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Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant Exam(WI23) Dumps March 2023

Are you tired of looking for a source that'll keep you updated on the Salesforce Certified Education Cloud Consultant Exam(WI23) Exam? Plus, has a collection of affordable, high-quality, and incredibly easy Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant Practice Questions? Well then, you are in luck because just updated them! Get Ready to become a Salesforce Consultant Certified.

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Salesforce Education-Cloud-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

A large university is planning to release a new recruitment and admissions solution usingSalesforce. The university is closely evaluating a launch window in conjunction with thecampus calendar.Where should the university confirm the Salesforce product release dates that could impactthe timeline?

A. Trailhead 
B. Salesforce Trust website 
C. Setup Menu 
D. partner Community 

Question # 2

A university is migrating its legacy system to Salesforce Education Data Architecture (EDA)environment. The existing system groups students by colleges within the university. Thesystem admin has selected the Educational Institution record type in the EDA DefaultAccount Model in EDA setting.Which consideration should the consultant discuss with the university?

A. The recommended default Account record is the Administrative Account record type. 
B. A new Program Enrollment record will automatically be created when a new Contact iscreated. 
C. Multiple address management can only be enabled for the House Account record type. 
D. Contact are private only to Administrative Account record type. 

Question # 3

A university plans to use a sandbox for staff training. Since sandbox environments containpersonal information, the university needs a solution that will keep sensitive informationanonymous.What should the consultant recommend to ensure that student information remainsprivate?

A. Salesforce Data Mask 
B. Formula Fields 
C. Event Monitoring 
D. Salesforce Shield 

Question # 4

Student Services is preparing to migrate student Incident and Incident Resolution data fromits old system to a that uses the Education Data Architecture (EDA).Which two objects should the consultant use?Choose 2 answers.

A. Attribute 
B. Case 
C. Case Comment 
D. Behavior Response 

Question # 5

A consultant is working on an Advisor Link implementation for the undergraduate Advisingdepartments. Advisors must be able to view a student's classes, track milestones, setstudent meetings, and integrate meetings with their Outlook calendar. The Advisingdepartment wants to know which functionality is included with Advisor Link and whether athird-party application is necessary.Which function may require a third-party app?

A. Success Plans 
B. Calendar syncing 
C. Degree visualization 
D. Appointment scheduling 

Question # 6

The International Student Services department manages the needs of international andstudy-abroad students in Salesforce using the Education Data Architecture. The residencehall address information must be associated to the international student Contact andAccount record.What account model should the consultant select?

A. Standard Account 
B. Person Account 
C. Household Account 
D. Administrative Account 

Question # 7

A help desk at a large university wants to track and measure average resolution times andescalations associated with student requests for password resets.Which solution should a consultant recommend?

A. Salesforce Identity 
B. Digital Engagement 
C. Einstein Next Best Action 
D. Service Cloud 

Question # 8

A university has a Study Abroad office that is required to collect student documentationsuch as visa, passport, vaccinations, and other information. The university is using aspreadsheet to manage this information, and wants to track it in Salesforce.Which EDA object should a consultant use to meet this requirement?

A. Program Plan 
B. Success Team 
C. Attribute 
D. Affiliation 

Question # 9

The Alumni Association is interested in using Education Cloud to support its operations.The association track alumni interested board networking activities, and managesfundraising.Which two Education Cloud considerations should the consultant discuss with theAssociation?Choose 2 answers.

A. Configure Relationships to track alumni connections. 
B. Use Grants Management to track alumni scholarships. 
C. Install Insights Platform to understand alumni data. 
D. Leverage a third-party app to support event management. 

Question # 10

A consultant is designing a new Salesforce org that user the Education Data Architecture(EDA) for student service. The College wants to track which classes are taught by teachingassistants.Which EDA object should the consultant use?

A. Course Offering 
B. Course Connection 
C. Term Grade 
D. Program Enrollment 

Question # 11

A large university has a Career Service Center that provides career advice to currentstudents and alumni. Staff provide advice ...... the phone, via email and face-to-face.Students and alumni are served on a first come, first served basis and are rarely assignedto a specific advisor.What should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement?

A. Success Teams 
B. Queue Management 
C. Appointment Scheduling 
D. Assignment Rules 

Question # 12

During the requirements gathering phase, the academic staff stated that students are independent of any Account or Company. The staff requested that the Contact's Accountfield be blank and hidden on the page layout.What is the impact of creating a Contact without a parent Account?

A. Contacts are private only to the record owner, and inaccessible to other users. 
B. Contacts are at risk of ownership data skew, which may result in performance issues. 
C. Contacts will require manually creating a related Affiliation record to enable sharing,adding more complexity. 
D. Contacts are public to all users, potentially sharing sensitive data. 

Question # 13

How should a consultant prepare for a successful Education Cloud discovery session withan institution?

A. Create an Education Cloud storyboard. 
B. List the current challenges in education. 
C. Build the institution's technology roadmap. 
D. Review the institution's strategic plan. 

Question # 14

A university dean wants to refer students for summer engineering internships and requestsa list of people who earned high final scores in the Intro to Civil Engineering class.Which objects should the consultant include in the report?

A. Program Enrollment with Contact 
B. Term Grades with Contact 
C. Education History with Account 
D. Course Connections with Academic Program 

Question # 15

A college wants to create a resource for its Center of Excellence (CoE) where users can vote on suggestions and ...............................What should a consultant create to meet the requirement?

A. Public Group 
B. Success Team 
C. Chatter group 
D. Queue 

Question # 16

A college is interested in best practice and tips on Salesforce date foverance.Which resource should the consultant recommend?

A. IdeaExchange 
B. Trailblazer Community 
C. Partner Community 
D. AppExchange 

Question # 17

A university Alumni Relations office is replacing its legacy system with Salesforce. Theconsultant needs to load a large volume of alumni contact records into a new Salesforceenvironment.Which two actions should the consultant take?

A. Set Account and Contact's to public Read/Write before the data load. 
B. Set Account and Contact's sharing to private before the data load. 
C. Load record owners after the Account and Contact data load is complete. 
D. Disable all TDTM trigger Handlers before the data load. 

Question # 18

The VP of Development is preparing to visit the university's top supporters. The VP wantsto maximize travel time by prioritizing pledges. that are most likely to close.Which reporting solution should the consultant recommend?

A. Salesforce Maps 
B. Opportunity Funnel Report 
C. Einstein Forecasting 
D. Einstein Opportunity Scoring 

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