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Prepare for your Advanced Administrator Certification Exam (WI23) Dumps March 2023

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Salesforce CRT-211 Sample Questions

Question # 1

When configuring a change set, which two practices should an administrator adhere to in order to ensure a successful deployment to production? Choose 2 answers 

A. Clone a change set to add forgotten dependent components to an uploaded change set. 
B. Add permissions and access settings to outbound change sets in addition to the dependent component list. 
C. Run deployment validations on the change set in the sandbox prior to uploading to production. 
D. When deploying a new record type, ensure the new record type is the only component in the change set. 

Question # 2

An administrator created a new custom object. When trying to upload new records to the custom object using. Date Loader, they are unable to see the new custom object in the list of available objects. What should the administrator do to resolve the issue? 

A. Assign a permission set to give them access to the new object. 
B. Check the Field-Level Security of the new custom object’s Name field. 
C. Ensure Allow Sharing is checked on the custom object. 
D. Confirm the object us marked as deployed and not in development. 

Question # 3

AW Computers has enabled the feature for Contact to multiple Accounts. A rep is trying to remove the primary Account from a Contact but Is unable to do so. The administrator has already updated the page layout to no longer require an Account. What could be the issue?

A. A primary Account relationship Is required on a Contact regardless of the page layout settings. 
B. The Contact has Indirect relationships to other Accounts. 
C. The Account Contact relationship record needs to be deleted first In order to disassociate Contact from the Account. 
D. Private Contacts need to be enabled in Setup. 

Question # 4

Sales reps at AW Computing hove been reporting that contact phone numbers sometimes revert book to on old value after being updated. What should the administrator do to resolve this issue? 

A. Schedule Apex jobs. 
B. Delete all workflow rules. 
C. Add an invocable process. 
D. Consolidate automation tools. 

Question # 5

Cloud Kicks needs to track government-issued identification numbers for its customers. The security team requires that the identification number cannot changed by users and must be masked when displayed, except the last two digits. Which two recommended configurators should administrator create? Choose 2 answers 

A. Use a field with Classic Encryption. 
B. Enable Shield Platform Encryption. 
C. Configure a Field Encryption Policy 
D. SetRead-Only Field-Level Security in the user Profile 

Question # 6

AW Computing has a 4-hour SLA in its support guarantee. The company recently received feed that customers art reporting long wait times before an agent responds to a new case after it has been submitted. How should an administrator ensure cases are properly prioritized? 

A. Auto-Response Rules 
B. Escalation Rules 
C. Assignment Rules
D. Workflow Rules 

Question # 7

The distributors at Cloud Kicks are eligible for support based on a specific service contractHow should the administrator show this in Salesforce? 

A. Use entitlement management. 
B. Add a service contract to the record. 
C. Turn on Service Cloud. 
D. Build a new custom object. 

Question # 8

The Cloud Kicks online Lead Intake form was recently updated to allow for new choices on some older picklist fields. The leads are all being created properly in Salesforce, but reps are getting errors as they try to work the leads. What tool should the administrator use to evaluate what is causing the errors? 

A. Login History 
B. Debug Log 
C. Setup Audit Log 
D. Record History 

Question # 9

Cloud Kicks (CK) typically sells Its products direct to consumer and tracks sales using the Order object In Salesforce. The head of sales has now decided that CK will also sell to retail locations for resale. The administrator wants to leverage opportunities and opportunity products for these new deals. What should the administrator do to track accurate sales data on opportunities? 

A. Create new Products with the new retail pricing. 
B. Add a new Order Process for Orders generated from opportunities. 
C. Create a new Price Book for the new retail pricing. 
D. Add a required lookup field from the Order to the opportunity.

Question # 10

When should an administrator apply a permission set to a user or group of users versus configuring the user’s profile with the necessary access? 

A. When a user is part of a team with an assigned profile that covers the majority of their needs but requires just a little less access than the rest of their team. 
B. When a user is part of a team with an assigned profile that covers the majority of their needs but requires more access than the rest of their team. 
C. When an organization’s sharing model is too broad and they need to restrict access beyond what their sharing model and existing profiles provide. 
D. When an organization has opted out of using the standard profiles and created custom profiles.

Question # 11

The administrator at Cloud Kicks (CK) is troubleshooting why users are missing expected email alerts from an automated process. The investigation shows that CK is hitting its daily limit. What should the administrator review to resolve the issue? 

A. Email Logs
 B. HTML Email Status Report 
C. Notification Delivery Settings 
D. Outbound Messages 

Question # 12

A previous consultant helped Universal Containers automate many of its business processes. The administrator changed the email address on the consultant's user record and deactivated it. The consultant called to say they continue to get email messages from failed flows and processes. What steps should the administrator perform to stop the fault messages from going to the consultant?

A. Create a custom metadata type and associate the LastModifiedBy field. Write a flow that updates the field in any flows or processes equal to the consultant's name. 
B. Request an Email Log from Email Log Files in Setup and filter the request by the consultant's email. Manually update any flows or processes listed on the log. 
C. Set Send Process or Flow Error Email' to Apex Exception Email Recipients' in Automation settings. Add the System Admin's email to the Apex Exception Email page in Setup. 
D. Export Flow Interviews filtered by using Data Loader. In the .csv file, change LastModifiedBy to the System Admin and upload changes with Data Loader.

Question # 13

The salts team at Universal Containers has asked the administrator to build functionality to automatically update the account checkbox field 'Opportunity Created' to checked when at least one related opportunity has been created. What feature should the administrator use to build this functionality? 

A. Screen flow 
B. Workflow rule 
C. Record-triggered flow 
D. Assignment rule 

Question # 14

At Ursa Major Solar, there is a custom object called Galaxy. The sales director wants users to only see certain field market. What Lightning will satisfy this requirement? 

A. Record Detail Component 
B. Fields component 
C. Highlights Panel Component 
D. Path Component 

Question # 15

The sales team at Cloud Kicks is noticing that sales reps are misusing the new Screen Flow tool for data entry, since they are viewed the initial screen after clicking finish. What should the administrator do to fix this? 

A. Use a lightning action to redirect the user 
B. Create a new flow to redirect the user when the other flow finishes. 
C. Add a trigger to redirect the user to a new page. 
D. Update the flow with a local redirect action. 

Question # 16

An administrator created two record types on the Account object: Internal Customers and External Customers. A custom profile called Sales has the External Customers record type assigned. The sharing rules for Accounts arm set to Public Read Only. On occasion. Sales users notice that an Account record has the wrong record type assigned. The administrator has created a screen flow that will change the record type on the user's behalf. What will happen to the Sales user's record access after running this flow? 

A. Read access will be lost to the record. 
B. Edit access will be lost to the record. 
C. Record Access remains the same. 
D. A new record owner will be assigned. 

Question # 17

An auto-response rule sends en email using Template when the field Case Source Is 'email' and Template when Case Source is blank. A Process Builder updates Case Source to 'email' when a case is created using Email-to-Case and to web' when a case Is created using Web-to-Case. Otherwise, Case Source Is blank. What will occur when a case is created from an Incoming email? 

A. Case Source updates to 'email' and an email is sent out using Template2. 
B. An email is sent out using Template and then Case Source updates to email'. 
C. An email la sent out using Template and then Case Source updates to 'email'. 
D. Case Source updates to email and an email Is sent out using Template1. 

Question # 18

The sales agents at DreamHouse Realty have a profile that allows them to import records for a custom object called House. The agents only need to make imports occasionally and typically Import around 100 new records at a time. What tool should the agents use to upload records? 

A. Bulk API 
B. Apex 
C. Date Xmport Wizard 
D. Data Loader 

Question # 19

The administrator at Cloud Kicks is troubleshooting an issue one user is having with a flow. They have decided to add a debug log to that user. What debug log category should be used?

A. Workflow 
B. Callout 
C. System 
D. Database 

Question # 20

At Cloud Kicks, users are able to run reports. However, when users try to export a report, they are taken to a login screen and prompted for additional verification. What is causing this issue? 

A. Users need to update their browser to the latest version. 
B. The users are logged Into an Insecure network. 
C. The users' profile is missing the Export Reports permission. 
D. Exporting Is configured to require a high assurance session. 

Question # 21

Cloud Kicks has an export of Order and Order Item data from an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. The data must be imported into the Salesforce Order and Order Product objects, while maintaining the relationships in the data. What are two ways the administrator should load the data? Choose 2 answers 

A. Use an Upsert operation to load data.
 B. Use an Insert operation to load data. 
C. Replace the Salesforce record ID with the External ID. 
D. Map an External ID data value to the object. 

Question # 22

Administrator has been tasked with creating a new custom field on the Account object called Government Der. The compliance department has determined that this field contains sensitive Information and needs to be encrypted using Classic Encryption. How will this impact users when reading, editing, or reporting on Accounts?

 A. Encrypted fields are unable to be used the report criteria or list views filters. 
B. Users will need the View Encrypted Data permission to edit the field. 
C. Encrypted fields can be added to a list view and rule filters. 
D. Users with the View Encrypted Data permission can see the field, regardless of FieldLevel Security. 

Question # 23

Cloud kicks has received feedback that customers are frustrated with the amount of time it takes to reach a support agent by area of expertise according to product information after a new case has been submitted. Love you too jani Which feature should administrator configure in order to improve the case management process? 

A. Omni-Channel 
B. Escalation Rules 
C. Macros 
D. Knowledge Component 

Question # 24

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) wants to identify customers that need to install a new solar panel monitor system it recently released. UMS tracks the installed products as Asset records that art related to the Account. Sales management has asked the administrator to create a report for users. What is the recommended method for the administrator to meet the requirement?

A. Use PREVGROUPVAL() in Report Builder. 
B. Use Role Hierarchy filter to restrict related records. 
C. Use a Summary report with Bucket Columns. 
D. Use a Cross Filter with WITHOUT logic. 

Question # 25

An administrator has a request to write a report listing accounts that have sales from this year and that have a completed activity in the last 30 days. What reporting feature should the administrator employ to provide only the list of accounts, without listing the details of the opportunities? 

A. Joined Report 
B. Cross-Filter 
C. Summary Report 
D. Filter Logic 

Question # 26

Ursa Major Solar wants to add a chat component to its corporate website, where its service agents can respond directly from Salesforce. What are two considerations the administrator should understand before adding Chat to the Service Console? Choose 2 answers 

A. Chat is unavailable in Lightning Experience if also using Omni-Channel. 
B. Chat can only be added to Standard navigation Lightning apps. 
C. Chat must be routed with Omni-Channel in Lightning Experience. 
D. Chat can only be added to Console navigation Lightning apps. 

Question # 27

Ursa Major Solar offers customers annual service contracts. Account owners should receive an email renewal reminder l month before their customer's planned expiration date. The administrator builds a flow to automate the process, which runs when a record is created, and tests several possible scenarios. What win occur if the expiration date is changed from January 1 of the next year to yesterday? 

A. The flow is unable to run and a flow error message Is sent to the user who Initiates the flow. 
B. The Interview resumes 1 month before the original expiration date and will send the email at that rime. 
C. The Interview is rescheduled based on the expiration date and sends the email on the last day of the current month. 
D. The resume event is recalculated and the email goes out to the account owner immediately. 

Question # 28

AW Computing has a new requirement from its security team where audit information relating to an account must be recorded in a new custom object called Audit. Audit records need to be preserved for 10 years and only accessible by the audit team. What relationship should be used to relate the Audit object to the Account object? 

A. Master-Detail 
B. Lookup 
C. Many-To-Many
 D. Self 

Question # 29

Support staff at Cloud Kicks work on multiple accounts and opportunities at the same time, Currently, they are switching between browser tabs, which is tedious and confusing. Support managers put in a request for a better agent experience. What should an administrator recommend?

A. Create a screen flow to pull all related opportunities onto one page. 
B. Enable Subtab Record Browsing in the Setup menu. 
C. Configure Split Lit Views. 
D. Implement Service Console. 

Question # 30

Northern Trail Outfitters requires the sales user to input a use case before moving the opportunity stage to qualified. A consultant has reviewed the business requirement and ran a report to check the state of data completion. When pulling a report for opportunities in the qualified stage or beyond, it appears that only 30% of records have a use case filled out with varying text strings. What should the administrator recommend? 

A. Write a record-triggered flow that populates the Use Case field when an opportunity is closed. 
B. Create a validation rule and add the Use Case field to the Stage Guidance in Path. 
C. Make the Use Case field required on the master Opportunity layout. 
D. Use a quick action with the Use Case field in the layout, and add it as a Lightning component. 

Question # 31

The administrator at Cloud Kicks has been requested to provide access to the Leads object to a contractor. The contractor currently has a profile that has access to a project management app within Salesforce. The contractor should only have View access to all of the Lead records. What should the administrator handle this request? 

A. Assign a permission set that has View All on Leads. 
B. Add an app with the Leads tab to the user's profile. 
C. Assign the contractor a public group with Lead access. 
D. Create a profile with Read Only for all Leads. 

Question # 32

Cloud Kicks (CK) has introduced its new Alpha Shoe line. Customers create cases from CK's website. Managers receive a report of all cases created last week. Managers would like a way to easily see in the report if the customer refers to the new shoe line in the case subject. How should the system administrator modify thr report meet this request? 

A. Add a cross-filter and a with' sub-filter. 
B. Build a row-level formula. 
C. Change the format to a joined repi 
D. Include a contains filter on Subject. 

Question # 33

On the Contact record, if a contact has the value of 'CEO‘ in the Title field, the administrator wants to require the users to also put a phone number in the Phone field. What formula should the administrator put in the Error Condition Formula of a validation rule to enable this? 

A. Title = 'CEO' && NOT(ISBLANK(Phone)) 
B. Title <> 'CEO' && NOT(ISBLANK(Phone)) 
C. Q Title = 'CEO' && ISBLANK(Phone) 
D. Title <> 'CEO' && ISBLANK(Phone) 

Question # 34

Cloud Kicks has just released a new Process Builder on the Account in production. The end users keep getting error messages that prevent them from completing their updates to the Account. Which three things should the administrator do to resolve this issue? Choose 3 answers 

A. Review the Error Email for the Process Builder and rectify the issues. 
B. Manually make the updates to the Account as the logged-in user. 
C. Deactivate the Process Builder in production. 
D. Have the users refresh the Account page so they get the current Process Builder. 
E. Fix the Process Builder in a sandbox and migrate the change to production. 

Question # 35

Ursa Major Solar allows accounts to apply for loans to purchase solar panrts. Financial information will be stored in a custom object. Only finance team members should see the related financial information about the account. What kind of field should the administrator create in the custom object?

 A. Lookup Relationship
 B. External Relationship 
C. Hierarchical Relationship 
D. Master-Detail Reiatic 

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