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Salesforce Certified Associate Exam (SP24) Dumps July 2024

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Salesforce Salesforce-Associate Sample Questions

Question # 1

Where should field dependencies for an object be reviewed?

A. Object Manager
B. Profiles
C. App Builder

Question # 2

A Salesforce associate is looking at a custom Contact list view and wants to show moreinformation from the record.What shouldthey do to add the missing key columns?

A. Edit list filters
B. Select Fields to Display
C. Edit sharing settings

Question # 3

Get Cloudy Consulting (GCC) wants to integrate its financial system with its Salesforceenvironment. After searching the AppExchange and reviewing documentation for itsfinancial system. GCC did not find anything.Whatshould be used to build this integration?

A. Commerce Cloud
B. MuleSoft
C. Financial Services

Question # 4

Get Cloudy Consulting gets 90% of its leads from trade shows. Sales reps create manylead records during these events, but they often forget to change the Lead Source field toTrade Show*.What approach would improve data integrity for the Lead Source field'

A. Create a validation rule requiring the Lead Source field to equal Trade Show'.
B. Make an assignment rule named Trade Show’ to only assign leads to sales reps.
C. Set the default value of the Lead Source field to Trade Show’.

Question # 5

Get Cloudy Consulting'^ dashboard shows all of the company's key performance indicators(KPls) in one view. The company's Salesforce associate is asked to add functionality thatallows the dashboard to show all the same KPls for eachof the regions.How should the associate add this functionality?

A. Create new dashboards for each region.
B. Add a Region filter to the dashboard.
C. Use an analytics package from the AppExchange.

Question # 6

An employee at Get Consulting recently changed their name and received a new username.Where should these changesbe updated?

A. Contact Record page
B. User Record page from Setup
C. User profile page

Question # 7

Get CloudyConsulting (GCC) needs an environment to onboard new hires as well as develop, implement, and test new requirements. Which type of environment should OCC use?

A. Sandbox
B. Production
C. Trailhead Playgroun

Question # 8

An insurance call center is experiencing increased policy support calls whichhas led to longwait times and disappointed customers.Which cloud will decrease the number of incoming calls, empower customers, and increasesatisfaction?

A. CRM Analytics
B. Experience
C. Cloud Sales Cloud

Question # 9

Which Salesforce role should help companies increase campaign effectiveness, reengage inactive customers, and grow their customer base?

A. Consultant
B. Marketer
C. Designer

Question # 10

A sales manager requests a report that shows total opportunity amounts grouped by:• Small opportunities — Amount is less than $50,000.• Medium opportunities — Amount isbetween $50,000 and 5100,000.• Large opportunities — Amount is more than $100,000.How should the Salesforce associate create a field to show the amount as describedabove?

A. Create a bucket field off of Amount,
B. Create a custom field in Setup.
C. Create a formula field off of Amount.

Question # 11

Get Cloudy Consulting gets 90°^b of its business from trade shows. Sales reps create many lead records during these events, but they often forget to change the Lead Source field toTrade Show'. What should help the sales reps when they create these lead records?

A. Make an assignment rule named Trade Show' to only assign leads to sales reps.
B. Format a validation rule requiring the Lead Source field to equal Trade Show'.
C. Changethe default value of the Lead Source field from 'Web' to Trade Show'.

Question # 12

Adeleted record needs to be recovered from the Recycle Bin. Where can the user find the Recycle Bin?

A. Setup
B. App Launcher
C. Global Search

Question # 13

Get Cloudy Consulting wants to group its contacts by Region. On most records, this text field is blank or misspelled.Which action is recommended to ensure there is correct data for this field?

A. Convert the Region field to a picklist field.
B. Create a validation rule to enforce correct spelling.
C. Email users a list of region names with correct spelling.

Question # 14

What type of relationship do Account and Contact objects have?

A. Lookup
B. Self
C. Master-detail

Question # 15

Get Cloudy Consulting trains its new employee in apartial sandbox named New Employee;.An employee competes the training in the sandbox and is ready to sign in to the productionorg. However, an error message pops ip indicating an invalid username or password. Theemployee is using their sandbox usernameand password to sign in to production.What is needed to solve this error?

A. Creating a new username for the production org
B. Removing .NewEmployee appendix from the sandbox username
C. Creating a different password for the production org

Question # 16

A salesforce associate at Get cloudy Consulting is configuring object access. Therequirements are:Sales Manager must have the same access to Opportunities.Marketing managers must have the same access to Campaigns.What is the recommend approach to configuringtheir access?

A. Sharing Sets and Manual Sharing
B. Validation and Assignment Rules
C. Profiles and Permission Sets

Question # 17

A Salesforceassociate has received a request to create new users for a group of new employees.Where can the associate check the number of licenses available to be assigned to the new employees7

A. Salesforce Help
B. Company Information
C. User Management Settings

Question # 18

Two users in the same opportunity record are seeing different fields.What is thereason for this?

A. The missing fields are marked as hidden in Object Manager.
B. The users are assigned different profiles and page layouts.
C. The users have been configured with different Locales.

Question # 19

Get Cloudy Consulting (GCC) will show its data on a dashboard where the data is visualized within a range.Which dashboard component type should GCC use?

A Gauge
C. Chart

Question # 20

Get Cloudy Consulting (GCC) wants to ensure the Annual Revenue field is a positive amount and does not exceed $100.What should GCC use to ensure to opportunities meet these standards?

A. Validation Rules
B. Assignment Rules
C. Default Values

Question # 21

Get Cloudy Consulting (GCC) provides consulting services tosmall and medium-sizedbusiness in the financial services space. GCC wants a solution for customer service wherecomplaints can be logged through a web from and email. Which Salesforce solution should GCC use?

A. Commerce Cloud
B. Experience Cloud
C. Service cloud

Question # 22

To which Team shoulda Salesforce associate be added to gain access to an Account andits related opportunities?

A. Opportunity Team
B. Lead Team
C. Account Team

Question # 23

ASalesforce associate wants to refresh a report and email it to an executive team each week.Which functionality of Salesforce Reports should the associate use?

A. Refresh
B. Notifications
C. Subscriptions

Question # 24

A Salesforce associate is asked to add a new employee record to their client. Get Cloudy Consulting. To which object should they add this record?

A. Accounts
B. Leads
C. Contacts

Question # 25

Get Cloudy Consulting (GCC) has recently been onboarded as a Salesforcecustomer.GCC wants to enroll its in-house IT administration team in a Salesforce instructor-ledtraining workshop.Which resource provides virtual and in-person learning that should help the teamaccelerate their Salesforce knowledge?

A. Trailhead Community
B. Salesforce Help
C. Trailhead Academy

Question # 26

A Salesforce associate is viewing information within a report and needs to export the data.Into which types of files can the report be exported?

A. Word (,doc or .docx) or comma-separated values(.csv)
B. Excel (,xlsx or ,xls) file or comma- separated values (,csv)
C. PDF (,pdf) or Excel (,xlsx or ,xls)

Question # 27

The Health Department wants to gain more insight into its patient data than what Salesforce Dashboardscan provide.Which Salesforce product should the department use?

A. Experience Cloud
B. CRM Analytics
C. Health Cloud

Question # 28

Which action(s) must be taken for Salesforce updates?

A. Updates are automatic; nothing needs to be downloaded or installed.
B. Updates require purchasing an updated license.
C. Updates need to be downloaded with each release

Question # 29

A VP of sales is requesting an easy to understand visual representation ofaccounts andopportunities that have been worked on by the sales agents in the current quarter in orderto identify trends, sort data, and measure the impact of their activities.What is recommended to meet these requirements?

A. Create a list views.
B. Create a dashboard.
C. Create a custom tab.

Question # 30

Salesforce is built on objectslike Account, Contact, and Opportunity. What is a representation of an object?

A. A spreadsheet where the records are rows and the fields are columns
B. Physical visualization of an Account, Contact, or Opportunity
C. A set of relationships that link an Account, Contact, or Opportunity

Question # 31

How can a report of all Accounts with Opportunities be created?

A. Use the Accounts report type.
B. Use the Accounts withOpportunities report type.
C. Use the Opportunities report type.

Question # 32

A Salesforce associate deletesan Account of a company that recently went out of business.Which other related records are automatically deleted?

A. Any related leads
B. Any related cases
C. Any related opportunities

Question # 33

A Salesforce user at Get Cloudy Consulting informs the company's Salesforce associate they havemoved to another department in the organization and no longer need access to Salesforce. How should the associate change the user's access?

A. Delete the user to free up the Salesforce license.
B. Do nothing; the user may need to access Salesforce in thefuture.
C. Deactivate the user to free up the Salesforce license.

Question # 34

A Salesforce associate wants to update anopportunity record they just closed. Which relationship is standard as a Lookup field on an opportunity?

A. Stage
B. Account
C. Quote

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Salesforce Salesforce-Associate Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam?
The Salesforce Certified Administrator exam is a certification exam that tests your knowledge of Salesforce products and functionality.
What topics are covered on the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam?
The exam covers a wide range of topics, including Salesforce security, data management, user setup, automation, and more.
What is the format of the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam?
The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within 90 minutes. The passing score is 65%.
How much does the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam cost?
The cost of the exam varies depending on your location. In the United States, the exam costs $200.
How do I prepare for the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam?
Salesforce offers a range of resources to help you prepare for the exam, including study guides, online courses, and practice exams. You can also attend training classes or work with a Salesforce partner to prepare for the exam.
How long is the Salesforce Certified Administrator certification valid?
The Salesforce Certified Administrator certification is valid for two years. After two years, you must pass a maintenance exam to keep your certification up-to-date.
What are the benefits of getting certified as a Salesforce Administrator?
Certification as a Salesforce Administrator can help you demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in Salesforce to potential employers. It can also open up new career opportunities and increase your earning potential.
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