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Salesforce Certified Associate Exam (WI23) Dumps March 2023

Are you tired of looking for a source that'll keep you updated on the Salesforce Certified Associate Exam (WI23) Exam? Plus, has a collection of affordable, high-quality, and incredibly easy Salesforce Salesforce-Associate Practice Questions? Well then, you are in luck because just updated them! Get Ready to become a Salesforce Associate Certification Certified.

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Salesforce Salesforce-Associate Sample Questions

Question # 1

Get Cloudy Consulting (GCC) plans to migrate from a legacy CRM system to Salesforce. GCC currently uses a dedicated single-tenant, on-premise system and wants to utilize a multi-tenant architecture like Salesforce uses. What is one feature of multi-tenant architecture? 

A. Resources are shared but tenants cannot claim each others resources. 
B. Resources are shared and tenants can claim each other's resources. 
C. Resources are limited to each tenant.

Question # 2

A Salesforce associate at Get Cloudy Consulting is given a list of opportunities to work through. The associate asks for an easier way to change the opportunity stage. What should be recommended? 

A. Switch to the Kanban View. 
B. Create multiple list views. 
C. Use a Dynamic Dashboard View. 

Question # 3

Get Cloudy Consulting (GCC) wants to customize its Sales application’s Home tab with additional components. Outside of the org, where should GCC' Salesforce associate go to collaborate with others on solutions that might resonate with GCC users?

 A. Explore documents In Help and Training. 
B. Ask a question In a Trailblazer Community Group. 
C. Search for modules in Trailhead. 

Question # 4

A sales manager at Get Cloudy Consulting wants a report that shows their top-selling product families by quantity. 

A. Group by opportunity stage> Filter by product family > Sum the total number sold
 B. Group by product family > Filter to show only Closed Won opportunities > Sum the total number sold 
C. Croup by active products > Filter to show opportunities this year > Sum the quantity 

Question # 5

Get Cloudy Consulting (GCC) is experiencing significant performance degradation. What should GCC do to quickly verify if a performance incident has been reported on its instance of Salesforce?

A. Ask a question on the Trailblazer Community. 
B. Check System Status on the Trust site.
 C. Open a case with Salesforce Support. 

Question # 6

The salesforce account executive for Get Cloudy Consulting’s (GCC) advises the company to use United Clouds to assist with its transition to using Salesforce as its CRM. GCC also plans to add an app in salesforce from Connected Mail. What is the role of each of these companies? 

A. Get Cloudy Consulting - Customer Connected Mail -independent Software Vendor (ISV) United Clouds - Partner 
B. Get Cloudy Consulting - Customer Connected Mail - Consultant - United Clouds -Partner 
C. Get Cloudy Consulting -Customer Connected Mail - Product United Clouds -partner Independent Software Vendor (ISV) 

Question # 7

A Salesforce associate is asked to share records about a carpool program with users. Which type of group should the associate create? 

A. Private Group(s) 
B. Public Group(s) 
C. A Queue 

Question # 8

A salesforce associate at get Cloudy Consulting has been asked to analyze Service Cloud data to determine how many individual have called in to the support center. Which relationship on Case should the associate use? 

A. Owner 
B. Account 
C. Contact 

Question # 9

Where can a new user set up an email signature in Salesforce? 

A. Personal Settings 
B. User Profile 
C. Email Setup 

Question # 10

A manager is creating a dashboard for their team and wants each team member to receive a copy of the dashboard results by email each week. What should the team members do to ensure they receive they weekly results? 

A. Like the dashboard. 
B. Subscribe to the dashboard 
C. Follow the dashboard 

Question # 11

A marketing manager wants to make the Reason Lost field required on the opportunity when he stage is changed to Closed Lost. What should the salesforce associate do to enforce this requirement? 

A. Make the field required on the page layout. 
B. Create a validation rule on the Opportunity object. 
C. Make the field universally required. 

Question # 12

Get Cloudy Consulting (GCC) wants to build one dashboard for Leads and Opportunities. GCC want the data to be displayed based on the logged-in user’s security setting. Which type of dashboard should this be? 

A. Static
 B. Dynamic 
C. Standard 

Question # 13

An insurance call center is experiencing increased policy support calls which has led to long wait times and disappointed customers. Which cloud will decrease the number of incoming calls, empower customers, and increase satisfaction? 

A. CRM Analytics 
B. Experience 
C. Cloud Sales Cloud 

Question # 14

Sales reps at Get Cloudy Consulting want to see a visual representation of their emails and phone calls with a contact. Which contact record component must be present so users can see this? 

A. Activity Capture 
B. Salesforce Inbox 
C. Activities Timeline 

Question # 15

Get Cloudy Consulting currently stores information about is customers and partners in the Account object. There are a few details specific to partners that are not applicable to customers. What is the recommended way to display only the information application to each group? 

A. Use Account for customers and create a custom object for partners. 
B. Create record types on Account called Partner and Customer 
C. Create custom object called Partner and Customer 

Question # 16

A Salesforce associate is working from a custom Contact list view and noticed key information is missing. What should they do to add the missing information? 

A. Edit sharing settings 
B. Select Fields to Display 
C. Edit list filters 

Question # 17

A Salesforce Associate is asked to review multiple reports from the current month's folder and bring insight into a meeting. How should the associate locate all the reports in a single location from the Report object? 

A. Use the Global search bar 
B. Click on All Reports and use the search bar 
C. Click on All Folders and use the search bar 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam?
The Salesforce Certified Administrator exam is a certification exam that tests your knowledge of Salesforce products and functionality.
What topics are covered on the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam?
The exam covers a wide range of topics, including Salesforce security, data management, user setup, automation, and more.
What is the format of the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam?
The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions that must be answered within 90 minutes. The passing score is 65%.
How much does the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam cost?
The cost of the exam varies depending on your location. In the United States, the exam costs $200.
How do I prepare for the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam?
Salesforce offers a range of resources to help you prepare for the exam, including study guides, online courses, and practice exams. You can also attend training classes or work with a Salesforce partner to prepare for the exam.
How long is the Salesforce Certified Administrator certification valid?
The Salesforce Certified Administrator certification is valid for two years. After two years, you must pass a maintenance exam to keep your certification up-to-date.
What are the benefits of getting certified as a Salesforce Administrator?
Certification as a Salesforce Administrator can help you demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in Salesforce to potential employers. It can also open up new career opportunities and increase your earning potential.
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I was very relieved to find the Salesforce-Associate Dumps as they helped me a great deal in preparing for the Salesforce-Associate exam. The questions were well structured and covered all the topics that I needed to know. I was able to use the dumps to brush up on my knowledge, and the practice tests were great for identifying my weak points and focusing on them. I am glad to say that I was able to score well on the exam and passed with flying colors.
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Salesforce-Associate Dumps were extremely helpful for me in preparing for the Salesforce-Associate exam. I was able to score well on the exam thanks to the comprehensive and well-constructed questions in the dumps. The questions in the dumps were a great way for me to review and refresh my knowledge on the topics that I needed to know for the exam. Additionally, the practice tests were extremely helpful in helping me identify my weak points and study for the exam accordingly.
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Preparing for the Salesforce-Associate exam was made easier with the help of Salesforcexamdumps. The dumps contained the exact questions asked during the exam, which gave me a clearer understanding of the material. I scored an 85% on the exam after using the Salesforcexamdumps, and I am very pleased with the result.
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I was able to pass the exam with a score of 95% after using the Salesforcexamdumps.

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