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Salesforce Tableau-CRM-and-Einstein-Discovery-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

A training dataset Is being prepared for a Einstein Discovery story. One skewed with outliers. at action should the Einstein consultant take?

A. Remove the outlier rows.  B. Nothing, because the field is not the outcome variable.  C. Change the method of binning to fixed width.  D. Remove the field because it has bad data 

Question # 2

A consultant has been brought in to help increase the adaption of Tableau CRM. It has been identified that account managers are struggling to get an overview of their accounts before meeting with them. Ideally they would like to have key details highlighted about active cases and opportunities, opportunity value and product whitespace. What can the consultant do to increase adoption?

A. Create 4 analytics lenses and embed them onto the account record page  B. Create datasets for account managers to explore  C. Create a dashboard and embed it onto the account record page with a filter based on the viewed account  D. Create a dashboard and embed onto the account record page 

Question # 3

A data architect wants to use a dataflow transformation to implement row-level security that is based on role hierarchy in Salesforce. Which transformation should be used to level the dataset hierarch?

A. digest transformation  B. flatten transformation  C. delta transformation  D. sfdcDigest transformation 

Question # 4

To model customer value, a consultant decided to aggregate the amount ($) individual customers spent over a 2-year span. With reference to the outcome variable, which action should the consultant take?

A. Create five bins of revenues, ranging from Very High Value, high Value, average Value, Low Value, and very Low Value in dataflow. 
B. Select the option: Are you expecting a whole number greater than or equal to 0?  C. Create five bins or revenue, ranging from very high Value, High Value, Average Value, Low Value, and Very Low Value in data prep.  D. Select to minimize the outcome variable. 

Question # 5

Your sales team requests that datasets for their dashboards are refreshed every hour. You agree to investigate if this is possible and find that the dashboards use A datasets created from two recipes. The first recipe takes 43 min to run and the second recipe takes 25 min to run. Is it possible to refresh data every hour? 

A. Yes, the number of recipe runs does not exceed the limit of 60 in a 24 hour rolling period.  B. No, the number of recipe runs exceed the limit of 40 in a 24 hour rolling period.  C. No, the total duration of the recipe jobs exceeds one hour.  D. Yes, with the concurrent recipe runs the duration is less than hour. 

Question # 6

Universal Containers reports that any selection in the List widget is not affecting the Pie chart in one of their Einstein Analytics dashboards. The step options associated with the List widget and Pie chart are shown in the graphic.

Given that the steps are using different datasets. which two changes can an Einstein Consultant make to solve this issue' Choose 2 answers

A. Use 'Connect Data Sources" and create a connection to connect the two datasets.  B. Use selection binding in the filters section of Che step "Step_pie_2."  C. Use "Connect Data Sources" and create a connection to connect the two widgets.  D. Use selection binding in the filters section of the step "Type_l." 

Question # 7

A consultant has created a story to maximize the daily sales quantity of consumer products in stores. After creating a story, the consulting is presented with this data alert by Einstein Discovery (see graphic). What are two appropriate actions to take? Choose 2 answers

A. Remove the outliers as suggested by Einstein and deploy the model.  B. Remove the outliers as suggested by Einstein, and verify using model metrics and story insights if the quality improved.  C. Discuss with the client if values below 0 and above 2,489 are so uncommon that they should perhaps be left out of the story.  D. Manually remove the sales bellow 0 (negative sales must be a data issue), but keep the large value (the more data, the better the model will be). 

Question # 8

A Tableau CRM consultant has created three recipes that each produce a dataset. Recipe1 creates Dataset1. Recipe2 created Dataset2. Recipe2 created Dataset3. Recipe3 is dependent on Dataset1, while Recipe1 and Recipe2 have no dependencies. How should the consultant implement the recipe schedule?

A. Make Recipe1 and Recipe2 time based, but make Recipe3 event based when Recipe1 has successfully completed.  B. Make Recipe1 and Recipe2 time based, but make Recipe3 event based when Recipe1 and Recipe2 have successfully completed.  C. Make Recipe1 and Recipe2 time based, but make Recipe3 event based when the local Salesforce connector has completed.  D. Make all three recipe time based and schedule all of them at the same time, the data manage will automatically run them in the correct order. 

Question # 9

Which three things can be done with the tableau CRM Dashboard Inspector? Choose 3 answers

A. Get a list of recommendations on how to improve the performance of the dashboard.  B. View the total time required to run all queries.  C. Automatically remove bottlenecks to make queries run faster.  D. View all queries and the time it took to run each one.  E. See the final query for each query along with query results. 

Question # 10

A consultant is tasked with creating one query that shows how many opportunities and cases there are per account. Cases and opportunities are found in two different datasets with a reference to the related Account via the AccoundId. What options do the consultant have in Analytics Studio to create the query?

A. A fill statement  B. A cogrouop or union statement  C. A union statement  D. A cogroup statement 

Question # 11

As a tableau CRM consultant you have been asked to bring data from a Snowflake database as well external Salesforce environment into Tableau CRM (CRM Analytics Plus edition). 25 objects have been enabled from the local Salesforce connector. After further investigation of the external Salesforce environment and 15 object each from the remaining 2 external Salesforce environment. You estimate each connector will per object bring between 1000 and 1 mil rows of data.
What limit will be exceeded?

A. Storage rows of data  B. Salesforce external connector number of synced rows  C. Total number of enabled objects  D. Snowflake connector number synced rows 

Question # 12

Which set of statements generates monthly amount on a cumulative basis annually?

A. Option A  B. Option B  C. Option C  D. Option D 

Question # 13

After the initial creation of a story, the first story insight explains 93% of the variation of the outcome variable. This is unusual high? What is the most likely multiple for this? 

A. The dataset contains multiple dominant values.  B. The dataset contains too many rows.  C. The dataset used in the story suffers from too many outlier values.  D. The outcome variable is causing data leakage. 

Question # 14

A consultant built a very useful Einstein Analytics app for the corporate Sales Operations team of a company that has multiple Salesforce Ogrs, Each Org has similar models and would like to review their data the way that the corporate Sales Operations team does. The app has been packaged and needs to be installed on the other production orgs. What is the recommended practice to install the custom template app? 

A. Rest API  B. Salesforce Managed Package  C. Change Sets  D. Metadata API 

Question # 15

A customer has a dataset consisting of over 300 unique product names. They request a prediction model with the product names included. Which action should the Einstein Consultant take?

A. Split the analysis into multiple models will each having fewer products  B. Adjust the model to eliminate extreme values in the outcome variable.  C. Run the model using the default variables in the Product object  D. Use SKU numbers rather than product names to increase clarity. 

Question # 16

Universal Containers reports that nay selection in the List widget is not affecting the pie chart in one of their tableau CRM dashboard. They query options associated with the List widget and Pie chart are shown in the graphic Which change can a Tableau CRM Consultant implement to solve this issues, given that the queries are using the same dataset? 

A. Set faceting to All instead of None in the query “Step_pie_1.”  B. Use result binding/interaction in the filters section of the query “Step_pie_1.”  C. Set faceting to all instead of None in the query “Region_1.”  D. Use selection binding/interaction in the filters section of the query “Region_1.” 

Question # 17

A Tableau CRM consultant has just completed deployment of an analytic app containing a recipe plus several datasets and dashboards. While conducting post deployment a smoke test, the new datasets don't seem to have migrated. What post migration step has likely been forgotten? What post migration step has likely been forgotten?

A. Apply security predicates on datasets  B. Run the recipe  C. Provide read access on the datasets  D. Go to Analytics Settings in Setup and approve the deployment 

Question # 18

A customer is reviewing a story that is set to maximize the daily sales quantity of consumer products in stores and sees this chart. The visualized tooltip belongs to the blue bar for San Francisco, reflecting, November daily sales quantities in that city specifically. What two conclusions can be drawn from this insight?

A. The average daily in SAN Francisco stores in November as 1601 items higher than the global average of 335.  B. November sales are higher than in other months. This November-effect is the strongest in San Francisco.  C. The average daily quantity in San Francisco stores in November was 1239 items higher than the average of all other months in San Francisco.  D. The average daily quantity in San Francisco stores in November was 1239 items higher than the average of all November sales in the country 

Question # 19

The Universal Containers Einstein Analytics team built a dashboard with two widgets: 1. List widget associated to the step "Type_2" and grouped by the dimension "Type" (multiselection) 2. Pie chart widget associated to the step "Step_pie_3" and grouped by the dimension "Type" The team wants to use bindings so any selection in the List widget will filter the Pie chart. Additional notes: * The steps use different datasets. * Users should be able to choose more than one Type (multi-selection). What is the right syntax for the binding?

A. Option A  B. Option B  C. Option C  D. Option D 

Question # 20

The Tableau CRM team at a company creates three recipes. 1) myRecipeOne: this recipe takes 2 hours to run. 2) mvRedpeTwo: this recipe takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to run. 3) myRecipeThree: this recipe takes 1 minute and 30 seconds to run. If all three recipes run, how many count towards the 24 hour rolling recipe run limit.c

A. 2  B. 1  C. 0  D. 3 

Question # 21

Refer to the graphic.

Einstein found a recommendation to improve the story: apparently there are two variables that behave the same. Given there is no additional information, what is the correct action?

A. Retain Promotion; it is an actionable variable and without it, we cannot recommend prescriptive actions.  B. Cancel this story and redefine the dataset.  C. Retain Amount; not knowing the size of a deal makes it hard to predict if will be won.  D. Do nothing; they appear to be similar, but there might be differences from the business perspective. 

Question # 22

A story has been deployed to the Opportunity object with a prediction field, Predicted Amount. How can all the Opportunity records be predictions written back to the Predicted Amount field? 

A. Mass edit all the records by populating the Predicted Amount field.  B. Use the Prediction Service API to get the prediction and populate the Predicted Amount field.  C. Enable a Bulk Scoring Job under the Prediction Definition.  D. Open all Opportunity records. 

Question # 23

A customer is reviewing a story that is set to maximize the daily sales quantity of consumer products in stores, and the customer sees chart related to promotional activities and to San Francisco specifically. What conclusion can be drawn from this insight? What conclusion can be drawn from this Insight?

A. Of all promotions types in San Francisco, sales were the highest using Display promotion. play.  B. Promotions increase sales stronger in San Francisco than they do in other cities.  C. The best promotion type is Dis D. The Other stores (visualized with the gray bars) show no significant data for the sales promotions. 

Question # 24

An Einstein Analytics Consultant is working with a subscriptions based company to build a dashboard to understand customer renewals. Each subscription is captured as a Closed Won Opportunity within Salesforce Unfortunately the Opportunity record does not specify whether it is a renewal or a net new subscription. Which data transformation should be used to determine if a subscription is new or a renewal? 

A. ComputeRelative  B. ComputeExpression  C. Augment  D. flatten 

Question # 25

A large company is rolling out Einstein Analytics to their field sales. They have a welldefined role hierarchy where everyone is assigned to an appropriate node on the hierarchy. An individual Sales rep should be able to view all opportunities that she/he owns or as part of the account team or opportunity team. The Sales Manager should be able to view all opportunities for the entire Sales team. Similarly, the Sales Vice President should be able to view opportunities for everyone who rolls up in that hierarchy. The opportunity dataset has a field called 'Ownerld' which represents the opportunity owner. Given this information, how can an Einstein Consultant implement the above requirements? 

A. As part of the dataflow, use the flatten operation on the role hierarchy and create a multivalue attribute called 'ParentRolelDs' on the opportunity dataset and apply following security predicate: 'ParentRolelDs' == "$User.UserRoleId" && 'Ownerld' == "SUser.Id".  B. As part of the dataflow, use computeExpression on the Roleld field to create an attribute called 'ParentRolelDs' on the opportunity dataset and apply following security predicate: 'ParentRolelDs' == "$User.UserRoleId" || 'Ownerld' == "$User.Id".  C. As part of the dataflow, use computeRelative on the Roleld field to create an attribute called 'ParentRolelDs' on the opportunity dataset and apply following security predicate: 'ParentRolelDs' == "$User.UserRoleId" || 'Ownerld' == "$User.Id". D. As part of the dataflow, use the flatten operation on the role hierarchy and create a multivalue attribute called 'ParentRolelDs' on the opportunity dataset and apply following security predicate: 'ParentRolelDs' == "$User.UserRoleId" || TeamMember.Id' == "$User. Id" || 'Ownerld' == "SUser.Id". 

Question # 26

Results from an Einstein Discovary story are reviewed with a business user. They agree with the findings but noticed that none of the fields used in the story have a correlation value greater than 4%. The client is now concerned that the model may not be good enough to next steps?

A. Rerun and update the story with a different algorithm.  B. Proceed with deployment if the model quality metric values ire sufficient.  C. Edit the model accuracy settings and rerun the story.  D. Identify additional data that may have a stronger relationship with the outcome variable. 

Question # 27

A consultant built a Tableau CRM dashboard for a shipping company. The consultant enabled data sync (replication) to increase the speed to datasets refreshing. How often will the data on the dashboard be refreshed?

A. When the dashboard viewer clicks the Refresh button.  B. When the Data Sync runs to completion, and then recipe runs to completion.  C. When recipe runs to completion, and then Data Sync runs to completion.  D. Each time a user opens the dashboard

Question # 28

The client is trying to create a SAQL step to predict sales in each sales region. They cannot get the query to return any results, but have identified that the error is in the time series statement. They have asked an Einstein Consultant to review the following query and fix any errors.
Which timeseries statement will fix the query' 

A. q = timeseries q generate 'sum_Sales' as Forecasted_Sales' with (dateCols=('Date_Year, Date_Quarter', "Y-Q"), partition=Region', ignoreLast=true);  B. q = timeseries q generate 'sum_Sales' as Forecasted_Sales' with (Iength = 12, dateCols=('Date_Year', 'Date_Month". "Y-M"), partition='Region');  C. q = timeseries q generate 'sum_Sales' as Torecasted_Sales' with (dateCols=('Date_Year', Date_Quarter', "Y-Q"), partition='Region', seasonality=4);  D. q = timeseries q generate 'sum_Sales' as Torecasted_Sales' with (dateCols=('Date_Year', Date_Quarter', "Y-Q"), partition='Region'); 

Question # 29

When you assign any Analytics permission set to users in your org, Salesforce autoassigns the Analytics Platform permission set license to that user

A. True  B. False 

Question # 30

A company asks a Tableau CRM consultant to review the performance of their local data sync. After removing unused objects and fields from connected data, what else can the consultant do to improve performance of data sync"*

A. Enable fast sync in analytics settings  B. Contact Salesforce support to Increase sync speed  C. Evaluate connection mode for each connected object  D. Merge synced objects 

Question # 31

Universal Containers (UC) is a multinational company that utilizes Salesforce and has a variety of internal systems. UC uses Einstein Analytics for their data analysis platform and they want to automate their weekly manual process to create a dataset from their onpremise data warehouse. Which solution should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement? 

A. Utilize a Salesforce weekly export feature  B. Utilize Analytics Connector.  C. Utilize middleware with Analytics External Data API  D. Utilize a dataflow 

Question # 32

In what order does Einstein Discoverypresent the insights that it uncovers?

A. Alphabetical, in ascending order

B. Alphabetical, in descending order

C. Insights that explain the most variation in the outcome variable, in ascending order

D. Insights that explain the most variation in theoutcome variable, in descending order

E. B and D

Question # 33

Which dataflow transformation does data sync (replication) reference, in anexisting
dataflow, to determine which Salesforce objects and fields are currently being extracted?

A. edgemart

B. sfdcRegister

C. export

D. sfdcDigest

Question # 34

In an org, some of the Activity records do not have related Opportunity records.
Additionally, there are Opportunity records that do not have related Activity records.
Which SAQL statement will fetch all Opportunities, even if they don't have associated
Activities, and fetchrelated Activity data, if it exists?

A. q = cogroup Opportunity by 'Id', Activities by 'Opportunityld';

B. q = cogroup Opportunity by 'Id', Activities by 'Opportunityld' left;

C. q = cogroup Opportunity by 'Id' right, Activities by 'Opportunityld';

D. q =cogroup Opportunity by 'Id' left, Activities by 'Opportunityld';

Question # 35

Einstein Discovery is a tool that:

A. Is like having a personal data scientist on staff

B. Replaces your team of BI experts and data analysts

C. Helps you hire the best data scientist for your business

D. Understands your business better than you do

Question # 36

A consultant built an Einstein Analytics app for the Sales Operations team. The Sales
Operations team wants to share their app with other people at the company. The
consultant recommends distributing the app as an Einstein Analytics template app.
A set of JSON files will be generated after a template is created from the Sales Operations
app. What is the name of the JSON file that manages template metadata and all other
template elements'

A. ui.json

B. template-to-app-rules.json

C. aster- info.j son

D. template-info.json

Question # 37

Which of the following are included in the template object?

A. ui.json

B. app.json

C. variables.json

D. A,B and C

E. A,C

Question # 38

An Einstein Discovery team created a model to maximize the margin of their sales
opportunities. They want to deploy the model to the Opportunity object in order to predict
the outcome of every newly created or updated Opportunity.
What are the steps to accomplish this?

A. Create a trigger on Opportunity and use the Salesforce External Connector to get
predictions from Einstein Discovery.

B. Create an Apex batch on Opportunity and use the REST API to get predictions from
Einstein Discovery.

C. Create a trigger on Opportunity and install the Einstein Discovery Writeback managed
package from the AppExchange.

D. Create a trigger on Opportunity and use the REST API to get predictions from Einstein

Question # 39

What is the order of filter, limit, order and offset functions in SAQL?

A. Filter and order can be interchanged. Offset must be after filter/order and limit mustcome after offset.

Question # 40

How do you open the Actions menu for a particular case shown in a dashboard?

A. Click the Actions bar from a bubble chart

B. Hover over the case number column of the values table widget and click the arrow that appears

C. Double-click the case number in the Actions widget

D. Simply @mention the case manager for thatsegment

Question # 41

What do you have to assign to users before they can access Analytics?

A. Analytics permission set license (PSL)

B. Permission set with at least one Analytics user permission

C. Username and password

D. A and B

E. B and C

Question # 42

The model quality metrics of an Einstein Discovery story indicate that the GINI coefficient in
the four folds are 0.82, 0.83, 0.84, and 0.75, respectively.
Which two actions should a consultant take? Choose 2 answers

A. Deploy the story, because the variation in the metrics is within the normal range.

B. Confirm that the overall GINIcoefficient is good prior to deploying the story.

C. Research and check the dataset for outliers in the target field and the main predictors
that are shown on top of the story.

D. Do not deploy the story immediately, and research why one fold is performingworse than
the others.

Question # 43

A consultant built an Einstein Analytics dashboard for a company. The company then
requested an enhancement to the dashboard and provided additional data that needs to be
displayed. As a result, the consultant decides to "augment" the dataflow.
Which phrase describes this transformation?

A. Add data based on the right-side grain

B. Join data similar to an SQL statement

C. Add data as a lookup relationship (left side is the lowest grain)

D. Join data based on a many-to-many relationship

Question # 44

The Einstein Analytics team at a company created a clataset based on the
Opportunity__c custom object. The VP of Sales reports seeing the message "No
results found" when opening the dataset to explore it. Other users below the VP in the role
hierarchy can see rows on the same dataset. Which two problems might be causing this

A. The Salesforce profile for the VP does not have read permission on some fieldsof the
Opportunity__c custom object

B. The Security Predicates set up at the dataset level are preventing the VP from seeing

C. The dataset is inheriting sharing from Salesforce and the VP can see more than 3000

D. The Salesforce profile for theVP does not have read permission on the Opportunity__c
custom object

Question # 45

What can you do on the Edit Field Attributes page when uploading a CSV file to Analytics?

A. Change a field's name

B. Change a field's format

C. Change a field's type

D. All of the above

Question # 46

What happens if you first disable Analytics, and then you re-enable Analytics later? Select 2

A. User permissions are removed from each defined permission set ifAnalytics is disabled.

B. User permissions are not removed from each defined permission set if Analytics is

C. You must define the permission sets again if Analytics is re-enabled. (Missed)

D. You must not define the permission sets again if Analytics is re-enabled.

Question # 47

What do Analytics apps do?

A. Let you add new types of charts to Salesforce

B. Alert you when you need a visa for an upcoming trip

C. Use ready-made dashboards to tell easy-to-follow stories about your data

D. Let you create configuration wizards to make Analytics setup easier

Question # 48

A consultant created an Einstein Analytics dashboard in a sandbox. Now, the dashboard
needs to be migrated into production.
To complete the migration, what are the consultant's three options? Choose 3 answers

A. Ant Migration Tool

B. Analytics External Data API

C. Analytics REST API

D. Change sets

E. Analytics dashboard connector

Question # 49

Which permission gives you view-only access to Analytics?

A. Use Analytics

B. Manage Analytics

C. Create and Edit AnalyticsDashboard

D. None of above

Question # 50

The Universal Containers company thinks it knows everything about its business. However,
Einstein Discovery surfaces an unexpectedpattern that is concerning. They call in
departmental experts and hold a meeting to discuss next steps with an Einstein Consultant.
What should the consultant advise as the next action'

A. Consult a Data Scientist for further analysis.

B. Determine if thepattern is a data issue or a new insight.

C. Filter out the data that causes the unexpected pattern and analyze the new results.

D. Accept the new pattern and have confidence that Einstein knows the business as
accurately as the customer.

Question # 51

Which widget property allows a consultant to restrict the view to a domain bounded by the
values entered'

A. Add Custom Domain

B. Filter by Range

C. Add Custom Range

D. Add Filter

Question # 52

An Einstein Analytics team plans to enable data sync (replication).
Which two limits are specific to data sync (replication) and should be considered before
enabling the feature because they might impact existing jobs?
Choose 2 answers

A. Maximum number of dataflow definitions

B. Maximum number of dataflow transformations

C. Maximum number of objects that can be enabled for data sync (replication)

D. Timeout for ELT (Extract Load Transform) jobs that are scheduled but not yet executed

Question # 53

Max of objects that can be enabled for Data Sync

A. 200

B. 100

C. 150

D. 50

Question # 54

The Einstein Analytics Plus Platform license is enabled for a Salesforce org and assigned
to eachuser. However, these users cannot see the Einstein Analytics Studio in the App
How can this issue be addressed?

A. Share the app with the users in Einstein Analytics.

B. Create user accounts for the users in Einstein Analytics.

C. Assign the users to the permission set containing Use Analytics.

D. Assign the users to the permission set containing Manage Analytics.

Question # 55

Maximum concurrent API Analytics calls per org

A. 200

B. 500

C. 100

D. 50

Question # 56

What can you do with the dataflow?

A. Extract data from anexternal CSV file into Analytics

B. Extract Salesforce object data into Analytics

C. Build a dashboard

D. Explore a dataset

Question # 57

What are two benefits of designing using the "Progressive Disclosure" principle? Choose 2 answers

A. improved ease of use for end users

B. Discounted EA licenses when growth is achieved

C. Automatic conditional formatting

D. Better dashboard performance

Question # 58

A consultant created a dashboard using Einstein Analytics for her client, a shipping
company. It sources data from very large datasets. Now the client has requested that the
consultant add more steps to the dashboard.
To ensure that the dashboard has acceptable performance, what two actions should the
consultant take? Choose 2 answers

A. Check if any steps can be reused for multiple purposes.

B. Replace AggregateFlex steps with SAQL steps.

C. Split the steps and charts into different pages in a dashboard.

D. Avoid using conditional formatting.

Question # 59

A Einstein Analytics consultant is asked to help a company report on their sales activity.
The company wants to train some users to create their own dashboards. They also want
another team toonly be able to use the dashboards.
What must be configured to address these requirements?

A. Create two permission sets with different system permissions.

B. Use a permission set license with two different levels of access.

C. Grant "Manage" access permission to the apps.

D. Create a permission set license assignment with two different levels of access

Question # 60

Can you share data from a widget?

A. No, you can't share data from a widget.

B. Select the step of the widget and share data.

C. Select "Share" icon, click on "Download", and select "Download in .png, .XLS, or CSV"

D. Only with the proper Einstein Analytics Platform license.

Question # 61

To see predictive insights, what option do you select in the Story toolbar?

A. What Changed Over Time

B. How Can I Improve It

C. Predictions & Improvements

D. Why It Happened

E. What Happened

Question # 62

Upper and lower limits on rows in discovery.

A. 1000 row minimum, 15,000,000 max

B. 3000 row minimum, 20,000,000 max

C. 00 row minimum, 20,000,000 max

D. 500 row minimum, 25,000,000 max

Question # 63

The Tableau CRM team at a company has created three dataflows.
myDataflowOne: this dataflow tasks 2 hours to run.
myDataflowOne: this dataflow tasks 1 hours and 30 minutes to run
myDataflowOne: this dataflow tasks 1 minute and 30 seconds to run.
If all three dataflows run, how many count towards the limit?

A. 3

B. 0

C. 1

D. 2

Question # 64

Universal Containers has a dashboard for Sales Managers to visualize the YoY Growth of
their customers- The formula used is: YoY = [(This Year - Last Year) / Last Year] %
Based on the graphic, when there is no account in the Last Year column, the YoY Growth
shows null results. The SalesManagers want to replace it with 100% value.
What is the correct function to use?

A. replace()

B. number_to_string()

C. coalesce()

D. substr()

Question # 65

Why are insights in the Unrelated category important?

A. They explain everything about the outcome.

B. They aren't important. Hence the name,Unrelated.

C. They explain how interaction terms affect the outcome.

D. The outcome might not have much to do with related variables. It might have more to do
with global effects.

Question # 66

Where can you view the status of a CSV upload in Analytics?

A. The data manager

B. The Analytics home page

C. The Create Dataset page

D. The Setupmenu

Question # 67

A company uses role hierarchy to implement data security in Salesforce. They want the
same role-hierarchy-based security model to apply in Einstein Analytics, but want the users
in a role to see data owned by other users in the same role.
Using the "flatten" transformation, which attribute setting achieves this requirement?

A. Set theattribute "selfjield" to true.

B. Set the attribute "selfjield" to false.

C. Set the attribute "include_self_id" to true.

D. Set the attribute "include_self_id" to false.

Question # 68

An Einstein Consultant needs to add some data values to an existing dataflow: a text field,
anumber (via a case statement), and a date (via SAQL).
In order to achieve this, which compute option should be used?

A. computeExpression

B. computeData

C. computeValue

D. computeField

Question # 69

Universal Containershas a Sales Manager dashboard- They have a compare table that

displays the count of Customers and the Sum of Annual Revenue per year and per
Account type. A consultant is asked to add more groupings to enhance details about their
What is the maximum number of grouping columns that the consultant must be aware of in
order to continue using a compare table versus creating the query using SAQL?

A. 8

B. 4

C. unlimited

D. 10

Question # 70

The Event Monitoring Analytics app brings prebuilt insights and analytics to what type of
existing data in your org?

A. Field audit trail data

B. Forensics data

C. Sales Cloud data Login

D. Event log file data

Question # 71

A company wants to build a webpage that displays KPIs that can be derived from values in
datasets stored in Einstein Analytics. How can an Einstein Analytics consultant derive
those KPIs from those datasets?

A. Use the Analytics External Data API andleverage the "query" resource.

B. Export the dataset as an XLS file and use the Einstein Analytics Connector for Excel.

C. Use the Analytics REST API and leverage the -query" resource.

D. Export the dataset as a CSV file and load it to an externaldatabase.

Question # 72

When Analytics runs a dataflow that accesses Salesforce objects, which user does it use?

A. The current user

B. The system administrator

C. The Integration User

D. The record owner

Question # 73

How many concurrent stories per org are allowed?

A. 5

B. 4

C. 2

D. 1

Salesforce Tableau-CRM-and-Einstein-Discovery-Consultant Frequently Asked Questions

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