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Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator (SP24) Dumps June 2024

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Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Administrator Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which two data structures could be configured to appear in the out-of-the-box Subscription center? Choose 2 answers 

A. Publication Lists  B. Data Extensions  C. Lists  D. Groups 

Question # 2

A user asks a Marketing Cloud admin to update and increase their session timeout setting. Which three considerations should the admin review before making this update? Choose 3 answers

 A. Frustration of users upon timeouts  B. Best practice suggests a 20-minute timeout setting  C. Security risk of unauthorized users for longer timeout settings  D. Change impacts all users  E. Typical length of time users spend in Marketing Cloud 

Question # 3

What storage model should be used if a subscriber has more than one value for an attribute? 

A. Profile Attribute  B. Data Extensions  C. Publication Lists  D. Lists 

Question # 4

A customer will provide a single daily file on the Marketing Cloud SFTP at 3 AM and needs an alert if the file is not present on time. The file needs to be: Imported into a staging data extension. Separated into two different data extensions. Which workflow should meet these requirements?

 A. Scheduled Automation: File Transfer Activity > Import File Activity > SQL Query Activity 1 > SQL Query Activity 2  B. Scheduled Automation: Import File Activity > SQL Query Activity 1 > SQL Query Activity 2  C. File Drop Automation: Import File Activity > SQL Query Activity 1 > SQL Query Activity 2  D. File Drop Automation: File Transfer Activity > Import File Activity > Filter Activity > SQL Query Activity 1 

Question # 5

A Marketing Cloud admin wants to check the status of a salesforce contacts in All Subscribers. The account is connected to their salesforce org via Marketing Cloud Connect. Which subscriber key should be used to search for the contact in All Subscribers?

 A. 15-digit contact ID  B. Numeric Subscriber ID  C. 18-digit Contact ID  D. Email Address 

Question # 6

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to know how customers are engaging with marketing communications they have sent over the last year. What action should be taken to populate the Einstein Engagement Scoring Dashboard? 

A. Select one of the Predictive Algorithms then click Deploy  B. Click Deploy and results are available immediately  C. Select the channels (Emails, Push, SMS) to report on then click Activate  D. Click Activate and wait for an email notification 

Question # 7

Northern trail Outfitters (NTO) is warming a new Dedicated IP address, and theyneed to monitor their deliverability across major ISPs. Which bounce type would be indicative of the ISPs view of NTO’s sending reputation? 

A. Soft  B. Technical  C. Block  D. Hard 

Question # 8

A Marketing Cloud admin has been asked to get the last 30 days of Bounce data from their account. What should the admin use to get granular bounce data in bulk in a pre-defined format? 

A. CSV download of bounce data in My Tracking  B. Automation Studio Tracking Extract  C. Automation Studio Query Activity  D. Discover Deliverability Complaint Rate Report 

Question # 9

A Consultant has a data extension that contains all current product information. The customer wants to refresh data each morning by importing a CSV containing today's product catalog. The product catalog is never the same; products can be added and removed. Which import type should be used? 

A. Overwrite  B. Add Only  C. Add/Update  D. Update Only 

Question # 10

Northern Trails Outfitters uses Doubleclick Bid Manager, Facebook Ads, and Google Analytics to manage advertising spend. They want to combine these data sources with Marketing Cloud's API to identify their most effective campaigns. What feature should be recommended? 

A. Einstein AI
 B. Interaction Studio  C. Datorama  D. Google Marketing Platform

Question # 11

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) experienced a 24-hour website outage beginning on a peak shopping day. As a result, a number of logged-in customers' shopping sessions were disrupted. When the site is back online, the retailer would like to encourage those shoppers to return to the site and continue their shopping. What action should NTO take? 

A. Import a file of logged-in customers into NTO's existing Abandoned Cart journey in Journey Builder.  B. Create a user-initiated message to logged-in customers to send once the website is restored.  C. Do not send an email, as outage may have increased negative sentiment, resulting in unsubscribes.  D. Create and send an apology email that includes a discount for a future purchase to all customers 

Question # 12

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) wants to limit who can receive Marketing Cloud tracking data via email from their Account to any email associated with their domain ( Which steps should be taken to implement this? Choose 2 answers 

A. Edit the entity Verification Settings  B. Enable IP Whitelisting  C. Add a Domain to the Export Email Whitelist  D. Enforce Export Email Whitelist 

Question # 13

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) rolled out a global SMS initiative three months ago, as their customers have shown great interest in receiving promotions via text. However, NTO was notified they are already at 75% utilization for their annual Super Messages. Why could this be the case? 

A. MobilePush was enabled by mistake, which consumes Super Messages when not in use.  B. Each email consumes five super messages when sending below a certain threshold.  C. The majority of NTO’s subscriber base is in the United States. D. A multiplier is applied to each SMS message based on the destination country 

Question # 14

A user asks a Marketing Cloud admin to review their permissions since they are unable to send an email. The admin reviews the user profile and notices the user has three roles assigned: Content Creator, Data Manager, and Marketing Cloud Viewer. What should the admin do to resolve the issue so the user can send an email? 

A. Edit permissions and Grant permissions to Send  B. Edit permissions and deselect Deny for Email Sending C. Add the Role Marketing Cloud Channel Manager  D. Remove the Marketing Cloud Viewer Role 

Question # 15

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) only has enough licenses for their staff. A campaign manager is out on parental leave How should NTO create a new user to fill in? 

A. Delete the campaign manager's user and create a new user  B. Disable the campaign manager's user and create a new user  C. Transfer the campaign manager's permissions to a new user  D. Deactivate the campaign manager's license and assign it to the new user 

Question # 16

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to send a custom survey to customers asking about their experience following a recent purchase. Which feature should be used to create a survey form? 

A. MobileConnect  B. Content Builder  C. Smart Capture  D. Profile Center 

Question # 17

Which three statements should be considered before using Goals in Journey Builder? Choose 3 answers 

A. Goal target statistics are stored in a data extension.  B. Goals are created to evaluate journey performance.  C. Goals can act as exit criteria.  D. Contacts are evaluated against the goal after a wait activity.  E. Each contact is assigned an individual goal.

Question # 18

Northern Trail Outfitters requires all subscriber files placed on the SFTP for import be encrypted. Which activity in Automation Studio could be used to decrypt the file to prepare for Importing?

A. Import Activity  B. Data Extract Activity  C. File Transfer Activity  D. Decryption Activity 

Question # 19

Northern Trail Outfitters requires all subscriber files placed on the SFTP for import be encrypted. Which activity in Automation Studio could be used to decrypt the file to prepare for Importing?

A. Import Activity  B. Data Extract Activity  C. File Transfer Activity  D. Decryption Activity 

Question # 20

A Marketing Cloud admin is setting up Northern Trail Outfitter’s newest business units and several users to assign to the new business units. How would the admin assign users to the business units? 

A. Give permissions to users at top-level account to assign their own business units.  B. Search for the individual user, select their name, and click Manage Business Units.  C. Search for the individual user, select their name and click Edit Business Units.  D. Re-import the users to update their assigned business units 

Question # 21

Which three considerations should be made when setting up Distributed Marketing? Choose 3 answers 

A. Business users can select any email at time of send.  B. Default options can be set up for the greeting in the email.  C. A journey can be connected to one or more Campaigns.  D. The DM administrator Profile is required to access Distributed Marketing.  E. Messages can be sent to Contacts, Leads, and Person Accounts. 

Question # 22

Northern Trail Outfitters wants a data model in Marketing Cloud which will prevent them from duplicating, or even triplicating, records. How should the unique identifier of the data model be setup if the MobilePush and Email channels are used within the same account? 

A. Use the auto-generated keys supplied by Marketing Cloud at time of record creation for each channel used.  B. Use a third-party system to identify and delete duplicate Contact Keys.  C. Strategically control the Contact Key values and tie records together across channels using this key.  D. Strategically control the Contact Key values in Email, but let Marketing Cloud automatically tie records as needed from MobilePush. 

Question # 23

A Marketing Cloud admin at a bank is asked to avoid storing sensitive data in the cloud. This data will only be sent to Marketing cloud to execute a send. Which feature would the admin use to meet this requirement? 

A. Tokenized Sending  B. List Sending  C. Field Level Encryption.  D. Distributed Marketing Sends

Question # 24

Security and legal teams determine subscriber data available to EMEA teams should NOT be available to AMER teams. How could the Marketing Cloud admin ensure distinct data integrity across the regions? 

A. Deploy Multi-Org with a single Marketing Cloud Account  B. Deploy separate Publication Lists for each region within one account  C. Filter data view permissions at the subscriber level  D. Separate regions into business units and apply Subscriber Filters 

Question # 25

Northern Trail Outfitters has noticed an issue with their sends today. Which two links in Setup Home could be used to troubleshoot the issue?! Choose 2 answers 

A. Create Support Case  B. Failed Sends  C. Help and Training  D. System Status 

Question # 26

Marketing Cloud admin is asked to determine the total number of emails sent across all of their business units in the last calendar year Where would the admin retrieve this information?

 A. Contact Builder > All Contacts > Email  B. Analytics Builder > Reports > Email Send Report  C. Email Studio > Email > Tracking > Sends  D. Studio > Email > Subscribers > All Subscribers 

Question # 27

Northern Trail Outfitters uses Marketing Cloud Connect to leverage Sales Cloud data in their journeys. a user recently reported the data coming from Sales Cloud is NOT up to date. Where should the Marketing Cloud admin begin troubleshooting?

A. Contact Builder > Synchronized Data Extensions  B. Automation Studio > File Transfers  C. Contact Builder > Data Sources  D. Email Studio > Synchronized Data Extensions 

Question # 28

A Marketing Cloud admin is asked to append an Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) variable string to links in emails. What functionality would allow this? 

A. Advertising Studio  B. Personalization Builder  C. Web and Mobile Analytics  D. Web Analytics Connector 

Question # 29

A financial services customer states that families often share email addresses across multiple checking, savings, loan, and credit accounts. The customer needs to allow individual accounts to use the same email address in Marketing Cloud but maintain separate subscriber attributes. Which component should be discussed with the customer to allow for this use case? 

A. Subscriber Key 
B. Contact ID  C. Member Record  D. Data Extensions 

Question # 30

A Marketing Cloud admin is asked by the marketing team to ensure a default Header and Footer be added to emails. Where under Setup could this be created? 

A. Content Builder Settings B. Emails Studio Settings  C. Account Settings  D. Campaign Settings 

Question # 31

Northern Trail Outfitters has five business units in their Marketing Cloud account. All business units should be configured to use the same SFTP directory How should this setup be achieved? 

A. Child business unit SFTP user should be created  B. Copy the parent SFTP user into each child business unit  C. Each business unit should have multiple SFTP users  D. All child business units should have an individual SFTP user

Question # 32

(NTO) wants to use complex criteria to identify subscribers for a special promotional email. Especially they want to target subscribers who opened or engaged with an email within the last 30 days and live within 10 miles of an NTO store. What should NTO do to create this audience? 

A. Measures  B. SQL Queries  C. Data Filters  D. Journey 

Question # 33

A Marketing Cloud admin notices out of the last several sends, Send log data for a recent How could the admin ensure send data is recorded? 

A. Send logging is enabled for the send  B. Correct Send Log template is selected  C. Send Logging is available for A/B tests  D. Data retention settings is specified 

Question # 34

A Marketing Cloud admin has configured a Tracking Extract which includes all subscriber attributes for their global regions. However, the admin notices accented characters in the customers' names appear jumbled in the extracted file. Which two settings could solve this issue? Choose 2 answers 

A. Change Column Delimiter to  B. Change Character Encoding to UTF-8  C. Select Unicode Output  D. Change Format to xml 

Question # 35

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) is building a journey which randomly sends five different versions of an initial welcome email to new subscriber however, subscribers receive the same follow-up email two weeks later. To improve maintainability of their email content, NTO want to use 3 completely different emails, rather than having one email with dynamic content. Which activity would allow NTO to build the journey with the fewest activities possible?  

A. Einstein STO  B. Engagement Split  C. Wait Until Date  D. Join 

Question # 36

Northern Trail Outfitters installed Query Studio for Marketing Cloud, however, users are reporting they do NOT have access How should the Marketing Cloud admin ensure users have access? 

A. Choose Public App Integration during the installation  B. Install App-appropriate business units for expanded access  C. License all appropriate users within the installed package  D. Configure the API Integration to allow all users access 

Question # 37

Northern Trail Outfitters is setting up new hires on its instance of Marketing Cloud, which includes Email Studio, Mobile Connect, and Social Studio. One of the hires needs to manage the operations of all of the North American Business Units. What two roles, custom or standard, could be assigned to this user to meet the requirement? Choose 2 answers 

A. Marketing Cloud Channel Manager  B. Marketing Cloud Email Marketing Manager  C. Marketing Cloud Regional or Local Administrator  D. Marketing Cloud Administrator 

Question # 38

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to pass the email address of a subscriber to a landing page through a URL parameter from a promotional email. Which Marketing Cloud capability allows for secure transmission of the email address? 

A. CloudPagesURL AMPscript function  B. Web Analytics Connector  C. Link Wrapping 

Question # 39

Northern Trail Outfitters has Marketing Cloud users who need data extension View and Update permissions for campaigns related to B3C sales, out not any permissions for campaigns related to B2B sales. How should they accomplish this? 

A. Create separate folders and add permissions 

B. Create a shared data extension 
C. Update data extension object level permissions  D. Create a new business unit 

Question # 40

Northern Trail Outfitters to bring subscriber data from its data warehouse into Marketing Cloud. Which two fields would need minimal consideration, for size/scalability related reasons,when creating a data extension to house this data? Choose 2 answers

A. Number  B. Text  C. Boolean  D. Decimal 

Question # 41

A new employee is hired into the role of marketing analyst. This user should have access to all tracking data in Marketing Cloud, but no access to any send activities. Which two default User Roles should be applied to this new user which provides this access to all channels, keeping the principle of least privilege in mind? 

A. Content Creator and Marketing Cloud Viewer  B. Analyst and Marketing Cloud Viewer  C. Data Manager and Analyst

Question # 42

A large retail company has selected Marketing Cloud and has asked to be fully migrated from their existing platform in three weeks. They have communicated the following: They currently have 3 million customers. They email customers twice a week with no known deliverability issues. Their contract includes one Sender Authentication Package (SAP). Which two responses articulate proper IP warming? Choose 2 answers

A. IP ramp -up takes four to six weeks to be able to fully send to all 3 million customers.  B. IP ramp -up can be accelerated by migrating to pre -warmed IP addresses.  C. IP ramp -up can be bypassed, given their historical lack of deliverability issues.  D. IP ramp -up is important to establish a positive sender reputation. 

Question # 43

A customer is developing a new eCommerce section of their website and plans to leverage transactional data in customer journeys. Which two Marketing Cloud features will support this effort? Choose 2 answers 

A. Data Designer  B. Cloud Pages  C. Web Analytics Connector  D. Content Builder 

Question # 44

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to bring subscriber data from its data warehouse into Marketing Cloud. Which 2 fields would need minimal consideration, for size/scalability related reasons, when creating a data extension to house the data? Choose 2 answers 

A. Text  B. Decimal  C. Number  D. Boolean 

Question # 45

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) purchased one Sender Authentication Package (SAP) to ensure their branding is on every marketing communication. What would be achieved with SAP? 

A. Image URLS are wrapped with the appropriate brand URL  B. The out-of-the-box profile center will display NTO branding  C. A different click domain can be used for each brand  D. A Dedicated IP is automatically warmed up 

Question # 46

What elements of CAN-SPAM should the Marketing Cloud admin ensure are present for each Commercial send? 

A. Preference Center link and physical mailing address  B. Business name and a link to the business website  C. Business name and physical mailing address  D. Preference Center link and a link to the business website

Question # 47

What are entry source types for Journey Builder? 

A. Data Extension, CloudPages, Email List, API Event  B. Data Extension, Audience Studio, API Event, Date Based Event  C. Data Extension, Email List, API Event, Date Based Event  D. Data Extension, Salesforce Community, GA360, Email List 

Question # 48

Which two statements are correct about Send Logging? Choose 2 answers 

A. Send Log data extensions are archived automatically based on retention settings.  B. AMPscript can be used to pull data from Send Logs for use within emails.  C. SQL Query Activities can reference Send Logs in combination with system data views.  D. A business unit can support up to three Send Logs. 

Question # 49

While setting up marketing Cloud Connect, a marketing cloud admin navigates to the Marketing Cloud tab in Sales Cloud to complete the integration. The admin then receives the following error message: Insufficient User Permissions. You have not been designated as an integrated Marketing Cloud User. Contact your system administrator. The admin notices the Marketing cloud for AppExchange Admin option is selected when looking for the user settings. What action should correct the issue? 

A. Apply the appropriate user mappings in the CRM configuration.  B. Apply the Administrator and Marketing Cloud Administrator permission sets to user.  C. Reset all user passwords to force new tokens  D. Apply the marketing Cloud for AppExchange User option as well 

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