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Salesforce Certified AI Associate Exam (WI24) Dumps April 2024

Are you tired of looking for a source that'll keep you updated on the Salesforce Certified AI Associate Exam (WI24) Exam? Plus, has a collection of affordable, high-quality, and incredibly easy Salesforce Salesforce-AI-Associate Practice Questions? Well then, you are in luck because just updated them! Get Ready to become a AI Associate Certified.

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What is Salesforce Salesforce-AI-Associate?

Salesforce Salesforce-AI-Associate is a necessary certification exam to get certified. The certification is a reward to the deserving candidate with perfect results. The AI Associate Certification validates a candidate's expertise to work with Salesforce. In this fast-paced world, a certification is the quickest way to gain your employer's approval. Try your luck in passing the Salesforce Certified AI Associate Exam (WI24) Exam and becoming a certified professional today. is always eager to extend a helping hand by providing approved and accepted Salesforce Salesforce-AI-Associate Practice Questions. Passing Salesforce Certified AI Associate Exam (WI24) will be your ticket to a better future!

Pass with Salesforce Salesforce-AI-Associate Braindumps!

Contrary to the belief that certification exams are generally hard to get through, passing Salesforce Certified AI Associate Exam (WI24) is incredibly easy. Provided you have access to a reliable resource such as Salesforce Salesforce-AI-Associate PDF. We have been in this business long enough to understand where most of the resources went wrong. Passing Salesforce AI Associate certification is all about having the right information. Hence, we filled our Salesforce Salesforce-AI-Associate Dumps with all the necessary data you need to pass. These carefully curated sets of Salesforce Certified AI Associate Exam (WI24) Practice Questions target the most repeated exam questions. So, you know they are essential and can ensure passing results. Stop wasting your time waiting around and order your set of Salesforce Salesforce-AI-Associate Braindumps now!

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Why Choose Salesforce Salesforce-AI-Associate PDF?

Unlike other websites, prioritize the benefits of the Salesforce Certified AI Associate Exam (WI24) candidates. Not every Salesforce exam candidate has full-time access to the internet. Plus, it's hard to sit in front of computer screens for too many hours. Are you also one of them? We understand that's why we are here with the AI Associate solutions. Salesforce Salesforce-AI-Associate Question Answers offers two different formats PDF and Online Test Engine. One is for customers who like online platforms for real-like Exam stimulation. The other is for ones who prefer keeping their material close at hand. Moreover, you can download or print Salesforce Salesforce-AI-Associate Dumps with ease.

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Salesforce Salesforce-AI-Associate Sample Questions

Question # 1

What is the main focus of the Accountability principle in Salesforce's Trusted AI Principles?

A. Safeguarding fundamental human rights and protecting sensitive data
B. Taking responsibility for one's actions toward customers, partners, and society
C. Ensuring transparency In Al-driven recommendations and predictions

Question # 2

Which features of Einstein enhance sales efficiency and effectiveness?

A. Opportunity List View, Lead List View, Account List view
B. Opportunity Scoring, Opportunity List View, Opportunity Dashboard
C. Opportunity Scoring, Lead Scoring, Account Insights

Question # 3

What is a key benefit of effective interaction between humans and AI systems?

A. Leads to more informed and balanced decision making
B. Alerts humans to the presence of biased data
C. Reduces the need for human involvement

Question # 4

A business analyst (BA) wants to improve business by enhancing their sales processes and customer..Which AI application should the BA use to meet their needs?

A. Sales data cleansing and customer support data governance
B. Machine learning models and chatbot predictions
C. Lead scoring, opportunity forecasting, and case classification

Question # 5

In the context of Salesforce’s Trusted AI Principles what does the principle of Empowerment primarily aim to achieve?

A. Empower users to off all skill level to build AI application with clicks, not code.
B. Empower users to contribute to the growing body of knowledge of leading AI research.
C. Empower users to solve challenging technical problems using neural networks.

Question # 6

How is natural language processing (NLP) used in the context of AI capabilities?

A. To cleanse and prepare data for AI implementations
B. To interpret and understand programming language
C. To understand and generate human language

Question # 7

A consultant conducts a series of Consequence Scanning workshops to support testing diverse datasets.Which Salesforce Trusted AI Principles is being practiced>

A. Transparency
B. Inclusivity
C. Accountability

Question # 8

What is the key difference between generative and predictive AI?

A. Generative AI creates new content based on existing data and predictive AI analyzes existing data.
B. Generative AI finds content similar to existing data and predictive AI analyzes existing data.
C. Generative AI analyzes existing data and predictive AI creates new content based on existing data.

Question # 9

What is an example of Salesforce's Trusted AI Principle of Inclusivity in practice?

A. Testing models with diverse datasets
B. Striving for model explain ability
C. Working with human rights experts

Question # 10

What is a sensitive variable that car esc to bias?

A. Education level
B. Country
C. Gender

Question # 11

A system admin recognizes the need to put a data management strategy in place.What is a key component of data management strategy?

A. Naming Convention
B. Data Backup
C. Color Coding

Question # 12

Which best describes the different between predictive AI and generative AI?

A. Predictive new and original output for a given input.
B. Predictive AI and generative have the same capabilities differ in the type of input they receive: predictive AI receives raw data whereas generation AI receives natural language.
C. Predictive AI uses machine learning to classes or predict output from its input data whereas generative AI does not use machine learning to generate its output

Question # 13

A service leader wants use AI to help customer resolve their issues quicker in a guided self-serve application. Which Einstein functionality provides the best solution?

A. Case Classification
B. Bots
C. Recommendation

Question # 14

An administrator at Cloud Kicks wants to ensure that a field is set up on the customer record so their preferred name can be captured.Which Salesforce field type should the administrator use to accomplish this?

A. Multi-Select Picklist
B. Text
C. Rich Text Area

Question # 15

What is an example of ethical debt?

A. Violating a data privacy law and falling to pay fines
B. Launching an AI feature after discovering a harmful bias
C. Delaying an AI product launch to retrain an AI data model

Question # 16

What are the three commonly used examples of AI in CRM?

A. Predictive scoring, reporting, Image classification
B. Predictive scoring, forecasting, recommendations
C. Einstein Bots, face recognition, recommendations

Question # 17

What is the role of Salesforce Trust AI principles in the context of CRM system?

A. Guiding ethical and responsible use of AI
B. Providing a framework for AI data model accuracy
C. Outlining the technical specifications for AI integration

Question # 18

What is a key characteristic of machine learning in the context of AI capabilities?

A. Uses algorithms to learn from data and make decisions
B. Relies on preprogrammed rules to make decisions
C. Can perfectly mimic human intelligence and decision-making

Question # 19

What is the rile of data quality in achieving AI business Objectives?

A. Data quality is unnecessary because AI can work with all data types.
B. Data quality is required to create accurate AI data insights.
C. Data quality is important for maintain Ai data storage limits

Question # 20

A healthcare company implements an algorithm to analyze patient data and assist in medical diagnosis.Which primary role does data Quality play In this AI application?

A. Enhanced accuracy and reliability of medical predictions and diagnoses
B. Ensured compatibility of AI algorithms with the system's Infrastructure
C. Reduced need for healthcare expertise in interpreting AI outouts

Question # 21

How does AI which CRM help sales representatives better understand previous customer interactions?

A. Creates, localizes, and translates product descriptions
B. Triggers personalized service replies
C. Provides call summaries

Question # 22

A financial institution plans a campaign for preapproved credit cards?How should they implement Salesforce’s Trusted AI Principle of Transparency?

A. Communicate how risk factors such as credit score can impact customer eligibility.
B. Flag sensitive variables and their proxies to prevent discriminatory lending practices.
C. Incorporate customer feedback into the model’s continuous training.

Question # 23

A data quality expert at Cloud Kicks want to ensure that each new contact contains at least an email address … Which feature should they use to accomplish this?

A. Autofill
B. Duplicate matching rule
C. Validation rule

Salesforce-AI-Associate Exam Overview Complete Detail:

Overview Details
Exam Name Salesforce AI Associate
Exam Code Salesforce-AI-Associate
Duration 60 minutes
Number of Questions 60
Passing Score 65%
Format Multiple-choice and multi-select questions
Language English
Content Areas (Weight) - Einstein Analytics Fundamentals (20%)
- Data Model and Management (15%)
- AI Model Building and Management (30%)
- Implementation and Consulting Best Practices (20%)
- Ethics and Privacy (15%)
Prerequisites None, but experience with Salesforce recommended
Target Audience Salesforce professionals, data analysts, AI enthusiasts
Exam Registration Via Salesforce Certification website or testing centers
Cost Approximately USD 200 (varies by region)
Retake Policy Allowed after 14 days of first attempt, fees apply
Certification Validity 2 years, with maintenance exams required annually
Preparation Materials Salesforce Trailhead modules, study guides, practice exams

Learning About the Salesforce AI Associate Dumps

The Salesforce-AI-Associate braindumps are you training to pass the Salesforce AI Associate certification exam. This exam assesses CRM professionals for their AI and data fundamental skills. It validates you are responsible in AI and data use. Salesforce AI Associate leads to advanced technical certifications too.

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Who is it For: Salesforce AI Associate Question Answers

Preping for the Salesforce Certified AI Associate exam? you need more than just Salesforce-AI-Associate real exam questions. Candidates must have a foundational knowledge of Salesforce and should be able to navigate the Salesforce platform comfortably.

Salesforcexamdumps understands your need for an all-encompassing Salesforce AI Associate study guide. So, we had our experts prepare Salesforce-AI-Associate dumps that cover all exam areas. We teach you AI basics, Salesforce-trusted AI principles, including Data quality, preparation, governance for AI models, and ethical data handling.

With our Salesforce-AI-Associate braindumps training, you can handle stakeholder discussions on AI opportunities and their associated challenges.

What We Aim: Salesforce-AI-Associate Practice Test Simulation

We aim to provide you with accurate guidance and tools to assess your readiness for the exam. We mold you into the perfect candidate for the Salesforce AI Associate Exam. Salesforce-AI-Associate real exam questions here provide the training, information on exam objectives, and ways to prepare.

Your exam is set around 40 multiple-choice questions. The candidate must complete the exam within the allotted time of 70 minutes. And within this time frame, you are expected to score 65%. With a meager registration fee of 75 USD, the exam opens up tons of career opportunities.

What We Offer: Salesforce AI Associate Braindumps

We ensure the candidates have the best environment for their Salesforce Certified AI Associate exam question answers training. We took measures to establish a comfortable salesforce-ai-associate practice test platform for knowledge and skills training that follows the exam objectives. Here are some objectives covered in your exam:

  • AI Fundamentals: 17%
  • AI Capabilities in CRM: 8%
  • Ethical Considerations of AI: 39%
  • Data for AI: 36%

Trips & Trick That Guarantee Salesforce-AI-Associate Real Exam Questions Success!

To prepare for the exam, you need all the training you can afford. And references to the Salesforce AI Associate study materials are a must. Try these tips and tricks so you can proudly call yourself a Salesforce Certified AI Associate:

  • As Salesforce recommends, take a combination of hands-on experience and training courses. For training, Salesforcexamdumps is a reliable Salesforce-AI-Associate dumps resource.
  • Study the Exam Context, and prepare for your exam by learning in an environment mimicking the Salesforce AI Associate real exam questions.
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  • Review the Salesforce-AI-Associate dumps pdf. It is your best online companion in improving your shortcomings with tips and guidance to pass.

Salesforce requires no recertification process. However, they do recommend continuing to learn new skills. With Salesforce-AI-Associate braindumps your dreams are within reach.

Salesforce Salesforce-AI-Associate Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Salesforce AI Associate exam, and who is it intended for?
The Salesforce AI Associate exam is designed for individuals who want to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies within the Salesforce ecosystem. It is suitable for developers, administrators, and consultants who work with AI features in Salesforce. Salesforce-AI-Associate Exam Details
What are the prerequisites for taking the Salesforce AI Associate exam?
There are no specific prerequisites for the Salesforce AI Associate exam. However, it is recommended to have a fundamental understanding of Salesforce and AI concepts. Preparing for the Salesforce AI Associate Exam
How can I register for the Salesforce AI Associate exam?
You can register for the exam on the official Salesforce certification website. Salesforce Certification Website
What is the exam format and duration?
The Salesforce AI Associate exam consists of multiple-choice questions and is typically 60 minutes in duration. Salesforce AI Associate Exam Format
What topics are covered in the Salesforce AI Associate exam?
The exam covers a range of topics including AI fundamentals, Salesforce Einstein, predictive modeling, and more. You can find a detailed exam outline on the Salesforce certification website. Salesforce AI Associate Exam Guide
Can you provide some tips for preparing for the exam?
Sure! To prepare for the exam, it's important to study the official Salesforce documentation, complete Trailhead modules, and consider taking practice exams to assess your knowledge. Preparing for Salesforce Exams
Are there any official study materials or resources recommended for exam preparation?
Salesforce provides official study materials, including Trailhead modules, certification guides, and practice exams, which are highly recommended for preparation. Salesforce Trailhead
How much does it cost to take the Salesforce AI Associate exam?
The cost of the Salesforce AI Associate exam may vary. Check the Salesforce certification website for the most up-to-date pricing information. Salesforce Certification Pricing
What are Salesforce-AI-Associate Practice Tests, and why are they important?
Salesforce-AI-Associate Practice Tests are simulated exams that mimic the format and content of the actual Salesforce AI Associate certification exam. They are crucial for candidates to assess their readiness and identify areas of improvement before taking the real exam.
How can I contact your support team if I have questions or encounter issues with the practice tests?
You can contact our support team through the "Contact Us" page on our website or by emailing [email protected]. We are here to assist you.
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