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Salesforce Salesforce-Contact-Center Sample Questions

Question # 1

Your scenario involves routing calls based on language spoken. Which feature facilitates

A. Custom Apex code defining language detection and routing logic.

B. Omni-Channel routing with skill mapping based on agent language proficiency.

C. Phone Numbers configured with specific languages and automatic call routing.

D. Integrated Speech-to-Text (STT) and language identification tools for real-time routing.

Question # 2

The release plan includes automated regression testing. What is the primary benefit of this

A. Identifying new functionalities and features introduced during development.

B. Ensuring existing functionalities and integrations continue to function properly after

C. Reducing manual testing efforts and streamlining the release process.

D. All of the above, offering comprehensive validation and optimizing release efficiency.

Question # 3

The customer expects high data volumes and complex reporting needs. Which solution
supports scalability and advanced analysis?

A. Utilize standard Salesforce Reports and Dashboards for basic data visualization.
B. Implement Einstein Analytics for AI-powered insights and predictive analysis.

C. Leverage external data warehouse solutions for data storage and complex queries.

D. Both (b) and (c) combined for data storage, advanced analysis, and visual data

Question # 4

Your deployment involves introducing a new agent performance dashboard. Which cutover
requirement helps ensure user adoption and understanding?

A. Providing comprehensive training on the dashboard features and metrics for agents.

B. Making the dashboard easily accessible and readily available within the agent interface.

C. Customizing the dashboard layout and visualizations to align with agent preferences and

D. All of the above, contributing to a positive user experience and encouraging agents to
leverage the new dashboard.

Question # 5

You need to validate the accuracy of dynamic data merging in email templates. Which
option provides the best verification method?

A. Sending test emails with sample data sets and manually checking for merge field

B. Utilizing pre-configured Salesforce test cases for email merge field functionality.

C. Reviewing email delivery logs and checking for errors or missing data in merged fields.

D. Implementing Apex triggers to validate data integrity before triggering email sending

Question # 6

Your customer expects high call volume during peak hours. Which solution best ensures
contact center scalability?

A. Implement custom Apex code for routing and case management.

B. Configure multiple queues and leverage Omni-Channel Routing for dynamic agent

C. Utilize a third-party call center solution integrated with Salesforce.

D. Increase agent resources without considering automation or process optimization.

Question # 7

The desired process of reassigning cases to a higher support tier when SLA
timelines are breached.
Ursa Major Solar needs to protect customers' private information, such as
social sty numbers, during phone interactions.
Which Service Cloud Voice feature should a consultant recommend to
accomplish this?

A. Hierarchical Sharing Settings on Calls

B. Collaboration on Call Recordings

C. Pause/Resume Call Recording

Question # 8

Your scenario involves migrating to a new chat platform integrated with Salesforce. Which
deployment process best facilitates transition with minimal downtime?

A. Phased deployment migrating agents and customer access in groups to minimize
service interruption.

B. Parallel deployment running both platforms simultaneously until full migration to the new

C. Cutover deployment with a temporary system switch during scheduled maintenance
time for minimal disruption.

D. All of the above, depending on the platform integration complexity and desired downtime

Question # 9

(a) Executing test reports and verifying that they generate as expected with accurate data
and relevant visualizations.

A. Reviewing report builder configurations and data source connections to ensure
alignment with defined reporting requirements.

B. Analyzing system logs and report execution history to identify any errors or missing data within generated reports.

C. All of the above, combined for a comprehensive assessment of report availability,
accuracy, and functionality within the new system.

D. All of the above, combined for a comprehensive assessment of report availability,
accuracy, and functionality within the new system.

Question # 10

You‘re validating data cleansing requirements for case migration. Which step helps identify
and handle duplicate entries?

A. Matching and merging customer records based on email addresses or phone numbers
to eliminate duplicates.

B. Utilizing data quality rules and duplicate detection tools to flag potential duplicate case
records for review and correction.

C. Manually comparing case details and identifying duplicates for removal or merging
before data migration.

D. All of the above, depending on the complexity and desired level of automation for
duplicate case handling.

Question # 11

You‘re deploying a new SMS channel for customer updates and notifications. Which cutover
requirement helps prevent message delivery failures and ensure customer reach?

A. Validating customer phone numbers and carrier compatibility before activating the SMS

B. Configuring clear opt-in and opt-out mechanisms for SMS updates and notifications.

C. Implementing message throttling and rate limiting to prevent overwhelming customers
with SMS alerts.

D. All of the above, contributing to reliable and effective SMS communication with

Question # 12

Validating email functionality involves testing delivery and content accuracy. Which tool
helps with email address verification?

A. Salesforce Reports with filters to identify cases with invalid email addresses.

B. Data Loader functionality for bulk email address validation against external databases.

C. Einstein Validation Service for real-time email address verification during data entry.

D. Salesforce Sandbox environment for sending test emails and verifying recipient details.

Question # 13

A client would like to allow verified customers to start a chat on the when wants the verified
customers to be able to continue the conversation an only allow these chats during
business hours
Which set of functionalities should the consultant research in this case?

A. Messaging for Web and Einstein Bots

B. Web to Chat and Embedded Service

C. Messaging for Web and Embedded Service

Question # 14

The customer requests ongoing support and maintenance after the rollout. Which element
should be included in the plan?

A. Establishing a support channel for reporting issues and troubleshooting technical

B. Providing regular system updates and patches to address bugs and improve

C. Conducting periodic user training sessions to familiarize users with new features and

Question # 15

You‘re migrating historical call recordings to Salesforce. Which storage option provides
secure and scalable access?

A. File attachments within Salesforce case records.

B. External cloud storage with Salesforce integration.

C. Salesforce Content Management System (CMS) for document and asset management.

D. Salesforce Platform Events or Queues for real-time data streaming and storage.

Question # 16

You need to migrate complex workflows from your legacy system. Which tool facilitates

A. Process Builder with drag-and-drop interface for designing automated processes within

B. Flow Builder with visual development environment for building complex automation and
logic flows.

C. Apex code development for custom scripting and advanced workflow logic

D. All of the above, depending on the complexity and specific functionalities of the
migrating workflows.

Question # 17

While the listed features each serve a purpose, the most suitable choice for Ursa Major
Solar's goal of connecting customers with subject-matter experts (SMEs) for real-time,
detailed discussions is Experience Site with integrated Live Agent Chat or Messaging for
A consultant is preparing post-implementation training material for the agents and
supervisors in an environment that uses Service Cloud Voice with Amazon Connect.
Supervisors need to track key performance indicators (KPIs), such as calls answered.
average handle time, and average speed to answer.
Where should the consultant point supervisors to track these KPIs?

A. Omni Supervisor Console and Amazon Supervisor Dashboard

B. Service Cloud Voice Analytics App and Omni Supervisor Console

C. Service Cloud Voice Analytics App and Amazon Supervisor Dashboard

Question # 18

You need to configure dashboards and reports for KPI visualization. Which platform offers
the most flexibility?

A. Einstein Analytics with customizable dashboards and visual data storytelling capabilities.

B. Salesforce Reporting tools for generating detailed reports and data analysis.

C. Omni-Channel dashboards providing real-time insights into agent activity and queue

D. All of the above, depending on the desired level of detail, visual representation, and data

Question # 19

You have identified two personas for your Contact Center: experienced agents and new
hires. How can future functionality cater to both groups?

A. Develop advanced automation tools for experienced agents and basic training resources
for new hires.

B. Design a flexible interface that adapts to different skill levels and learning styles.

C. Implement separate knowledge bases with content tailored to each persona‘s
experience level.

D. Offer personalized dashboards with relevant metrics and performance insights for each

Question # 20

The best practice that the consultant should observe when configuring case escalation
rules is:
Create a catch-all Rule Entry at the end of the sort order so that if no other entry is met, a
case still gets evaluated.
Which routing type does a consultant need to use to facilitate a transfer of an Enhanced B
conversation to a Queue?

A. Queue

B. Omni-Channel Flow

C. Dialog

Question # 21

The customer requests a single view of customer interactions across all channels. Which
Salesforce feature best addresses this need?

A. Utilize Omni-Channel Routing to unify case routing and agent availability across

B. Configure a Knowledge Base with searchable articles andFAQs for self-service options.

C. Implement the Customer Community for forum discussions and support ticket

D. Integrate Salesforce with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for a
combined customer profile.

Question # 22

The customer wants automated case escalation based on specific criteria. Which data
model element plays a key role?

A. Custom fields capturing escalation triggers like priority or SLA breaches.

B. Workflow Rules configured with escalation steps and case field conditions.

C. Process Builder sequences defining escalation actions and notifications.

D. Entitlements specifying service level agreements and associated escalation rules.

Question # 23

The IT team wants to integrate Salesforce with their existing CRM system. Which future
functionality would facilitate this?

A. Utilize standard Salesforce connectors and APIs for seamless data exchange.

B. Develop custom Apex code to synchronize data between the two systems.

C. Implement point-to-point integrations with unique data mappings for each field.

D. Migrate all Contact Center data into the existing CRM system to avoid integration

Question # 24

Your data includes sensitive customer information. Which security mechanism protects
data during migration?

A. Data encryption at rest and in transit via SSL/TLS protocols.

B. User permissions and field-level security restricting access to sensitive data within

C. Data anonymization or pseudonymization masking sensitive information during
migration and storage.

D. All of the above, forming a multi-layered approach to data security during and after

Question # 25

Your legacy system stores customer data in different formats. Which tool helps assess data
readiness for migration?

A. Salesforce Data Loader for bulk data imports and mapping.

B. Data Quality Rules within Salesforce highlighting inconsistencies and missing

C. Data Migration Assistant (DMA) tool for analyzing data format and compatibility.

D. Custom Apex code scripts developed to assess and clean legacy data for migration.

Question # 26

Universal Containers plans on notifying its customers with an automated
outbound SMS message every time a package gets shipped out and when
it arrives.
How should an administrator provision the phone number to support this

A. Provision a short code phone number at least 8 weeks before golive

B. Provision a toll free phone number at least 8 weeks before golive

C. Provision a long code phone number on least 2 weeks before golive

Question # 27

The best dashboard in Service Analytics for UC's service report
requirement is Sidebar-By Customer.
Universal Containers (UC) has a requirement to create a service report that
contains 50 object references. Which steps should UC take to achieve this?

A. Create 10 service reports Select the objects Combine the service reports

B. Create a custom report type Select four object relationships Select adal
from extra objects

C. Create a Visualforce service report Create objects and fields the Vict into
the objects and fields in the report

Question # 28

Your design includes email auto-replies for initial case acknowledgements. Which tool
facilitates automated responses?

A. Workflow Rules with email action steps triggered by case creation events.

B. Process Builder sequences defining auto-reply steps and dynamic content insertion.

C. Entitlement Email Templates configured with automatic responses based on service
level agreements.

D. Einstein Bots configured to send auto-replies and collect initial information from
customers via email.

Question # 29

You need to validate data migration accuracy and completeness. Which tool assists with
this process?

A. Salesforce Reports and Dashboards providing data comparisons between legacy and
Salesforce systems.

B. Data Compare tools like Informatica PowerCenter analyzing record discrepancies and
data integrity.

C. Validation Rules on key fields within Salesforce ensuring data adherence to defined
formats and constraints.

D. All of the above, offering various methods for comparing and verifying data accuracy
after migration.

Question # 30

Ursa Major Solar will use Data Loader for data migration of closed cases
because of large amount of data
What does a consultant need to keep in mind while using data loader?

A. Automated processes are executed by default

B. Automated processes are not executed

C. Only Apex triggers are executed

Question # 31

The customer needs to ensure data security and access controls for sensitive customer
information. Which security requirement is most important?

A. Implement multi-factor authentication (MFA) for secure agent logins and access.

B. Configure field-level security to restrict access to sensitive data based on user roles.

C. Encrypt customer data at rest and in transit to protect against unauthorized access.

D. Regularly conduct security audits and vulnerability assessments to identify potential

Question # 32

You need to configure automated alerts for exceeding predefined KPI thresholds. Which
tool facilitates this?

A. Omni-Channel alerts notifying supervisors of queue wait times exceeding set limits.

B. Process Builder sequences triggering notifications and escalating cases based on KPI
deviations from target values.

C. Flow Builder with visual interface for designing notification workflows and conditional
logic based on metric data.

D. All of the above, depending on the desired trigger point, notification action, and
complexity of the alert workflow.

Question # 33

The consultant should suggest using a record-triggered flow to detect keywords and assign
the case to a specialist queue that matches the keyword. This is the most effective
approach to address the issue of long response times due to frequent case transfers.
A client wants to use structured content to provide a rich end user experience will consistency and faster service in their messaging channels.
The centipen Messaging for Web, Messaging for In-App, and Enhanced Facebook
Which capability should a consultant recommend?

A. The Messaging for Agents guided flow in the Service Console

B. Quick Texts for Messaging in the Service Console

C. Interactive Messaging Components in the Service Connect

Question # 34

You need to test email responsiveness on different devices. Which platform facilitates
multi-device testing?

A. Salesforce Inbox previewing emails on desktop and mobile versions.

B. Developer tools in web browsers for inspecting email rendering on various devices.

C. Sending test emails to personal accounts with different devices and platforms.

D. Utilizing Email Preview tool in Salesforce Marketing Cloud for cross-device rendering

Question # 35

The required configurations for the client's requirements are:
Business Hours active, Omni-Channel Queue or Flow, Estimated Wait Time
active, and Business Hours added to the Embedded Deployment.
A consultant learns that their client receives thousands of emails a week to
the contact center, which contain many PDF files, In general, the email
communication back and forth with the customer is high. They do not want
to duplicate the PDFs every time a new email’s received in the same email
When designing the solution, the consultant considers the Eliminate duplicate email
attachments setting in Email-to-Case to meet the requirement. How should the PDFs be processed by Salesforce to comply with the Eliminate duplicate
email attachments setting?

A. Attachments

B. Salesforce Files

C. Custom file storage solution

Question # 36

Your scenario involves automatically assigning cases based on urgency and location.
Which feature facilitates this?

A. Case Assignment Rules using predefined criteria to direct cases to specific queues or

B. Process Builder sequences triggering automated case creation and assignment based
on data triggers.

C. Escalation Rules automatically escalating cases based on time-to-resolution or urgency

D. All of the above, working together for dynamic case assignment and escalation based
on context and urgency.

Question # 37

Ursa Major Solar has recently completed testing of its upgrade to
Enhanced Digital Engagement channels. A consultant needs to now move
the WhatsApp number on the testing sandbox to production.
How should the consultant accomplish this?

A. Enter the existing number when creating the channel in production

B. Request a new number for the production org

C. Log a case with Salesforce Customer Support

Question # 38

The customer wants to personalize customer interactions based on past interactions and
preferences. Which data model element facilitates this?

A. Custom fields capturing customer preferences and purchase history.

B. Case history tracking with details of previous interactions and resolutions.

C. Segmentation rules defining customer groups based on specific criteria and behavior.

D. All of the above, used in combination for comprehensive customer context and
personalized experiences.

Question # 39

The company wants to track agent performance and identify areas for improvement. Which
KPI is most effective?

A. Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Score

B. Average Contact Handle Time (AHT)

C. Case Resolution Rate

D. Number of Resolved Cases

Question # 40

Your deployment involves integrating a new chat platform. Which data migration
preparation step ensures seamless continuity for ongoing chat conversations?

A. Importing historical chat transcripts and associating them with corresponding cases or
customer profiles.

B. Configuring the new platform to automatically migrate open chat sessions in progress
during the cut-over period.

C. Testing data migration with sample chat sessions and verifying accurate transfer of
conversation details and context.

D. All of the above, contributing to a smooth transition with minimal disruption to ongoing
chat interactions.

Question # 41

You‘re given a list of project requirements including specific agent skill sets for case
routing. Which tool helps validate this requirement is met within the deployed system?

A. Manual testing by assigning cases to agents and verifying routing based on pre-defined
skill sets.

B. Utilizing Process Builder workflows and Flow triggers to trace case routing logic and
confirm alignment with required skill sets.

C. Running Case Assignment Rule reports and analyzing data to ensure cases are routed
to agents with matching skills.

D. All of the above, combined for a comprehensive validation of case routing logic and
adherence to defined agent skill sets.

Question # 42

Your project requires migrating custom objects and their associated data. Which data
preparation step helps maintain field-level validation rules and triggers?

A. Exporting custom objects and data along with associated validation rules and trigger
definitions for import into the new system.

B. Configuring the new system to automatically recognize and apply existing field-level
validation rules and triggers during data migration.

C. Manually reviewing and verifying the accuracy and functionality of imported validation
rules and triggers after data migration.

D. All of the above, ensuring comprehensive migration and consistent application of data
integrity controls for custom objects.

Question # 43

The customer wants to track metrics across different case types and channels. Which
reporting element helps with data standardization and analysis?

A. Develop custom reports with unique data models for each case type and channel.

B. Utilize standard case fields and reporting tools to categorize and analyze data across
the board.
C. Implement separate dashboards for each channel and case type with customized

D. Employ third-party analytics tools with independent data structures and visualizations.

Question # 44

You need to identify trends and patterns within Contact Center metrics. Which tool offers
the most advanced data analysis capabilities?

A. Salesforce Reporting with basic filters and data grouping for analysis.

B. Omni-Channel dashboards providing real-time insights and basic trend visualization.

C. Einstein Analytics with advanced data blending, predictive modeling, and visual
storytelling capabilities.

D. All of the above, depending on the desired level of data exploration, predictive insights,
and visual representations.

Question # 45

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) wants to offer the new Messaging for Web channel on its Azure
based Experience Cloud site. However, UMS wants authenticated users to go directly to an
agent and guest users to be connected with an Einstein Bot.
How should a consultant suggest UMS configure its Experience Cloud site to support this?

A. Use conditional visibility on the Embedded Messaging component to show
one for the users and one for guest users to alter the routing destination

B. Pass in the User ID field as a hidden pre-chat field and check the vice of
that le Channel flow to determine the routing destination

C. Create a Page Variation for each page where the chat is offerest one for
authenticated one for guest users to alter the routing destination

Question # 46

You need to validate bot security and data privacy compliance. Which tool helps with this?

A. Salesforce Security Review tool providing insights into potential security vulnerabilities
within your bot configuration.

B. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policies defining rules for sensitive data handling and
preventing unauthorized access.

C. User Role Hierarchy and Field Level Security ensuring appropriate access restrictions
based on user profiles.

D. All of the above, working together to secure bot interactions and ensure data privacy

Question # 47

Your design includes integrating WhatsApp Business for customer communication. Which
tool facilitates this?

A. Salesforce Social Studio with connectors for managing various social media and
messaging platforms.

B. Custom Apex code developed to connect Salesforce with the WhatsApp Business API.

C. Flow Builder with pre-built templates for configuring messaging channel interactions and

D. Omni-Channel routing rules directing incoming WhatsApp messages to appropriate
agents based on content and skills.

Question # 48

You need to migrate both active and historical customer data. Which migration approach
balances efficiency and minimal disruption?

A. Full cutover migration transferring all data at once, followed by system downtime for

B. Phased migration migrating specific data subsets in stages to minimize service

C. Incremental migration continuously syncing updates from legacy systems to Salesforce
for real-time data consistency.

D. Pilot migration testing the process with a small data sample before large-scale migration

Question # 49

The customer wants to automatically route cases based on language skills and expertise.
Which feature facilitates this?

A. Routing Rules

B. Skill-Based Routing

C. Entitlements

D. Omni-Channel Presence

Question # 50

You‘re deploying a new escalation rule for voice calls in Omni-Channel. Which channelspecific
cut-over requirement ensures timely intervention for high-priority calls?

A. Configuring the rule to trigger automatic notifications and case creation for escalated

B. Testing the escalation rule functionality with test calls and dummy scenarios before

C. Defining clear criteria for call escalation based on urgency and wait times.

D. All of the above, contributing to a robust and effective escalation process for voice calls
within Omni-Channel.

Question # 51

You need to configure self-service knowledge base articles. Which Salesforce feature
facilitates this?

A. Salesforce Knowledge articles with categorization and tagging for easy customer

B. Web-to-Case forms allowing customers to submit inquiries directly from the knowledge

C. Einstein Search for intelligent article recommendations based on customer keywords
and context.

D. All of the above, promoting a comprehensive and user-friendly self-service knowledge
base experience.

Question # 52

The customer requires secure access control for sensitive customer data. Which data
model element contributes to data security?

A. Utilize custom fields to capture all types of customer information without access

B. Configure field-level security to grant selective access to sensitive data based on user
roles and permissions.

C. Implement third-party data encryption solutions for additional security layers.

D. Store all customer data in one field without any segregation or access control

Question # 53

To comply with the "Eliminate duplicate email attachments" setting while processing PDFs
in a high-volume email environment, the consultant should consider this approach:
Universal Containers (UC) has a support center where teams work according to a defined
set of business hours. UC has set up an escalation process and would like to help
customers outside of business hours in case of an escalation.
How should a consultant recommend UC configure this solution?

A. Set up the organization's default business hours and create an escalation
rule where the case matches the criteria associated with different business

B. Create an Apex trigger that checks the default business hours and the
business hours on an escalation.

C. Set up the organization's default business hours and set up another set of
business ho the second option

Question # 54

You need to set up email case creation. Which feature allows automatic case generation
from incoming emails?

A. Workflow Rules with email field criteria triggering case creation.

B. Process Builder sequences defining steps for email parsing and case generation.

C. Email-to-Case enabled on the Case object with appropriate field mapping.

D. Einstein Bots configured to handle email inquiries and create cases if needed.

Question # 55

Your bot requirements include personalized greetings and information based on customer
data. Which Salesforce feature enables this?

A. Custom Apex code dynamically fetching customer data and injecting it into chatbot

B. Merge fields within bot conversation scripts linking to specific object fields containing
customer information.

C. Einstein Insights providing real-time customer data to personalize bot interactions and

D. All of the above, depending on the level of personalization and data sources required.

Question # 56

Your case management design includes knowledge base article recommendations within
cases. Which Salesforce feature facilitates this?

A. Web-to-Case forms embedded within Knowledge Base articles for easy case creation if
the article doesn‘t resolve the issue.

B. Case Escalation Rules automatically triggering article recommendations when specific
criteria are met within a case.

C. All of the above, offering options for integrating knowledge base recommendations and
enhancing self-service within case management.

Question # 57

The reason why the work that was already in the queue is not being pushed to agents is:
The "Apply to existing records in queue" option was not selected.
At Ursa Major Solar, customer service agents follow a case close process to ensure a
summary is provided of the customer's question and the provided answer
What should a consultant propose to improve this process so that these summaries make
solving future customer cases more efficient?

A. Use Salesforce Knowledge to store questions and answers so agents can easily
reproduce the same answer for similar questions

B. A Use Slack to allow agents to share best practices in responding to customer questions

C. Use Quick Text to allow agents to create personal Quick Texts for answers they

Question # 58

The customer wants detailed reports on agent performance and customer satisfaction.
Which Salesforce tool provides this?

A. Analytics Cloud

B. Reports & Dashboards

C. Einstein Bots

D. Einstein Discovery

Question # 59

The consultant should recommend the company utilize Flow Settings in
Email-to-Case to meet their requirements.
A customer service manager wants to implement a process where a case
gets reassigned to a higher support tier if it is not resolved within a given
service-level agreement (SLA) timeline.
Which solution should a consultant propose to set this process up?

A. Create an Escalation Rule Entry and configure it so that cases get an
escalated status of the case is still open after passing SLA times.

B. Create a Quick Action for escalating a case and set up Conditional
Visibility Rude to show the Quick Action after a case has passed SLA times
Create a record-triggered flow that gives cases an escalated status if it is
still open a pa A times.

C. The consultant should propose creating an Escalation Rule Entry to set up

Question # 60

The customer lacks advanced AI capabilities for case deflection. Which AppExchange
solution could be a good fit?

A. LiveChat

B. Einstein Bots

C. Salesforce Flow

D. DocuSign

Question # 61

Validating self-service functionality involves testing article accessibility and accuracy.
Which tool helps with content quality checks?

A. Salesforce Reports with filters for user searches and article views to assess popularity
and engagement.

B. Quality assurance reviews by internal teams or external testing services to validate
content accuracy.

C. User feedback surveys and rating systems on Knowledge articles to gather direct
customer input.

D. All of the above, providing a multi-faceted approach to evaluating self-service content
quality and user experience.

Question # 62

Your scenario involves upgrading a legacy reporting system to a new Contact Center
analytics platform. Which cut-over requirement helps maintain continuity and user

A. Mapping existing reports and dashboards to the new platform with similar layouts and

B. Providing comprehensive training on the new platform‘s features and functionalities for
report creation and analysis.

C. Importing historical data from the legacy system for ongoing trend analysis and
comparison with new data.

D. All of the above, contributing to a smooth transition and minimizing disruption for users
accustomed to the old system.

Salesforce-Contact-Center Complete Exam Detail:

Exam Detail Description
Total Time 90 minutes
Exam Fee $200 USD
Passing Marks 65%
Available Languages English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German
Exam Format Multiple Choice
Number of Questions 60
Exam Delivery Online
Prerequisites None
Certification Level Specialist
Renewal Period Every 2 years
Retake Policy Allowed after 24 hours

Salesforce Contact Center Accredited Professional Exam Complete Exam Topics Breakdown:

Exam Topic Description
Contact Center Overview Understanding the role and functionality of contact centers
Salesforce Service Cloud Basics Familiarity with Service Cloud features and functionalities
Case Management Handling and resolving customer cases efficiently
Omni-Channel Routing Configuring and managing omnichannel routing strategies
Knowledge Management Utilizing knowledge articles for efficient problem-solving
Service Console Navigating and using the Service Console efficiently
Call Center Setup and Configuration Configuring call center settings and parameters
Agent Productivity Tools Understanding tools to enhance agent productivity
Reporting and Analytics Analyzing contact center performance through reports
Integration with Other Salesforce Products Integrating Service Cloud with other Salesforce products
Best Practices and Troubleshooting Implementing best practices and resolving common issues

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