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Salesforce PDII Question Answers

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II (WI23) Dumps March 2023

Are you tired of looking for a source that'll keep you updated on the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II (WI23) Exam? Plus, has a collection of affordable, high-quality, and incredibly easy Salesforce PDII Practice Questions? Well then, you are in luck because just updated them! Get Ready to become a Developers Certified.

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Salesforce PDII is a necessary certification exam to get certified. The certification is a reward to the deserving candidate with perfect results. The Developers Certification validates a candidate's expertise to work with Salesforce. In this fast-paced world, a certification is the quickest way to gain your employer's approval. Try your luck in passing the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II (WI23) Exam and becoming a certified professional today. is always eager to extend a helping hand by providing approved and accepted Salesforce PDII Practice Questions. Passing Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II (WI23) will be your ticket to a better future!

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Salesforce PDII Sample Questions

Question # 1

A. Create a Named Credential, endPoint_NC, to store the endpoint and credentials. 
B. Store the URL of the endpoint in a custom Label named endPointURL. 
C. Use req.setEndpoint(,callcut:endPoint_NC,); within the callout request. 
D. Use req.setEndpoint(Label.endPointURL);. 

Question # 2

A. Use a SOQL for loop to process the data. 
B. Convert the Lis: into a 5tc.
 C. Use Limits.getLimitHeapSize(). 
D. Use a try/catch block to catch the error.

Question # 3

Which code statement includes an Apex method named updateAccount in the class AccountController for use in a Lightning web component?

 A. Import updateAccounts from AccountController’; 
B. Import updateAccounts from @salesforceapexAccountControllerupdateAccounts’; 
C. Import updateAccounts from @salesforceapex AccountController’; 
D. Import updateAccounts from AccountControllerupdateAccount’; 

Question # 4

A developer created a JavaScript library that simplifies the development of repetitive tasks and features and uploaded the library as a static resource called jsutils in Salesforce. Another developer is coding a new Lightning web component (LWC) and wants to leverage the library. Which statement properly loads the static resource within the LWC? 

A. import {jsUtilities} from '@salesforce/reaourceUrljsUtila’; 
B. import jUtilities from ‘@salesforce/reaourceUrljsUtila’; 
C. <lightning-require scripts=N { ! SReaource. j sUtils}’’/> 
D. const jsUtility = SA.get ('SReaource.jsUtils'); 

Question # 5

A developer implemented a custom data table in a Lightning web component with filter functionality. However, users are submitted support tickets about long load times when the filters are changed. The component uses an Apex method that is called to query forecords the selected filters. What should the developer do to improve performance of the component?

A. Use setStorable( ) in the Apex method to store the response in the client-side cache 
B. Return all records into a list when the component is created and filter the array in JavaScript 
C. Use SOSL to Query the records on filter change. 
D. Use a selective SOQL query with a custom index. 

Question # 6

A. The outputPanel refreshes, showing the Contacts details. 
B. A new page opens, showing the Contact's details. 
C. The page refreshes, showing the Contact's details. 
D. Nothing happens: the commandLink is missing an action attribute.

Question # 7

Universal Containers (UC) currently does not development in its full copy sandbox. Recently, UC has projects that require multiple developers to develop concurrently. UC is running into issues with developers making changes that cause errors In work done by other developers. Additionally, when they are ready to deploy, many unit tests fail which prevents the deployment. which three types of orgs should be recommended to UC to eliminate these problems? Choose 3 answers

 A. Data Migration org 
B. Development org 
C. Staging org 
D. Systems Integration org 
E. Continuous Integration (CI) Org 

Question # 8

The Salesforce instance at Universal Containers currently integrates with a third-party company to validate mailing addresses via REST services. The third-party address verification system recently changed endpoint URLs for all their set vices from to Everything else remained the same. The developer updated code to reflect this endpoint change, but the mailing address validation service stopped working after the change. What else should be done to complete this web service end point change? 

A. Test the callout property using HttpCalloutMock. 
B. Add web service IP Addresses to Trusted IP Ranges m the Network Access security controls settings. 
C. Use a Custom Setting with the new endpoint Instead of hard coding the URL. 
D. Create a new Remote Site for the new endpoint URL. 

Question # 9

Which two scenarios require an Apex method to be called imperatively from a Lightning web component? Choose 2 answers 

A. Calling a method that makes a web service callout 
B. Calling a method that is not annotated with cacheable=true 
C. Calling a method with the click of a button 
D. Calling a method that is external to the main controller for the Lightning web component 

Question # 10

Universal Containers has an Apex trigger on Account that creates an Account Plan record when an Account is marked as a Customer. Recently a workflow rule was added so that whenever an Account is marked as a Customer, a 'Customer Since' date field is updated with today's date. Since the addition of the workflow rule, two Account Plan records are created whenever the Account is marked as a Customer. What might cause this to happen? 

A. The workflow rule is configured to evaluate when a record is created and every time it is edited. 
B. The workflow rule field update is marked as 'Re-evaluate Workflow Rules After Field Change." 
C. The Apex trigger does not use a static variable to ensure it only fires once. 
D. The Apex trigger is not bulk safe and calls insert inside of a for loop. 

Question # 11

A developer receives an error when trying to call a global server-side method using the @remoteAction decorator. How can the developer resolve the error? 

A. Add static to the server-side method signature. 
B. Decorate the server-side method with (static=true). 
C. Change the function signature to be private static. 
D. Decorate the server-side method with (static=false) 

Question # 12

A Lightning web component exists in the system and displays information about the record in context as a modal. Salesforce administrators need to use this component within the Lightning App Builder. Which two settings should the developer configure within the xml resource file? Choose 2 answers

A. Set the IsExposed attribute to True. 
B. Set the IsVisible attribute to True. 
C. Specify the target to be lightning__RecordPage. 
D. Specify the target to be lightning__AppPage. 

Question # 13

A. Add AuraEnanled(cacheabletrue) to the line 08 
B. Remove private from line 09. 
C. Add @AuraEnabled (cacheabletrue) to line 03. 
D. Add public to line 04. 

Question # 14

Which two queries are selective SOQL queries and can be used for a large data set of 200,000 Account records? Choose 2 answers

 A. SELECT id FROM ACCOUNT WHERE Name = !: ' ' '
C. SELECT id FROM ACCOUNT WHERE Name = Null AND Customer_Number_c= 'ValueA
D. SELECT id FROM ACCOUNT WHERE id IN (list of Account Ids) 

Question # 15

What are three reasons that a developer should write Jest tests for Lightning web components? Choose 3 answers 

A. To test basic user interaction 
B. To verify that events fire when expected 
C. To test how multiple components work together
 D. To verify the DOM output of a component 
E. To test a component's non-public properties 

Question # 16

Consider the following code snippet:

A. Annotate the method with the @Future annotation. 
B. Create a formula field to combine the CreatedDate and RecardType value, then filter based on the formula. 
C. Use the Database.queryLocator method to retrieve the accounts. 
D. Break down the query into two individual queries and Join the two result sets. 

Question # 17

A. Add the @track decorator to the data variable. 
B. Create a new variable to store the result and annotate it with @tracx. 
C. Call refereshApex () on 
D. Create a variable to store the result and call refreshApex (). 

Question # 18

A. Option A 
B. Option B 
C. Option C 
D. Option D 

Question # 19

Consider the following code snippet: How should component communicate to the component that an order has been selected by the user? 

A. Created and fire an application event. 
B. Create and fire a standard DOM event. 
C. Create and fire a component event.
 D. Create and dispatch a custom event 

Question # 20

A company accepts orders for customers in their enterprise resource planning (ERP) crder__c records with a lookup field to Account. The Account object has an External ID field, ERP_Customer_ID__c. What should the integration use to create new Order__c records that will automatically be related to the correct Account?

A. Upsert on the Account and specify the ERP_Customer_ID__c. 
B. Merge on the Order__c object and specify the ERP_Customer_ID__c. 
C. Insert on the Order__c object followed by an update on the Order__c object.
 D. Upsert on the Order__c object and specify the ERP_Customer_ID__c. 

Question # 21

As part of a custom development, a developer creates a Lightning component to show how a particular opportunity progresses over time. The component must display the date stamp when any of the following fields change: • Amount, Probability, Stage, or Close Date How should the developer access the data that must be displayed? 

A. Execute a SOQL query for Amount, Probability, Stage, and Close Date on the OpportunityHistory object. 
B. Create custom a custom date field on Opportunity for each field to track the previous date and execute a SOQL query for date fields. 
C. Subscribe to the Opportunity Change Data Capture event in the Lightning component.
 D. Subscribe to the OpportunityHistory Change Data Capture event in the Lightning component. 

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