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Salesforce Advanced Cross Channel Accredited Professional Exam Dumps April 2024

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What is Salesforce Advanced-Cross-Channel?

Salesforce Advanced-Cross-Channel is a necessary certification exam to get certified. The certification is a reward to the deserving candidate with perfect results. The Accredited Professional Certification Certification validates a candidate's expertise to work with Salesforce. In this fast-paced world, a certification is the quickest way to gain your employer's approval. Try your luck in passing the Salesforce Advanced Cross Channel Accredited Professional Exam Exam and becoming a certified professional today. is always eager to extend a helping hand by providing approved and accepted Salesforce Advanced-Cross-Channel Practice Questions. Passing Salesforce Advanced Cross Channel Accredited Professional Exam will be your ticket to a better future!

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Salesforce Advanced-Cross-Channel Sample Questions

Question # 1

To what types of objects can you do a quick send in distributed marketing, Select multiple 

A. Lead 
B. Contact. 
C. Person account, (opportunities, Quick send message records) 

Question # 2

How does Marketing cloud connect help when you want to trigger journey when a record is created in sales cloud contact, Select 2. 

A. Sales cloud entry audience in journey builder 
B. Use a api to trigger journey directly from ecom site and use email address as subscriber key.
 C. Use an api to create record in sales cloud directly from the ecom site 
D. Use synchronized de, query to a sendable DE and use automation studio schedule to inject contact every 15 mins 

Question # 3

What is true for behavioral triggers. Multiple select. 

A. they cannot be modified 
B. need collect tracking code 
C. need catalog data 

Question # 4

Where would you set a threshold limit in social studio 

A. enterprise admin settings 
B. workspace settings 
C. tab in engage 
D. column in engage 

Question # 5

How does real time interaction management (RTM) in IS help marketer to provide personalized content to user, Select multiple 

A. Orchestration 
B. Data aggregation 
C. Unified customer profile

Question # 6

how many activities recommended in a journey canvas.(150-200) 

A. 10 
B. 50 
C. 100 
D. 300 

Question # 7

What is true about Inbox message: 

A. It can open any public url also and not only cloud page 
B. Device owns the message not the contact. 
C. Contact owns the message not the device. 
D. Alert+inbox consume 1 supermessage. 

Question # 8

In social studio how many columns are used in a engage tab (max 30 tabs in a engage, no limit for columns in each tab) and each column contains max 50 accounts) 

A. 50
 B. 100 
C. 15 
D. No limit 

Question # 9

What can be recommended in Einstein web recommendations: select 3 (Home, Product; Category, Cart, Conversion Pages) 

A. Product 
B. Content 
C. banner 

Question # 10

Difference between inbox message and in app message. 

A. Inbox message is displayed and stored in device in app message is displayed only 1 time 
B. Inbox message is displayed once but in app message is displayed repeatedly 
C. Inbox messages can be used only in los whereas in app message can also be used in android 

Question # 11

How often is the model refreshed for Einstein engagement frequency(uses 2Sday& data)- weekly 

A. hourly 
B. daily 
C. monthly 
D. Biweekly 

Question # 12

Where would you add a topic profile 

A. Social studio automate 
B. Admin settings 
C. Workspace settings 
D. Social studio engage

Salesforce Advanced-Cross-Channel Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Advanced-Cross-Channel Salesforce Exam?
The Advanced-Cross-Channel Salesforce Exam is a certification that validates your knowledge and skills in cross-channel marketing strategies within the Salesforce platform.
Why should I consider getting the Advanced-Cross-Channel Salesforce Certification?
This certification demonstrates your expertise in cross-channel marketing, making you a valuable asset to organizations looking to maximize their marketing efforts.
How can I prepare for the Advanced-Cross-Channel Salesforce Exam?
You can prepare by taking online courses, studying official Salesforce documentation, and practicing with sample questions and scenarios.
How many questions are there in the exam, and what's the passing score?
The exam typically consists of around 60 multiple-choice questions, and the passing score is usually 65%.
Is there a time limit for completing the exam?
Yes, you usually have 105 minutes to complete the exam.
Is there a difference between the Advanced-Cross-Channel Salesforce Exam and other Salesforce Marketing Cloud certifications?
Yes, this exam specifically focuses on cross-channel marketing, while other certifications may cover different aspects of Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
What is the format of the exam questions?
Most questions are multiple-choice, but there might be some scenario-based questions as well.
How can I prepare for the Advanced-Cross-Channel Salesforce Exam?
You can prepare by taking online courses, studying official Salesforce documentation, and practicing with sample questions and scenarios.
What is, and what do you offer? is a platform that provides a wide range of practice tests and study materials for the Advanced-Cross-Channel Salesforce Exam.
Why should I use practice tests from
Our practice tests are designed to help you prepare effectively for the Advanced-Cross-Channel Salesforce Exam by simulating real exam conditions and covering key topics.
How can I access the Advanced-Cross-Channel practice tests on your website?
To access our practice tests, you can simply visit our website and choose the Advanced-Cross-Channel Salesforce Exam category.
What types of questions can I expect in the Advanced-Cross-Channel practice tests?
Our practice tests include a variety of multiple-choice questions, scenario-based questions, and questions covering different aspects of cross-channel marketing.
Do you offer any free sample questions or demos?
Yes, you can find free sample questions on our website to get a feel for the quality of our practice tests.
Is there a money-back guarantee if I'm not satisfied with the practice tests?
We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not happy with your purchase, please contact our customer support team.
Are there any discounts or bundles available for purchasing multiple practice tests?
Yes, we often offer discounts and bundles for multiple practice test purchases. Check our website for current offers.
How do I track my progress while using the practice tests?
We provide detailed score reports and performance analytics to help you track your progress and identify areas for improvement.
Do you offer customer support if I have questions or issues while using the practice tests?
Absolutely! Our customer support team is here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.
Is my personal information secure when making a purchase on your website?
We take your privacy and security seriously. Our website uses secure encryption methods to protect your information during transactions.
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