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Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant (SP24) Dumps July 2024

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Salesforce Data-Cloud-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

If a data source does not have a field that can be designated as a primary key, what shouldthe consultant do?

A. Use the default primary key recommended by Data Cloud.
B. Create a composite key by combining two or more source fields through a formula field.
C. Select a field as a primary key and then add a key qualifier.
D. Remove duplicates from the data source and then select a primary key.

Question # 2

A customer has two Data Cloud orgs. A new configuration has been completed and testedfor an Amazon S3 data stream and its mappings in one of the Data Cloud orgs. What is recommended to package and promote this configuration to the customer's secondorg?

A. Use the Metadata API.
B. Use the Salesforce CRM connector.
C. Create a data kit.
D. Package as an AppExchange application.

Question # 3

A consultant at Northern Trail Outfitters is attempting to ingest a field from the Contactobject in Salesforce CRM that contains both yyyy-mm-dd and yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ssvalues. The target field is set to Date datatype.Which statement is true in this situation?

A. The target field will throw an error and store null values.
B. The target field will be able to hold both types of values.
C. The target field will only hold the time part and ignore the date part.
D. The target field will only hold the date part and ignore the time part.

Question # 4

A segment fails to refresh with the error "Segment references too many data lake objects(DLOS)".Which two troubleshooting tips should help remedy this issue?Choose 2 answers

A. Split the segment into smaller segments.
B. Use calculated insights in order to reduce the complexity of the segmentation query.
C. Refine segmentation criteria to limit up to five custom data model objects (DMOs).
D. Space out the segment schedules to reduce DLO load.

Question # 5

What is the primary purpose of Data Cloud?

A. Providing a golden record of a customer
B. Managing sales cycles and opportunities
C. Analyzing marketing data results
D. Integrating and unifying customer data

Question # 6

Which two dependencies need to be removed prior to disconnecting a data source?Choose 2 answers

A. Activation target
B. Segment
C. Activation
D. Data stream

Question # 7

A consultant is ingesting a list of employees from their human resources database that theywant to segment on.Which data stream category should the consultant choose when ingesting this data?

A. Profile Data
B. Contact Data
C. Other Data
D. Engagement Data

Question # 8

A company is seeking advice from a consultant on how to address the challenge of havingmultiple leads and contacts in Salesforce that share the same email address. Theconsultant wants to provide a detailed and comprehensive explanation on how Data Cloudcan be leveraged to effectively solve this issue.What should the consultant highlight to address this company's business challenge?

A. Data Bundles
B. Calculated Insights
C. Identity Resolution
D. Identity Resolution

Question # 9

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is getting ready to start ingesting its CRM data into Data Cloud.While setting up the connector, which type of refresh should NTO expect when the datastream is deployed for the first time?

A. Incremental
B. Manual refresh
C. Partial refresh
D. Full refresh

Question # 10

What are the two minimum requirements needed when using the Visual Insights Builder tocreate a calculated insight?Choose 2 answers

A. At least one measure
B. At least one dimension
C. At least two objects to Join
D. A WHERE clause

Question # 11

Cumulus Financial needs to create a composite key on an incoming data source thatcombines the fields Customer Region and Customer Identifier.Which formula function should a consultant use to create a composite key when a primarykey is not available in a data stream?


Question # 12

Cloud Kicks plans to do a full deletion of one of its existing data streams and its underlying data lake object (DLO).What should the consultant consider before deleting the data stream?

A. The underlying DLO can be used in a data transform.
B. The underlying DLO cannot be mapped to a data model object.
C. The data stream must be associated with a data kit.
D. The data stream can be deleted without implicitly deleting the underlying DLO.

Question # 13

Cloud Kicks plans to do a full deletion of one of its existing data streams and its underlying data lake object (DLO).What should the consultant consider before deleting the data stream?

A. The underlying DLO can be used in a data transform.
B. The underlying DLO cannot be mapped to a data model object.
C. The data stream must be associated with a data kit.
D. The data stream can be deleted without implicitly deleting the underlying DLO.

Question # 14

A Data Cloud consultant tries to save a new 1-to-l relationship between the Account DMOand Contact Point Address DMO but gets an error.What should the consultant do to fix this error?

A. Map additional fields to the Contact Point Address DMO.
B. Make sure that the total account records are high enough for Identity resolution.
C. Change the cardinality to many-to-one to accommodate multiple contacts per account.
D. Map Account to Contact Point Email and Contact Point Phone also.

Question # 15

A company wants to test its marketing campaigns with different target populations.What should the consultant adjust in the Segment Canvas interface to get differentpopulations?

A. Direct attributes, related attributes, and population filters
B. Segmentation filters, direct attributions, and data sources
C. Direct attributes and related attributes
D. Population filters and direct attributes

Question # 16

A consultant wants to make sure address details from customer orders are selected as best to save to the unified profile. What should the consultant do to achieve this?

A. Select the address details on the Contact Point Address. Change the reconciliation rulesfor the specific address attributes to Source Priority and move the Individual DMO to the bottom.
B. Use the default reconciliation rules for Contact Point Address.
C. Select the address details on the Contact Point Address. Change the reconciliation rulesfor the specific address attributes to Source Priority and move the Oder DMO to the top.
D. Change the default reconciliation rules for Individual to Source Priority.

Question # 17

A Data Cloud consultant is working with data that is clean and organized. However, thevarious schemas refer to a person by multiple names — such as user; contact, andsubscriber — and need a standard mapping.Which term describes the process of mapping these different schema points into astandard data model?

A. Segment
B. Harmonize
C. Unify
D. Transform

Question # 18

A consultant notices that the unified individual profile is not storing the latest email address.Which action should the consultant take to troubleshoot this issue?

A. Remove any old email addresses from Salesforce CRM.
B. Check if the mapping of DLO objects is correct to Contact Point Email.
C. Confirm that the reconciliation rules are correctly used.
D. Verify and update the email address in the source systems if needed.

Question # 19

A consultant is connecting sales order data to Data Cloud and considers whether to usethe Profile, Engagement, or Other categories to map the DLO. The consultant chooses tomap the DLO called Order-Headers to the Sales Order DMO using the Engagement category.What is the impact of this action on future mappings?

A. A DLO with category Engagement can be mapped to any DMO using either Profile.Engagement, or Other categories.
B. When mapping a Profile DLO to the Sales Order DMO, the category gets updated to Profile.
C. Sales Order DMO gets assigned to both the Profile and Engagement categories when mapping a Profile DLO.
D. Only Engagement category DLOs can be mapped to the Sales Order DMO. Sales Ordergets assigned to the Engagement Category.

Question # 20

A consultant is troubleshooting a segment error.Which error message is solved by using calculated insights Instead of nested segments?

A. Segment is too complex.
B. Multiple population counts are in progress.
C. Segment population count failed.
D. Segment can't be published.

Question # 21

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) asks its Data Cloud consultant for a list of contacts who fitwithin a certain segment for a mailing campaign. How should the consultant provide this list to NTO?

A. Create the segment and then click Download to obtain the segment membership details to provide to NTO.
B. Create a new file storage activation target, create the segment, and then activate the segment to the new activation target.
C. Create the segment, select Email as the activation target, and activate the segment di nearly to NTO.
D. Create the segment and then activate the segment to NTO's Salesforce CRM.

Question # 22

A customer notices that their consolidation rate is low across their account unification. Theyhave mapped Account to the Individual and Contact Point Email DMOs.What should they do to increase their consolidation rate?

A. Change reconciliation rules to Most Occurring.
B. Disable the individual identity ruleset.
C. Increase the number of matching rules.
D. Update their account address details in the data source

Question # 23

A consultant needs to minimize the difference between a Data Cloud segment populationand Marketing Cloud data extension count to determine the true size of segments for campaign planning.What should the consultant recommend to filter the segments by to accomplish this?

A. User preferences for marketing outreach
B. Geographical divisions
C. Marketing Cloud Journeys
D. Business units

Question # 24

Northern Trail Outfitters asks its consultant to extract the runner profiles and activity logsfrom its Track My Run mobile app and load them into Data Cloud. The marketingdepartment also indicates that they need the last 90 days of historical data and want allnew and updated data as it becomes available on a go-forward basis.As best practice, which sequence of actions should the consultant use to implement thisrequest?

A. Use bulk ingestion to first load the last 90 days of data, and also subsequently use bulkingestion to synchronize the future data as It becomes available.
B. Use streaming ingestion to first load the last 90 days of data, and also subsequently usestreaming ingestion synchronize future data as It becomes available.
C. Use streaming ingestion to first load the last 90 days of data, and then use bulkIngestion to synchronize future data as It becomes available.
D. Use bulk ingestion to first load the last 90 days of data, and then use streamingingestion to synchronize future data as It becomes available.

Question # 25

How does Data Cloud ensure high availability and fault tolerance for customer data?

A. By distributing data across multiple regions and data centers
B. By using a data center with robust backups
C. By Implementing automatic data recovery procedures
D. By limiting data access to essential personnel

Question # 26

A consultant needs to publish segment data to the Audience DMO that can be retrieved using the Query APIs.When creating the activation target, which type of target should the consultant select?

A. Data Cloud
B. External Activation Target
C. Marketing Cloud Personalization
D. Marketing Cloud

Question # 27

Which tool allows users to visualize and analyze unified customer data in Data Cloud?

A. Salesforce CLI
B. Heroku
C. Tableau
D. Einstein Analytics

Question # 28

What is the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in Data Cloud?

A. Automating data validation
B. Creating dynamic data-driven management dashboards
C. Enhancing customer interactions through insights and predictions
D. Generating email templates for use cases

Question # 29

The leadership team at Cumulus Financial has determined that customers who depositedmore than $250,000 in the last five years and are not using advisory services will be thecentral focus for all new campaigns in the next year. Which features support this use case?

A. Calculated insight and data action
B. Calculated insight and segment
C. Streaming insight and segment
D. Streaming insight and data action

Question # 30

A Data Cloud consultant is evaluating the initial phase of the Data Cloud lifecycle for a company.Which action is essential to effectively begin the Data Cloud lifecycle?

A. Identify use cases and the required data sources and data quality.
B. Analyze and partition the data into data spaces.
C. Migrate the existing data into the Customer 360 Data Model.
D. Use calculated insights determine the benefits of Data Cloud for this company.

Question # 31

Which functionality does Data Cloud offer to improve customer support interactions when acustomer is working with an agent?

A. Predictive troubleshooting
B. Enhanced reporting tools
C. Real-time data integration
D. Automated customer service replies

Question # 32

A company stores customer data in Marketing Cloud and uses the Marketing Cloud Connector to ingest data into Data Cloud. Where does a request for data deletion or right to be forgotten get submitted?

A. In Data Cloud settings
B. On the individual data profile in Data Cloud
C. In Marketing Cloud settings
D. through Consent API

Question # 33

A client wants to bring in loyalty data from a custom object in Salesforce CRM that containsa point balance for accrued hotel points and airline points within the same record. Theclient wantsto split these point systems into two separate records for better tracking and processing.What should a consultant recommend in this scenario?

A. Clone the data source object.
B. Use batch transforms to create a second data lake object.
C. Create a junction object in Salesforce CRM and modify the ingestion strategy.
D. Create a data kit from the data lake object and deploy it to the same Data Cloud org.

Question # 34

Which information is provided in a .csv file when activating to Amazon S3?

A. An audit log showing the user who activated the segment and when it was activated
B. The activated data payload
C. The metadata regarding the segment definition
D. The manifest of origin sources within Data Cloud

Question # 35

Cumulus Financial uses Service Cloud as its CRM and stores mobile phone, home phone,and work phone as three separate fields for its customers on the Contact record. Thecompany plansto use Data Cloud and ingest the Contact object via the CRM Connector.What is the most efficient approach that a consultant should take when ingesting this datato ensureall the different phone numbers are properly mapped and available for use in activation?

A. Ingest the Contact object and map the Work Phone, Mobile Phone, and Home Phone totheContact Point Phone data map object from the Contact data stream.
B. Ingest the Contact object and use streaming transforms to normalize the phonenumbers fromthe Contact data stream into a separate Phone data lake object (DLO) that contains threerows,and then map this new DLO to the Contact Point Phone data map object.
C. Ingest the Contact object and then create a calculated insight to normalize the phonenumbers,and then map to the Contact Point Phone data map object.
D. Ingest the Contact object and create formula fields in the Contact data stream on thephonenumbers, and then map to the Contact Point Phone data map object.

Question # 36

Which permission setting should a consultant check if the custom Salesforce CRM object isnot available in New Data Stream configuration?

A. Confirm the Create object permission is enabled in the Data Cloud org.
B. Confirm the View All object permission is enabled in the source Salesforce CRM org.
C. Confirm the Ingest Object permission is enabled in the Salesforce CRM org.
D. Confirm that the Modify Object permission is enabled in the Data Cloud org.

Question # 37

A customer is concerned that the consolidation rate displayed in the identity resolution isquite low compared to their initial estimations.Which configuration change should a consultant consider in order to increase theconsolidation rate?

A. Change reconciliation rules to MostOccurring.
B. Increase the number of matching rules.
C. Include additional attributes in the existing matching rules.
D. Reduce the number of matching rules.

Question # 38

When creating a segment on an individual, what is the result of using two separatecontainers linked by an AND as shown below?GoodsProduct | Count | At Least | 1Color | Is Equal To | redANDGoodsProduct | Count | At Least | 1PrimaryProductCategory | Is Equal To | shoes

A. Individuals who purchased at least one of any red’ product and also purchased at leastone pairof ‘shoes’
B. Individuals who purchased at least one 'red shoes' as a single line item in a purchase
C. Individuals who made a purchase of at least one 'red shoes’ and nothing else
D. Individuals who purchased at least one of any 'red' product or purchased at least one pair of 'shoes'

Question # 39

Cumulus Financial wants to segregate Salesforce CRM Account data based on Country forits Data Cloud users.What should the consultant do to accomplish this?

A. Use streaming transforms to filter out Account data based on Country and map toseparate data model objects accordingly.
B. Use the data spaces feature and applying filtering on the Account data lake objectbased on Country.
C. Use Salesforce sharing rules on the Account object to filter and segregate recordsbased on Country.
D. Use formula fields based on the account Country field to filter incoming records.

Question # 40

Northern Trail Outfitters uses B2C Commerce and is exploring implementing Data Cloud toget a unifiedview of its customers and alltheir order transactions.What should the consultant keep in mind with regard to historical data ingesting order datausing the B2C Commerce Order Bundle?

A. The B2C Commerce Order Bundle ingests 12 months of historical data.
B. The B2C Commerce Order Bundle ingests 6 months ofhistorical data.
C. The B2C Commerce Order Bundle does not ingest any historical data and only ingestsnew orders from that point on.
D. The B2C Commerce Order Bundle ingests 30 days ofhistorical data.

Question # 41

A consultant wants to build a new audience in Data Cloud.Which three criteria can the consultant include when building a segment?Choose 3 answers

A. Direct attributes
B. Data stream attributes
C. Calculated Insights
D. Related attributes
E. Streaming insights

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Salesforce Data-Cloud-Consultant Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered under the Data Cloud Overview section of the exam?
The Data Cloud Overview section covers the fundamental concepts, architecture, and benefits of Salesforce Data Cloud.

What are the key responsibilities involved in Data Cloud setup and administration?
Key responsibilities include configuring the data cloud environment, setting up data sources, managing user permissions, and ensuring data security.
What methods are used for data ingestion in Salesforce Data Cloud?
Methods include batch data uploads, real-time data integration through APIs, and using ETL tools for data transformation and loading.
What is identity resolution in Salesforce Data Cloud?
Identity resolution involves matching and merging data from different sources to create a unified, accurate customer profile.

What techniques are used for identity resolution?
Techniques include deterministic and probabilistic matching, using unique identifiers, and leveraging machine learning algorithms to resolve identities.

How is segmentation used in Salesforce Data Cloud?
Segmentation involves dividing the customer base into distinct groups based on various criteria, enabling targeted marketing and personalized customer experiences.
What does 'Act on Data' mean in the context of Salesforce Data Cloud?
'Act on Data' refers to using the insights gained from data analysis to drive business actions, such as marketing campaigns, customer engagement strategies, and operational improvements.
How can businesses leverage data from Salesforce Data Cloud to improve customer engagement?
Businesses can use personalized marketing, automated workflows, and predictive analytics to enhance customer experiences and drive engagement.
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