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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Specialist (SP24) Dumps June 2024

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Salesforce Marketing-Cloud-Account-Engagement-Specialist Sample Questions

Question # 1

Where on a prospect record should an administrator look to help determine the reason a prospect is unmailable?

A. Lifecycle and Profile

B. Activities and Audits

C. Activities and Lifecycle

D. Profile and Audits

Question # 2

What causes a sync from Salesforce to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement?

A. Updating a formula field in Salesforce

B. Updating a field on a Contact record that does not have an email address

C. Opening a one to one email

D. Making field changes to a Lead or Contact record

Question # 3

What could cause standard sync actions from occurring?

A. A large sync queue

B. Connector is not verified or has become unverified

C. Salesforce API limit has been reached

D. All of the above

Question # 4

LenoxSoft's marketing team shares a list of company names of all external visitors on their website with the regional sales managers. The regional managers use this list for cold calling and for insight on whether any recent opportunities are active on their site.
Which sequence of steps should the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Administrator take to automate this process?
Choose one answer

A. Enable Send daily prospect activity emails (for all prospects); Enable Page Actions to notify managers.

B. Enable Visitors Filters for a specific IP range; Enable Page Actions to notify managers.

C. Enable Visitor Filters for a specific IP range; Enable Send daily visitor activity emails.

D. Enable Send daily visitor activity emails; Enable Send daily prospect activity emails (for my prospects).

Question # 5

What factors are involved with and determine email deliverability? (Choose 2)

A. Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

B. Domain Keys

C. Sender ID

D. Whitelist


Question # 6

Form or Form Handler? I need data de-duplication in the CRM.

A. Form

B. Form Handler

Question # 7

What are the key technical items required to set up during implementation?

A. Tracking Code

B. Email Authentication


D. IP Whitelisting

E. Using Custom Fonts

Question # 8

What should you do when multiple users are editing an email template at the same time?

A. Multiple users cannot edit the same email template at the same time

B. Always click Save and Exit or Save Draft and Exit to commit your changes and close your session before ' someone else edits it

C. Update the same draft at the same time since the system will recognize updates made by both users

D. Create two different drafts and merge them through the Email flow process to bring updates from both drafts into one

Question # 9

Users can be imported into Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

A. True

B. False

Question # 10

What is a good bounce rate?   

A.  Less than 5%   

B. More than 20%

C. Less than 10%

D. More than 10%

Question # 11

An Administrator wants to have a thank you email sent after the form on the “Request a Demo” landing page is submitted.
Where can this be configured to ensure that every time the landing page is completed, the email is sent?

A. Configure an autoresponder email to send as a completion action when the ‘Request a Demo” landing page has been submitted.

B. Configure an automation rule to send the email when “Request a Demo” form has been successfully completed.

C. Configure a segmentation rule to send the email when “Request a Demo” landing page has been successfully completed.

D. Configure an autoresponder email to send as a completion action when the “Request a Demo” form has been submitted.

Question # 12

LenoxSofts marketing manager wants to keep email branding consistent. They want Marketing Cloud Account Engagement users to be able to select this email content when building out engagement studio programs, one-to-one emails, and autoresponders.
How could this goal be achieved?

A. Create and publish an email template

B. Create an email template draft

C. Create an operational email

D. Create a list email draft

Question # 13

A client wants to submit data to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement as well as their own database. What do you recommend they use?

A. A third party tool

B. This is not possible

C. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement API

D. connector

E. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement form handlers

Question # 14

How can you set a prospect's first touch campaign?

A. Using automation rules.

B. Using completion actions

C. None of the above

D. Using segmentation rules.

Question # 15

Identify the paid search ad platforms for which Marketing Cloud Account Engagement has a native integration.

A. Google AdWords

B. Bing

C. Yahoo

D. All of the Above

Question # 16

How many times does a segmentation rule run?

A. Continuously, whenever new prospects are created.

B. Up to five times., as long as the user enables the repeat setting.

C. As many times as the user specifies when they create the rule.

D. Once, as soon as the user completes the rule creation process.

Question # 17

On which two types of domains does Marketing Cloud Account Engagement set cookies? (Choose two answers.)

A. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement domains

B. Tracker domains

C. Mobile domains

D. Social media domains

Question # 18

What information can you find about your competitors in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement?

A. Alexa rank

B. BBB score

C. News article mentions

D. Number of inbound links

E. Number of indexed pages

Question # 19

A marketing user pauses an Engagement Studio program and adds a new recipient list.   What will happen to the newly added prospects when the program is resumed?

A. Prospects will not begin the program until all existing prospects reach an end step.

B. Prospects will skip any Action steps the existing prospects have already completed, but will be evaluated on Trigger and Rule steps.

C. Prospects will begin the program on the first step regardless of where the existing prospects are In the program.

D. Prospects will skip steps to start the program on the same steps the existing prospects are on.

Question # 20

When reviewing the report for a Marketing Cloud Account Engagement email, a marketer notices the total clicks metric is much higher than the unique clicks metric. There was only one call-to-action link in the email.
What could explain this discrepancy?

A. Prospects clicked the unsubscribe link.

B. Prospects clicked the call-to-action link multiple times.

C. Prospects were removed from the recipient list after clicking the call-to-action link.

D. Prospects were deleted after clicking the call-to-action link.

Question # 21

What is the baseline grade assigned to a prospect?  

 A.    C    B.     D   

C. B

D. A

Question # 22

Which two activities can automatically increase a prospects score using the default scoring model? Choose 2 answers

A. A prospect being converted from a Lead to a Contact

B. A prospect sending an email to their assigned user

C. A prospect clicking on a tracked link in an email

D. A prospect submitting a form on a landing page

Question # 23

A marketing user wants to send an email template to a prospect list, but the specific email template Isn't available to choose when sanding a new list email.
How should the user resolve this Issue?

A. Edit the list to be available for "Email Sanding"

B. Edit the email template to make it available for "List Emails"

C. Edit the list to be available for "Email Templates"

D.  Edit the email template and choose the appropriate list   

Question # 24

LenoxSoft wants to provide a list of their products on their "Contact Us" form and ask prospects to select only one product they are most interested in.
Which field type should they leverage?

A. Multi-Select

B. Checkbox

C. Dropdown

D. TextArea

Question # 25

What is the difference between a visitor and a prospect?

A. A prospect has an identified email address, while a visitor does not have an identified email address.

B. A prospect has an opportunity associated with it. while a visitor does not have an opportunity associated with it.

C. A prospect has submitted a Marketing Cloud Account Engagement form, while a visitor has not submitted a Marketing Cloud Account Engagement form.

D. A prospect has an assigned user, while a visitor does not have an assigned user.

Question # 26

An engagement studio program is enabled to repeat. The prospects are eligible to repeat after one day and can repeat three times.
If a prospect remains on the program recipient list, what would happen to that prospect once they hit the End step after processing through the program once?

A. The prospect will start the program over at the beginning after waiting one day.

B. The prospect will not restart the program; prospects can only process through once.

C. The prospect will start the program over at the beginning immediately.

D. The prospect will not restart the program; they have reached the maximum number of repeats.

Question # 27

What does the connector allow you to do?

A. Sync all your prospects to Salesforce

B. Connect with your meeting software

C. Quickly jump into the results for a prospect or their company

Question # 28

Which Salesforce custom fields will sync with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement?

A. Custom Record Type fields

B. Custom Prospect fields

C. Custom Account fields

D. Custom Opportunity fields

Question # 29

A designer wants to apply LenoxSoft’s styling to assets in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. Which two assets can they control CSS styling for In Marketing Cloud Account Engagement?
Choose 2 answers

A. Landing pages

B. Form handlers

C. Forms

D. Social posts

Question # 30

An administrator includes a link to a file on a web page that the company does not own on the company website.
How should they track the number of visitors who access this file?

A. Page actions

B. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement form

C. Custom redirects

D. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement tracking code

Question # 31

What is Lead Qualification? (select two)

A. The process of determining when a prospect is ready for follow up from your sales team.

B. An automated set of actions that ensures your sales team gets a steady stream of purchase-ready prospects.

C. The process of determining when a prospect is ready for follow up from your marketing team.

Question # 32

Which two considerations should be kept in mind when using completion actions for list emails? Choose 2 answers

A. Completion actions based on email link clicks only execute once per prospect.

B. Completion actions based on link clicks do not trigger on unsubscribe links or email preference page clicks.

C. Completion actions based on email opens will retroactively apply if added after the email send.

D. Completion actions based on image file downloads only execute once per day.

Question # 33

Completion Actions are retroactive.   

A.  True B.  False   

Question # 34

A prospect is permanently deleted from Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. That prospect then fills out a new Marketing Cloud Account Engagement form and submits their information.
What happens to the prospect?

A. An error message is displayed on the form preventing the prospect from submitting

B. A new prospect is created even though the prospect had previously been permanently deleted.

C. No new prospect is created because the prospect had previously been permanently deleted.

D. The submission of the form retrieves and restores the previously deleted prospect information including activities.

Question # 35

A marketer receives a request to permanently delete a prospect from Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.
How does the marketer satisfy this request?

A. The marketer archives the prospect, but cannot permanently delete their data.

B. The marketer deletes the prospect in Salesforce, which then permanently deletes the prospect in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.

C. The marketer goes to the prospect record and chooses the "Permanently Delete'' menu option.

D.  The marketer archives the prospect and then selects "Permanently Delete" from the recycle bin.   

Question # 36

Where would an administrator go to check if the Email Sending Domains are set up properly after updating the DNS?

A. The Dashboard

B. The Sent Emails Page

C. The System Preferences Page

D. Admin-Domain Management

Question # 37

Rules, Form completion actions, and more.
What are 3 social posting connectors Marketing Cloud Account Engagement offers?

A. Twitter

B. Instagram

C. Facebook

D. LinkedIn

E.  Snapchat   

Question # 38

What Information does the tooltip above each step on the engagement studio program report provide?

A. High-level metrics only for prospects waiting to complete each step

B. High-level metrics only for prospects who have completed the step

C. High-level metrics only for prospects who left the program at each step

D. High-level metrics only for prospects who have skipped each step

Question # 39

An administrator wants to create a dynamic list of all prospects who have accessed a certain file have a specific value, but there are more prospects than anticipated in the preview.
What could be happening?

A. Field value is not mapped.

B. This is not possible with dynamic lists.

C. Match Type is set to "Match Any."

D. Match type is set to "Match All."

Question # 40

How can an admin find the number of mailable prospects in their database?

A. View all Segmentation lists

B. Navigate to the prospect list and select "Mailable Prospects"

C. View the sync queue

D. Navigate to the overview section

Question # 41

Which two actions can be taken once a Salesforce Opportunity syncs to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement? Choose 2 answers

A. Manually editing the Opportunity In Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

B. Referencing the Opportunity in automation rules

C. Viewing the Opportunity in Opportunity Reports

D. Manually deleting the Opportunity in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Question # 42

How can a prospect's score be changed?

A. Through automation rules.

B. Through scoring model changes.

C. Through completion actions.

D. All of the above.   

Question # 43

A marketing manager wants to view list email engagement metrics in Engagement History in Salesforce.
Which metric is not supported?

A. Total Replies

B. Total Delivered

C. Unique Opens

D. Opt Out Rate

Question # 44

None of the above
Email, First Name, and Last Name are required fields in order for GoToWebinar to register a new user to an event.

A. True

B. False

Question # 45

A project is on day 3 of a step with a designated wait time of 5 days. The engagement studio program is then paused for 1 day and restarted.
If the wait time for the step remain at 5 days, what day of the designated 5 days of wait time would the prospect be on when the program is restarted?

A. Day 4

B. Day 3

C. Day 0

D. Day 5

Question # 46

A user needs to be able to import and export lists. What user role do you give them?

A. Marketing

B. Sales Manager

C. Sales

D. None of the above   

Question # 47

In which two ways does a Marketing Cloud Account Engagement prospect sync with a Salesforce Lead or Contact record?
Choose 2 answers

A. Shared CRM ID

B. Shared Assigned User ID

C. Shared email address

D. Shared tracking pixel

Question # 48

How do you use an automation rule to opt out prospects?

A. Change prospect field value: 'Do Not Email' to 'Do Not Email

B. You can't use an automation rule to opt-out prospects.

C. Change prospect field value to Opt-out

Question # 49

How long does it take a drip program to start after unpausing it?

A. Immediately

B. Within 5 minutes

C. Within one hour

D. Within one business day

Question # 50

Does an automation rule ever match a prospect more than once?   

A.    Yes, automation rules run every time.    B.     No, an automation rule will only affect a prospect one time  An automation rule can match a prospect more than once if you enable Repeat Rule. Otherwise, an automation rule will only affect a prospect one time.

Question # 51

New feature alerts can be found at the top of the dashboard.

A. True

B. False

Question # 52

Which three triggers could be used to define a prospects path in an engagement studio program?
Choose 3 answers

A. List membership

B. Email open

C. Custom redirect click

D. File download

E. Prospect grade   

Question # 53

A user wants to develop a lead qualification model based on implicit prospect interest and explicit information provided by prospects.
What feature Is needed for this model?

A. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Score 6* lifecycle Stage

B. Prospect Audit & Profile

C. Engagement Studio & Lists

D. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Score & Grade

Question # 54

A Marketing Cloud Account Engagement administrator wants to ensure that only a prospects company email address with the format of ‘’[email protected]" is captured on their form.
Which data format is recommended for the email field?

A. Text

B. Email with valid server

C. Emails not from ISPs and free email providers

D. Email

Question # 55

What must be created in order to send an autoresponder?

A. Test email

B. One-to-one email

C. Email template

D. List email

Question # 56

What should be enabled on a Marketing Cloud Account Engagement form if an Administrator wants to sign many people up on the same computer at a trade show booth?   

A.    reCAPTCHA    B.     Kiosk/Data Entry Mode    C.     Progressive Profiling    D.    “Not you”? Link

Question # 57

By default Marketing Cloud Account Engagement will sync with what types of accounts in Salesforce?

A. Contact Accounts

B. Lead Accounts

C. Persons Accounts

Question # 58

A user wants to send an email to a prospect when a form is submitted and a specific field value is selected on that form.
What automation tool could they use to accomplish this?

A. A completion action on the form submission

B. A dynamic list used to send list emails using the email template

C. An automation rule with a Match All match type

D. An automation rule with a Match Any match type

Question # 59

Arrange these events in sequence:

A. The visitor is now a prospect.

B. A visitor submits a conversion form

C. A cookie is applied

D. The prospect's activity history is available to view in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

E. Visitors access your company website





Question # 60

New prospects match a dynamic lists rule criteria. This dynamic list is used as a recipient list on an engagement studio program. What will happen to the new prospects if the program is currently running and the prospects have not run through the engagement studio program before?

A. The prospects are added to the program, but do NOT start processing until the program is paused and restarted.

B. The prospects remain on the list, but are NOT added to the program until the next day.

C. The prospects are added to the program, but wait for a user to manually select them to process.

D. The prospects are added to the program and automatically start processing through the program.

Question # 61

LenoxSoft has an engagement studio program within a recipient list and a suppression list. A prospect is a member of both the recipient list and the suppression list.  In which scenario would a prospect be able to receive the emails in the program?

A. The prospect is marked as optad out.

B. The prospect is removed from the recipient list

C. The prospect is removed from the suppression list

D. The prospect is removed from both the suppression list and the recipient list.

Question # 62

What is the fastest way for an Administrator to create a one-time of prospects who match specific criteria?

A. Use a dynamic list.

B. Use a completion action.

C. Use an automation rule.

D. Use a segmentation rule.

Question # 63

Which is NOT a way to assign a custom role to a user?

A. Edit an existing Default Role, and it will automatically convert to a Custom Role.

B. Assign new users to a previously created Custom Roles during the import process.

C. Add a batch of existing users to a Custom Role using table actions

D. Add a user to a Custom Role directly from their User Record.

Question # 64

LenoxSoft wants the "State" field to appear in real-time whenever a prospect selects "United States" for the "Country" field when completing their Marketing Cloud Account Engagement form.   Which form feature should be utilized?

A. Progressive Profiling

B. Email Validation

C. Kiosk/Data Entry Mode

D. Dependent fields

Question # 65

What is a difference between a dynamic list and a static list?

A. You cannot manually update list membership of a static list but you can manually update list membership of a dynamic list

B. You cannot manually update list membership of a dynamic list but you can manually update list membership of a static list

C. You can add an action to a dynamic list that will trigger when a prospect is added but you cannot add an action to trigger on a static list when a prospect is added

D. Dynamic lists are retroactive while a static list cannot be retroactive

Question # 66

Which list email report metric represents the total number of emails minus hard and soft bounces?

A. Total Opt Outs

B. Total Sent

C. Total Queued

D.  Total Delivered

Question # 67

A Marketing Cloud Account Engagement administrator wants to keep the first value submitted in a field even if the prospect completes additional forms with different values for that field.
Which form field option should be enabled?

A. Maintain the initial value upon subsequent form submissions

B. Always display even if previously completed

C. Kiosk/Data Entry Mode: Do not cookie browser as submitted prospect

D. Include "Not you?" link to allow visitors to reset the form

Question # 68

What must you do in Salesforce to map a Marketing Cloud Account Engagement prospect custom field to a Salesforce field? Choose 2 answers

A. Adjust the lead settings in Salesforce.

B. Add a new lead record type in Salesforce.

C. Add a new custom contact field in Salesforce.

D. Add a new custom lead field in Salesforce.

Question # 69

What must be created using the classic email builder in order to send an autoresponder?

A. Test email

B. One-to-one email

C. Email template

D. List email

Question # 70

A client submits their Marketing Cloud Account Engagement form to test the form's completion actions. After they submit the form, none of the completion actions are applied to their prospect record. What explanation do you give as to why the actions did not occur?

A. The client has a visitor filter set up to filter activities from their IP address. Completion actions do not occur on filtered visitors.

B. The 'email' form field was set up to exclude free email addresses, so even though they submitted the form successfully, the Gmail address they used prevented the completion actions from running.

C. The client did not un-pause the completion actions.

D. Kiosk mode was enabled on the form, so completion actions did not run.

Question # 71

A marketing user would like to send out a new whitepaper to their prospects and track who opens the PDF.
What Is the recommended way to accomplish this?

A. Upload the whitepaper PDF as a content block and attach It to the email.

B. Upload the whitepaper PDF as a content file and link to it in the body of the email.

C. Upload the whitepaper PDF as a content file and attach it to the email.

D. Upload the whitepaper PDF as a content block and link to It In the body of the email.

Question # 72

How often does Marketing Cloud Account Engagement sync with Salesforce?

A. 5 minutes

B. Real time

C. 10 minutes

D. 30 minutes

Question # 73

What information cannot be displayed as a graph (line or bar) on the dashboard?

A. Prospects Created

B. Conversions

C. Opportunities Created

D. Opportunities Lost

E. All Prospects

Question # 74

A Marketing Cloud Account Engagement administrator wants to use progressive profiling to collect information on a prospect over time.   What It the recommended Marketing Cloud Account Engagement asset to use?

A. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement landing page without a form

B. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement form

C. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement form handler

D. Third party form

Question # 75

A repeating engagement program is set to allow prospects to be eligible to re-enter every 90 days and has a total entries limit of 5.   A user decides that the total entries limit should be changed to 10. The user pauses the program, changes the total entries limit to 10 and restarts the program.   What will happen to the prospects who landed on the End step more than 90 days ago and previously reached the 5 total entries limit?

A. Prospects will re-enter the program after waiting another 90 days.

B. Prospects will re-enter the program immediately.

C. Prospects will remain ineligible to re-enter the program.

D. Prospects will NOT re-enter the program until manually approved to re-enter.

Question # 76

What is a good default sales ready lead score?

A. 75

B. 50

C. 200

D. 100

Question # 77

How should a user understand how many prospects are currently waiting on a step in an engagement program?

A. Download the report of the program.

B. Click on the step to view its report card.

C. Look at the tooltip above that step.

D. Pause the program and edit the step.

Question # 78

Which two actions occur when an automation rule is deleted?
Choose 2 answers

A. Prospects will no longer be able to match the rule.

B. The rule will be sent to the recycle bin in paused mode.

C. Actions that have applied to prospects are undone.

D. Any prospects who matched the rule will be deleted.

Question # 79

In an engagement studio program, business hours are enabled for Monday-Friday from 10am-4pm. A prospect enters a Send Ema step at 4:30pm on Friday.
When would the program send the email to the prospect?

A. The email will send immediately.

B. The email will not send.

C. The email will send on Saturday at 10am.

D. The email will send on Monday at 10am.

Question # 80

Can you tie multiple Salesforce accounts to one Marketing Cloud Account Engagement account?

A. Yes, you can have up to 2 Salesforce accounts linked to one Marketing Cloud Account Engagement account.

B. No, you can only have one Salesforce connector at a time.

C. Yes, but you would need to contact Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Support to enable the feature for you.

D. Yes, but it's only available to customers with the Pro Edition

Question # 81

What is the limit of social posting connectors you can create in your Marketing Cloud Account Engagement account?

A. Five accounts per platform

B. One account per user role, per platform

C. There is no limit of accounts per platform

D. One account per platform

Question # 82

A user wanes to use page actions to notify a specific user when a prospect visits an entire section of their website. This section contains three URLs: What is the recommended way for the user to accomplish this?

A. https://www.tenoxsoft.eom/products/A

B. haps://www.tenoxsoft.con-i/products/B

C. https://www.lenoxsoft.eom/pfodocts/C

D. Create one page action with comma-separated URLs.

E. Set the page action URL as

F. Create three separate page actions, one for each URL.

G. Set the page as a priority page in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement.

Question # 83

LenoxSoft wants to create a Marketing Cloud Account Engagement landing page that matches the exact look and feel of their website. Which method would produce the closest results?

A. Use a stock layout provided in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

B. Use above form and below form content to create the layout

C. Embed the campaign tracking code on their website

D. Import layout using a URL from their website

Question # 84

A user creates and resumes a new automation rule. Which two statements are true about that rule? Choose 2 answers

A. The rule will run once and must be re-run for prospects to match again.

B. The rule will continuously look for prospects who match the criteria.

C. The rule will evaluate their entire prospect database for matches.

D. The rule will unmatch prospects that no longer match the criteria.

Question # 85

A mailable prospect is on the recipient list for a list email send. When viewing the prospect's activities, the marketing manager realizes the email was not sent to the prospect.
Where should they start to see why the email was not sent to the prospect?

A. Refer to the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement recycle bin to see if the prospect was deleted.

B. Check that the Marketing Cloud Account Engagement prospect has a value for the default field email address'.

C. Refer to the list email send report to see if a suppression list was used.

D. Determine if the prospect has a valid "Assigned User" to send the email from.

Question # 86

What are 3 webinar connectors Marketing Cloud Account Engagement offers?

A. WebEx

B. Adobe Connect

C. ReadyTalk

D. GoTo Webinar

E. AnyMeeting

Question # 87

What is the best practice when users leave the company and have assigned prospects?

A. Reassign all prospects in the CRM

B. Review and modify any completion actions, automation rules, drip programs and dynamic lists that reference the user.

C. Delete the user from Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

D. All of the above

E. A & B

Question # 88

How can a visitor convert to a prospect?

A. Viewing an embedded form

B. Visiting a tracked website

C. Submitting a form on a landing page

D. Receiving a marketing email

Question # 89

Identify the differences between default and custom roles.   

A.  Default roles are included with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

B. Custom roles can be edited

C. Default roles can be edited

D. Default roles can be deleted

E. Custom Roles can be created from scratch

F. Custom roles can be created from a default role

G. Default roles are included with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Question # 90

When an opportunity is created in Marketing Cloud Account Engagement from the sync with Salesforce, what campaign is set on the opportunity?

A. The last campaign of the last contact associated with the opportunity

B. The first campaign of the first contact associated with the opportunity

C. The first campaign of the last contact associated with the opportunity

D. The last campaign of the first contact associated to the opportunity.

Question # 91

When prospects register via a Marketing Cloud Account Engagement form, they will still receive GoToWebinar's reminder and registration emails.

A. True

B. False

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