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Salesforce Data Cloud Accredited Professional Exam(WI24) Dumps April 2024

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Salesforce Salesforce-Data-Cloud Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which two common use cases can be addressed with Data Cloud?

A.    Harmonize data from multiple sources with a standardized and extendable data model   
B.    Understand and act upon customer data to drive more relevant experiences   
C.    Safeguard critical business data by serving as a centralized system for backup and disaster recovery   
D.    Govern enterprise data lifecycle through a centralized set of policies and processes  

Question # 2

An administrator wants to be able to create a multi-dimensional metric to identify unified individual lifetime value (LTV). Which sequence of DMO joins are necessary within the Calculated Insight to enable this calculation?  

A.    Unified Individual > Individual > Sales Order   
B.    Unified Individual > Unified Link Individual > Sales Order  
 C.    Sales Order > Unified Individual   
D.    Sales Order > Individual > Unified Individual  

Question # 3

What are three benefits of Calculated Insights over Segmentation Operators?

A.    Calculated Insights are better suited for non-trivial calculations, such as calculating a Net Promoter Score as a percentage   
B.    Calculated Insights results can be refreshed near real time 
C.      Calculated Insights are better suited for single row based operation 
D.    Calculated Insights can query engagement data greater than 2 years  
 E.    Calculated Insights are better suited for complex queries over multiple objects  

Question # 4

A customer has a custom 'Customer_Email_c' object related to the standard 'Contact' object in Salesforce CRM. To which data entity is this mapped?

A.    Contact   
B.    Contact Point Email   
C.    Custom 'Customer_Email' Object   
D.    Individual  

Question # 5

What is the correct formula to display the value of the raw data column of "RetailPrice' plus an additional 5 percent?

A.    sourceField['RetailPrice1*l .05   
B.    SELECT(['RetailPrice']*1.05)   
C.    sourceField['retailprice']*1.05   
D.    SELECT(['retailprice']*1.05)  

Question # 6

What should an administrator do to pause a segment activation but with the intent of using that segment again?

A.    Inactivate the segment   
B.    Delete the segment   
C.    Stop the Publish Schedule   
D.    Skip the Activation  

Question # 7

When performing Segmentation or Activation, which timezone is used to publish and refresh data?

A.    Timezone of the Data Cloud Admin user   
B.    Timezone is explicitly specified when creating a segment or activation   
C.    Timezone set by the Salesforce Data Cloud org
D.    Timezone of the user defining the activity  

Question # 8

When setting up the data source object or schema for data ingestion, what are the three data categories to select from?

A.    Engagement Data   
B.    Event Data   
C.    Other Data   
D.    Order Data   
E.    Profile Data  

Question # 9

What is the first step to set up and configure a Data Cloud instance after it has been provisioned?

A.    Complete the Salesforce Data Cloud "Get Started'' process   
B.    Connect to the Marketing Cloud Account Data Cloud is provisioned in   
C.    Enable Customer Data Cloud Admin permission set to the relevant Salesforce CRM user
D.    Connect to the Salesforce CRM org Data Cloud is provisioned in  

Question # 10

Which two dependencies need to be removed prior to disconnecting a data source?

A.    Activation Target   
B.    Data Stream  
 C.    Segment   
D.    Activation  

Question # 11

What is the result of a segmentation criteria filtering on City | Is Equal To I 'San Jose?

A.    Cities containing 'San Jose', 'San Jose', 'san jose'. or 'san jose'   
B.    Cities only containing 'San Jose' or 'San Jose'   
C.    Cities only containing 'San Jose' or 'san jose'   
D.    Cities only containing 'San Jose' or 'san jose'  

Question # 12

When creating a segment on an individual, what is the result of using two separate containers linked by an AND: At Least 1 of GoodsProduct.Color Is Equal To 'red' AND At Least 1 of GoodsProduct.PrimaryProductCategory Is Equal To shoes'?  

A.    Individuals who purchased at least 1 of any red' product and also purchased at least 1 pair of shoes'   
B.    Individuals who purchased at least 1 'red shoes' as a single line item in a purchase   
C.    Individuals who purchased at least 1 'red shoes'. 1 of any red' item, or 1 of any 'shoes' item in a purchase   
D.    Individuals who made a purchase of at least 1 of only 'red shoes' and nothing else  

Question # 13

Which two dependencies can prevent a Data Stream from being deleted?

A.    A data stream attribute is mapped to a Data Model object   
B.    A data stream attribute is used in Calculated Insight
C.    A data stream attribute is used in Segmentation   
D.     A data stream attribute is used in Activation  

Question # 14

What does the Source Sequence reconciliation rule do in Identity Resolution?

A.          Sets the priority of specific data sources when building attributes in a unified profile such as a first or last name   
B.          Identifies which data sources should be used in the process of reconciliation by prioritizing the most recently updated data source   
C.          Includes data from sources where the data is alphanumerically sequenced   
D.          Identifies which individual records should be merged into a unified profile by setting a priority for specific data sources  

Question # 15

Which data model object category can a Data Cloud user create segments on?

A.    Profile   
B.    Unified Individual only   
C.    Engagement   
D.    Other  

Question # 16

What is Data Cloud's primary value to customers?

A.    A single source of truth for all anonymous data  
 B.    A platform that can update all connected systems with a golden record in real-time   
C.    A platform that provides a unified view of a customer and their related data   
D.    A platform that can create personalized campaigns by listening, understanding, and acting on customer behavior  

Question # 17

A customer wants to create segments of users based on their Customer Lifetime Value. The source data that will be brought into the Data Cloud does not include that KPI. What process should be followed to achieve this outcome?  

A.    Map Data to Data Model > Create Calculated Insight > Use in Segmentation   
B.    Ingest Data > Map Data to Data Model > Create Calculated   
C.    Insight > Use in Segmentation   
D.    Ingest Data > Create Calculated Insight > Use in Segmentation   
E.    Create Calculated Insight > Map Data to Data Model > Use in Segmentation  

Question # 18

A retail customer wants to bring customer data from different sources and wants to take advantage of Identity Resolution so that it can be used in Segmentation. On which entity should this be segmented for activation membership?

A.    Subscriber  
 B.    Unified Contact   
C.    Unified Individual   
D.    Individual  

Question # 19

To which Data Model entity should the Email field from a CRM Contact object be mapped?

A.    Lead   
B.    Account Contact   
C.    Individual   
D.    Contact Point Email  

Question # 20

Which three objects are created as a result of Identity Resolution?

A.    Unified Subscriber   
B.    Unified Data Model   
C.    Unified Contact Point   
D.    Unified Link   
E.    Unified Individual  

Question # 21

Which authentication type is supported for a Cloud File Storage activation target?

A.          Using private key certificate   
B.          Using access and secret keys   
C.          Using encrypted username and password   
D.          Using JWT token  

Question # 22

An administrator is setting up a data stream with transactional data. What field type should the administrator choose to ensure that leading zeros in the purchase order number are preserved?

A.    Number   
B.    Decimal   
C.    Text   
D.    Serial  

Question # 23

Cumulus Financial wants to be able to track the daily transaction volume for of each of its customers in real time and send out a notification as soon it detects volume outside a customer's normal range. How should an administrator accommodate this request?

A.    Use Streaming Data Transformations with a Flow   
B.    Use a Streaming Insight paired with a Data Action   
C.    Use Streaming Data Transformations combined with a Data Action   
D.    Use a Calculated Insight paired with a Flow  

Question # 24

Northern Trail Outfitters uploads new customer data to an Amazon S3 Bucket on a daily basis to be ingested in Data Cloud. In what order should each process be run to ensure that freshly imported data is ready and available to use for any segment?

A.          Refresh Data Stream > Calculated Insight > Identity Resolution   
B.          Identity Resolution > Calculated Insight > Refresh Data Stream   
C.          Calculated Insight > Identity Resolution > Refresh Data Stream   
D.          Refresh Data Stream > Identity Resolution > Calculated Insight  

Question # 25

Which data stream category should be assigned to use the data for time-based operations in segmentation and calculated insights?   

A.    Transaction   
B.    Individual   
C.    Sales Order   
D.    Engagement  

Question # 26

An administrator has configured the Salesforce CRM connector and set up a data stream for the Case object. A new custom field called "Business Priority" was created on the Case object. However, that field is not available when trying to add it in the data stream. What could be causing this issue?  

A.    Custom fields on the Case objects are not supported for ingesting into Data Cloud   
B.    Utilize the Salesforce Dataloader application to perform a bulk upload from a desktop   
C.    The Data Cloud administrator does not need to do anything. After 24 hours when the data stream refreshes, it will automatically include any new fields that were added to CRM   
D.    The Salesforce Integration User is missing "Read" permissions on the newly created field  

Question # 27

What does the Ignore Empty Value option do in Identity Resolution?

A.          Ignores Individual object records with empty fields when running Identity Resolution rules   
B.          Ignores empty fields when running any custom match rules  
 C.          Ignores empty fields when running reconciliation rules   
D.          Ignores empty fields when running the standard match rules  

Curious About Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant Certification?

Many candidates are stepping into the Salesforce Cloud world for the first time. Using any random Salesforce-Data-Cloud dumps would not do any good for you. They keep you dark about many things. Salesforcexamdumps here is unveiling everything you should know about the exam or Salesforce-Data-Cloud practice test!

All Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant Questions Answered:

Salesforce Salesforce-Data-Cloud Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant Exam?
Answer: The Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant certification is perfect for consultants who have worked implementing and consulting on enterprise data platforms in a customer-facing role. They are proficient in designing, configuring, and architecting solutions. The Salesforce-Data-Cloud study guide prepares you for success in the exam.

Q2. What do Data Cloud Consultants do? 
Answer: The Data Cloud Consultants maintain and scale customer business requirements. These consultants contribute to customers' long-term success. 
Q3. Who should take the Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant Exam?

Answer: If your interest lies in demonstrating competence with Data Cloud, you should pursue this certification.

  • ● The certification requires you to have two or more years experience in:
    • ○ Development
    • ○ Strategy
    • ○ Business Analysis
    • ○ Presales Solutions
    • ○ Architecture
  • ● The Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultants also hold immersive knowledge of Salesforce technology. They are specifically proficient in the Data Cloud, its capabilities, and its terminologies.
  • ● It would also benefit you to have experience positioning and implementing Data Cloud.
Q4. How many Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant Exam Question Answers are in the exam?
Answer: There are a total of 60 multiple-choice questions in the actual exam.
Q5. What is the exam fee?
Answer: The Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant charges a fee of $200 on registration.
Q6. What does retaking the exam cost?
Answer: The retake costs $100 and applicable taxes.

Q7. What is the passing score for the exam?
Answer: The passing score for the Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant Exam is no less than 62%.
Q8. What happens if I fail a Salesforce certification a third time?
Answer: Salesforce has three release cycles, respectively in Winter, Spring, and Summer. They update all certification exams in these three release cycles. You will have to wait for the next cycle to begin before registering for the exam again.
Q9. Do Salesforce certifications expire?
Answer: Yes, they do. They expire after a time if you fail to maintain your Salesforce Certification. You will have to retake the certification exam if this happens.
Q10. What do I do to pass the Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant Exam?
Answer: We suggest trying our Salesforce-Data-Cloud practice test. These mock exams simulate real scenarios to familiarize you with the actual exam.
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Answer: Yes, we offer handsome discounts by using our discount coupon code.
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Answer: Salesforcexamdumps offers a free Salesforce-Data-Cloud question answers demo.
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Answer: Our materials come with a 100% passing guarantee. If we fail to achieve that, a total refund is also available.
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