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Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant Exam (WI24) Dumps April 2024

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Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

A private school's advancement office is looking for a fundraising solution that will creategiving pages, process online donations and easily integrate with Salesforce.Which solution should the consultant recommend?

A. Pathways
B. Experience Cloud
C. Elevate
D. Accounting Subledger

Question # 2

Career Services uses a separate event management system for its employment events’attendance and registration, and MarketingCloud to promote the event. It wants to integrate student data in Salesforce to identifyengaged prospects by matching them with event attendance, career interest, and creditcompletion toward an academic major.Which integration direction should the consultant recommend?

A. Two-way integration between the event system and Marketing Cloud
B. One-way integration between Marketing Cloud and the event system
C. Two-way integration between the event system and Salesforce

Question # 3

The Undergraduate Admissions office needs to track new students and their current courseof study.Which Education Data Architecture (EDA) object should the consultant use to meet therequirement?

A. Program Enrollment
B. Education History
C. Contact Role

Question # 4

A consultant is working with a university that uses Salesforce and wants to install theEducation Data Architecture (EDA) in that environment.What does the consultant need to do after installing EDA to ensure it is set up correctly?

A. Assign EDA layouts to the Cases object.
B. Assign EDA access to a cloned System Admin profile.
C. Make the EDA record types available to profiles.
D. Create and assign roles to all users who have access to EDA.

Question # 5

An elementary school plans to implement the K-12 Architecture Kit in a new org. Theschool wants to be able to send SMS messages to parents.Which solution should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement?

A. Marketing Cloud
B. App on the AppExchange
C. Education Data Architecture

Question # 6

The Advancement office wants to replace its legacy system with Salesforce and has hireda consultant to help build a CRM strategy.Which recommendation should the consultant make to meet this requirement?

A. Implement Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).
B. Start solution design during a discovery session.
C. Prioritize the organization's initiatives.

Question # 7

The Alumni Relations department wants to track alumni and its chapter memberships. Thedepartment wants to easily see thePrimary Chapter on the Contact record. The system admin prefers to use the standardfeatures that are available with Education DataArchitecture (EDA).Which step should the consultant take to meet this requirement?

A. Create an Affiliation mapping to the Primary Chapter field in EDA Settings.
B. Create an Affiliation record type for Alumni Chapter and a custom field for the PrimaryChapter on the Contact record.
C. Create a custom picklist value for Alumni Chapter on the Affiliation object.

Question # 8

A college is experiencing a disconnect between the Advancement and Financedepartments which causes a delay in the allocation of donations. The college wants tosynchronize fundraising data between these two offices.Which solution should a consultant recommend?

A. Financial Services Cloud
B. Payment Services
C. Accounting Subledger

Question # 9

The Admissions office sends 25 email 10 students slarty. The Director of needs to managecohorts of prospective students and automate personalized emails.Which two solutions should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement?Choose 2 answers

A. Journey Builder
B. Salesforce Campaigns
C. Datarama
D. Salesforce Inbox

Question # 10

A primary school has switched to remote learning and wants to track student well-being,technology needs, and various family situations needing attention.Which Education Cloud solution meets this requirement?

A. Student Success Hub
B. Pathways
C. K-12 Architecture Kit
D. Admissions Connect

Question # 11

A university's Alumni Relations office is replacing its legacy system with Salesforce. Theconsultant needs to load a large volume ofalumni Contact records into a new Salesforce environment.Which action should the consultant take?

A. Set the Account and Contact's sharing to Public Read/Write before the data load.
B. Set the Account and Contact's sharing to Private before the data load.
C. Load record owners after the Account and Contact data load Is complete.

Question # 12

A university plans to use Salesforce for its recruitment and admissions process and needsto integrate it with the Student Information System (SIS).Which step should the consultant take initially?

A. Disable Trigger Handler records.
B. Define the process.
C. Use the Data Import Wizard.

Question # 13

The IT administrator at a university would like to understand the Table-Driven TriggerManagement (TDTM) framework in the Education Data Architecture (EDA).What is a benefit the consultant should discuss with the client?

A. TDTM prevents custom triggers.
B. TDTM mitigates data skew.
C. TDTM controls the order in which operations execute.

Question # 14

An Advancement office is evaluating the automation capabilities of the Education DataArchitecture (EDA). The office needs to be able to identify inactive addresses and havethem sync to the contact record.How should the consultant meet this requirement?

A. Set the inactive address on the Contact record through integration.
B. Select the "Inactive" checkbox on the Address record.
C. Develop a custom trigger to update the Contact record.

Question # 15

A university is working with a consultant to install and configure the Education DataArchitecture (EDA). The university uses the Default Account Model. The university wantsaccounts to include the first and last name of each contact at the time the contact iscreated.Which action should the consultant take in EDA Settings to meet this requirement?

A. Select the Run Backfill button.
B. Edit Administrative Account Name Format.
C. Set the Account Model to Household.

Question # 16

A university's IT department is setting up an integration between the student informationsystem (SIS) and the Education Data Architecture (EDA). The SIS integration will sendstudents' academic major, status, and dates.Which Salesforce object should this be mapped to?

A. Course Connection
B. Education History
C. A Program Enrollment

Question # 17

The Financial Aid department of a college uses Student Success Hub. Students need theability to schedule an appointment with any financial aid advisor.Which object should the consultant configure in Student Success Hub to meet thisrequirement?

A. Advising Pools
B. Public Groups
C. EDA Relationships

Question # 18

A school wants to use the K-12 Architecture Kit to track elementary students and theirparents. Which consideration about the K-12 Architecture Kit should the consultant discusswith the school?

A. It requires Experience Cloud.
B. It is built on the Education Data Architecture.
C. It is built on Nonprofit Success Pack.

Question # 19

Where can a customer access the open-source common sprint project code repositories?

A. Trailblazer Community
B. Partner Community
C. GitHub

Question # 20

University Investment Services (UIS) is an internal department that manages the universityendowment through financial investments. It operates independently of the university andonly works with investment companies and financial institutions. UIS is interested in a CRMthat will track investment companies, its company Contacts. Leads, Opportunities, andActivities.Which solution should the consultant recommend?

A. Sales Cloud
B. Education Data Architecture
C. Financial Services Cloud

Question # 21

A university is interested in using Student Success Hub and a calendar integration tool to sync student appointments with the faculty advisors' Google accounts. What should the consultant recommend?

A. A third-party app
B. Salesforce Scheduler
C. Einstein Activity Capture

Question # 22

A consultant needs to migrate international students' contact and address information to aSalesforce Education Data Architecture (EDA) environment with the State and CountryPicklist feature enabled.What should the consultant confirm before migrating the data?

A. Contact Multi-Addresses Enabled is checked.
B. All state and country values are ISO-3166 values.
C. Every contact has a state and country value.

Question # 23

A consultant is writing an Apex class to run when a new Contact is created in a Salesforceenvironment where Education Data Architecture (EDA) is in use.What should the consultant do to ensure the code executes in the order intended?

A. Write an Apex trigger to set the order of execution.
B. Go to EDA Settings to set the order of execution.
C. Use Table-Driven Trigger Management (TDTM) to set the order of execution.

Question # 24

The Advancement office is replacing its old CRM system with Salesforce.After creating its technology roadmap and fundraising timeline, the new Salesforceenvironment may go live during a major capital fundraising campaign.Which critical factor should the consultant identify?

A. Resource availability
B. Technical complexity
C. Staff cross-training
D. Cost of the implementation

Question # 25

A primary school will implement Student Success Hub to support student needs from K-12.The school primarily needs to track students' families and communicate with the parents onissues. Which default account model should the consultant recommend?

A. Standard Account Model
B. Household Account Model
C. Administrative Account Model

Question # 26

A university needs to track details about a student's registration in an academic program orcourse of study, including information about registration dates, status, and credits earned.Which object in the Education Data Architecture (EDA) contains this type of summaryacademic data?

A. Course Offering
B. Program Enrollment
C. Program Plan

Question # 27

The School of Engineering is interested in a Salesforce email marketing tool that scoresemail activity from campaigns and mass communications, as well as individual emails sentfrom recruiters. Recruiters want the flexibility to send emails from their Outlook account orfrom Salesforce. The marketing director wants recruiters to use branded email templates.Which solution should the consultant recommend?

A. Email Studio and Salesforce Inbox
B. Account Engagement and Salesforce Engage
C. Account Engagement and Salesforce Inbox

Question # 28

A university uses the Education Data Architecture (EDA) to manage its prospective andcurrent students. The student Contact Mailing Address fields and records are populated inSalesforce through an integration with an external system.What should the consultant recommend?

A. Disable address-related Trigger Handler records.
B. Disable all EDA and custom Trigger Handler records.
C. Set record-level trigger firing based on the Account record type.
D. Set the Default Account Model to Administrative.

Question # 29

A university is interested in the Student Success Hub Tableau Accelerator. Which objectshould the consultant recommend to ensure there is data?

A. Behavior Incident
B. Appointment Attendee
C. Availability Topic

Question # 30

A system admin plans to load data into Salesforce in the following order. Team, Course,Course offering, and Account.What should the consultant discuss with the system admin?

A. Account is a required field for Team.
B. There is a risk of account data skew.
C. There is a risk of lookup data skew.

Question # 31

A partner wants to self-certify that its app complies with Education Data Architecture (EDA)readiness. The partner needs to certify that its solution is compatible with EDA, or if itduplicates EDA functionality, that it is properly documented and abides by conventions forkey EDA objects.What are two key objects used with EDA?Choose 2 answers.

A. Opportunity
B. Affiliation
C. Account
D. Attribute

Question # 32

A law school wants a recruitment and admissions system with a multichannel marketingtool, Admission officers want an application portal they can brand. Marketers want anintegrated social listening tool.Which solution set should the consultant recommend?

A. Education Cloud, MuleSoft, Anypoint Platform, Pardot
B. Education Cloud, Elevate, Experience Cloud
C. Education Cloud, Experience Cloud, Marketing Cloud
D. Education Cloud, Nonprofit Cloud, Marketing Cloud

Question # 33

A university plans to implement Salesforce. The project lead is drafting a communication plan and has asked the consultant to provide examples of communications to send after implementation.Which two communication examples should a consultant recommend?Choose 2 answers

A. User contest
B. Post go-live recap
C. Teaser email
D. Project sponsor profile

Question # 34

An elementary school wants to implement an out-of-the-box solution to track enrollments by grade.Which solution should the consultant recommend?

A. K-12 Architecture Kit
B. Nonprofit Success Pack
C. Education Data Architecture
D. Program Management Module

Question # 35

The Student Services department wants a way for students and advisors to pictureacademic options more clearly and visualize degree requirements.Which two components should the consultant recommend to meet their needs?Choose 2 answers

A. Success Plans
B. Path
C. Pathways
D. Plan Requirements

Question # 36

An elementary school district has evaluated Nonprofit Success Pack and now wants toevaluate the K-12 Architecture Kit.Which action should the consultant take?

A. Install the K-12 Architecture Kit from the AppExchange.
B. Start a new K-12 Architecture Kit trial.
C. Make K-12 Architecture Kit record types available to profiles.
D. Install the K-12 Architecture Kit from GitHub.

Question # 37

A school for continuing education needs to track program costs within its budget and related revenue streams each program brings to the school. Which Salesforce solution should the consultant consider?

A. Accounting Subledger
B. Program Management Module
C. Grants Management

Question # 38

How should a consultant document risk for a customer in an Education Cloud implementation?

A. Configure an Early Alert to notify stakeholders.
B. Maintain a project health dashboard.
C. Recommend a Center of Excellence.
D. Share Salesforce resources with the customer.

Question # 39

What should a consultant recommend to a university that wants a successful Data Governance committee?

A. Create a Center of Excellence queue.
B. Set up a Salesforce Adoption Dashboard.
C. Refer committee members to Trailhead.
D. Use RACI matrix to define member roles.

Question # 40

The career center at a university plans to use Student Success Hub and is preparing toimport student data.In which order should the data be imported?

A. Course, Course Offering, Program Plan, and Affiliation records
B. Account, Term, Course, and Course Offering records
C. Account, Term, Program Enrollment, and Course records

Question # 41

A university wants to track the Biology 101 class for next semester. The class will be heldon Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:00-4:00 PM in Lecture Hall A. and on Wednesdays andFridays from 1:00-2:30 PM in the adjacent lab facility.Which object in Education Data Architecture (EDA) should a consultant use to meet thisrequirement?

A. Course Offering Schedule
B. Time Block
C. Program Enrollment

Question # 42

A Recruitment department wants to centralize its recruitment efforts and applicationoperations, and engage with students through social channels like WhatsApp.Which solution should the consultant recommend?

A. Slack
B. Admissions Connect
C. Student Success Bots

Question # 43

An institution is experiencing record locking and sharing performance issues in aSalesforce org with the Education Data Architecture (EDA). A consultant notices there aremore than 10,000 child records associated to a single parent record.Which object should the consultant review first?

A. Accounts
B. Relationships
C. Affiliations

Question # 44

University department staff members want to track communication efforts and attendancefor the annual commencement ceremony. They need to report on the engagement resultsof different types of communication methods (email, printed invitations, and so forth).Which of these features should the consultant recommend?

A. Campaign Member Status
B. Salesforce Inbox
C. Campaign Influence

Question # 45

A community college would like to use Admissions Connect and automatically admit applicants if they meet certain criteria. What should the consultant do?

A. Create a new flow.
B. Activate the ApplicantCommunityHomePageController Apex class.
C. Leverage the existing flow Sample: Application Auto Admit.

Question # 46

What is the correct order of operations to ensure customer success in an Education Cloud implementation?

A. Document Current State, Conduct Discovery Workshops, Generate Solution Design,Write Test Scripts & Plans, Build Solution & Test, Deploy.
B. Document Current State, Conduct: Discovery Workshops, Write Test Scripts & Plans,Build Solution & Test, Generate Solution Design, Deploy.
C. Conduct Discovery Workshops, Document Current State, Generate Solution Design,Write Test Scripts & Plans, Build Solution & Test, Deploy,
D. Conduct Discovery Workshops, Document Current State, Write Test Scripts Plans,Generate Solution Design, Build Solution & Test, Deploy

Question # 47

Why might key stakeholders participate in a Center of Excellence?

A. It standardizes the data definitions.
B. It ensures data is owned by one group.
C. It ensures feature requests will be implemented.

Question # 48

A university works with business professionals through a continuing education program.Corporate recruiters work with employers to sponsor these programs.Which object should recruiters use to track the progress of sponsorship requests?

A. Campaign
B. Opportunity
C. Program Plan
D. Affiliation

Question # 49

A university wants to improve student retention by developing a tool for students to engageat scale, find answers to common questions and resources, and allow students to interact with student organizations.What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

A. Experience Cloud
B. Pardot Engagement Studio
C. Interaction Studio
D. Einstein Bots

Question # 50

The IT department at a university has asked its consultant to build a Salesforce integration strategy. Which integration consideration should the consultant outline?

A. Data element
B. Salesforce license type
C. Sandbox environment

Question # 51

A university wants a Salesforce solution that manages student applications and applicationreviewer assignments.Which solution should the consultant recommend?

A. Program Management Module
B. Case Management
C. Admissions Connect
D. Student Success Hub

Question # 52

The Executive Education department uses Salesforce to track sales of custom educationprograms to corporations and organizations. The department director needs to know thepipeline of custom programs.How should the consultant meet this business requirement?

A. Create custom report type.
B. Use an Opportunity report.
C. Set up an Affiliations report.
D. Configure a list view.

Question # 53

A college is using Salesforce to support its recruitment and admissions processes. Thecollege will need to have an online application form, automated bot service, and onlineapplication management.Which two solutions should the consultant recommend?Choose 2 answers

A. Third-party form builder app
B. Digital Engagement
C. Interaction Studio
D. Admissions Connect

Question # 54

Staff need to track which requirements must be met for a student application. Which Education Cloud objects should be used?

A. Action Plans
B. Document Checklist Item
C. Application Material Mapping

Question # 55

A school is considering leveraging Student Success Hub.Which operational requirement should the consultant confirm?

A. Einstein Bots must be enabled prior to installing Student Success Hub.
B. Student Success Hub requires Education Data Architecture (EDA).
C. Read, Create and Edit access to Contacts, Accounts, and Cases is required.
D. Student Success Hub requires the K-12 Architecture Kit.

Question # 56

A small college plans to use Salesforce for its student services. A part-time system admin has been working with a program coordinator who has previous Salesforce experience and is eager to work on the project.What should the consultant recommend?

A. The program coordinator should be assigned the System Admin profile.
B. The program coordinator's role should be on top of the role hierarchy.
C. The program coordinator should be a Salesforce power user.

Question # 57

College advisors want assistance proactively identifying student issues as they arise.Which functionality in Student Success Hub should the consultant recommend?

A. Advising Events
B. Mass Actions
C. Early Alerts
D. Success Plans

Question # 58

An institution wants to consolidate efforts to track online engagement for its annual GivingDay on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.Which solution meets this requirement?

A. Campaign Influence
B. Salesforce Inbox
C. Marketing Cloud

Question # 59

Where can a customer find more information on Salesforce open-source and communitysprint information?

B. Trailblazer Community
C. Partner Community

Question # 60

The Undergraduate Advising department plans to implement Student Success Hub andPathways in a new org. The system admin wants to use the recommended setup forexternal users.Which security setting should the consultant configure?

A. Create an Account sharing rule to provide Read access based on record type.
B. Create a Program Plan sharing rule to provide Read access based on record type.
C. Change the default Program Plan sharing setting to Private.

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Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant exam, and who should consider taking it?
The Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant exam is a certification exam offered by Salesforce for professionals looking to demonstrate their expertise in implementing Education Cloud solutions. It's ideal for individuals working in the education sector or those involved in Salesforce implementations for educational institutions.
What is the passing score for the Education-Cloud-Consultant exam?
The passing score for the Education-Cloud-Consultant exam is typically 65%.
What is, and what services do you provide? is a platform that offers Education-Cloud-Consultant Practice Tests to help individuals prepare for the Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant certification exam. We provide a comprehensive set of practice questions and resources to aid in your exam preparation.
Why should I choose for my Education-Cloud-Consultant exam preparation? offers high-quality practice tests designed to closely mimic the actual Education-Cloud-Consultant exam. Our questions are created by experienced professionals and provide a realistic exam experience to help you succeed.
How can I access the Education-Cloud-Consultant Practice Tests on your website?
To access our Education-Cloud-Consultant Practice Tests, simply visit our website and navigate to the relevant section. You can choose from a variety of test packages and purchase the one that suits your needs.
Are the practice questions on up to date and aligned with the latest exam objectives?
Yes, our practice questions are regularly updated to ensure they align with the most current Education-Cloud-Consultant exam objectives. We strive to provide accurate and relevant content to help you prepare effectively.
What types of questions can I expect in the Education-Cloud-Consultant Practice Tests?
Our practice tests include a mix of multiple-choice questions and scenario-based questions, similar to what you'll encounter in the actual exam. This variety helps you prepare for different question formats.
Do you offer detailed explanations for the answers to the practice questions?
Yes, we provide detailed explanations for each practice question to help you understand the reasoning behind the correct answers. This is a valuable learning resource.
Can I track my progress and performance on
Absolutely! Our platform allows you to track your progress, review your past attempts, and identify areas where you may need additional practice. This helps you focus your study efforts effectively.
Is there a money-back guarantee if I'm not satisfied with the Education-Cloud-Consultant Practice Tests?
We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our practice tests, please refer to our refund policy on the website for more information.
Are there any special discounts or promotions available for purchasing practice test packages?
We occasionally offer special promotions and discounts on our practice test packages. Check our website regularly or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on any ongoing offers.
Is there a time limit for completing the Education-Cloud-Consultant Practice Tests?
Yes, our practice tests often include a time limit per section or for the entire test to simulate real exam conditions. This helps you practice time management skills.
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