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Salesforce Pardot-Specialist Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which Salesforce field type is unsupported for syncing with Pardot?

A. Lookup
B. Picklist
C. Number
D. Formula

Question # 2

If five prospects have completed a repeating engagement studio program twice, whatnumber would display on the reporting tab tooltip for the initial program step "CreateSalesforce Task"?

A. 2
B. 10
C. 5
D. 0

Question # 3

How should a user understand how many prospects are currently waiting on a step in anengagement program?

A. Download the report of the program.
B. Click on the step to view its report card.
C. Look at the tooltip above that step.
D. Pause the program and edit the step.

Question # 4

A user wanes to use page actions to notify a specific user when a prospect visits an entiresection of their website. This section contains three URLs:• https://www.tenoxsoft.eom/products/A• haps://www.tenoxsoft.con-i/products/B• https://www.lenoxsoft.eom/pfodocts/CWhat is the recommended way for the user to accomplish this?

A. Create one page action with comma-separated URLs.
B. Set the page action URL as
C. Create three separate page actions, one for each URL.
D. Set the page as a priority page in Pardot.

Question # 5

LenoxSoft wants the "State" field to appear in real-time whenever a prospect selects"United States" for the "Country" field when completing their Pardot form.Which form feature should be utilized?

A. Progressive Profiling
B. Email Validation
C. Kiosk/Data Entry Mode
D. Dependent fields

Question # 6

A Pardot administrator wants to ensure that only a prospects company email address withthe format of ‘’[email protected]" is captured on their form.Which data format is recommended for the email field?

A. Text
B. Email with valid server
C. Emails not from ISPs and free email providers
D. Email

Question # 7

What is a difference between a dynamic list and a static list?

A. You cannot manually update list membership of a static list but you can manually updatelist membership of a dynamic list
B. You cannot manually update list membership of a dynamic list but you can manuallyupdate list membership of a static list
C. You can add an action to a dynamic list that will trigger when a prospect is added butyou cannot add an action to trigger on a static list when a prospect is added
D. Dynamic lists are retroactive while a static list cannot be retroactive

Question # 8

What are two benefits of the engagement studio tasting experience?Choose 2 answers

A. Evaluating email template options for the program
B. Visualizing a prospect's possible paths
C. Understandingthe timeline of the program
D. Measuring a specific step's performance

Question # 9

A marketer has 4,000 totalprospects in their account:• 3,000 of which are opted in• 500 of which are opted out• 500 of which are in the Recycle BinWhat would be their Mailable Database usage?

A. 3,000
B. 2,500
C. 4,000
D. 3,500

Question # 10

Form or Form Handler? I want to use progressive profiling to personalize my form.

A. Form Handler
B. Form

Question # 11

Which two requirements must be met in order to have both e Lead end a Contact field syncwith the same Pardot prospect field? Choose 2 answers

A. The Lead and Contact fields must have the same API name.
B. The Pardot field must be mapped to the Salesforce field.
C. The Lead and Contact fields must have the same Salesforce field label.
D. The Pardot field must be a drop-down field.

Question # 12

A designer wants to apply LenoxSoft’s styling to assets in Pardot. Which twoassets canthey control CSS styling for In Pardot?Choose 2 answers

A. Landing pages
B. Form handlers
C. Forms
D. Social posts

Question # 13

Which is NOT a way to assign a custom role to a user?

A. Edit an existing Default Role, and it will automatically convert to a Custom Role.
B. Assign new users to a previously created Custom Roles during the importprocess.
C. Add a batch of existing users to a Custom Role using table actions
D. Add a user to a Custom Role directly from their User Record.

Question # 14

Does an automation rule ever match a prospect more than once?

A. Yes, automation rules run every time.
B. No, an automation rule will only affect a prospect one time
C. An automation rule can match a prospect more than once if you enable Repeat Rule.
D. Otherwise, an automation rule will only affect a prospect one time.

Question # 15

Which standard dashboard shows the total submission across all Pardot landing pages inB2B Marketing Analytics?

A. Pipeline dashboard
B. Engagement dashboard
C. Account-Based Marketing dashboard
D. Multi-Touch Attribution dashboard

Question # 16

Which two actions can be used to change a prospect’s Pardot campaign? (Choose twoanswers.)

A. Create an automation rule tochange Pardot campaign for prospects meeting certaincriteria.
B. Add the prospect to a static list.
C. Create a segmentation rule to change the Pardot campaign for prospects meetingcertain criteria.
D. Manually change the prospect’s Pardot campaign whenediting the prospect record.

Question # 17

Completion Actions are retroactive.

A. True
B. False

Question # 18

How can a prospect's score be changed?

A. Through automation rules.
B. Through scoring model changes.
C. Through completion actions.
D. All of the above.

Question # 19

Why should you set a form to Always Display?

A. To always show the form when someone returns to the page.
B. To get a higher form conversion rate
C. Toprevent spammers from filling out the form
D. To ensure the prospect gets scored and graded.

Question # 20

What feature In Salesforce can be enabled to show landing page engagement data on aSalesforce Campaign page layout?

A. Advanced Dynamic Content
B. Pardot Activities Visualforce page
C. Engagement History
D. B2B Marketing Analytics

Question # 21

What are the key technical items required to set up during implementation?

A. Tracking Code
B. Email Authentication
D. IP Whitelisting
E. Using Custom Fonts

Question # 22

A client wants to submit data to Pardot as well as their own database. What do yourecommend they use?

A. A third party tool
B. This is not possible
C. Pardot API
D. connector
E. Pardot form handlers

Question # 23

What happens to wait when a user paused anengagement studio and the prospect still hastime remaining on the wait period.

A. The wait time is paused and the prospect will finish the remaining wait time when theprogram resumes and process to next step.
B. The wait time continues to process and theprospect will immediately process to nextstep once the remaining wait time is fulfilled.
C. The wait time is paused and the prospect will immediately process to next step whenprogram resumes.
D. The wait time continues to process and the prospect will immediately process to nextstep when program resumes.

Question # 24

Which Salesforce custom fields will sync with Pardot?

A. Custom Record Type fields
B. Custom Prospect fields
C. Custom Account fields
D. Custom Opportunity fields

Question # 25

LenoxSoft wants to create a Pardot landing page that matches the exact look and feel oftheir website. Which method would produce the closest results?

A. Use a stock layout provided in Pardot
B. Use above form and below form content to create the layout
C. Embed the campaign tracking code on theirwebsite
D. Import layout using a URL from their website

Question # 26

What can the GoToWebinar connector do?

A. Register prospects for GoToWebinar events
B. Display how long a prospect watched a webinar
C. Automatically pull in prospects who exist in GoToWebinar but not Pardot
D. Display registrations and attendance as activities
E. Pulls in Pardot emails to use in GoToWebinar

Question # 27

Where would an administrator go to check if the Email Sending Domains are set upproperly after updating the DNS?

A. The Dashboard
B. The Sent Emails Page
C. The System Preferences Page
D. Admin-Domain Management

Question # 28

Arrange the steps to Access a Prospect Record:

A. Select Prospect
B. MouseoverProspects
C. Click Prospect List
D. A B C
E. A C B
F. B C A
G. C A B

Question # 29

You want to track prospects that click on a banner ad. What do you use?

A. Custome redirect
B. Page actions
C. Lead scoring and gradin
D. Completion actions

Question # 30

Where on a prospect record should an administrator look to help determine the reason aprospect is unmailable?

A. Lifecycle and Profile
B. Activities and Audits
C. Activities and Lifecycle
D. Profile and Audits

Question # 31

LenoxSoft needs their form to post directly to a third-party platform as well as Pardot uponsubmission.Which Pardot tool should they use?

A. Dynamic Content
B. Form Handler
C. Custom Redirect
D. PardotForm

Question # 32

Which three activities would make a prospect active?Choose 3 answers

A. Sending an email to their assigned user
B. Submitting a Pardot form
C. Clicking on a custom redirect
D. Opening a Pardot email
E. visiting a Pardot-tracked page

Question # 33

Which of the following can "unmatch" prospects?

A. Automation Rules
B. Dynamic Lists
C. Segmentation Rules

Question # 34

A user creates a copy of Email Template A, makes changes and saves as Email TemplateB. They send a list email using Email Template B. The user finds that Email Template Asreporting metrics are not changing as a result of the new list email send.Why would this occur?

A. An email template's metrics do not change after the template isused one time.
B. Email Template A should have been deleted after creating the copy.
C. The metrics would be attributed to Email Template B.
D. The user should have made Email Template A the primary template.

Question # 35

What Information does the tooltip aboveeach step on the engagement studio programreport provide?

A. High-level metrics only for prospects waiting to complete each step
B. High-level metrics only for prospects who have completed the step
C. High-level metrics only for prospects who left the program at each step
D. High-level metrics only for prospects who have skipped each step

Question # 36

What is Lead Qualification?(select two)

A. The process of determining when a prospect is ready for follow up from your sales team.
B. An automated set of actions thatensures your sales team gets a steady stream ofpurchase-ready prospects.
C. The process of determining when a prospect is ready for follow up from your marketingteam.

Question # 37

What are 2 ways to define a user's role?

A. From the list view
B. Through an automation rule
C. During the import process
D. Directly from the user record

Question # 38

A marketerperforms the following actions:• Creates a list and adds three prospects• Deletes one of the three prospects to the Recycle Bin• Deletes the listWhat would happen as a result of these actions?

A. The list is archived to the Recycle Bin and the deleted prospect is restored.
B. The list is not deleted because it contains active prospects.
C. The list and the two remaining prospects are archived to the Recycle Bin.
D. The list is archived to the Recycle Bin, but the two remaining prospects are not deleted.

Question # 39

Form or Form Handler? I need total control over my form's appearance.

A. Form
B. Form Handler

Question # 40

What list email or email template report deliverability metric could indicate an unverifiedsending domain?

A. Forward count
B. Hard bounces
C. Skimmed percentage
D. Total queued

Question # 41

What step type would be used in engagement studio to add prospects to anotherengagement studio program's recipient list?

A. Rule
B. End
C. Trigger
D. Action

Question # 42

How can an admin find the number of mailable prospects in their database?

A. View all Segmentation lists
B. Navigate to the prospect list and select "Mailable Prospects"
C. View the sync queue
D. Navigate to the overview section

Question # 43

What does the Google Analytics connector allow Pardot to do?

A. Update the conversion field in Google Analytics.
B. Sync prospects with Google AdWords.
C. Send emails to prospects from Gmail.
D. Append UTM parameters to a prospect record.

Question # 44

What does the gear icon on the prospect list allowyou to do?

A. Copy
B. Assign
C. Delete
D. Edit

Question # 45

A Marketing Manager wants to send out an email to a list of prospects that are assigned toseveral different sales raps. Some of these prospects are syncing with Leads In Salesforce,and some are syncing with Contacts. Each prospect should receive the email from theirprospects assigned rep.How should the Marketing Manager accomplish this?

A. Select General User for the Sender of the email
B. Select Assigned User for the Sender of the email
C. Select Account Owner for the Sender of the email
D. Select Specified User for the Sender of the email

Question # 46

What editions of Salesforce can sync with Pardot?

A. Enterprise Edition and lower
B. Standard Edition and higher
C. Professional Edition and higher

Question # 47

How can a Prospects score be changed?

A. Segmentation rule
B. Profile
C. Completion Actions
D. Manually

Question # 48

A user needs to change which email template is used in a running engagement program.What is the first step the user must take In order to make this change?

A. Copy the original Engagement Program
B. Change the wait time for the template
C. Delete the old sent email
D. Pause the Program

Question # 49

LenoxSofts marketing manager wants to keep email branding consistent. They want Pardotusers to be able to select this email content when building out engagement studioprograms, one-to-one emails, and autoresponders.How could this goal be achieved?

A. Create and publish an email template
B. Create an email template draft
C. Create an operational email
D. Create a list email draft

Question # 50

A Prospectis a Visitor who has submitted an email address through a form or landing pageon your site.

A. True
B. False

Question # 51

What must be true for a Salesforce Opportunity to sync to Pardot?

A. The Opportunity must have the "Pardot" record type.
B. The Opportunity must be sourced by Pardot marketing activities.
C. The Opportunity must have a Contact Role that is syncing to a prospect in Pardot
D. The Opportunity must be created by a Sales user who is also a user in Pardot.

Question # 52

Which two Salesforce features allow a view of a prospect's Pardot landing pagesubmission activity on the syncing contact?Choose 2 answers

A. Pardot landing pages related list section
B. Engagement History component
C. Pardot Activities Visualforce page
D. Salesforce Activities section

Question # 53

Which two events allow for a prospect’s Pardot campaign to be set? (Choose twoanswers.)

A. When new prospects are imported into Pardot via a .csv file.
B. When the Google Analytics connector is enabled within Pardot, which will associateprospects with third-party campaigns.
C. When prospects are added to a static list.
D. When a profile is associated with the prospects.

Question # 54

What is required for a record in salesforce to be synced orcreated as a prospect record inPardot?

A. Name
B. Company
C. Phone
D. Email address

Question # 55

Form or Form Handler? I need data de-duplication in the CRM.

A. Form
B. Form Handler

Question # 56

A prospect with aPardot score over 100 can view and opt out of a list on the Pardot EmailPreference Center. The following month, the prospect's score falls below 100, so they areremoved from the list and can no longer view that list on the Email Preference Center.Whichtwo characteristics must be true of that list?Choose 2 answers

A. It is a Static List
B. It is a Dynamic List
C. It is a CRM Visible List
D. It is a Public List

Question # 57

What does Pardot sync first with Salesforce?

A. Contacts
B. Leads

Question # 58

What type of fields are not supported by the Pardot sync?

A. Record Type fields
B. Formula fields
C. Number fields
D. Geolocation fields
E. Text Area (rich)fields

Question # 59

How can you send an automated email to a prospect after they fill out a form?

A. Using an Automation Rule
B. Using aCompletion Action
C. None of the above
D. Using a Segmentation Rule

Question # 60

Your client wants to filter out their own IP address that is currently skewing their results.What do you recommend they use?

A. An Automation Rule
B. Add rules to the Pardot tracking code.
C. Completion Actions with a filter
D. Visitor Filters

Question # 61

A new Lead record is created in Salesforce without an automatically email address and theSalesforce connector is set to automatically create prospects In Pardot.What action will occur in Pardot?

A. A new visitor record will be created.
B. A new Account will be created.
C. No new record will be created.
D. A newprospect record will be created.

Question # 62

What activities are completion actions available for?

A. Custom Redirects
B. Emails
C. Forms
D. Automation rules
E. Files
F. Page actions

Question # 63

What type of Information do rule step types look for in engagement studio programs?

A. Prospect Interest
B. Prospect behavior
C. Prospect activity
D. Prospect criteria

Question # 64

A marketing user wants to test two similar versions of an email to seewhich one performsbetter.How should they run this test?

A. Send one version to the list now, another to the same list later, and then compare theresults to determine a winner based on clicks or opens.
B. Set up an A/B test that automatically sends thetwo versions to a single list and thendetermines a winner based on event signups.
C. Send the two versions to two different lists, and then compare the results to determine awinner based on clicks or opens.
D. Set up an A/B test that automatically sendsthe two versions to a single list and thendetermines a winner based on clicks or opens.

Question # 65

What variable tag must be included in an email to allow prospects to manage their emailpreferences?

A. %%opt_out%% or %%email_preference_center%%
B. %%unsubscribe %% or %% email_preference_ center %%
C. %%opt_out%% report_spam %%
D. %%unsubscribe % or %% opt_out %%

Question # 66

A user wants to send an email to a prospect when a form is submitted and a specific fieldvalueis selected on that form.What automation tool could they use to accomplish this?

A. A completion action on the form submission
B. A dynamic list used to send list emails using the email template
C. An automation rule with a Match All match type
D. Anautomation rule with a Match Any match type

Question # 67

How can you preview/test matches for automation rules before you run them?

A. Run the automation rule to see how many matches there are.
B. Use the automation preview option.
C. Create a list and see how many prospects are affected. You can preview which prospects will be matches by your Automation Rules. After creating or editing your rules, click the Preview button while the rules are in Paused mode. You will receive an email notification when the preview is finished or you can wait on the page for it to finish in real-time (this is very fast for most rules — often under a minute). The preview will tell you how many prospects will be matched. If you adjust criteria on existing automation rules, please note that automation previews will identify only prospects who have not already had the rule's actions applied to them.

Question # 68

What does Pardot set on visitors' browsers to track their activities?

A. UTM Parameters
B. Tracking Pixels
C. Cookies
D. Google Analytics Tracking Code

Question # 69

None of the aboveEmail, First Name, and Last Name are required fields in order for GoToWebinar to registera new user to an event.

A. True
B. False

Question # 70

A marketing user wants to send an email template to a prospect list, but the specific emailtemplate Isn't available to choose when sanding a new list email.How should the user resolve this Issue?

A. Edit the list to be available for "Email Sanding"
B. Edit the email template to make it available for "List Emails"
C. Edit the list to be available for "Email Templates"
D. Edit the email template and choose the appropriate list

Question # 71

How could a visitor convert to a prospect?

A. Download an eBook
B. Open a Pardot email
C. Submit a Pardot form
D. Watch avideo hosted in Wistia

Question # 72

What do spam complaints refer to in an email report?

A. The number of prospects who clicked the unsubscribe link
B. The number of prospects who replied to the email to ask to be removed
C. The number of prospects who opted out via the email preference center
D. The number of prospects who marked an email as spam

Question # 73

A user edits a running and non-repeating engagement studio program by pausing it andadding a new Send Email step at the beginning of the program.Which prospects will process through the new step once the program is started again?

A. All prospects on the recipient list
B. All prospects in the program
C. All prospects new to the program
D. All prospects on the suppression list

Question # 74

False19. Which of these are default userroles?

A. Administrator
B. Admin Vacation
C. Marketing
D. Sales Manager
E. Sales Manager's Assistant
F. Sales User

Question # 75

The baseline grade will show on the prospect profile at all times.

A. True
B. False

Question # 76

A custom redirect has a completion action to add a tag of “clicked” to all prospects that clickit. An unknown visitor clicks on the link and then fills out the form as Bob. A prospect alsoclicks on the link and fills out a form as Kate.Which three things willaffect the prospect records based on these activities? (Choose threeanswers.)

A. Bob’s prospect record will have a tag of “clicked” applied to it.
B. Bob’s prospect record will show him clicking on the link and filling out the form.
C. Kate’s prospect record will show her clicking on the link and filling out the form.
D. Kate’s prospect record will have a tag of “clicked” applied to it.
E. Bob’s visitor record will have a tag of “clicked” applied to it.

Question # 77

A user creates and resumes a new automation rule.Which two statements are true about that rule?Choose 2 answers

A. The rule will run once andmust be re-run for prospects to match again.
B. The rule will continuously look for prospects who match the criteria.
C. The rule will evaluate their entire prospect database for matches.
D. The rule will unmatch prospects that no longer match thecriteria.

Question # 78

When do prospects sync to your CRM?

A. When the prospect fills out a form on a landing page
B. When a prospect has been assigned to a user or queue.
C. When the prospect has a lead score greater than 50
D. When the prospect visits a landing page
E. When a prospect is created manually in the Pardot database.

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