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Salesforce Experience-Cloud-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

An Experience site is built in an Unlimited org. Some of the pages within the site are exposed to guest users. How many page views are allowed per month?

A. 1 million
 B. 5 million 
C. 100,000 
D. 500,000 

Question # 2

Universal Containers (UC) works with a large retainer network. UC wants these retailers to start registering deal and work with UC to convert them into sales. Which user license should the Experience Cloud consultant recommend?

A. Partner Community Plus 
B. Partner Community 
C. Platform Portal 
D. Commerce Portal 

Question # 3

universal Containers UC maintains multiple customer-facing sites, but only one profile for all customer users. Ho customer has access to more than one site. which two steps should the UC admin take to grant access to each customer? Choose 2 answers

A. Select a permission set for a given site. 
B. Edit the applicable user profile. 
C. Create a permission set. 
D. Select the profile for a given site. 

Question # 4

No More Homelessness (NMH) recently launched a public site. The Support team has received feedback that some of the articles aren't showing up in the search results for unauthenticated or guest users. How can NMH ensure that articles are shared with all guest users?

A. Select "Visible in Public Knowledge Base" at the article level. 
B. Create a custom permission set for Public access. 
C. Select "Public" organization-wide default for the article type at the org level. 
D. Create a custom profile for Public access. 

Question # 5

Universal Containers (UC) maintains multiple customer-facing sites, but only one profile for all customer users. No customer has access to more than one site. Which step should the UC system administrator take to grant customers access to the appropriate site?

A. Enable the Customer Identity profile or permission set. 
B. Assign the profile to the site membership. 
C. Create and assign a permission set to the users and site.
D. Add user to the All Customer Portal Users public group. 

Question # 6

A manager at Ursa Major Solar is responsible for creating and editing only the community users for the Partner Community they have recently set up using Experience Cloud. However, the manager is able to make organizational changes to the user records of the internal users as web. What could be the possible issue here?

A. The manager has been given the Manage Profiles and Permission Sets permission. 
B. The manager has been given the Manage Customer Users permission. 
C. The manager has been given the Manage User permission. 
D. The manager has been given the Manage External Users permission.

Question # 7

Insightopia's Experience Cloud site went live on the first day of the last month. The launch has been very successful, and the number of community members has reached the first milestone of 10,000. The Experience Cloud site manager wants to implement gamification methods to increase engagement and adoption. What should be the recommended approach for implementing gamification?

A. Use the Missions feature to assign badges to members automatically. 
B. Use the Einstein game mechanics feature for implementing gamification. 
C. Build flows to implement gamification for community members. 
D. Organize a community event to get ideas for implementing gamification.

Question # 8

Insightopia is planning to create a high-performance site for its partners. The Home page will feature multiple custom component that will provide insights and trends along with near real-time updates.\Which template should Insightopia consider for its site?

A. Partner Central 
B. Customer Account Portal 
C. Build Your Own (LWR) 
D. Help Center 

Question # 9

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is punning to create an HR help desk for Its employees. IT recommends using Experience Cloud to build the HR help desk app Whet should NTO consider when building the MR help desk app?

A. HR user profits is only available in Enterprise and Performance Editions with HR permission sat license. 
B. MR user profile is only available in Employee Cloud with Employee permission set license. 
C. The HR help desk app can centralize Chatter from all related active Experience Cloud sites in the org. 
D. The HR help desk app can centralize knowledge and self service in to one experience site. 

Question # 10

Ursa Major Solar would like content from Salesforce CMS to be queried when users search for keywords in its customer portal. Which setting must be turned on in order for Global Search .n Experience Builder to query content m Salesforce CMS?

A. Community must be activated.
 B. Sharing Rules must be set to Read/Write. 
C. Search must be enabled for the selected CMS Channel. 
D. Gather Customer Insights Data must be selected. 

Question # 11

Northern Trail Outfitters has an Experience Cloud site using the Customer Service template. They have noticed that many questions take a long time to receive a response or go completely unanswered. Which functionality would allow questions to get internal visibility?

A. Enable Escalate to Case. 
B. Limit the number of questions posted per day. 
C. Tell users to submit a case for unanswered questions. 
D. Create moderators for each topic. 

Question # 12

AW Computing wants to create a site that gives customers access to Knowledge articles and peer-to-peer conversations, with the aim of decreasing the number of calls to its support organization. What should AW Computing do to accomplish this goal? 

A. Give access to its internal orgs using Chatter groups 
B. Open its Slack implementation to all customers 
C. Create a site with the Customer Service template 
D. Create a site with the Marketing Microsite template 

Question # 13

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) is using the Customer Account Portal template where both customers and employees can log in to view information about the company. UMS would like the Home page to showcase internal resources at the top for its employees, and would like self-help resources to be available for lagged-in customers. UMS wants to exclude employee resources from the layout of the Home page when customers are logged in. Which functionality should UMS utilize to showcase the Home page in different ways? 

A. Case Feeds 
B. Page Variations 
C. Sharing Sets 
D. Developer Console 

Question # 14

DreamHouse Realty (DR) is designing a digital experience for its global real estate team. The realtors will need access to Knowledge, reports and dashboards, and Leads coming in from the website. Leads are converted to Opportunities by an internal DR deal desk. Which license type meets this requirement?

A. Customer Community Plus 
B. Customer Community 
C. Partner Community 
D. Channel Account 

Question # 15

The Experience Cloud manager has been asked to ensure that a Knowledge article Is visible to Internal Salesforce users, unauthenticated visitors to the site, and third-party authenticated users. Which two settings need to be configured on the draft article before it is published? Choose 2 answers

A. Visible to Partner 
B. Visible in Public Knowledge Base 
C. Visible to Employee 
D. Visible to Guest User 

Question # 16

DreamHouse Realty recently created a site for potential buyers. The content is organized using topics. Where can site users go to find out how current and popular a topic is?

A. You can’t assign audiences to the components in the template header and footer sections. 
B. Available domains are created in the Administration workspace and associated with a community through a custom URL. 
C. You can’t assign record-based criteria to a component or branding set. 
D. You can only have three audiences.

Question # 17

DreamHouse Realty recently created a site for potential buyers. The content is organized using topics. Where can site users go to find out how current and popular a topic is? 

A. Trending Topics Channel 
B. Collaboration Dashboard 
C. Topic's detail page 
D. Content Management Report

Question # 18

The administrator of the Universal Containers customer site has been making changes in a sandbox and needs to push the changes to production. The administrator is comfortable with point and click changes but is not comfortable with managing code or more technical items. How should the administrator ensure the changes make it accurately to production?

A. Use the ExperienceDeploy API to push the site to production. 
B. Use Dataloader to migrate the site from sandbox to production. 
C. Rebuild the site from scratch in production. 
D. Create a change set, upload it to production, and deploy the change set. 

Question # 19

Which two Community licenses allow records to be shared with a criteria-based sharing rule? Choose 2 answers

A. Partner Community 
B. Customer Community 
C. Customer Community Plus 
D. Customer Portal 

Question # 20

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) has a discussion thread on its Experience Cloud site for customers to provide feedback on the company's latest product release. To help ensure new members understand what the discussion thread is meant for and to monitor their first posts, UMS would like to approve the first post of any new member who has joined within 7 days or less. What is needed to configure this?

A. Create a moderation rule with the appropriate content criteria. 
B. Create a Community moderator with Delete permissions.
 C. Create a Community moderator with Approval permissions. 
D. Create a moderation rule with the appropriate member criteria.

Question # 21

Cloud Kicks (CK) is launching a new public marketing site. The company expects a large volume of traffic and wants to ensure its site performs well. CK also wants repeat visitors to have the fastest browsing experience possible. What should CK do to get the best performing site?

A. Schedule Apex jobs to push content to users' browser caches. 
B. Use Next Best Action to predict what content to serve to the user's browser. 
C. Disable Visualforce to make all pages switch to Lightning. 
D. Enable and configure the Content Delivery Network so that public content is cached. 

Question # 22

Cloud Kicks has noticed its new Experience Cloud site is taking a long time to load. Which tool should the system administrator use to troubleshoot the problem?

A. Salesforce Community Page Optimizer 
B. Lightning Page Maximizer 
C. Experience Cloud Performance Profiler 
D. Cloud Network Optimization Bolt

Question # 23

Bloomington Caregivers (BC) wants to streamline back-end processes and workflows for its employees. BC recently learned about lightning Bolt solutions for employees at a world tour event. Where should BC look for potential Lightning Bolt solutions?

A. Salesforce AppExchange 
B. Salesforce Accelerator Directory
 C. Salesforce Accelerator Catalog 
D. Salesforce Connect 

Question # 24

Ursa Majer Solar (UMS) wantsto give its partriers the content, data, and tools they need to sell more solar panels. Which three Partner Relationship Management features should the system administrator utilize on UMS's site? Choose 3 answers

A. Content Flagging 
B. Service Console 
C. Deal Registration 
D. Lead Distribution 
E. Market Development Fund

Question # 25

Cloud Kicks (CK) wants potential customers to use self-registration to sign up and gain access to its new site. CK uses Person Accounts for its customers. How should the CK system administrator configure self-registration?

A. Leave the Account field blank. 
B. Create a trigger on User to convert the Contact to a Person Account. 
C. Set the profile to the standard Person Account profile.
 D. Create a flow to convert the Contact to a Person Account. 

Question # 26

A consultant for Cloud Kicks (CK) is asked to build a site for CK customers. As part of this site, a custom object will be used to manage customer subscriptions. These subscriptions will need to leverage advanced sharing rules to ensure that only appropriate customers can see these subscriptions. Which two user license types should be granted to customers to support this sharing requirement? Choose 2 answers

A. Partner Community User 
B. Customer Community Login User 
C. Customer Community User 
D. Customer Community Plus Login User 

Question # 27

Which step does the system administrator have to take to create a partner user?

A. Create a partner queue, and add users to it. 
B. Select Enable Partner User from the Contact Detail page.
 C. Assign the Gold Partner permission to the user. 
D. Add the user to the All Partner Portal Users public group. 

Question # 28

Get Cloudy Consulting wants to leverage Experience Bundle for making updates to its community. What are the two key features of experienceBundle? Choose 2 answers

A. ExperinceBundle allows us to programmatically edit any community but using Experience Builder.
 B. ExperienceBundle enables Creating experiencing across orgs. 
C. ExperimentBundle provides editable community metadata in a human-readable format.
 D. ExperienceBundle provides editable community metadata in a human-readable format. 

Question # 29

Ursa Major Solar (UM5) is evaluating Salesforce Partner Relationship Management (PRM) to help improve its current channel sales performance. In which two ways can Salesforce PRM help UMS accelerate channel sales? Choose 2 answers

A. Enable partner lead routing 
B. Automate partner entitlement assignment in Channel Sales teams 
C. Extend automated quoting capabilities to partners 
D. Use partner tiering in channel sales hierarchy 

Question # 30

Cloud Kicks has recently rolled out a new Experience Cloud site for its customers. The site has been activated and the contacts have been enabled as customer users. However, none of the users received their login credentials in an email. What caused this issue?

A. The sender's email address was changed while it was pending verification. 
B. The welcome emails were not enabled for the site. 
C. The sender's email address was changed and not verified. 
D. The roles were not enabled for the users. 

Question # 31

Ursa Major Solar (UM5) works with local installation companies. The installers need to collaborate with their co-workers as well as with UMS staff. Which user visibility setting needs to be enabled at a minimum?

A. Portal User Visibility 
B. Site User Visibility 
C. Guest User Visibility 
D. Community User Visibility 

Question # 32

Universal Containers (UC) is implementing a community for its retailers. How can UC give retail store managers access to the records owned by their peers and subordinates?

A. Put retail managers in a manager role. 
B. Set OWD to public, and manage access via Apex Sharing. 
C. Email retail managers best practiceson how to manually share data. 
D. Give retail managers Super User access. 

Question # 33

Which three topic types can be used in an Aura site? Choose 3 answers

A. Content Topic 
B. Standard Topic 
C. Featured Topic 
D. Navigational Topic 
E. Deleted Topic 

Question # 34

Cloud Kicks (CK) is planning to launch a public site. The site will contain a variety of digital content, including static content as well as dynamic content. CK is planning to use Content Delivery Network (CDN). Which statement is true about using CDN with Experience Cloud?

A. CDN can help consistency attaching content timestamps as key-value pairs to both static and dynamic content. 
B. CDN can help availability by allowing remote cloning for dynamic resources. 
C. CDN can help performance by caching public resources. 
D. CDN can help reliability by allowing local cloning for static resources. 

Question # 35

Cloud Kicks (CK) is in the process of updating and retiring multiple Experience Cloud sites on its one org. What should CK consider before taking action as it inactivates and brings on new sites?

A. Each org can have up to 100 Experience Cloud sites; preview sites don't count toward that limit. 
B. Each org can have up to 100 Experience Cloud sites; preview sites count toward that limit but inactive sites do not. 
C. Each org can have up to 100 Experience Cloud sites; active, preview, and inactive sites all count toward that limit. 
D. Each org can have up to 100 Experience Cloud sites as long as they are active. 

Question # 36

Which component can be embedded into an Experience Cloud site to start conversations with customers using the channels they prefer?

A. Channel Menu 
B. Chat 
C. Service Your Way 
D. Service Console 

Question # 37

Universal Containers (CU) has been using Salesforce to manage its sales and service processes. UC also an Experience Cloud site to interact with its customers. UC has now acquired Cloud Kicks (CK) Retail to grow its business, CK also uses Salesforce and a selfservice site built on the experience Cloud to allow its customers to log support requests. UC now wants its customers to be able to use CK’s self-service site so they can have a more integrated experience. What should an Experience Cloud consultant recommend so that UC’s can log in to CK;s site?

A. Create separate user account for UC customer in CK’s Experience Cloud site, since SSO cannot be established between two Experience Cloud sites. 
B. Use a third-party identity provider to establish SSO between the two Experience Cloud sites, since Salesforce can only be used as a service provider. 
C. Establish SSO between the two Experience Cloud sites by using one org as an identity provider and the other org as a service. 
D. Create custom Apex handlers using login method from site class to sign in users from one community to the other. 

Question # 38

DreamHouse Realty (DR) has active participation of home owners and prospective buyers in its Experience Cloud site that uses Chatter. Recently, DR observed a significant number of comments being marked as spam. OR's Salesforce and Security teams did further analysis and identified the posts made by the spammers. OR's Management team has decided to remove all the spammers' posts and comments from the Experience Cloud site. What should the Experience Cloud consultant recommend to remove them?

A. Utilize the Insights reports by creating and using a custom action to remove all the spammers' posts and comments. 
B. Submit a high-priority case with Salesforce Support to remove all of the spammers' posts and comments. The site will be under maintenance state until resolution. 
C. Experience Cloud site managers, moderators, and admms work together to remove all the spammers' posts and comments manually. 
D. Enable Experience Cloud Einstein features to remove all the spammers" posts and comments as a background action. 

Question # 39

Cloud Kicks (CK) is planning to introduce a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) process to ensure quality. UAT will take place In Partial and Full sandboxes. OC has also set up the Salesforce content Delivery Network (CDN) for its domain in production environment. What should CK keep in mind about salesforce CDN?

A. Salesforce CDN is only supported in Full sandbox environments.
 B. Salesforce CDN is not supported in sandbox environments. 
C. Salesforce CDH is only supported in Developer sandbox environments 
D. Salesforce CDN is supported in all sandbox environment 

Question # 40

Cloud Kicks (CK) advises its diverse set of clients on how to use Experience Cloud. With new regulations taking effect, many of CK's clients want an easy and cost effective way to set up a site and gather their customers' communication preferences. Mow should CK help compile these preferences?

A. Create a Lightning Bolt solution that already includes all the preferences. 
B. Create a Lightning Bolt solution with a template and a login flow to gather the preferences.
 C. Use the standard Preferences Chatbot to gather the preferences. 
D. Build a Service Console to gather the preferences. 

Question # 41

The system administrator at Cloud Kicks (CK) has deactivated their Experience Cloud site to do some maintenance and cleanup. How should the administrator ensure that CK custorners do NOT receive a welcome email when the site is once again active?

A. Use the new Service Not Available (SNA) feature. 
B. Use Data Loader to remove all members’ email addresses. 
C. Disable the Send welcome email checkbox for the site. 
D. Remove all profiles from the site's membership and add them again after the site is activated. 

Question # 42

The Universal Containers Experience Cloud admin needs to move a site from one production org to another production org that it is not directly connected to. What is the recommended choice for moving the site from one org to the other?

A. Sharing Rules
 B. CSS Overrides 
C. Permission Sets 
D. Audience Targeting 

Question # 43

The Universal Containers Experience Cloud admin needs to move a site from one production org to another production org that it is not directly connected to. What is the recommended choice for moving the site from one org to the other? 

A. Deployment via Metadata API 
B. Publication via Experience Builder 
C. Deployment via Change Set 
D. Lightning Bolt Export and Installation

Question # 44

Partners at Universal Containers (UC) have given feedback that it takes too long for administrators to create new users or reset passwords for partner employees. What should be done to help UC with user management?

A. Recommend partners share user credentials. 
B. Delegate external user administration. 
C. Implement a limit on new users and password resets. 
D. Create a new user form that automatically triggers a process to create a user. 

Question # 45

The system administrator at Dreamhouse Realty (DR) is giving Experience Builder access to two colleagues who will be responsible for creating and managing new microsites. One contributor needs to create and customize the site, but not publish it. The other colleague is tasked with adding contributors and publishing the final site. Which Experience Builder roles should the system administrator grant?

A. Builder and Experience Admin 
B. Experience Admin and Publisher 
C. Viewer and Publisher 
D. Publisher and Builder 

Question # 46

Ursa Major Solar (UM5) is planning to build a portal for its partners. Among other things, UMS will be distributing leads to its partners in the portal. Which standard component can UMS leverage if it elects to use Partner Central template?

A. Lead Distribution 
B. Lead Inbox 
C. Lead Selector 
D. Lead Flow 

Question # 47

Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to create a public site to recruit potential volunteers. Volunteenng events are stored in a custom VolunteeringEvent object. How can CK give guest users access to a custom object?

A. Through guest user roles 
B. Through guest user Sharing Sets 
C. Through guest user organization-wide defaults (OWD) 
D. Through guest user Sharing Rules 

Question # 48

DreamHouse Realty (DR) plans to invite individuals from several new companies to its Broker Portal and would like to differentiate the user experience for each company. Which three options should the DR system administrator use to personalize the look and feel of the portal for each new brokerage? Choose 3 answers

A. Branding Sets
 B. Audience Sets 
C. Page Variations 
D. Audience Targeting 
E. Partner User Roles 

Question # 49

Universal Containers is implementing a customer community. What sharing mechanism should be used to allow customers to view their own cases even after those cases are assigned to a support agent?

A. OWD and Apex Sharing 
B. Sharing Set 
C. Case co-ownership using Super User access 
D. Sharing Map and custom permission set 

Question # 50

What is the most efficient way that a Salesforce Admin can create a single Experience Cloud Site user from a Contact?

A. Enable the Account as a Customer Account so all Contacts in that Account become Customer users. 
B. Email the Contact a link to the Self-Registration page for the site. 
C. Use Data Loader to add the Contact in Salesforce as a Customer user. 
D. Enable the Contact in Salesforce as a Customer user. 

Question # 51

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) is automating its business processes using Salesforce. UMS wants its Platinum partners to be able to approve installation projects and deals. In which two ways can UMS accomplish this? Choose 2 answers

A. Assign external users as approvers on records and create a digital experience for those users. 
B. Assign external users as the co-owners on records and create a digital experience for those users. 
C. Add external users directly to approval queues and create a digital experience for those users. 
D. Assign external users Super User access on records and create a digital experience for those users, 

Question # 52

AW Computing is using the Build Your Own (LWR) template to create a site for its customers. The site will showcase blog posts written by AW Computing thought leaders. Which component should the site creator use to dynamically populate the site with blog posts as new ones are added?

A. CMS Connect (JSON) 
B. CMS - Single 
C. Grid component with CMS Collections 
D. Grid component with list.views 

Question # 53

Cloud Kicks (CK) has built a site using Salesforce Experience Builder. The CTO of CK wants to give customers the ability to log in to the site using their Google credentials. CK also wants to access customers' basic Google profile data when they log in so the company can serve content that matches customers' interests. Mow should the Experience Cloud consultant implement this?

A. Set up a login flow for communities that accepts the customers' Google credentials and matches with the credentials stored on the user records in Salesforce. 
B. Create a custom self-registration page and a custom login page by using Visualforce and Apex controllers. 
C. Create an Authentication Provider by choosing Google as the provider type and add relevant parameters to access the customers' basic profile data. 
D. Create a custom login page using Lightning components and use the Google REST API to access customers' basic profile data. 

Question # 54

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) uses a third party to manage low-severity tickets using its legacy system. Sometimes, third-party agents have to create cases on behalf of UMS customers. Which user licenses should the implementation practitioner recommend for third-party staff?

A. Partner Community 
B. Customer Identity 
C. Customer Community Plus 
D. Customer Community 

Question # 55

Ursa Major Solar wants to give customers the ability to add authorized users to view usage, billing, and payment history. Which permission should be granted to customers to add authorized users? 

A. Delegated External User Administrator 
B. View and Manage Users 
C. Modify All for Usage, Billing, and Payment History 
D. View Content in Portals 

Question # 56

Universal Containers is looking to build a new self-service site. Users will post questions, read Knowledge articles, and view case reports, users will not be registering deals or participating in any other sales activity. Which external user license meets these requirements?

A. Authenticated Service Site User 
B. External Community Plus 
C. External Identity 
D. Customer Community Plus 

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