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Salesforce Data-Architect Question Answers

Salesforce Certified Data Architect (WI23) Dumps March 2023

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Salesforce Data-Architect Sample Questions

Question # 1

Cloud Kicks has the following requirements: • Their Shipment custom object must always relate to a Product, a Sender, and a Receiver (all separate custom objects). • If a Shipment is currently associated with a Product, Sender, or Receiver, deletion of those records should not be allowed. • Each custom object must have separate sharing models. What should an Architect do to fulfill these requirements? 

A. Associate the Shipment to each parent record by using a VLOOKUP formula field. 
B. Create a required Lookup relationship to each of the three parent records. 
C. Create a Master-Detail relationship to each of the three parent records. 
D. Create two Master-Detail and one Lookup relationship to the parent records. 

Question # 2

Universal Containers (UC) management has identified a total of ten text fields on the Contact object as important to capture any changes made to these fields, such as who made the change, when they made the change, what is the old value, and what is the new value. UC needs to be able to report on these field data changes within Salesforce for the past 3 months. What are two approaches that will meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers 

A. Create a workflow to evaluate the rule when a record is created and use field update actions to store previous values for these ten fields in ten new fields. 
B. Write an Apex trigger on Contact after insert event and after update events and store the old values in another custom object.
 C. Turn on field Contact object history tracking for these ten fields, then create reports on contact history. 
D. Create a Contact report including these ten fields and Salesforce Id, then schedule the report to run once a day and send email to the admin. 

Question # 3

The data architect for UC has written a SOQL query that will return all records from the Task object that do not have a value in the WhatId field: Select id, description, Subject from Task where WhatId != NULL When the data architect usages the query to select values for a process a time out error occurs. What does the data architect need to change to make this query more performant? 

A. Remove description from the requested field set. 
B. Change query to SOSL. ?? 
C. Add limit 100 to the query. 
D. Change the where clause to filter by a deterministic defined value. 

Question # 4

NTO has decided that it is going to build a channel sales portal with the following requirements: 1.External resellers are able to authenticate to the portal with a login. 2.Lead data, opportunity data and order data are available to authenticated users. 3.Authenticated users many need to run reports and dashboards. 4.There is no need for more than 10 custom objects or additional file storage. Which community cloud license type should a data architect recommend to meet the portal requirements? 

A. Customer community.
 B. Lightning external apps starter.
 C. Customer community plus. 
D. Partner community. 

Question # 5

Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has implemented Salesforce for its sales users. The opportunity management in Saiesforce Is implemented as follows: 1. Sales users enter their opportunities in Salesforce for forecasting and reporting purposes. 2. NTO has a product pricing system (PPS) that is used to update the Opportunity Amount field on opportunities on a daily basis. 3. PPS is the trusted source within NTO for Opportunity Amount. 4. NTO uses Opportunity Forecast for its sales planning and management. Sales users have noticed that their updates to the Opportunity Amount field are overwritten when PPS updates their opportunities. How should a data architect address this overwriting issue?

A. Create a custom field for Opportunity amount that PSS updates separating the field sales user updates. 
B. Change PSS integration to update only Opportunity Amount field when the value is null. 
C. Change Opportunity Amount field access to Read Only for sales users field-level security. 
D. Create a custom field for Opportunity amount that sales users update separating the field that PPS updates. 

Question # 6

Developers at Universal Containers need to build a report for the business which displays Accounts opened in the past year grouped by industry. This report will also include information from contacts, opportunities, and orders. There are several million Accounts in the system. Which two options should be recommended to make this report perform well and satisfy the business need?

 A. Use triggers to populate denormalized related fields on the Account. 
B. Use an indexed data field with bounded data filters. 
C. Use Formula fields to surface information I related entities on the report.
 D. Use unbounded date ranges to filter the report. 

Question # 7

Universal Containers wants to implement a data -quality process to monitor the data that users are manually entering into the system through the Salesforce UI. Which approach should the architect recommend?

A. Allow users to import their data using the Salesforce Import tools.
 B. Utilize a 3rd -party solution from the AppExchange for data uploads. 
C. Utilize an app from the AppExchange to create data -quality dashboards. 
D. Use Apex to validate the format of phone numbers and postal codes. 

Question # 8

NTO has been using salesforce for sales and service for 10 years. For the past 2 years, the marketing group has noticed a raise from 0 to 35 % in returned mail when sending mail using the contact information stored in salesforce. Which solution should the data architect use to reduce the amount of returned mails? 

A. Use a 3rd-party data source to update contact information in salesforce. 
B. Email all customer and asked them to verify their information and to call NTO if their address is incorrect. 
C. Delete contacts when the mail is returned to save postal cost to NTO. 
D. Have the sales team to call all existing customers and ask to verify the contact details.

Question # 9

A large Automobile company has implemented SF for its Sales Associates. Leads flow from its website to SF using a batch integration in SF. The Batch job connects the leads to Accounts in SF. Customer visiting their retail stores are also created in SF as Accounts. The company has noticed a large number of duplicate accounts in SF. On analysis, it was found that certain customers could interact with its website and also visit the store. The Sales associates use Global Search to search for customers in Salesforce before they create the customers. Which scalable option should a data Architect choose to implement to avoid duplicates? 

A. Create duplicate rules in SF to validate duplicates during the account creation process 
B. Implement a MDM solution to validate the customer information before creating Accounts in SF. 
C. Build Custom search based on fields on Accounts which can be matched with customer when they visit the store 
D. Customize Account creation process to search if customer exists before creating an Account. 

Question # 10

Universal Containers (UC) has implemented Sales Cloud for its entire sales organization, UC has built a custom object called projects_c that stores customers project detail and employee bitable hours. The following requirements are needed: A subnet of individuals from the finance team will need to access to the projects object for reporting and adjusting employee utilization. The finance users will not access to any sales objects, but they will need to interact with the custom object. Which license type a data architect recommend for the finance team that best meets the requirements? 

A. Service Cloud 
B. Sales Cloud 
C. Light Platform Start 
D. Lighting platform plus 

Question # 11

An architect has been asked to provide error messages when a future date is detected in a custom Birthdate _c field on the Contact object. The client wants the ability to translate the error messages. What are two approaches the architect should use to achieve this solution? Choose 2 answers 

A. Implement a third -party validation process with translate functionality. 
B. Create a trigger on Contact and add an error to the record with a custom label. 
C. Create a workflow field update to set the standard ErrorMessage field. 
D. Create a validation rule and translate the error message with translation workbench. 

Question # 12

UC has the following system: Billing system. Customer support system. CRM system. US has been having trouble with business intelligence across the different systems. Recently US implemented a master data management (MDM) solution that will be the system of truth for the customer records. Which MDM data element is needed to allow reporting across these systems? 

A. Global unique customer number. 
B. Email address. 
C. Phone number. 
D. Full name. 

Question # 13

Universal Containers is creating a new B2C service offering for consumers to ship goods across continents. This is in addition to their well-established B2B offering. Their current Salesforce org uses the standard Account object to track B2B customers. They are expecting to have over 50,000,000 consumers over the next five years across their 50 business regions. B2C customers will be individuals. Household data is not required to be stored. What is the recommended data model for consumer account data to be stored in Salesforce? 

A. Use the Account object with Person Accounts and a new B2C page layout.
 B. Use the Account object with a newly created Record Type for B2C customers. 
C. Create a new picklist value for B2C customers on the Account Type field. 
D. Use 50 umbrella Accounts for each region, with customers as associated Contacts.

Question # 14

Universal Containers (UC) is implementing its new Internet of Things technology, which consists of smart containers that provide information on container temperature and humidity updated every 10 minutes back to UC. There are roughly 10,000 containers equipped with this technology with the number expected to increase to 50,000 across the next five years. It is essential that Salesforce user have access to current and historical temperature and humidity data for each container. What is the recommended solution? 

A. Create new custom fields for temperature and humidity in the existing Container custom object, as well as an external ID field that is unique for each container. These custom fields are updated when a new measure is received. 
B. Create a new Container Reading custom object, which is created when a new measure is received for a specific container. The Container Reading custom object has a masterdetail relationship to the container object. 
C. Create a new Lightning Component that displays last humidity and temperature data for a specific container and can also display historical trends obtaining relevant data from UC’s existing data warehouse. 
D. Create a new Container Reading custom object with a master-detail relationship to  Container which is created when a new measure is received for a specific container. Implement an archiving process that runs every hour. 

Question # 15

Universal Container require all customers to provide either a phone number of an email address when registering for an account. What should the data architect use to ensure this requirement is met? 

A. validation Rule 
B. required Fields
 C. Apex Class 
D. Process Builder 

Question # 16

Universal Containers (UC) maintains a collection of several million Account records that represent business in the United Sates. As a logistics company, this list is one of the most valuable and important components of UC's business, and the accuracy of shipping addresses is paramount. Recently it has been noticed that too many of the addresses of these businesses are inaccurate, or the businesses don't exist. Which two scalable strategies should UC consider to improve the quality of their Account addresses? 

A. Contact each business on the list and ask them to review and update their address information. 
B. Build a team of employees that validate Accounts by searching the web and making phone calls. 
C. Integrate with a third-party database or services for address validation and enrichment. 
D. Leverage Clean to clean up Account address fields with the D&B database. 

Question # 17

What is an advantage of using Custom metadata type over Custom setting? 

A. Custom metadata records are not copied from production to sandbox. 
B. Custom metadata types are available for reporting. 
C. Custom metadata records are deployable using packages. 
D. Custom metadata records are editable in Apex. 

Question # 18

A large automobile company has implemented Salesforce for its sales associates. Leads flow from its website to Salesforce using a batch integration in Salesforce. The batch job converts the leads to Accounts in Salesforce. Customers visiting their retail stores are also created in Salesforce as Accounts. The company has noticed a large number of duplicate Accounts in Salesforce. On analysis, it was found that certain customers could interact with its website and also visit the store. The sales associates use Global Search to search for customers in Salesforce before they create the customers. Which option should a data architect choose to implement to avoid duplicates?  

A. leverage duplicate rules in Salesforce to validate duplicates during the account creation process. 
B. Develop an Apex class that searches for duplicates and removes them nightly. 
C. Implement an MDM solution to validate the customer information before creating Salesforce. 
D. Build a custom search functionality that allows sales associates to search for customer in real time upon visiting their retail stores. 

Question # 19

Universal Containers (UC) has a complex system landscape and is implementing a data governance program for the first time Which two first steps would be appropriate for UC to initiate an assessment of data architecture? Choose 2 answers 

A. Engage with IT program managers to assess current velocity of projects in the pipeline. 
B. Engage with database administrators to assess current database performance metrics. 
C. Engage with executive sponsorship to assess enterprise data strategy and goals. 
D. Engage with business units and IT to assess current operational systems and data models. 

Question # 20

NTO need to extract 50 million records from a custom object everyday from its Salesforce org. NTO is facing query timeout issues while extracting these records. What should a data architect recommend in order to get around the time out issue? 

A. Use a custom auto number and formula field and use that to chunk records while extracting data. 
B. The REST API to extract data as it automatically chunks records by 200. 
C. Use ETL tool for extraction of records. 
D. Ask SF support to increase the query timeout value. 

Question # 21

Universal Containers has deployed Salesforce for case management The company is having difficulty understanding what percentage of cases are resolved from the initial call to their support organization. What first step is recommended to implement a reporting solution to measure the support reps case closure rates? 

A. Enable field history tracking on the Case object. 
B. Create a report on Case analytic snapshots. 
C. Install AppExchange packages for available reports. 
D. Create Contact and Opportunity Reports and Dashboards. 

Question # 22

Due to security requirements, Universal Containers needs to capture specific user actions, such as login, logout, file attachment download, package install, etc. What is the recommended approach for defining a solution for this requirement? 

A. Use a field audit trail to capture field changes. 
B. Use a custom object and trigger to capture changes. 
C. Use Event Monitoring to capture these changes. 
D. Use a third-party AppExchange app to capture changes. 

Question # 23

Universal Containers has successfully migrated 50 million records into five different objects multiple times in a full copy sandbox. The Integration Engineer wants to re-run the test again a month before it goes live into Production. What is the recommended approach to re-run the test? 

A. Truncate all 5 objects quickly and re-run the data migration test. 
B. Refresh the full copy sandbox and re-run the data migration test. 
C. Hard delete all 5 objects’ data and re-run the data migration test. 
D. Truncate all 5 objects and hard delete before running the migration test. 

Question # 24

UC is building a salesforce application to track contacts and their respective conferences that they have attended with the following requirements: 1.Contacts will be stored in the standard contact object. 2.Conferences will be stored in a custom conference__c object. 3.Each contact may attend multiple conferences and each conference may be related to multiple contacts. How should a data architect model the relationship between the contact and conference objects? 

A. Implement a Contact Conference junction object with master detail relationship to both contact and conference__c. 
B. Create a master detail relationship field on the Contact object.
C. Create a master detail relationship field on the Conference object. 
D. Create a lookup relationship field on contact object. 

Question # 25

For a production cutover, a large number of Account records will be loaded into Salesforce from a legacy system. The legacy system does not have enough information to determine the Ownership for these Accounts upon initial load. Which two recommended options assign Account ownership to mitigate potential performance problems? 

A. Let a “system user” own all the Account records without assigning any role to this user in Role Hierarchy. 
B. Let a “system user” own the Account records and assign this user to the lowest-level role in the Role Hierarchy. 
C. Let the VP of the Sales department, who will report directly to the senior VP, own all the Account records. 
D. Let a “system user” own all the Account records and make this user part of the highestlevel role in the Role Hierarchy. 

Question # 26

Universal Containers (UC) has 1,000 accounts and 50,000 opportunities. UC has an enterprise security requirement to export all sales data outside of Salesforce on a weekly basis. The security requirement also calls for exporting key operational data that includes events such as file downloads, logins, logouts, etc. Which two recommended approaches would address the above requirement? 

A. Use Field Audit History to capture operational data and extract it to on-premise systems. 
B. Use Weekly Export to extract transactional data to on-premise systems. 
C. Use a custom built extract job to extract operational data to on-premise systems.
D. Use Event Monitoring to extract event data to on-premise systems. 

Question # 27

Which two best practices should be followed when using SOSL for searching?

 A. Use searches against single Objects for greater speed and accuracy. 
B. Keep searches specific and avoid wildcards where possible. 
C. Use SOSL option to ignore custom indexes as search fields are pre-indexed. 
D. Use Find in “ALL FIELDS” for faster searches. 

Question # 28

NTO uses salesforce to manage relationships and track sales opportunities. It has 10 million customers and 100 million opportunities. The CEO has been complaining 10 minutes to run and sometimes failed to load, throwing a time out error. Which 3 options should help improve the dashboard performance? Choose 3 answers: 

A. Use selective queries to reduce the amount of data being returned. 
B. De-normalize the data by reducing the number of joins.
C. Remove widgets from the dashboard to reduce the number of graphics loaded. 
D. Run the dashboard for CEO and send it via email. 
E. Reduce the amount of data queried by archiving unused opportunity records. 

Question # 29

Cloud Kicks has the following requirements: - Data needs to be sent from Salesforce to an external system to generate invoices from their Order Management System (OMS). - A Salesforce administrator must be able to customize which fields will be sent to the external system without changing code. What are two approaches for fulfilling these requirements? (Choose two.) 

A. A set to determine which fields to send in an HTTP callout. 
B. An Outbound Message to determine which fields to send to the OMS. 
C. A Field Set that determines which fields to send in an HTTP callout. 
D. Enable the field -level security permissions for the fields to send. 

Question # 30

Universal Containers (UC) has three systems: Salesforce, a cloud -based ERP system, and an on -premise Order Management System (OMS). An architect has been tasked with creating a solution that uses Salesforce as the system of record for Leads and the OMS as the system of record for Account and Contacts. UC wants Accounts and Contacts to be able to maintain their names in each system (i.e., "John Doe" in the OMS and "Johnny Doe" in Salesforce), but wants to have a consolidated data store which links referenced records across the systems. What approach should an architect suggest so the requirements are met?

A. Have Salesforce poll the OMS nightly and bring in the desired Accounts and Contacts. 
B. Implement an integration tool to send OMS Accounts and Contacts to Salesforce.
 C. Implement a Master Data Management strategy to reconcile Leads, Accounts, and Contacts. 
D. Use the Streaming API to send Account and Contact data from Salesforce to the OMS. 

Question # 31

DreamHouse Realty has a Salesforce org that is used to manage Contacts. What are two things an Architect should consider using to maintain data quality in this situation? (Choose two.)

 A. Use the private sharing model. 
B. Use Salesforce duplicate management.
 C. Use validation rules on new record create and edit.
 D. Use workflow to delete duplicate records. 

Question # 32

Universal Containers (UC) is implementing a formal, cross -business -unit data governance program As part of the program, UC will implement a team to make decisions on enterprise -wide data governance. Which two roles are appropriate as members of this team? Choose 2 answers

 A. Analytics/BI Owners 
B. Data Domain Stewards 
C. Salesforce Administrators
 D. Operational Data Users 

Question # 33

UC has a legacy client server app that as a relational data base that needs to be migrated to salesforce. What are the 3 key actions that should be done when data modeling in salesforce? Choose 3 answers:

A. Identify data elements to be persisted in salesforce.
 B. Map legacy data to salesforce objects.
C. Map legacy data to salesforce custom objects. 
D. Work with legacy application owner to analysis legacy data model. 
E. Implement legacy data model within salesforce using custom fields. 

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