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Salesforce ADM-211 Sample Questions

Question # 1

What is true about cross object formula fields? (Select 2) 

A. Fields on Parent can be referred 
B. Fields on Grand Parent can be referred
 C. Fields on Parent can be referred only using lookup
 D. Fields on Grand Parent can only be referred using Master Details 

Question # 2

If you have an email campaign and a telemarketing campaign that both influenced the same opportunity, and you designated the email campaign as the primary campaign source, the campaign statistic s opportunities fields will be populated for the? 

A. Email Campaign 
B. Telemarketing Campaign 
C. Both Campaigns 
D. Blank 

Question # 3

A Sales force object can exist independent of an application. 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 4

What are included in platform? Choose 3 

A. Ideas 
B. App exchange 
C. Ul 
D. Global Trusted infrastructure 

Question # 5

What if million dollar deal and you have to bypass manager and ge t approval from CEO? 

A. An administrator wrote a held update action for a workflow rule on a field that is hidden via Field-Level Security. 
B. When the B. workflow rule triggers, what happens to the data in t he hidden field?
 C. The field will fail to update and remain in its original state. 
D. The field is updated, even though it is hidden. 
E. The field will only update if the rule was triggered by a time-based trigger 

Question # 6

What privileges can be given to delegated administrator? (Select all the apply) 

A. Modify the role hierarchy. 
B. Create and edit users. 
C. Assign users to specified profiles. 
D. Modify profile permissions. 
E. Manage custom objects. 

Question # 7

What are the two questions that you should ask yourself when trying to decide how to set Organization Wide Default permissions for an object? Select all that apply: 

A. Who is the most restricted user? 
B. How often will users change roles? 
C. Who is the least restricted user? 
D. Are there objects that should not be viewed/edited by a user? 
E. All of the Above R None of the Above 

Question # 8

Which statement is TRUE for a master-detail relationship? Select all that apply. 

A. Record access of detail records are controlled by the master record. 
B. A master record and a related detail record can have different owners. 
C. Deleting a master record, also deletes the detail record. 
D. A detail record can be shed using sharing rules

Question # 9

What type of information can be recorded in a debug log? (Select a II that apply)

 A. Workflow 
B. Data Storage 
C. Validation 
D. Database 
E. License 

Question # 10

What element would you use to set an opportunity name variable t o "Product Promotion"? 

A. Record Update 
B. Record Create 
C. Assignment 
D. Decesion 

Question # 11

In Sales force Territory Management a territory hierarchy is different from a role hierarchy in that it grants login access to all users in a territory. 

A. Supports assigning users to multiple territories. 
B. Automatically assigns users to sales teams in the territory. 
C. Gives users in a territory full edit access to all accounts in that territory

Question # 12

What is the fastest way to communicate new release information to your end users? 

A. Feature detail pages 
B. Detailed release notes 
C. Admin preview document 
D. Discover button in application 

Question # 13

What functionality can be used to create a new related record when a user saves a record? 

A. Validation rule. 
B. Work flow rule. 
C. Visual force page. 
D. Apex trigger. 

Question # 14

System admin wants to ensure that any user should not be able to edit the Account of other User. 

A. Remove Edit permission from profile 
B. Set OWD for account as private 
C. Set OWD for account as public read 

Question # 15

What is used to manage Content? Choose 2 

A. Libraries 
B. Directories 
C. Folders 
D. Links 

Question # 16

What should system admin do while changing wide default sharing model? Choose 2 answer 

A. Export all data using data loader 
B. Define a lockout period 
C. Send email to all employees 

Question # 17

What are some differences between Visual Force and S-Controls? Choose the best answer. 

A. Complete control of Ul 
B. Complete control of Ul, easy to create code, more manageable 
C. Client side 
D. All of the above. 

Question # 18

What can be used to reduce the size of Formula field? (Choose 2)

 C. IF 

Question # 19

Personal tags can be viewed by Admins 

A. True 
B. False 

Question # 20

What is a benefit of creating a custom app for users? 

A. Provide users with a place to share and install apps. 
B. Allow users to manage custom objects and tab. 
C. Gives users access to the tabs and records they need. 
D. Differentiates standard and custom objects for users 

Question # 21

Criteria - Based sharing rules cannot be created for which Object? 

A. Accounts
 B. Opportunities
 C. Cases 
D. Solutions 
E. Contacts
 F. Custom objects

Question # 22

How can you measure adoptions beyond just logins? Choose 3 answer. 

A. Decrease Login Session Timeouts 
B. Track how often users are using new features after training sessions, 
C. Run spot checks on Data 
D. Track training sessions in SFDC 

Question # 23

Which are not a capability of a delegated administrator? 

A. Create/ edit users and reset passwords 
B. Create custom fields
 C. Create default sales teams 
D. Create personal groups for users 
E. Create Custom Objects 
F. Assign users to specified profiles 
G. Login as a use r who has granted login access

Question # 24

Which of the following are true for Territory Management? 

A. The ability to use account criteria to expand a private sharing model. 
B. A territory is a collection of accounts and users where the users have at least read access to the accounts 
C. Territory is collection of accounts and contacts. 
D. There can be only one forecast one user which is independent from territory. 
E. Territory Hierarchy is same as Role Hierarchy. 

Question # 25

What are some ways to back up your data? Choose 3 answers. 

A. Data Loader (Export feature) 
B. Full data export or weekly data export 
C. Store your data locally 
D. Run Reports 

Question # 26

What is the sequence of Workflow action? 

A. Don't remember wrong options 
B. Field Update. Task, Email, Outbound Message 

Question # 27

Suri has the "read" permission for the case object on her profile. A criteria-based sharing rule gives her read/write access to product support cases. Will Suri be able to edit. 

A. Yes 
B. No 

Question # 28

When would you use a web app or web controls?

 A. Highly customized Ul or Business logic functionality that cannot be accommodated by SControls 
B. Highly customized Ul or Business logic functionality that cannot be accommodated by Visual Force 
C. Highly customized Ul or Business logic functionality that cannot be accommodated by custom formula fields 
D. Highly customized Ul or Business logic functionality that cannot be accommodated by custom summary fields 

Question # 29

What happens when an administrator create a custom tab for a custom object? {Select all that apply) 

A. The custom object has a home page. 
B. Users can search for records of the customer object. 
C. New records of the custom object can only be accessed from the related list on the parent record. 
D. A custom app containing the custom tab is automatically created. 
E. New records of the custom object can be created from the sidebar.

Question # 30

How many characters a formula field can support (including spaces, return characters, and comments)?

 A. 200 
B. 300 
C. 1900 
D. 3900D. 

Question # 31

What triggers the Big Deal alert? Select all that apply: Choose 2 

A. Opportunity Amount 
B. Closing Date 
C. Sales process stage 
D. Probability Threshold

Question # 32

Tom's account page layout makes the Rating field required, but his field-level security settings make the field read-only. Will Tom be able to edit the Rating field?

 A. Yes 
B. No

Question # 33

What is possible using Content? Choose 3 

A. Publish content to com pany's website 
B. Track Recipient activity 
C. Share content using link with outside your company 
D. Share content inside your organization 

Question # 34

Which deployment tools allow you to manage changes in a source-code control system? (Select all that apply) 

A. Change sets 
C. Migration Tool 

Question # 35

What is true about Idea Comments?

 A. They are used to vote for new functionality 
B. They are used for points 
C. Admin can get emails based on Comments 

Question # 36

On Sales force console if a user want to see more fields in Parent object mini layout while viewing Child Detail Page. 

A. Change Mini Page Layout 
B. Change Page Layout 
C. Change Console Layout 
D. Change Mini Console layout 

Question # 37

How can Tonya enforce that the Region field contains a value regardless of how the lead is created? 

A. Make the Region field universally required. 
B. Make the Region field required on the page layout. 
C. Create a validation rule on the Region Field. 

Question # 38

What is true about Territory Assignment Rule? Choose 2 

A. Rules Run when an Account updated or created via Connect offline 
B. Rule s Run If an account created by Sales force Mobile 
C. Rules Run when duplicate accounts merged. 
D. Rules Run when products updated in Opportunity. 

Question # 39

What is the minimum permission required for a user to be approver of any record? 

A. Read only permission on Object 
B. Modify All permission on profile 
C. View All permission on profile 

Question # 40

What is Data Enrichment? 

A. Identifying and merging duplicate records. 
B. Systematic collection or organization and analysis of data 
C. Creating format consistency, removing bad data, and consolidating resources. 
D. Improving existing data by linking additional data services. 

Question # 41 is multi-tenant. What does this statement mean? 

A. It can share hardware and other infrastructure. 
B. Multiple resources can work on it at the same time. 
C. It can be deployed at multiple locations. 
D. There are multiple features to protect your data. 

Question # 42

When add Time Trigger button is disabled {OR When we cannot add Time Trigger in Workflow)? Choose 3 

A. Every time Record is create d or updated 
B. When Workflow is Active 
C. When Workflow is Inactive 
D. When workflow is Inactive but there is pending action in Queue 

Question # 43

Which is the part of platform. Choose 2 

B. Sandbox 
C. Metadata API 

Question # 44

Which element would you use to route the flow differently based on whether the customer is interested in the product promotion, shipping promotion, or not interested?

 A. Step 
B. Screen 
C. Decision 
D. Assignment 

Question # 45

Which element would you use to determine if the customer is interested in a product or shipping promotion. 

A. Step 
B. Decision 
C. Assignment 
D. Screen 

Question # 46

Identify the advantages of declarative customization. (Select all the apply.) 

A. Enhance security 
B. Ease of upgrades 
C. Ease of maintenance. 
D. No requirements for programming knowledge 
E. Ability to extend beyond standard functionality 

Question # 47

Universal Container has a Time based Workflow on Opportunity which has been deactivated by their system admin. Select which is true. Choose 2 

A. All time based action will be removed from the queue as soon as WF deactivated. 
B. Time Action will be removed from the queue once Opportunity related record is deleted 
C. Time Action will be removed from the queue once Opportunity related record i s updated 
D. Time Action will be removed from the queue once we 

Question # 48

Both a sharing rule and an account team give Jose access to the Dixon Chemical account The sharing rule gives him read access, and the account team gives him read/write access. Will Jose be able to edit the Dixon Chemical account. 

A. Yes 
B. No 

Question # 49

What is Data Management? 

A. Improving existing data by linking additional data services. 
B. Systematic collection or organization and analysis of data 
C. Creating format consistency, removing bad data and consolidating resources. 
D. Identifying and merging duplicate records, 

Question # 50

Universal container wants to implement a system. There are specific unique values that needs to be related to objects. What is best way to implement it? 

A. Create a custom object and create lookup from other object to it . 
B. Create multiple unique pick list values. 

Question # 51

Assuming that the training sandbox will contain approximately 50M B of production data and be refreshed after every training session, which type of sandbox can be used to train users on new functionality that has recently been deployed to production. 

A. Full Sandbox 
B. Configuration-only 
C. Developer Sandbox

Question # 52

When configuring Customizable Forecasting, you can set which of t he following Fore cast Dates for determining which opportunities con tribute to the forecast? 

A. Opportunity Close Date Only 
B. Product D ate Only 
C. Schedule Date Only 
D. Commit Date 
E. Opportunity Close Date, Product Date, Schedule Date 

Question # 53

Universal container wants once a Stage of Opportunity is set to Analysis, in 2 days stage should be flagged as red and notification mall should be sent to CEO. What should be done? 

A. Create a validation rule to stop editing stage after 2 days 
B. Create a Workflow Approval Process to mark stage red 
C. Create a formula field to stop editing after 2 days 
D. Create a workflow time trigger to send an email to CEO after 2 days

Question # 54

An administrator has created a time-based workflow that escalates a Lead record 10 days after it has been created if no updates have occurred. What is the best way for the developer to test that the new time based workflow rule is functioning? 

A. Create a new lead record: view the outbound messages queue 
B. Setup the developer for time-based workflow queue; create a new lead record; view the time-based workflow queue 
C. Create a new lead record; view the time 

Question # 55

Universal Containers like to track Application Bugs within Sales force . The company needs to track the bug's severity, type, status and description. Bugs should be related to Cases, but owner will be different than the owner of the case. How can the Universal Containers administrator meet these requirements? 

A. Create a section on the case page layout 
B. Create a field on cases 
C. Create a custom object for bugs and relate it to cases 

Question # 56

Which function can be used to compare the expression or fields with the list of static values. Choose 2 

A. IS Number 

Question # 57

Who can publish the article on Knowledge? 

A. User with "Manage Article" and CRUD on Article Type 
B. User with Archive Articles in public Group 

Question # 58

What system admin should not do while setting up the Login hours for any profile? 

A. Do not add system admin to that profile 
B. Don't remember wrong options 

Question # 59

Universal Containers require an approval process on Campaigns where campaigns required approving by Area managers. Once the Campaign submitted for approval which of the following is true? 

A. User can update actual cost in campaign after it is submitted for approval. 
B. User can add campaign members after submitted for approval. 
C. Record is lock for editing and none of above option a and b are possible. 
D. None of above. 

Question # 60

Delegated Groups Detail can define which of the following EXCEPT: 

A. Delegated Administrators 
B. User Administration (Roles) 
C. User Administration (Roles and Subordinates) 
D. Profiles 
E. Custom Object Administration 

Question # 61

What records can be cleaned and enriched using {Select all that apply.) 

A. Accounts 
B. Contacts 
C. Opportunities
 D. Campaigns
 E. Leads 

Question # 62

Which tools can be use to reduce the number of existing duplicate records?

A. Merge Wizard
B. Dashboard Pack
C. App Exchange solutions
D. Apex Trigger

Question # 63

Custom Button can be used on 

A. Detail Page layout. Search Layout .List views 
B. Detail Page Layout 
C. Search Layout 
D. List Views 

Question # 64

What can be Alert used for Workflow? 

A. Task Assigning to specific user 
B. Field Update 
C. Opportunity Time Based Escalation 
D. Opportunity Field Update 

Question # 65

When submitting case to IT support of Sales force to get the investigation log of some former employee, what they will not provide? 

A. Encrypted log file 
B. Coaching on how to translate the log file to get information
 C. Password to decrypt the log 

Question # 66

What can be customized in content?(choose 2)

A. Content type
B. Validation rules
C. Page layouts
D. Content Value

Question # 67

What is true about Custom Button?Choose 2

A. It is displayed on right side of standard button
B. It is displayed on top or page layout
C. It is displayed on top and bottom of page layout
D. It is displayed on left side of standard button

Question # 68

What is an S-Control?

A. A custom field that has dependent states
B. A custom web page not hosted by SFDC
C. Another name for a roll up summary
D. None of the above

Question # 69

Where you can see the SFDC release information? Choose 3 

A. App Exchange 
B. Idea Exchange 
C. Success 

Question # 70

What is Site? 

A. A single custom object hosted by Sales 
B. A single custom webpage hosted by Sales force 
C. A single custom web-to-lead form hosted by Sales force
 D. A single custom web-to-lead WSDL not hosted by Sales force 

Question # 71

Communities are not supported by:

A. Partner Portal
B. Customer Portal
C. Self service Portal
D. Internal Sales force user

Question # 72

What metadata components cannot be deployed to another organization using change sets? (Select all that apply) 

A. Approval processes 
B. Custom fields 
C. Page layouts 
D. Assignment rules 
E. Role hierarchy 

Question # 73

Validation rules help in business process for ( Select two)

 A. Validating ranges 
B. Validating data types
 C. Validating Page Layouts 
D. Validating Buttons 

Question # 74

What is not possible using Declarative Programming language? 

A. Create : Create a new Record 
B. Update : Auto Update the fields in the Record with Dynamic Values 
C. Integration : Send Message to external System 
D. Delete ; Delete existing Record 

Question # 75

What is not supported by Content? 

A. Custom Field 
B. Custom Page layout 
C. Validation 
D. Workflow 

Question # 76

By Custom button what all you can call?

 A. VF Controller
 B. Apex Trigger 
C. Apex Class 

Question # 77

What actions occur before a request enters the first approval step? 

A. final approval actions 
B. final rejection actions 
C. Initial submission actions 
D. Step actions

Question # 78

What tools are available to help troubleshoot issues with an approval process? (Select all that apply) 

A. Approval History related list
 B. Visual force Pages 
C. Sales force email logs 
D. Apex triggers 

Question # 79

Which element would you use to wrap up cross-selling and the call? 

A. Step 
B. Screen 
C. Decision 
D. Assignment 

Question # 80

To read or modify Sales force data, a web application requires which Sales force technology? 

A. data loader 
B. Visual force 
C. App Exchange 
D. Web Service API 

Question # 81

What is an example of Web-to-X usage? 

A. Candidates apply to a position directly on a website and their information is stored in Sales force. 
B. You can update your Company's website from Sales force 
C. You can schedule data updates from your website to Sales force. 

Question # 82

Which feature can be enabled in a sandbox? Choose 2 answers. 

A. Case escalation rules 
B. Workflow rules 
C. Opportunity reminders
D. Case assignment rules

Question # 83

When requesting a log analysis for Sales force's information Security department, an administrator will NOT get it. 

A. An encrypted version of the log file. 
B. the User ID of the person being investigated, 
C. coaching on how to create the actual view of information 
D. the password to decrypt the log file in the same document as the log file.

Question # 84

What are some symptoms of a sharing model that is too public? Choose 2 answers. 

A. Dirty Data 
B. Lots of Duplicate Records 
C. Data has been stolen 
D. There are a large number of sharing rules in the organization. 

Question # 85

Which of the following is NOT part of the platform? 

A. App Exchange 
B. Sales force Ideas 
C. User Interface 
D. Global, trusted, secure infrastructure 

Question # 86

Why might it be necessary to override buttons that you remove from the page layout? 

A. To preserve screen real estate 
B. Buttons can't be removed 
C. To prevent users from using hot keys or keyboard shortcuts to access the function of the button 

Question # 87

Which is NOT an option for customizing Sales force Community? 

A. Half-Life 
B. Categories 
C. Customized page layouts 
D. Customized s earch layouts. 

Question # 88

The Web Service API can help an administrator manage data in a Sales force org by.... Choose 3 Answers 

A. allowing the administrator to mass delete more than 250 records at a time 
B. allowing an administrator to perform mass updates to records to clean up duplicate data 
C. giving the administrator a way to perform incremental backups of the data with the APIs data replication method 
D. allows an administrator to mark certain records stored in Sales force 

Question # 89

Which permission is needed to publish a document on Sales force Content? 

A. " Modify All Data" checked on the user's profile 
B. Customize Application" checked on the user's profile 
C. Manage Works paces" checked in the workspace permission definition, or" Modify All Data" check on the user's profile 
D. Manage Workspaces" checked in the workspace permissions definition, or" Add Content" checked in the workspace permission definition

Question # 90

Where is additional information about the Excel-Connector available? 

C. Help & Training 
D. Ideas Exchange 

Question # 91

Which statement is FALSE regarding Visual force? 

A. Developers can create user interfaces for multiple devices 
B. It is only available in Developer, Enterprise, and Unlimited Editions 
C. It helps to complete the model-view-controller pattern for 
D. Visual force pages experience the same performance as standard Sales force pages. 

Question # 92

Which technology is useful for Visual force controller developers to have experience with? choose2

 A. Java 
C. Java Script 
D. Java Server Pages 

Question # 93

When using Sales force Territory Management, Accounts and Users can be in multiple territories, but an Opportunity can only be associated with a single territory. How is an Opportunity assigned to a territory? 

A. To the territory of the user who is a forecast user 
B. To the account's original territory upon initialization 
C. To the territory of t he user that owns the related account
 D. By the intersection of the user's territory and the account territory 

Question # 94

What is the difference between locking an Opportunity with an Approval Process and changing the record type to a page layout with all read-only fields? 

A. When an Opportunity is locked, the submitter can edit it at any time to resubmit the record. 
B. The edit button is disabled and a lock symbol appears on the record if it is submitted to the approval process. 
C. No one can edit the record type with the read only fields and anyone can edit a locked record. 
D. Once de 

Question # 95

Where could a user go to find information on upcoming Sales force product releases? Choose 3 answer 

A. App Exchange 
B. Sales force Ideas 
C. CRM Community 

Question # 96

From which location can an administrator author APEX? Choose 3 answers. 

A. Sandbox org 
B. Productions org
 C. Profile user interface 

Question # 97

File Attachment count towards complimentary data storage. 

A. True
 B. False 

Question # 98

Sales force Territory Management... 

A. Works in parallel with other sharing functionality. 
B. Is based on the characteristics of opportunity records. 
C. Can only be enabled if Customizable Forecasting is disabled. 
D. Does not work when the Organization Wide Default for Accounts is set to Private. 

Question # 99

An administrator would like to compare a field or expression to a list of static values. Which of the following functions should be used?


Question # 100

A company has set the organization wide defaults for all objects to private. Which profile setting would allow a user to access all of the accounts within the organization and ONLY the cases they own? 

A. Public for Accounts 
B. Modify All Data 
C. Read for Accounts 
D. View All for Accounts

Question # 101

Which of the following are Hooks? Choose 3 answers

 A. S-Controls 
B. In-line S-Controls 
C. Custom Links 
D. Web Tabs 

Question # 102

Programmatic features generally consist of hooks and targets. Which of the following are hooks? Choose 2 answers 

A. Apex Trigger 
B. Apex Class 
C. Customer Link 
D. Customer Button 

Question # 103

Which should be used when coding Apex if the code is going to be reused by otherdevelopers?

A. Classes
B. Triggers
C. Global Groups
D. Managed Packages

Question # 104

What is Data Enrichment? 

A. Improving Existing data by linkingadditional data services. 
B. Systematic collection or organization and analysis of data 
C. Creating formatconsistency, removing bad dataand consolidating resources. 
D. Identifying and merging duplicate records. 

Question # 105

What is Data Migration? 

A. Transferring data from one organization to another 
B. Transferring data from your company's website to your Sales force instance 
C. Transferring data from your Sales force instance to your company's website. 

Question # 106

When wouldn't you use APEX? Choose 2 

A. Adding Visual Elements to the Ul (Visual Force) 
B. Add Business Logic that only applies when accessing data through the Ul 
C. Integrating a third party system that does not support web services 
D. Add functionality to an s-Control or Composite Application to process one record at a time 

Question # 107

How does an administrator create an opportunity business process that by passes a sales representative's immediate manager and go es directly to the CEO for approval when a deal is worth more than 1 Million dollars? 

A. Create a workflow rule with a field update that sets the sales representative's immediate manager to be the CEO if the deal is larger than 1 million dollars. 
B. Create an approval process that skips to the CEO approval step if the deal is > $1 million C) 

Question # 108

The Add Time Trigger button is unavailable if which of the following are true? Choose 3 Answers 

A. The rule is activated. 
B. The rule criteria is set to " Every time a record is created or edited" 
C. The rule is deactivated, but has pending actions in the workflow queue 
D. A user defines the time triggers using days or hours as the unit of time 

Question # 109

Which is NOT a place where Sales force Community can be implemented? 

A. Partner Portal 
B. Customer Portal 
C. Self-Service Portal 
D. Inside the Sales force application 

Question # 110

Which of the following use cases for custom buttons? Choose 3 answers. 

A. Perform an action against a list of records 
B. Automate processes 
C. Pre- populate data 
D. Perform a calculation on a report 

Question # 111

The Metadata API allows developers to.... 

A. add data to their Sales force orgs 
B. delete standard fields on customer objects programmatically 
C. create, update and delete custom objects and fields programmatically 
D. perform all the actions listed under Setup through a programmatic interface. 

Question # 112

Which statement is TRUE regarding sandbox? Choose 2 answers 

A. Data and configuration can be pushed from production to sandbox. 
B. Data and configuration is automatically pushed from sandbox to production 
C. There are different types of sandboxes that administrators can access 
D. When data is copied to a sandbox, the email addresses of contacts are automatically changed. 

Question # 113

Which action is possible with Connect for Lotus Notes and Sales force for Outlook?Choose 3 Answers

A. Create accounts in Sales force
B. Synchronize calendar appointments to Sales force
C. Upload email attachments to Sales force
D. Synchronize contacts and tasks to Sales force

Question # 114

Sales force will automatically archive older activities that meet certain criteria (for example, events with due dates greater than 365 da ys). Where does a user go to view these records? 

A. Recycle Bin 
B. Activity history related list 
C. Activities home page view 
D. Storage usage link under Setup 

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