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Salesforce Order-Management-Administrator Question Answers

Salesforce Order Management Administrator Accredited Professional (SP24) Dumps July 2024

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What is Salesforce Order-Management-Administrator?

Salesforce Order-Management-Administrator is a necessary certification exam to get certified. The certification is a reward to the deserving candidate with perfect results. The Salesforce Order Management Certification validates a candidate's expertise to work with Salesforce. In this fast-paced world, a certification is the quickest way to gain your employer's approval. Try your luck in passing the Salesforce Order Management Administrator Accredited Professional (SP24) Exam and becoming a certified professional today. Salesforcexamdumps.com is always eager to extend a helping hand by providing approved and accepted Salesforce Order-Management-Administrator Practice Questions. Passing Salesforce Order Management Administrator Accredited Professional (SP24) will be your ticket to a better future!

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Unlike other websites, Salesforcexamdumps.com prioritize the benefits of the Salesforce Order Management Administrator Accredited Professional (SP24) candidates. Not every Salesforce exam candidate has full-time access to the internet. Plus, it's hard to sit in front of computer screens for too many hours. Are you also one of them? We understand that's why we are here with the Salesforce Order Management solutions. Salesforce Order-Management-Administrator Question Answers offers two different formats PDF and Online Test Engine. One is for customers who like online platforms for real-like Exam stimulation. The other is for ones who prefer keeping their material close at hand. Moreover, you can download or print Salesforce Order-Management-Administrator Dumps with ease.

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Salesforce Order-Management-Administrator Sample Questions

Question # 1

An Order Summary has three Fulfillment Orders and two Credit Memos associated with it.How many Invoices will be created when using the Create Invoice Apex action in a flow?

A. 2.0
B. 5.0
C. 1.0
D. 3.0

Question # 2

The Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) team is already using Order Management. The teamwants to transition from their home-grown Commerce engine to B2C Commerce Cloud.Which action do they need to perform?

A. File a support case to activate an integration between B2C Commerce and OrderManagement
B. Export the orders from B2C periodically and import them into Order Management usinga scheduled job
C. Change the Order Integration Flow in Setup so the org will start seeing the orders flow in
D. Create a Flow to download the Orders from an SFTP location where B2C Commercedrops them and then ingest the data into Order Management

Question # 3

For what use case would an administrator enable Person Accounts during OrderManagement setup?

A. Person Accounts are always enabled for Order Management
B. Connecting Order Management to B2C Commerce
C. Connecting to an external ERP system
D. Connecting Order Management to B2B Commerce

Question # 4

Based on some changes in Universal Containers' Commerce engine, new Orders areexpected to have two additional attributes at the header level. In Order Management, whichother Object besides Order also needs to be extended?

A. Delivery Groups
B. Order Summary
C. Change Order
D. Payment Summary

Question # 5

Which data type is the Status field on an Order Summary object?

A. Picklist
B. String
C. Text
D. Number

Question # 6

Which three objects need to be utilized when creating orders using the composite API?

A. Pricebook Entry
B. Contact
C. Order Summary
D. Product
E. Account

Question # 7

An administrator needs to ensure that the Orders coming from B2C Commerce honor somebusiness rules which need to be the same in both B2C and Order Management. Thisvalidation must happen before the Order Summary object is created. What can theadministrator suggest to the developer to implement this requirement?

A. Use an AppExchange solution
B. Handle this in the Commerce System originating the Orders.
C. Write an Apex class with the validation rules and expose it as an Invocable Action
D. Use a Salesforce Labs solution

Question # 8

Which practice should an admin consider when working with the Ensure Funds Asyncaction?

A. The invoice object should be logged and cloned to a custom object before calling theaction
B. The invoice object should be cloned to a custom object before calling the action
C. The invoice ID should be assigned somewhere in the flow before calling the action
D. The Invoice ID should be logged before passing it to the Ensure Funds Async action

Question # 9

An admin is analyzing project requirements and notes that there are requirements tosupport both high volume and multiple locations. What is the recommended approach forthis scenario?

A. Download the Single Location High Volume sample flow from the Partner Communityand modify all the flows to loop through locations
B. Download the Multiple Locations sample flow from the Partner Community and havedevelopers add Apex code to enhance performance
C. Download the Single Location High Volume sample flow and the Multiple Locations sample flow from the Partner Community and make a blend ® between the two consideringtrade-offs
D. Download the Single Location High Volume sample flow from the Partner Communityand have the developers add Apex code to enhance performance

Question # 10

An Order contains products that will need to be shipped to multiple addresses. How doesthis affect fulfillment?

A. Multiple Invoices will be created
B. Multiple Order Delivery Group Summaries will be created
C. Multiple Fulfillment Orders will be created
D. Multiple Order Payment Summaries will be created

Question # 11

A customer applied a 10% off discount when placing an order. What object is created whenthe discount is applied to the order?

A. Order Discount
B. Order Payment Summary
C. Order Adjustment Group Summary
D. Credit Memo

Question # 12

Which set of conditions is required for an Order Summary object to be created?

A. An Order is created, its status is set to Draft, Create OrderSummary Flow is installedand Create OrderSummary Flow is activated.
B. An Order is created, the Create Order Summary Process is installed and the CreateOrder Summary Process is active
C. An Order is created, its status is set to Activated. Create OrderSummary Flow isinstalled and Create OrderSummary Flow is activated.
D. An Order is created, its status is set to Activated. Create OrderSummary Flow isinstalled and the Create OrderSummary Process is installed.

Question # 13

What are two items that an administrator should consider when building out a flow for onelocation vs multiple locations?

A. Having multiple locations mandates writing custom Apex code
B. A default warehouse location should be set first in flows handling multiple locations
C. Multiple locations will introduce nested loops which can make the canvas substantiallylarger
D. Multiple locations can lead to limit exceptions

Question # 14

Which object is used to create an invoice?

A. Fulfillment Order
B. Order Summary
C. Shipment]
D. Order

Question # 15

What can an administrator use to control what inventory is exposed on specific sellingchannels?

A. Product Eligibility Flag
B. Selling Channel Flag
C. Product Filter Status
D. Selling Channel Status

Question # 16

What two tools can an administrator use to debug an issue with an Apex trigger?

A. Apex Logs in Setup
B. Error Logs in the Developer Console
C. Log Inspector in the Developer Console
D. Debug Logs in Setup

Question # 17

Users are reporting slow load times for Lightning Record Pages. How can an administratoranalyze the performance?

A. Use the Analyze function in the Lightning Record Page editor
B. Run a performance analysis using the Developer Console
C. Use the Page Layout Analysis tool in Setup
D. Use Chrome DevTools

Question # 18

At minimum, a custom attribute must be created on which objects for the values toautomap in Order Management from B2C Commerce Cloud at the Order item level?

A. Order and Order Summary
B. Order Item and Order Item Summary
C. Order, Order Summary, Order Item and Order Item Summary
D. Order, Order Summary, Change Order and Fulfillment Order

Question # 19

An administrator is configuring delivery methods. What two types of records need to becreated?

A. Order Delivery Method
B. Order Delivery Summary
C. Product Summary
D. Delivery Method
E. Product

Question # 20

Which three steps should an administrator take to set up a mock payment gateway in anew org?

A. Create a Payment Gateway
B. Create a Named Credential
C. Create a Payment Provider
D. Create a CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) entry
E. Create a Trusted Site Entry

Question # 21

How can an administrator add visibility rules for the buttons in the Highlights Panel on theOrder Summary record page?

A. Modify the visibility rules of the Highlights Panel Actions in the page layout
B. Navigate to the Order Summary object in Setup and modify the Highlights Panel visibility rules
C. Modify the Lightning Record Page Highlights Panel using Dynamic Actions
D. Create a custom Highlights Panel component

Question # 22

An admin wants to deploy certain pages in Order Management to approved mobiledevices. Which two steps are the recommended approach for this?

A. Build a custom application on Heroku calling the APIs
B. Install the Salesforce mobile app from Apple Store or Google Play
C. Save the pages with the options of both Desktop and Phone applied
D. Use the mobile publisher to create an app

Question # 23

Which two Order Management objects have their tabs set to Tab Hidden by default?

A. OrderDeliveryMethod
B. SalesLocation
C. Locations
D. Fulfillment Orders
E. Accounts

Question # 24

Which three options are the main types of building blocks when working in Flow Builder?

A. Connectors
B. Elements
C. Async processes
D. Data lookups
E. Resources

Question # 25

Where should a service agent go first to initiate changes related to an Order in OrderManagement?

A. Change Order Details
B. Order Details
C. Fulfillment Order Details
D. Order Summary Details

Question # 26

Where should a service agent go first to view process exceptions related to a specific Order?   

A.    Order Record - Process Exception Details Tab   
B.    Change order Record -Related Tab   
C.    Order Record - Details Tab   
D.    Order Summary Record - Related Tab   

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A Full Order-Management-Administrator Study Guide To Pass Salesforce Order Management Administrator Certification Exam

Are you up to the challenge of becoming Salesforce Certified? Use Order-Management-Administrator Dumps here at Salesforcexamdumps, and you will be!

Salesforce Certifications are esteemed worldwide and reflect a professional's abilities to apply Salesforce best practices on behalf of the organization. This exam is for you if you have the knowledge, skills, and experience implementing the Salesforce Order Management solution with an industry-specific data mode in a customer-facing role.

Encompass the fundamental knowledge and skills to design, build, and deploy solutions using the Salesforce Order Management product. Try out the Order-Management-Administrator practice test with realistic context and real-world implementations.

The Secret Behind The Rise Of Order-Management-Administrator Braindumps!

Salesforcexamdumps prepared Order-Management-Administrator real exam questions that reflect the same scenarios as the exam. These questions closely follow the multiple-choice/ multi-select questions format. By the way, the questions to solve in the exam are 60.

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The Order Management Administrator Accredited Professional Exam Outline

Getting you to familiarize yourself with your exam is our priority. That’s why we made the Order-Management-Administrator Braindumps so much like the actual exam in the first place. Here’s how Order-Management-Administrator real exam questions are designed to test you:

  •   10 questions, around 17% about the Order Management Basics
  •   16 questions, around 27% about the Process Automation and Integrations
  •   Another 10 questions, around 17% about the Deployment and Debugging
  •   15 questions, around 25% about the Data Model
  •   5 questions, around 8% about the User Experience and Customization
  •   4 questions, around 4% about the Advanced Topics

Why Choosing Order-Management-Administrator Dumps is a Big Deal?

Most Salesforce Candidates choose to take the Order-Management-Administrator practice test instead of learning traditionally from a book. It is critical to opt for an Order-Management-Administrator question answers bundle that suits you best. Here are all the top reasons Salesforcexamdumps Order-Management-Administrator braindumps are best to prepare and pass the actual exam:


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Salesforce Order-Management-Administrator Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Salesforce Order Management Administrator exam, and who is it intended for?
The Salesforce Order Management Administrator exam is a certification test offered by Salesforce for professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in managing order-related processes within the Salesforce ecosystem. Salesforce Order Management Administrator Certification
How can I prepare for the Salesforce Order Management Administrator exam?
To prepare effectively, you can use study materials, practice questions, and take online courses. Salesforcexamdumps.com offers comprehensive resources for exam preparation. Salesforcexamdumps.com - Order Management Administrator Practice Questions
What is the exam registration process, and where can I take the exam?
You can register for the exam on the Salesforce certification website. The exam can be taken at a nearby test center or remotely. Salesforce Certification Registration
Are there any study resources available for exam preparation?
Yes, there are several study resources available to help you prepare for the Salesforce Order Management Administrator exam. You can find a variety of study materials, including official documentation and practice questions, on Salesforcexamdumps.com. Salesforcexamdumps.com - Order Management Administrator Study Resources
Can you provide some tips for passing the Salesforce Order Management Administrator certification exam?
Sure! Here are some tips for success:
What are the key skills and knowledge areas tested in this exam?
The exam tests your knowledge in areas such as order lifecycle management, order data management, pricing, and product configuration within Salesforce. You can find a detailed breakdown in the Salesforce exam guide.
What is the passing score for the Salesforce Order Management Administrator exam?
The passing score for the Salesforce Order Management Administrator exam can vary, and the most up-to-date information can be found on the official Salesforce certification website. Salesforce Certification Passing Scores
Can you recommend any recommended books or study guides for the Salesforce Order Management Administrator exam?
There are various study materials available, including books and study guides. You can explore recommended resources on Salesforcexamdumps.com. Salesforcexamdumps.com - Recommended Study Materials
What are Order-Management-Administrator Practice Tests, and why are they important for my certification preparation?
Order-Management-Administrator Practice Tests are simulated exams that mimic the format and content of the actual certification exam. They are crucial for assessing your readiness and identifying areas where you need improvement.
How can I benefit from using your Order-Management-Administrator Practice Tests?
Our practice tests provide a real exam experience, help you gauge your knowledge, and pinpoint areas for improvement. They are an essential tool for honing your skills and increasing your chances of passing the certification exam.
How can I access your Order-Management-Administrator Practice Tests?
You can access our practice tests by visiting our website Salesforcexamdumps.com and selecting the Order-Management-Administrator Practice Test section.
Is there a money-back guarantee if I'm not satisfied with your practice tests?
Yes, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not satisfied with our practice tests, please review our refund policy on our website for more details.
Do you offer any discounts or promotions for your Order-Management-Administrator Practice Tests?
We occasionally run promotions and discounts. You can check our website for the most up-to-date information on any ongoing offers.
Can I track my progress and performance while using your practice tests?
Absolutely! Our practice tests often come with progress tracking features that help you monitor your performance over time and identify areas that need improvement.
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