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Salesforce PDII Question Answers

Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II (SU23) Dumps October 2023

Are you tired of looking for a source that'll keep you updated on the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II (SU23) Exam? Plus, has a collection of affordable, high-quality, and incredibly easy Salesforce PDII Practice Questions? Well then, you are in luck because just updated them! Get Ready to become a Developers Certified.

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What is Salesforce PDII?

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Salesforce PDII Sample Questions

Question # 1

A developer has requirement to query three fields (id, name, Type) from an Account and first and last names for all Contacts associated with the Account. Which option is the preferred optimized method to achieve this for the Account named ‘Ozene Electronics’?

A. Account a = (SELECT ID, Name, Type from Account where name= Ozone Electronics;)list 1contacts = (SELECT firstname, lastname from Contacts where accountid=: a -ID0;
B. A. Account a = (SELECT ID, Name, Type, (select contat,firstName, Contact,LastName from Account, Contacts) from Account where name; Ozone Electronic' Limit 1 );
C. List 1Accounts = (Select ID, Name, Type from Account Join (Select ID, firstname, lastname form Contact where contact account , name 'ozone electronics));
D. List 1Contacts = new list ( );for(Contact c ; 1Select firstname, lastname Account, Name Account,ID Account, Type from Contact where Account: Name=' electronics')) ( iContacts.add(c);)

Question # 2

A developer wrote a class named AccountHistoryManager that relies on field history tracking. The class has a static method called getAccountHistory that takes in an account as a parameter and returns a list of associated AccountHistory object records. The following test fails: What should be done to make this test pass?

A. Use @isTest(SeeAllData-true) to see historical data from the org and query for AccountHistory records. 
B. Use Test.isRunningTest () in getAccountHistory () to conditionally return fake Account History records. 
C. Create AccoumHistory records manually in the test setup and write a query to get them. 
D. The test method should be deleted since this code cannot be tested. 

Question # 3

Which three actions must be completed in a Lightning web component for a JavaScript file in a static resource to be loaded? Choose 3 answer 

A. Import the static resource. 
B. Reference the static resource in a <script> tag. 
C. Import a method from the platformResourceLoader. 
D. Call LoadScript. 
E. Append the static resource to the DOM. 

Question # 4

A developer is tasked with creating a Lightning web component that is responsive on various devices. Which two components should help accomplish this goal? Choose 2 answers

A. Lightning-input-location
 B. Lightning-layout-item
 C. Lightning-navigation 
D. Lightning-iayout 

Question # 5

A company has a custom object, Order_ c, that has a custom picklist field, Status__ c, with values of New/ 'In Progress/ or 'Fulfilled' and a lookup field, Contact__ c, to Contact. Which SOQL query will return a unique list of all the Contact records that have no 'Fulfilled' Orders?

A. option
 B. option 
C. option 
D. option 

Question # 6

Consider the following code snippet: How should component communicate to the component that an order has been selected by the user?

A. Created and fire an application event. 
B. Create and fire a standard DOM event. 
C. Create and fire a component event. 
D. Create and dispatch a custom event 

Question # 7

A company wants to incorporate a third-party web service to set the Address fields when an Account is inserted, if they have not already been set. What is the optimal way to achieve this?

A. Create a Before Save Flow, execute a Queueable job from it, and make a callout from the Queueable job. 
B. Create an Apex trigger, execute a Queueable job from it, and make a callout from the Queueable job. 
C. Create a Workflow Rule, execute a Queueable job from it, and make a callout from the Queueable job. 
D. Create a Process, execute a Queueable job from it, and make a callout from the Queueable job. 

Question # 8

An org has an existing process, built using Process Builder, on Opportunity that sets a custom field, commissionBaseAmount_ c, when an Opportunity is edited and the Opportunity’s Amount changes. A developer recently deployed an Opportunity before update trigger that use the commissionBaseAmount_ c, andcomplex logic to calculate a value for a custom field, CommissionAmount_ c, when an Opporunity stage changes to Closed/Won. Users report that when they change the Opportunity stage changes to Closed/Won and also change the Amount during the same save, the commission_ c is incorrect. Which action should the developer take to correct this problem?

A. Call the process from the trigger. 
B. Call the trigger from the process. 
C. Replace the process with a fast field Update record-trigger flow. 

Question # 9

Consider the following code snippet: Users of this Visualforce page complain that the page does a full refresh every time the Search button is pressed. What should the developer do to ensure that a partial refresh is made so that only the section identified with opportunity List Is re-drawn on the screen?

A. Ensure the action method search returns null. 
B. Implement the tag with immedate _true. 
C. Implement the reRender attribute on the tag.
 D. Enclose the DATA table within the tag. 

Question # 10

A company uses Salesforce to sell products to customers. They also have an external product information management (P1M) system that If the system of record for products. A developer received these requirements • Whenever a product is created or updated in the PIM, a product must be created or updated as a Product2 record in Salesforce and a PricebookEntry record must be created or updated automatically by Salesforce. • The PricebookEntry should be created in a Pricebooki that is specified in a custom setting. What should the developer use to satisfy these requirements? 

A. Apex REST
 B. Event Monitoring 
C. Invocated Action
 D. Sobject Tree

Question # 11

Refer to the Aura component below:  A developer receives complaints that the component loads slowly. Which change can the developer implement to make the component perform faster?

A. Change the type of contactInfo to "Map'. 
B. Add a change event handler for showcontactInfo. 
C. Change the default for showcontactlnfo to "false'. 
D. Move the contents of into the component. 

Question # 12

Consider the Apex class below that defines a RemoteAction used on a Visualforce search page. Which code snippet will assert that the remote action returned the correct Account? 

A. Option A 
B. Option B 

Question # 13

A developer has created, Lightning web component that uses the get Record wire adapter. Which three things should the developer do in a test validate the wire method is working as expected? Choose 3 answer 

A. Import wire from 1w. 
B. Create a JSOM file with mock data.
 C. Use the emit () API. 
D. Use an assert statement to validate results. 
E. Import getRecord from Lightning/uiRecordAPi. 

Question # 14

An Apex class does not achieve expected code coverage. The testsetup method explicitly calls a method in the Apex class. How can the developer generate the code coverage? 

A. Call the Apex class method from a testMethod instead of the testsetup method. 
B. Verify the user has permissions passing a user into system.runAs (). 
C. Use system.aasert () in testSetup to verify the values are being returned. 
D. Add @testvisibie to the method in the class the developer is testing. 

Question # 15

An Apex trigger creates a Contract record every time an Opportunity record is marked as Closed and Won. This trigger is working great, except (due to a recent acquisition) Opportunity records need to be loaded into the Salesforce instance. When a test batch of records are loaded, the Apex trigger creates Contract records. A developer is tasked with preventing Contract records from being created when mass Loading the Opportunities, but the daily users still need to have the Contract records created. What is the most extendable way to update the Apex trigger to accomplish this?

A. Add a validation rule to the Contract to prevent Contract creation by the user who loads the data. 
B. Add the Profile ID of the user who loads the data to the trigger, so the trigger will not fire for this user. 
C. Use a list custom setting to disable the trigger for the user who loads the data. 
D. Use a hierarchy custom setting to skip executing the logic inside the trigger for the user who loads the data. 

Question # 16

A developer is creating a lightning web component to display a calendar. The component will be used in multiple countries. In some locales, the first day of the week is a Monday, or a Saturday, or a Sunday. What should the developer do to ensure the calendar displays accurately for users in every locale?

A. Use a custom metadata type to store key/value pairs. 
B. Query the firstDayofweek field from the Locale for the current user. 
C. Use UserInfo,getLocale () in the component. 
D. Import the FirstDayofweek property m the component 

Question # 17

Which tag should a developer use to display different text while an is executing versus not executing?c

A. <apexactionPoller>
B. <ApexactionSupper>
C. <ApexactionStatus>
D. <ApexpageMessages>

Question # 18

A developer is building a Lightning web component that searches for Contacts. The component must communicate the search results to other unrelated Lightning web components, that are in different DOM trees, when the search completes. What should the developer do to implement the communication?

A. Publish a message on a message channel. 
B. Fire a custom component event. 
C. Publish an event on an event channel. 
D. Fire an application event. 

Question # 19

A developer is trying to decide between creating a Visualforce component or a Lightning component for a custom screen. Which functionality consideration impacts the final decision? 

A. Does the screen need to be accessible from the lightning Experience UI? 
B. Will the screen make use of a JavaScript framework? 
C. Does the screen need to be rendered as a PDF without using a third-party application? 
D. Will the screen be accessed via a mobile app? 

Question # 20

A developer created a Lightning web component that uses a lightning-record-edit-form t collect information about Leads. Users complain that they only see one error message at a time about their input when trying to save a Lead record. complain that they only see one error message at a time about their input when trying to save a Lead record. What is the recommended approach to perform validations on more than one field, and display multiple error messages simultaneously? with minimal JavaScript intervention?

A. Try/catch/finally block
 B. Apex trigger 
C. Validation rules 
D. External JavaScript library 

Question # 21

cAWC wants the real-time inventory reduction for a product to be sent to many of its external systems, including some future systems the company is Currently planning. What should a develops add to the code at the placeholder to meet these requirement!?

A. Option A 
B. Option B 
C. Option C 
D. Option D

Question # 22

As part of a new integration, a developer is asked to implement a new custom search functional that is capable of performing unrestricted Queries and can account for all values within a custom picklist field. Type_ c, on the Opportunity object. The search feature must also account for NULL values. The organization-wide default for the Opportunity object is set to Public Read-Only, and a new custom index has been created for the type_ c, field. There are more than 5 million Opportunity records within the environment, and a considerable amount of the existing records have NULL values for the picklist. Which technique should the developer implement to maximize performance when querying NULL values? 

A. Create a formula field that substitutes Null values for a sting of text, create an index for the formula field, then use the formula within the where cause. 
B. Perform two SOQL query; one to query Opportunities where Type c _ NULL, and another to query where Type_ c = Null, then join the result set using Apex. 
C. Use a SOSL query to return ALL opportunities that have a value of NULL in any field. 
D. Use the OR operator to combine WHERE Causes to strictly search for each value within the picklist, including Type__ c =NULL. 

Question # 23

As part of a custom interface, a developer team creates various new Lightning web components. Each of the components handles error* using toast messages. When the development is complete, all the components are added to the same Lightning page. During acceptance testing, users complain about the long chain of toast messages that display when errors occur loading the component Which two techniques should the developer Implement to improve the user experience? Choose 2 answers

A. Use a <template> tag to display in-place error messages.
B. Use a Lightning web component to aggregate and display all errors.
C. Use the window. Alert () method to display the error messages.
D. Use public properties on each component to display the error messages.

Question # 24

Which technique can run custom logic when a Lightning web component is loaded?

A. Call SA.enqueueAction and pass in the method to call. 
B. Use the renderedCallback () method. 
C. Use an init event to call a function. 
D. Use the connected-allbacM) method. 

Question # 25

A company has code to update a Request and Request Lines and make a callout to their external ERP system’s REST endpoint with the updated records.  What should be done to address the problem

A. Move the CalloutUtil.makeRestCallout method call below the catch block. 
B. Remove the Database.setSavepoint and Database.rollback. 
C. Change the CalloutUtil.makeRastCallout to an @InvocableMethed method. 
D. Change the CalloutUtil.makeRestCallout to an @future method. 

Question # 26

A developer Is asked to develop a new AppExthange application. A feature of the program creates Survey records when a Case reaches a certain stage and Is of a certain Record Type. This feature needs to be configurable, as different Salesforce instances require Surveys at different times. Additionally, the out-of-the-box AppExchange app needs to come with a set of best practice settings that apply to most customers. What should the developer use to store and package the custom configuration settings for the app?

 A. Custom Settings
 B. Custom Metadata 
C. Custom Objects 
D. Process Builder 

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