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Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate Exam Dumps July 2024

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What is Salesforce Salesforce-Marketing-Associate?

Salesforce Salesforce-Marketing-Associate is a necessary certification exam to get certified. The certification is a reward to the deserving candidate with perfect results. The Marketing Cloud Associate Certification validates a candidate's expertise to work with Salesforce. In this fast-paced world, a certification is the quickest way to gain your employer's approval. Try your luck in passing the Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate Exam Exam and becoming a certified professional today. is always eager to extend a helping hand by providing approved and accepted Salesforce Salesforce-Marketing-Associate Practice Questions. Passing Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate Exam will be your ticket to a better future!

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Salesforce Salesforce-Marketing-Associate Sample Questions

Question # 1

A marketing associate at Cloud Kicks has created a promotional email and wants to send itto internal marketing, compliance, and sales teams. The teams currently consist of 15individuals each.How should the associate send a preview of the promotional email to the internal teams?

A. Send a proof based on a Subscriber Preview.
B. Send to a test data extension in the test send.
C. Enter the email addresses under Recipient in the test send.

Question # 2

Cloud Kicks is sending an email and wants to avoid any auto-responses filling up thecustomer service inbox so that support staff can respond to customer inquiries.Which feature is configured in an account to meet these requirements?

A. Delivery Profiles
B. Reply Mail Management
C. From Address Management

Question # 3

A marketing associate has a list of contacts that needs to be imported into a data extensionfrom a text file.Which type of data extension should the associate use to complete this task?

A. Standard data extension
B. Random data extension
C. Filtered data extension

Question # 4

The marketing team at Cloud Kicks has identified an audience for their upcoming journeythat will refresh daily using a data filter in Automation Studio.Which entry source should an associate use for the journey?

A. Audience
B. Salesforce Data Entry Event
C. Data Extension

Question # 5

The marketing team at Northern Trail Outfitters is exploring how they can make theirpromotional emails more engaging. Part of this is applying more Personalization Stringsand Dynamic Content Blocks.How should an associate test if these emails are rendering properly before sending themout?

A. Einstein Content Testing
B. Subscriber Preview
C. Journey Builder System Optimization

Question # 6

Which consideration should an associate keep in mind regarding the Marketing CloudEngagement All Contacts and All Subscribers lists?

A. All Contacts are included on All Subscribers once messaged via email.
B. All Contacts and All Subscribers are included on one list and cannot be separated.
C. All Contacts and All Subscribers are two separate lists with no overlap.

Question # 7

Cloud Kicks uses Marketing Cloud Engagement to launch targeted email marketingcampaigns to potential and existing customers.What does the marketing campaign need to include in the email sends to meet CAN-SPAMrequirements?

A. Transactional Send Classification
B. URL link to privacy standards
C. Physical mailing address

Question # 8

Northern Trail Outfitters has been running an email marketing campaign for 6 months. Thehead of sales wants to know how many new sales leads this email campaign is generating.Which marketing metric should the associate present to the head of sales?

A. Clicks
B. Conversions
C. Impressions

Question # 9

The marketing team at Northern Trail Outfitters is exploring helpful features fromSalesforce and third parties to assist with their marketing operations.Which site serves as a marketplace with ready-to-install applications to extend Salesforceproducts and functionality?

A. Salesforce AppExchange
B. Salesforce Store
C. Salesforce Idea Exchange

Question # 10

Cloud Kicks (CK) is sending an email to announce a new shoe to its whole customer base.CK informed its gold tier members last week and wants to avoid re-sending the email tothat audience.How should the marketing associate accomplish this?

A. Use the customer base data extension as the target and the gold tier data extension asexcluded.
B. Create a random data extension and suppress gold tier members from the customerbase data extension.
C. Use a data extension that includes only tiered members that opened the previous email.

Question # 11

The marketing team at Northern Trail Outfitters is launching a reengagement program in aneffort to regain some of its lapsed subscribers. They target a part of their lapsed subscribersuppression list and, after the first attempt, the bounce rate is higher than normal.What is causing the deliverability issue?

A. Customers had previously unsubscribed from All Subscribers.
B. Email addresses have been flagged by List Detective.
C. Email addresses no longer exist with the service provider.

Question # 12

The marketing team at Cloud Kicks notices that several hard bounces have occurred intheir last email send.What is causing the email to hard bounce?

A. The recipient's mailbox is temporarily unavailable.
B. The subscriber's mailbox is full.
C. The email address is invalid.

Question # 13

Cloud Kicks is participating in an event partnering with athletic leagues and other sportsretailers. The marketing team would like to collect consent to email attendees after theevent.What is the best practice to collect consent?

A. Obtain handwritten submissions at the booth.
B. Provide a digital form or QR code at the booth.
C. Email everyone from the attendance list.

Question # 14

How should users in a business unit make items accessible to users in other business unitsin Marketing Cloud Engagement?

A. By individually assigning access permissions to users
B. By storing items they want to share in a shared folder
C. By establishing a dedicated business unit for shared Items

Question # 15

The marketing team at Northern Trail Outfitters wants to send birthday discount coupons toits recipients and to accommodate family members who want to opt in together with asingle email address.Which attribute should an associate use to uniquely identify each family member?

A. Full Name
B. Subscriber Key
C. Primary Key

Question # 16

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) sends promotional emails with varying sender names andaddresses based on the nearest store location to each subscriber. This feature hasbeenscripted by NTO's Marketing Cloud Engagement developer. Each time a marketingassociate sends out an email, they need to ensure this feature is activated.Which setting in the email send flow controls this?

A. Sender Profile
B. From Address Management
C. Delivery Profile

Question # 17

Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to send a monthly digital rewards statement to its programmembers with their points balance and spending activity. CK wants to avoid customersunsubscribingfrom these messages so they remain aware of their benefits. CK is alsoconcerned about staying compliant.Which send configuration setting should be leveraged?

A. Transactional Send Classification
B. General Send Classification
C. Commercial Send Classification

Question # 18

What is used to identify unique member records?

A. Foreign Key
B. Primary Key
C. Subscriber Key

Question # 19

Northern Trail Outfitters wants to send first-time customers a welcome email with a couponimmediately after they sign up for a newsletter.What should an associate use to accomplish this task?

A. Email Studio
B. Automation Studio
C. Web Studio

Question # 20

A marketing associate at Cloud Kicks wants to show different rule-based variations ofcontent in an email based on a subscriber's interest.Which content block should the associate use to create this content?

A. A/B Test Content Block
B. Reference Content Block
C. Dynamic Content Block

Question # 21

Sending unsolicited emails puts brands and companies at risk. Repeated offenses lead tocomplaints and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) blocking emails.Which of the following is considered best practice regarding unsolicited emails?

A. Make sure that subject lines are ambiguous and general.
B. Ensure transactional message subject lines are promotional.
C. Capture explicit consent from users.

Question # 22

An associate is tasked with setting up an email broadcast using a Single Send journey inJourney Builder. However, when defining the entry source, the specific data extension wasnot found. How should the associate troubleshoot this issue?

A. Ensure the data extension is sendable.
B. Ensure the data extension is testable.
C. Ensure a data retention setting is enabled.

Question # 23

Management at Northern Trail Outfitters would like to start sending personalized emails toits customers.Which tools should an associate use to accomplish this?

A. Marketing Cloud Intelligence, Mobile Studio
B. Email Studio, Journey Builder
C. Advertising Studio, Social Studio

Question # 24

The marketing team at Cloud Kicks believes that adding a subscriber's first name to asubject line will improve open rates. They decide to test their hypothesis with a sample set in their next upcoming email. They want the test to automatically choose the winner basedon highest open rate and then send the winning subject line to the remaining population.Which feature should the associate use to execute these testing parameters?

A. Random Data Extensions
B. Journey Builder A/B Testing
C. A/B Testing In Email Studio

Question # 25

Cloud Kicks sends a digital receipt for all online orders. The receipt needs to be sent evenif the subscriber has previously unsubscribed.What should an associate use at time of send?

A. A Send Classification with honor list-level opt outs checked
B. Commercial Send Classification
C. Transactional Send Classification

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Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate Exam

Want to make a carrier as Marketing Cloud Associate?

Those interested in a career in marketing within the Salesforce ecosystem should consider the Marketing Cloud Associate certification, which is a core qualification. A minimum of six months of practical Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement experience is required for candidates, who are conversant with the Salesforce platform.

Why Salesforce Marketing Associate Training is necessary?

Merely having platform knowledge and a minimum of six months of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Associate Engagement experience is the suggested training for this certification. It goes into great detail on the rapidly changing ideas behind digital marketing, including.

  • •  Data management
  • •  Content formats,
  • •  How a marketing strategy functions in Salesforce.

Who took Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate Exam?

To pass the Salesforce Marketing Associate Certification Exam, a candidate needs to be proficient in the following fields:

Comprehends the fundamentals of compliance and privacy as well as broad marketing concepts like analytics, target audience, and opt-in/opt-out.

Fundamental understanding of the features and components of Marketing Cloud Engagement.

A candidate knows the functionalities of Marketing Cloud Engagement and is adept at using it.

He or she must know how to use digital marketing tools to promote business goals, generate leads, and interact with consumers.

Familiar with using the email tools and capabilities of Marketing Cloud Engagement.

Marketing Associate Salesforce Exam Pattern

  • •  Questions to be asked: 40 multiple choice questions and 5 non scored
  • •  Time allocated: One hour 10 minutes
  • •  Registration fees: $75 US
  • •  Passing marks: 65 percent approx.
  • •  Retake policy: free
  • •  Reference: none
  • •  Prerequisites: Nothing

Salesforce Marketing Exam Syllabus

  • 1.  Marketing Concepts: 28%
  • 2.  Marketing Cloud Engagement Basics: 22%
  • 3.  Email Sending and Journeys: 22%
  • 4.  Data Management: 18%
  • 5.  Reporting and Analytics: 10%

How to get recommended Salesforce Marketing Associate Training?

Salesforce certified marketing associate exam is not a simple type of exam you can pass easily by studying all alone without any expert guidance and personal support. To become marketing cloud associate one must conquer this exam with high scores. You can find many Marketing Associate Salesforce Resources on internet but who do you believe will give you 100 percent results.

To easily go through with this exam you just need to squeeze Salesforce-Marketing-Associate Dumps PDF for gaining required training and knowledge. On Salesforcexamdumps you will get all the useful insights that will help you to pass this exam with high marks and 100 percent money back guarantee.

Why Choose Salesforcexamdumps to get Marketing Cloud Associate certification?

To assist you in getting ready for the Salesforce-Marketing-Associate Dumps PDF, Salesforcexamdumps provides a thorough solution to get brilliant marks Salesforce Marketing Cloud Study Materials from them are made to assist you pass the test and becoming certified. Salesforce-Marketing-Associate Question Answers are designed so accurately that you will ace your exam in first attempt.

Expert guidance at every step

When you purchase Marketing Associate Exam Study Guide from Salesforcexamdumps you will also receive expert support 24/7. Any query or difficulty will resolve within an hour. The best part in purchasing Salesforce Marketing Associate Practice Test is that it is updated and to the point. No unnecessary information or false questions added in this study guide material.

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At Salesforcexamdumps you can check our Salesforce Marketing Associate Exam Questions before purchasing. We provide you free demo version of our study material that show case our excellence and you will understand how keenly we crafted these materials for you.

Salesforce-Marketing-Associate Complete Exam Detail

Detail Value
Total Time 90 minutes
Exam Fee $200 USD
Passing Marks 65%
Available Languages English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified)
Exam Format Multiple Choice
Exam Delivery Online Proctored or Test Center
Exam Topics
  • Marketing Cloud Basics
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Analytics and Reporting

Salesforce-Marketing-Associate COMPLETE EXAM TOPICS BREAKDOWN

Topic Description
Marketing Cloud Basics An overview of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, including its features, capabilities, and components.
Email Marketing Best practices for creating, managing, and optimizing email marketing campaigns using Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
Social Media Marketing Strategies for leveraging social media platforms within Salesforce Marketing Cloud for marketing purposes.
Mobile Marketing Understanding mobile marketing techniques and how to implement them effectively with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
Marketing Automation Using automation tools and workflows in Salesforce Marketing Cloud to streamline marketing processes and improve efficiency.
Analytics and Reporting Interpreting marketing analytics data and generating reports to measure campaign performance and ROI within Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce Salesforce-Marketing-Associate Frequently Asked Questions

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Purchasing the Salesforce-Marketing-Associate Dumps PDF for the Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate exam from Salesforcexamdumps was a great decision. Their up-to-date materials and expert guidance prepared me well for the exam.
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