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Salesforce Customer-Data-Platform Question Answers

Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP) Exam (WI23) Dumps March 2023

Are you tired of looking for a source that'll keep you updated on the Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP) Exam (WI23) Exam? Plus, has a collection of affordable, high-quality, and incredibly easy Salesforce Customer-Data-Platform Practice Questions? Well then, you are in luck because just updated them! Get Ready to become a Salesforce CDP Accredited Professional Certified.

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Salesforce Customer-Data-Platform Sample Questions

Question # 1

How should an admin view past processing for resolution rules in Identity Resoultion? 

A. Run History 
B. Audit History list view 
C. View processing Audit Trail 
D. Click on view history 

Question # 2

What programming language is used to configure CalculatedInsights 

A. Python 

Question # 3

What permissionsetting should an admin check if the custom CRM object is not accessible from CDP? 

A. Create object permission enabled in CDP org 
B. Read object permission enabled in Source CRM Org 
C. Modify all object permission enabled in CDP org 
D. View All object permission enabled in Source CRM org 

Question # 4

Where are activated segments found in Marketing Cloud? 

A. Filtered Data Extensions 
B. Standard Data Extension 
C. Shared Data Extension 
D. Salesforce Data Extensions 

Question # 5

Which authentication type is supported for Cloud File storage activation target? 

A. Using private key certificate 
B. Using encrypted username and password 
C. Using access and secret keys 
D. Using JWT token 

Question # 6

Which of the following functions returns the first value from a list that isn’t empty? 


Question # 7

Which two file types are available for Cloud Storage activation? 

A. .json 
B. .csv 
C. .xls 
D. .zip 

Question # 8

How many Marketing Cloud instances, or Enterprise IDs can be connected to one Salesforce CDP org? 

A. Two
 B. Four 
C. One 
D. Three 

Question # 9

How long does it take for the suggested values to be visible after being enabled? 

A. Up to 1 week 
B. Up to 24 hours 
C. Instantly 
D. Up to 48 hours 

Question # 10

Which of these three CRM objects doreconciliation rules operate across? 

A. Contact 
B. Party Identification
 C. Individual 
D. Lead 
E. Contact Point Email 

Question # 11

In addition to email, which three attributes are available on the interface of …. (3rdanswer Doubt between Address andGovernment ID) 

A. Social Handle 
B. Government ID 
C. First and Last Name 
D. Phone Number 
E. Address 

Question # 12

Which operator can beused to check if an attribute value in blank? 

A. Is Not Null 
B. Has No Value 
C. Is Null 
D. Is Empty 

Question # 13

Which of these is present in Identity Resolution Summary? 

A. Unified Individuals 
B. Last Processing Status 
C. Matched Individuals 
D. All the above

Question # 14

Which data model type in Salesforce CDP defines interactions with party? 

A. Sales Order 
B. Transaction 
C. Engagement 
D. Individual 

Question # 15

What is the primary object for an Organization, Individual, Affiliation Group, Member in the Cloud Information Model? 

A. Membership 
B. Party 
C. Global Account 
D. Individual 

Question # 16

Which CDP permission set manages the overall segmentation strategy and identifies the target campaigns?

 A. Marketing specialist
B. IT manager 
C. Marketing manager 
D. Data Aware Specialist 

Question # 17

Which two Interaction Studio features are updated with activation from Salesforce CDP? 

A. Event Data 
B. Segments 
C. Promotions 
D. Profile Attributes 

Question # 18

What is the first step in the two step process to ingest data from SFMC to Salesforce CDP? 

A. Extract marketing Cloud data to customer owned S3 bucket 
B. Extract Marketing cloud data to Salesforce owned SFTP 
C. Extract Marketing Cloud data to Salesforce owned S3 bucket 
D. Extract Marketing Cloud data to customer owned SFTP

Question # 19

How can an administrator check segment publishing status? 

A. Segments publish summary dashboard 
B. Publish History related list in Activation Record 
C. Segments publish history report 
D. Publish History related list in Segment Record 

Question # 20

Which type of measures with aggregate functions are supported? 

A. Date 
B. Text 
C. Numeric 
D. Boolean 

Question # 21

Which two files are created in CloudStorage bucket after segment is published?

 A. File with the security credentials 
B. File containing calculated insights 
C. File containing segment definition 
D. File containing segment members with additional attributes 

Question # 22

What is a DMO called if it inherits the name, shape, and semantics of the reference object? 

A. Custom DMO 
B. Standard DMO 
C. Data Lake Object (DLO) 
D. Data Source Object (DSO) 

Question # 23

What should be the type of the Event Time Field while ingesting Engagement data? 

A. Mutable 
B. Inconsistent
C. Immutable 
D. None of the above 

Question # 24

What are the two options for the publishing schedule of segments? 

A. Don’t Refresh 
B. Data Stream schedule 
C. 12 or 24 hrs 
D. Activation schedule 

Question # 25

Which data model in Salesforce CDP defines the future revenue or quantity for an opportunity of the product family? 

A. Product 
B. Sales Order 
C. Party 
D. Engagement 

Question # 26

What should a Marketer do first when implementing Salesforce CDP? 

A. ManageConsent 
B. Identify Data Sources 
C. Obtain Cross-organizational buy-in 
D. Identify Activation Targets 

Question # 27

What is the purpose of Identity Resolutions? 

A. Increase the size of your mailable customer list 
B. Perform data hygiene on large data set 
C. Build a cohesive, omnichannel view of customers 
D. Drive more revenue through ecommerce channels 

Question # 28

What programming language is used to configure Calculate Insights? 

A. Python 

Question # 29

Where does Data Specialist enable value suggestion on an attribute for segmentation? 

A. Segment Setup 
B. Data Mapping (accurate) 
C. Data Modeling 
D. Data Stream Setup (it can be also answer. HELP doc ) 

Question # 30

Which of the following are characteristics of Formulas? (Choose 2) 

A. Simple logic on a row-based operation 
B. Ease of use, self-service 
C. Highly reusable content 
D. Attribute updated regularly

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