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Salesforce Certified MuleSoft Integration Associate (SP24) Exam Dumps June 2024

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Salesforce MuleSoft-Integration-Associate Sample Questions

Question # 1

An organization is choosing between API-led connectivity and other integration approaches
According to MuleSoft which business benefit is associated with an API-led connectivity
approach using Anypoint Platform?

A. Higher outcome repeatability through centralized development

B. Greater project predictability through tight coupling of systems

C. Improved security through adoption of monolithic architectures

D. Increased developer productivity through self-service of API assets

Question # 2

Which Exchange asset type represents a complete API specification in RAML or OAS format?



C. Connectors

D. API Spec Fragments

Question # 3

A system administrator needs to determine when permissions were last changed for an Anypoint Platform user.

Which Anypoint Platform component should the administrator use to obtain this information?

A. Audit Logging

B. Anypoint Studio

C. Mule Stack Traces

D. Anypoint Monitoring

Question # 4

A Kubernetes controller automatically adds another pod replica to the resource pool in
response to increased application load
Which scalability option is the controller implementing?

A. Horizontal

B. Down

C. Diagonal

D. Vertical

Question # 5

A developer needs to discover which API specifications have been created within the
organization before starting a new project
Which Anypoint Platform component can the developer use to find and try out the currently
released API specifications?

A. API Manager

B. Runtime Manager

C. Object Store
D. Anypoint Exchange

Question # 6

An IT integration team followed an API-led connectivity approach to implement an orderfulfillment
business process It created an order processing API that coordinates stateful
interactions with a variety of microservices that validate, create and fulfill new product
Which interaction composition pattern did the integration architect who designed this order
processing API use?

A. Multicasting

B. Orchestration

C. Streaming

D. Aggregation

Question # 7

An organization's IT team must secure all of the internal APIs within an integration solution
by using an API proxy to apply required authentication and authorization policies
Which integration technology, when used for its intended purpose should the team choose
to meet these requirements if all other relevant factors are equal?

A. Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS)

B. API Management (APIM)

C. Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

D. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Question # 8

An integration architect is designing an API that must accept requests from API clients for both XML and JSON content over HTTP/1 1 by default. Which API architectural style when used for its intended and typical purposes, should the

architect choose to meet these requirements?


B. GraphQL



Question # 9

Which AnypointPlatform component should a MuleSoft developer use to create an API
specification prior to building the API implementation?

A. MUnit

B. API Designer

C. Runtime Manager

D. API Manager

Question # 10

According to MuleSoft which deployment characteristic applies to a microservices application architecture?

A. Core business capabilities are encapsulated in a single deployable application

B. A deployment to enhance one capability requires a redeployment of all capabilities

C. All services of an application can be deployed together as single Java WAR file

D. Services exist as independent deployment artifacts and can be scaled independently of other services

Question # 11

A developer is examining the responses from a RESTful web service that is compliant with
the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1 1) as defined by the Internet Engineering Task
Force (IETF).
In this HTTP/1 1-comphanl web service, which class of HTTP response status codes
should be specified to indicate when client requests are successfully received, understood
and accepted by the web service?

A. 2xx

B. 3xx

C. 5xx

D. 4xx

Question # 12

Which role is primarily responsible for building API implementations as part of a typical
MuleSoft integration project?

A. API Developer

B. API Designer

C. Operations
D. Integration Architect

MuleSoft-Integration-Associate Complete Exam Detail:

Detail Value
Total Questions 40 multiple-choice questions
Time Allotted 90 minutes
Passing Score 70%
Certification Fee $125 + Taxes
Available Languages English

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