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Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator (WI23) Dumps March 2023

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Salesforce Advanced-Administrator Sample Questions

Question # 1

An administrator is given a .csv file of 5,000 leads with External Id and Status fields. Theyneed to match existing and add new records with Data Loader.What action should be taken to populate the Status field on the records and add newrecords?

A. Export 
B. Update 
C. Insert 
D. Upsert 

Question # 2

An Administrator has been asked to grant read, create and edit access to the productobject for users who currently have the standard marketing user profile.Which two approaches could be used to meet this request? Choose 2 answers.

A. Change the access levels in the marketing user standard profile to read, create and editfor the product object 
B. Create a permission set with read, create and edit access for the product object andassign it to the marketing users 
C. Create a permission set with read and write access for the product object and assign itto the marketing users 
D. Create a new profile for the marketing users and change the access levels to read,create and edit for the product object 

Question # 3

What should an administrator consider when setting up and maintaining salesforceknowledge? choose 3

A. Data category visibility is assigned through roles and profiles. 
B. Enabling knowledge on a user record requires licensing. 
C. Article version numbers must be assigned by a knowledge manager for tracking. 
D. solution category browsing must be enabled in solution settings. 
E. knowledge settings mustbe configured to allow users to create an article from a case 

Question # 4

An administrator has initiated the process of deploying changes from a sandbox to theproduction environment using theVisual Studio Code.Which three pieces of information must be supplied to Visual Studio Code during thisprocess? Choose 3 answers. * (1 Point)

A. Using SFDX commands, create a change set and add the metadata components 
B. Deploy the metadata components using a SFDX command 
C. Set the environment as the default environment 
D. Authorize the environment in to which the changes will be deployed 
E. Authorize change set connection information 

Question # 5

Universal Containers wants to use the Omni Channel routing feature in Service Cloud.They are using assignment rules and want to ensure that the routing chosenmeets therequirements.What should an administrator take into consideration before implementation?

A. The least active routing model looks for the agent who has the largest maximum workcapacity. 
B. Assignment rules are triggered whenOmni-Channel routing routes a work item to anagent and the agent accepts the work. 
C. Assignment rules are triggered when an agent accepts the work and edits and saves thework. 
D. If there is a tie in the Omni-Channel routing logic, Omni-Channel routes the work to theagent who most recently received a work item. 

Question # 6

Cloud Kicks call center agents have given their manager feedback that Ittakes too long tofind relevant articles to answer questions on customer cases. The call center manager hasasked the administrator to improve suggestions displayed to agents in the Knowledgecomponent on Cases.Which setting should the administrator use to meet the requirement?

A. Turn off auto-complete keyword search 
B. Highlights and Snippets 
C. Enable Einstein Search 
D. Selected Case Fields 

Question # 7

The Service team at Cloud Kicks needs a way to show the current status from theAccounton the Case. This value should be on the page and is used in validation rules.What should the administrator recommend to solve this?

A. Create a cross-object formula. 
B. Use a picklist field. 
C. Make a Rollup Summary. 
D. Add a lookup field toAccount. 

Question # 8

Universal Containers wants to assign a task due date on one of two fields. EstimatedShipping Date or Client Need By Date, which is further in the future.Which two combined automationtools should the administrator use to create the taskrecord and assign based on date criteria?Choose 2 answers

A. Create a formula capture the MAX date. 
B. Make a Process Builder to create the task. 
C. Design an approval process to capture thefurthest date. 
D. Configure a workflow to create the task. 

Question # 9

Universal Containers uses a custom object to track resources called Supply Items with a lookup to Accounts. TheSupply Items records should only be visible by users that own theAccount records. What sharing setting provides the correct visibility?

A. Public Read Only 
B. Private 
C. Controlled by Parent 
D. Public Read/Write/Transfer 

Question # 10

Cloud Kicks has a requirement to display sensitive data only to appropriate users. Theamount m the Salary field on the User object should display data only when the user recordis being viewed by the user or by users with the MR profile. For all other users viewing theuser record, the Salary field should display the word "Confidential* as text in the field.What should the administrator to fulfill this requirement?

A. Validation Rule 
B. Page Layout 
C. Formula field 
D. Process Builder 

Question # 11

DreamHouse Realty (DR) wants to ensure that its data is protected. There have beenseveral recent attempts to phish employees.What should DR do to help ensure that the user that is logged in is the right user whentherunning user is trying to view reports and dashboards?

A. Require a Usemame, Password, and Security Token when logging in. 
B. Set up an authentication provider for reports and dashboards. 
C. Require MFA when users need to view and export dashboards and reports. 
D. Require a high assurance session when exporting or printing reports and dashboards. 

Question # 12

Universal Containers wants to create a Feedback__c customobject related to Account andensure all feedback records are owned by the same user as the Account owner.How should an administrator relate Feedback__c to Account?

A. Create a hierarchical field on Feedback__c. 
B. Create a junction object between Accountand Feedback__c. 
C. Create a master-detail field on Feedback__c. 
D. Create a lookup Account field and filter on Feedback__c. 

Question # 13

How can an administrator improve the relevance of search results for support agentssearching for knowledge articles to solve articles?Choose 3 answers

A. Pre-populate article searchfilters based on the values of case fields. 
B. Define synonyms for common search terms. 
C. Enable feed tracking on all relevant article types. 
D. Create data categories and assign articles to each category. 
E. Create a record type for each data category. 

Question # 14

The sales manager at Cloud Kicks wants a way to report on information from a formtheirclients fill out during the sales cycle. Once a form has been submitted, the client is unableto access it. This form may need to be filled out more than once during the sales cycle.There are more than 30 fields on this form, and the sales team needs to be able to seewhat changed from one submission to the next.Which two options should an administrator use to solve this scenario?Choose 2 answers

A. Add forms as attachments. 
B. Make custom fields. 
C. Create a custom object. 
D. Turn on FieldTracking. 

Question # 15

Which feature should the administrator consider that allows for this?

A. A permission set containing the modify all data permission for the Position object. 
B. Delegated administration for the Position object 
C. Screen Flow using custom metadata types 
D. Field accessibility set to editable for the picklists for the Position object. 

Question # 16

Which two values roll up the Hierarchy to the manager for both Customizable andCollaborative Forecasts? Choose 2 answers

A. Expected revenue 
B. Product quantity 
C. Opportunity amount 
D. Quota amount 

Question # 17

Which actions can you add to a milestone? (Choose three answers.) * (1Point)

A. Success actions 
B. Repeat actions 
C. Warning actions 
D. Violation actions 

Question # 18

Which value rolls up for both customizable and collaborative forecasting? * (1 Point)

A. Expected revenue 
B. Quota 
C. Opportunity amount
D. Amount 

Question # 19

Theadministrator at Cloud Kicks (CK) is troubleshooting why users are missing expectedemail alerts from an automated process. The investigation shows that CK is hitting its dailylimit.What should the administrator review to resolve the issue?

A. Email Logs 
B. HTML Email Status Report 
C. Notification Delivery Settings 
D. Outbound Messages 

Question # 20

When should an administrator consider when using Person Accounts'

A. In a complex business model and the users find it easiest to record Opportunityinformation on Contacts rather than Accounts. 
B. In aB2B business model and is selling to the primary contact at a business organization. 
C. In a B2C business model and the consumer is the intended recipient of sates andmarketing attention. 
D. In a business model that needs a separate Contact and Account tobe included on allCase records submitted. 

Question # 21

The Marketing Manager at Universal Containers wants to changethe column headings forseveral of the fields on opportunity reports.What approach should and administrator take to meet the requirements?

A. Build a Custom Report type and use Display As in Edit Layouts to make the requestedchanges. 
B. Create bucket fields for each field and enter the new column heading in the BucketName Field. 
C. Edit the fields Available for Reports sections in the Opportunities report type to make thechanged. 
D. User Rename tabs and labels to change the field labels as needed. 

Question # 22

How can content types be used in CRM Content? (Choose two answers.) * (1 Point)

A. With library rules, to limitthe number of libraries created 
B. With validation rules, to capture complete data 
C. With upload rules, to limit the size of content files. 
D. With content fields, to control the content detail page layout 

Question # 23

A sales manager cannot vim a contact owned by a salesperson. The salesperson isbelowthe sales manager in the role hierarchy.Why is the sales manager unable to view the contact?

A. Contact sharing settings have Grant Access Using Hierarchies unchecked. 
B. Contact sharing settings ace Private. 
C. The contact has MOT been manually shared with the manager. 
D. The contact is NOT linked to an account. 

Question # 24

A sales rep at Ursa Major Solar realized that the wrong price book was selected for an opportunityHow can the sales rep change the price book on the opportunity?

A. The change can be made through the mobile app. 
B. The change can be made through the desktop site. 
C. Once selected, the price book can be updated via the forecasting tab. 
D. Once selected, the price book is locked on the opportunity.

Question # 25

A previous consultant helped Universal Containers automate many of its businessprocesses. The administrator changed the email address on the consultant's user recordand deactivated it. The consultant called to say they continue to get email messages fromfailed flows and processes.What steps should the administrator perform to stop thefault messages from going to theconsultant?

A. Create a custom metadata type and associate the LastModifiedBy field. Write a flow thatupdates the field in any flows or processes equal to the consultant's name. 
B. Request an Email Log from Email LogFiles in Setup and filter the request by theconsultant's email. Manually update any flows or processes listed on the log. 
C. Set Send Process or Flow Error Email' to Apex Exception Email Recipients' inAutomation settings. Add the System Admin's email tothe Apex Exception Email page inSetup. 
D. Export Flow Interviews filtered by using Data Loader. In the .csvfile, change LastModifiedBy to the System Admin and upload changes with Data Loader. 

Question # 26

Universal Containers wants to convert a lookup relationship to a master detail relationship.What action should the administrator take prior to converting the relationship?

A. Ensure all existing records have a value in the current lookup field. 
B. Remove roll-up summary fields on the parent prior to changing the field type. 
C. Delete the current lookup field before adding the new master-detail field. 
D. Select the allow re-parenting option on the master-detail relationship field. 

Question # 27

A user with permissions to create price books wants to quickly create a new product with the same information as the existing product by cloning the product.What is an important consideration when cloning a product? 

A. Price book entries will NOT be created in the standard price book.
B. Price book entries need to be activated before users can use the new price book.
C. Price book entries in price books that the user does NOT have access to will not be created.
D. Price book entries in price books that the user does NOT have access to will be created.

Question # 28

A sales rep at AW Computing needs to give read/write access to an Account and relatedrecords to a teammate #m*e the sates rep is on vacation.How could the administrator enable the sales rep to give record access to a colleague?

A. Add the Manual Sharing button the page layout. 
B. Enable public groups for sharing. 
C. Include the nap on the Opportunity Team. 
D. Create an ownership-based sharing rule. 

Question # 29

What are two considerations when setting up Salesforce Content?Choose 2 answers.

A. A validation rule can ensure a description is required for all contributed content. 
B. Anapproval process can ensure that all product-related content is reviewed. 
C. The library type determines the size of files that can be contributed to content. 
D. The content type determines which fields appear on the content Detail page layout. 

Question # 30

What should an administrator consider when moving approval processes using a changeset?

A. Change sets do not include the approval and rejection actions from the sourceorganization 
B. Custom fields on standard objects will need to be manually added in the targetorganization. 
C. The Unique Name of the approval process is not allowed to be changed once deployedin the target organization. 
D. Change Sets do not include the order of active approval processes from the sourceorganization. 

Question # 31

An administrator notices that there are two account records in the system with the samename. A contact record with the same name is associated with each account.Which set of steps should be taken lo merge these accounts using the Salesforce mergefeature?

A. Merge the duplicate accounts and the duplicate contacts will be merged automatically. 
B. Merge the duplicate accounts and check the box that optionally merges the duplicatecontacts. 
C. Merge the duplicate contacts and then merge the duplicate accounts. 
D. Merge the duplicate accounts and then merge the duplicate contacts. 

Question # 32

Which deployment tool can be used to deploy metadata from a developeredition organization to another organization? choose 2

A. Data loader. 
B. Change sets 
C. Migration tool(100%)(salesforce extensions for visual studiocode) 

Question # 33

The distributors at Cloud Kicks are eligible for support based on a specific service contractHow should the administrator show this in Salesforce?

A. Use entitlement management. 
B. Add a servicecontract to the record. 
C. Turn on Service Cloud. 
D. Build a new custom object. 

Question # 34

An administrator at Universal Containers hat completed a new set ofvalidation rule along with a Process Builder in a sandbox and wants to move thesechanges to production via a change set but they are currently unable to do so. What are two configurations an administrator needs before they are able to deploychanges? Choose 2 answers 

A. Create the Validation Rules in Production because they can't be deployed via ChangeSets 
B. The Deploy Change Sets permission must be granted 
C. The Sandbox must be configured to Allow Outbound Changes to Production 
D. The Production Org must be configured to Allow inbound Changes from the sandbox 

Question # 35

What are two capabilities of Salesforce Customer Community members?Choose 2 answers.

A. Their reputation levelsmust be the same across all communities of which they are members. 
B. They use the ideas tab to submit, comment on, and vote for ideas. 
C. They must belong to a company's internal community to participate in Chattercollaboration. 
D. They find crowdsourcedanswers and Knowledge articles to resolve a support issue. 

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