Create and set up Experiences
D. Manage Translations

Question # 43

Which three decorators can be used in Lightning Web Components?

A. @api
B. @track
C. @wire
D. @class
E. @import

Question # 44

In checkout, what event should the developer's code listen for in order to help troubleshootand respond to actions?

A. CommerceBubbleEvents
B. CommerceErrorEvents
C. CommerceActionEvents
D. CommerceDiagnosticEvents

Question # 45

Northern Tail Outfitters (NTO) is converting an existing aura component into a LightningWeb Component. The aura component has the following source code: C)

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 46

A developer has created a custom Lightning web component to display on the ProductDetail page in the store. When the developer goes to add the component to the page inExperience Builder, it is missing from the list of custom components.Which XML fragment should the developer include in the component's configuration XMLfile to ensure the custom component is available to add to the page?

A. Option A
B. Option B
C. Option C
D. Option D

Question # 47

How should a developer get the grand total amount, including shipping and tax, for items inthecart and in the currency of the cart, when developing a new Lightning web component foranAura storefront cart page?

A. {!Cart.Details.grandTotal}
B. {ICart.Totals.grand Total}
C. {ICart.Details.Fields.grandTotal}
D. {!Cart.Fields.grandTotal}

Question # 48

Which two guidelines should a developer consider when migrating aura components toLWC?

A. Migrate one component and then determine whether additional effort would make sense
B. Start with migrating trees of components (components within components)
C. Force all developers to write any new components using Lightning web components
D. Start with simple components that only render Ul

Question # 49

Universal Containers (UC) is ready to build a tax provider class using the interfacesavailable in the Buyer Experience SDK. When creating a tax provider, what are three thingsthat a developer should consider first?

A. Steps to complete in the Tax Service
B. How to handle results
C. WhethertouseJSONorXML
D. What to implement
E. What events to fire in the Lightning web component

Question # 50

Which two methods from the platformResourceLoader module are relevant for includingthird party JavaScript and CSS in a Lightning web component?

A. loadClientScript
B. loadScript
C. loadCss
D. loadStyle

Question # 51

A developer is working on a storefront that needs to use a sophisticated pricing enginehosted as a service outside the org. Assuming security and trusts have been established,which two actions must the developer take?

A. Make a call to the service
B. Use External Ohjects
C. Implement the sfdc_checkout.PriceCalculations
D. Implement the sfdc_checkout.CartPriceCalculations

Question # 52

In a B2B Commerce store, which three tasks must a developer complete to implement the use of a third-party service for either tax, shipping, or pricing calculation?

A. Register an Apex class as the integration in the store administration
B. Create a flow to call the external service directly
C. Create an Apex class implementing the appropriate interface.
D. Create a named credential for authentication with an external service
E. Create an Apex class with an invocable method

Question # 53

Which technique can be used with Lightning web components to expose them outside ofan org in another web container?

A. Slot elements
B. Heroku
C. Lightning Out
D. Lightning Canvas

Question # 54

How should data for Lightning web components be provided?

A. A few properties that contain sets (objects) of data
B. One property that contains all data in one set (object)
C. A single property object that contains sets (objects) of data
D. Independent properties that take simpler, primitive values (e.g. String, Number, Boolean,Array)

Question # 55

A developer needs to create an event listener on a parent component programmaticallv.With the script below, what should replace the text <EVENT LISTENER UNE>?

A. this.template.addEventListener(handleNotification);
B. this.template.addEventListener(this.handleNotification);
C. this.template.addEventListenerCnotification1, this.handleNotification);
D. addEventListener('notifJcatiorV, this.handleNotification);

Question # 56

A developer is setting up a storefront from scratch. They need to create a storefront, pushstore sources, create buyer users, import products, and create and search index.Which command allows the developer to accomplish this task?

A. sfdx commerce:store:quickstart:create -templatename 'b2c-lite-storefront’
B. sfdx commerce:store:quickstart:setup —definitionfile store-scratch-def json
C. sfdx commerce:store:create —store-name test-store
D. sfdx commerce:store:open —store-name test-store

Question # 57

A developer is on a tight timeline and needs to implement a Lightning web componentwhich can read, create and modify single records. What is the recommended path forward?

A. Use base components
B. Write custom functions against a wire adapter
C. Create an Apex Controller
D. Use Lightning Data Service

Question # 58

What are two purposes of the Shadow DOM in a Lightning web component?

A. It encapsulates the internal document object model (DOM) structure of a webcomponent
B. It allow components to be shared while protecting them from being manipulated byarbitrary code
C. It allows direct access to the document object model of the component
D. It allows older JavaScript libraries to manipulate the tagging structure

Question # 59

A developer is working in Visual Studio Code on a previously deployed project which israther large and deployments are time consuming. The developer wants to know if a CSSfile containing small changes was actually deployed to the org. What is one way this can beaccomplished?

A. Right-click the CSS file and choose Diff File Against Org
B. Click the Tools menu and select Diff Styles Against Org...
C. Right-click the folder for the component and choose Diff Styles Against Org
D. Right-click the folder for the component and choose Diff Files Against Org

Question # 60

What is likely to happen if a developer leaves debug mode turned on in an environment?

A. The performance of the org will become slower each day
B. The user will begin getting JavaScript limit exceptions
C. The org will turn off debug mode after 72 hours
D. A banner will be displayed to the user indicating that the org is in debug mode

Question # 61

A developer exports data from an org on a standard entity which has a custom attribute. When they launch Data Loader, select the entity, click the Select All Fields button and clickFinish, the custom field they added called MyCustomField_c has no values and no columnheader in the CSV file. What is the root cause?

A. The user needs to install a specific Zulu JDK that is recommended by Salesforce.
B. A mapping file was not used when the data was loaded in
C. The user does not have access to the field
D. The user has rights to the field but there are no values in it

Question # 62

Which practice is allowed when it comes to naming a Lightning web component's folderand associated files?

A. Including whitespace
B. Using a single underscore
C. Using consecutive underscores
D. Using a single hyphen (dash)

Question # 63

What two things happen with the Cart during tax implementation?

A. New entries are written to the Cart
B. Previous entries are copied to another object
C. Previous entries are deleted from the Cart
D. New entries are written to the Order Summary

Question # 64

When a developer configures a tax integration for a store, what happens to the previouslycalculated tax entries during the checkout flow?

A. Ignored during recalculation
B. Saved prior to recalculation
C. Deleted from the Cart
D. Modified with the new tax calculation

Question # 65

Which three components should a developer use on the product page to replace the out-ofthe-box Product Detail Card component?

A. Product Detail Breadcrumbs component
B. Product Fields Short component
C. Product Field Long component
D. Product Detail Purchase Options component
E. Product Detail Image Gallery component

Question # 66

Which option is the correct syntax to render a property in a Lightning web componenttemplate?

A. Surround the property with curly braces: {property}
B. Surround the property with brackets: [property]
C. Surround the property with an exclamation point and curly braces: {property}
D. Surround the property with curly braces and exclamation point: {{property}

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Salesforce B2B-Commerce-Developer Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Salesforce B2B Commerce Developer certification?
The Salesforce B2B Commerce Developer certification is a credential offered by Salesforce that validates a professional's expertise in developing and customizing B2B commerce solutions on the Salesforce platform. Salesforce B2B Commerce Developer Certification Overview
Who is the target audience for the B2B Commerce Developer certification?
The B2B Commerce Developer certification is designed for developers and technical professionals who work on B2B commerce projects using Salesforce.
What are the prerequisites for taking the B2B Commerce Developer exam?
There are no formal prerequisites for the B2B Commerce Developer certification. However, it's recommended to have a good understanding of Salesforce and B2B commerce concepts.
How can I prepare for the B2B Commerce Developer certification exam?
You can prepare for the exam by studying the official Salesforce documentation, taking online courses on Salesforce Trailhead, and practicing with Salesforce B2B Commerce Developer practice questions.
What topics are covered in the B2B Commerce Developer exam?
The B2B Commerce Developer exam covers various topics, including data modeling, customization, integration, and security. You can find a detailed exam guide on the Salesforce website. B2B Commerce Developer Exam Guide
How many questions are there in the B2B Commerce Developer certification exam?
The B2B Commerce Developer exam typically consists of 60 multiple-choice questions.
What is the passing score for the B2B Commerce Developer exam?
The passing score for the B2B Commerce Developer exam is 65%.
What is the retake policy for the exam if I don't pass on my first attempt?
You can retake the exam after a waiting period of 14 days. There is no limit to the number of times you can retake the exam, but you must pay the exam fee each time.
Can I take the B2B Commerce Developer exam remotely, or do I need to go to a testing center?
Salesforce offers both in-person and online proctored exam options, so you can choose the method that suits you best.
What career opportunities are available for individuals with the B2B Commerce Developer certification?
With the B2B Commerce Developer certification, you can pursue various roles, including Salesforce Developer, B2B Commerce Consultant, or Solution Architect, and work with organizations implementing Salesforce B2B commerce solutions.
Why should I use Salesforcexamdumps.com for B2B-Commerce-Developer practice tests?
Salesforcexamdumps.com offers a comprehensive collection of practice questions designed to help you prepare effectively for the B2B Commerce Developer exam. Our questions are created by experts and are aligned with the official exam objectives.
How can I access the B2B-Commerce-Developer practice tests on your website?
To access our B2B-Commerce-Developer practice tests, simply visit our website and browse the available resources. You can purchase and download the practice tests to start preparing for your certification.
Are the practice tests on Salesforcexamdumps.com up-to-date?
Yes, we regularly update our practice tests to ensure they align with the latest Salesforce B2B Commerce Developer certification exam objectives. You can trust that our content is current and relevant.
Do you offer any free sample questions or demos?
Yes, we provide free sample questions and demos on our website so you can get a feel for the quality of our practice tests before making a purchase.
Are there any discounts or special offers available on Salesforcexamdumps.com?
We occasionally offer discounts and promotions on our practice tests. Be sure to check our website or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about any special offers.
Is there a money-back guarantee if I'm not satisfied with the practice tests?
Yes, we offer a money-back guarantee within a specified period if you are not satisfied with the quality of our practice tests. Please refer to our refund policy for details.
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No, sharing purchased practice tests with others is not allowed and may violate our terms of use. Each user should purchase their own copy for personal use.
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Thanks to Salesforcexamdumps.com, I passed the Salesforce B2B Commerce Developer Exam on my first try! The practice exams mimicked the real test environment, making my preparation thorough and effective.
    Isabella Lee     Jul 21, 2024
Preparing for the Salesforce B2B Commerce Developer Exam was a challenging but rewarding experience, and Salesforcexamdumps was my guiding light throughout the journey. Their study materials are a cut above the rest, providing comprehensive guides and practice tests meticulously designed for the B2B Commerce Developer certification. Salesforcexamdumps stood out with its real-world examples and practical exercises that allowed me to gain hands-on experience. I wholeheartedly recommend Salesforcexamdumps to anyone aspiring to excel in Salesforce B2B Commerce Development. Thanks
    Billy Ross     Jul 21, 2024
Succeeding in the Salesforce B2B Commerce Developer Exam was easier with Salesforcexamdumps.com. Their study materials were focused and up-to-date, reflecting the latest exam trends. Truly a great resource for efficient study.
    Rajendra Varghese     Jul 20, 2024
Salesforcexamdumps.com was instrumental in my Salesforce B2B Commerce Developer Exam preparation. The study guides are well-organized, and the practice questions are spot-on. An invaluable resource for anyone taking the Salesforce exam.

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