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Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer (SP24) Dumps July 2024

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Salesforce User-Experience-Designer Sample Questions

Question # 1

Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to provide employees with quick access to apps, objects, and otheritems in the Salesforce mobile app. Which navigational feature should CK use?

A. Personalized Navigation Tabs
B. Console Navigation
C. Utility Bar

Question # 2

Cloud Kicks' Sales team needs In-App Guidance for key functions and processes so theycan maximize their time. In which way should a UX Designer customize the Salesforce Help Menu to meet thisrequest?

A. Show a site map of all the content.
B. Create a docked prompt based on new feature rollouts.
C. Provide links to external resources, such as training videos or a company dictionary.

Question # 3

Cloud Kicks(CK) is incorporating Relationship Design principle into its business model andcustomer offerings wherever possible. Choose 3 answers

A. Prioritizing Innovation over copying the competition
B. Releasing Salesforce updates in managed packages over unmanaged packages
C. Reframing products in terms of user value over features and functions
D. Prioritize engagement number of impressions
E. Uncovering customer needs over broadcasting product benefits

Question # 4

Cloud Kicks has a content-rich set of record pages and wants its UX Design team toorganize and consolidate them.Which Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) component should be used to organizeand consolidate content?

A. Data Tables
B. Modals
C. Q Tabs

Question # 5

Cloud Kicks (CK) allows its partners to manage leads and opportunities. CK's relationshipmanager has requested that partners are able to quickly browse and see their opportunitiessegmented by key attributes:If the opportunity is closing within 2 weeks If it is valued at more than $100,000Which approach should be used in Experience Builder to enable this?

A. Create a custom Lightning Web Component using a data table for each key attribute.
B. Allow each user to create a filter for each key attribute and link to the opportunities listview.
C. Configure a pre-filtered opportunity list view for each key attribute with the partner group.

Question # 6

A UX Designer is considering the design of arecord creation screen for the custom objectAppointment.Appointment records have to record types: Virtual and In-Person, Virtual appointments mayhave different virtual meeting software options, each with fields specific to it.Which two considerations should be made when creating this record using DynamicForms?Choose 2 answers

A. The use of tabs when creating the record is not allowed.
B. The form will not be available on mobile devices.
C. All software option sections of the form will always bevisible.
D. Fields can be organized into sections.

Question # 7

A UX Designer is working on a series of custom Salesforce components for a new website.In which way could the designer accelerate the visual design process?

A. Use separate stylesheets to make implementation easier.
B. Build a custom layout in Salesforce and export the underlying code.
C. A Leverage the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) using UI kits or plugins.

Question # 8

Cloud Kicks has identified a Trusted Advisor persona as their primary focus for the nextiteration.Which key business process defining their work should be analyzed to make sure thedelivered experience fits their needs?

A. Maintaining relationships with existing customers
B. Managing sales pipeline and forecasting
C. Customizing and administering Salesforce

Question # 9

What are three benefits of asking the user to think aloud during a user task? Choose 3answers

A. No special equipment needed
B. Natural process
C. Unblasedbehavior
D. Flexibility
E. Raw stream of thought

Question # 10

What are three benefits of asking the user to think aloud during a user task? Choose 3answers

A. No special equipment needed
B. Natural process
C. Unblasedbehavior
D. Flexibility
E. Raw stream of thought

Question # 11

Which elements of visual design should be used to better translate style and brandingguidelines?

A. Typography, Color, Imagery
B. Wireframes, Personas, Blueprints
C. Sketching, Wireframes, Storyboards

Question # 12

A company provides away for customers to shop for homes and contact real estate agentsonline. The company’s brokers use some of the Salesforce standard functionality to trackhome buyers.Which three standard Salesforce objects should be used in this experience?Choose 3 answers

A. Property
B. Lead
C. Contact
D. Opportunity
E. Address

Question # 13

A UX Designer is tasked with ensuring Lightning App Builder apps are mobile-friendly,including interactive elements.What should be the minimum touch screen target size for interactive elements on mobiledevices?

A. 24 pixels wide x 24 pixels tall
B. 44 pixels wide x 44 pixels tall
C. 64 pixels wide x 64 pixels tall

Question # 14

A UX Designer is customizing the look and feel of a site using Experience Builder andneeds to choose a color for the text and the background of the buttons.Which accessibility guideline should be considered?

A. Adaptable
B. Distinguishable
C. Navigable

Question # 15

A UX Designer is limited to one standard Order record page layout in Sales Cloud. It isshared between internal and external users.Which page layout feature should be used to control the visibility between users?

A. Audience Targeting
B. Field-Level Security
C. Dynamic Forms

Question # 16

Cloud Kicks' digital support representatives have different needs and requirements forKnowledge articles than customers. Customers need to see:• Some Knowledge articles, not all• Articles organized in different categories• Different fields than support representativesWhich consideration should be made when determining how to present Knowledge articlesto each audience?

A. Separate articles should be written for each audience, with only relevant information.
B. Page layouts or permissions can display only the fields needed for each audience.
C. Topics within a customer site must be organized the same as internal data categories.

Question # 17

A UX Designeris analyzing their Experience Cloud site, enabled for Knowledge articles,and is using the Featured Topic component to display content.Which UI configuration should be used to further individualize each featured topic?

A. Add a description displayed onmouse hover further description each topic.
B. Select and upload SVG Icons that represent each featured topic.
C. Select and upload images that represent each featured topic.
D. Add a description under the topic label further describing each topic.

Question # 18

Cloud Kicks wants its Salesforce app to represent company branding and comply with WebContent Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.What should they consider about themes and branding?

A. Salesforce automatically updates the selected brand color to make it accessible; thisshould overridden to select the colors manually.
B. There is a default WCAG complaint Salesforce color theme; only brand color can beupdated.
C. The color palette is auto-generated based on the brand color to be WCAG compliant.

Question # 19

A UX Designer wants to inform user stories based on user value and development effort.Which method should be used?

A. Card Sorting
B. Prioritization Matrix
C. Customer Journey Map

Question # 20

It is recommended to carefully consider which demographic data and for what purpose isfed into an AI model.Which reason explains this?

A. To avoid societal bias
B. To avoid unconscious confirmation bias
C. To avoid interaction bias

Question # 21

Cloud Kicks wants to create a new service experience, increasing user satisfaction forinternal and external users Both a customer community and a service console win becreated.Which tool should a UX Designer use to document user goals, common tasks, and painpoints?

A. Storyboards
B. Wireframes
C. User Personas
D. User Journeys

Question # 22

A UX Designer is asked to build a solution in Salesforce to accommodate a call center'sprocess and make it easier for them to log complaints.How should the designer illustrate the existing process, including the pain points andopportunities?

A. Observe the complaints process and create a business process diagram.
B. Observe the complaints process and create a journey map.
C. Observe the complaints process and create a prototype.

Question # 23

A UX Design team is doing a review of a new Lightning Web Component (IWC). They arefollowing the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) block, element, modifier (BEM)naming conventions.Which class does NOT follow this convention?

A. .slds-avatar_circle
B. .slds-box
C. .slds--size-l-of-2

Question # 24

Cloud Kicks is considering whether it should implement the Standard Salesforce Navigationor use the Console for its Sales team.What is one requirement that could lead to recommending the Console?

A. Need for viewing multiple list views at the same time
B. Ability to toggle between multiple records
C. Work that is mostly in the field

Question # 25

Cloud kicks wants to hire a deal closer.Which three activities wouldsomeone in this role do each day?Choose 3 answers

A. Update existing prospect and customer records.
B. Log activities such as calls, emails, and notes.
C. Review and work through their list of leads or opportunities.
D. Create cases from issues.
E. Customize and administer Salesforce.

Question # 26

Cloud Kicks' development team is working on the build of a new custom component usingVS Code. They often have new CSS classes and properties conflicting with the SalesforceLightning Design System (SLDS),What should simplify working with SLDS in Lightning Components?

A. Install SLDS creator from AppExchange
B. Install SLDS Validator extension for VS Code
C. Install Lightning Design System Plugin for Sketch

Question # 27

A UX Designer interviews a user who spends most of their time moderating forums,enforcing community standards, and providing member support.Which Salesforce persona does this user align with?

A. Site Admin
B. Community Manager
C. Support Manager

Question # 28

Which feature is provided in the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) for designersand developers?

A. A library of Lightning Web Components
B. Semantic and accessible component markup
C. ES6 JavaScript modules and plugins

Question # 29

A UX Designer wants to customize the end user's Salesforce app experience.Which administrative capability should be used for mobile navigation menu setup?

A. Menu tabs can be based on different user types.
B. Menu tabs visibility is based on user location.
C. Menu tabs can be Visualforce and Lightning pages.

Question # 30

A developer is creating a Lightning Web Component (LWC) and wants to make sure thevisual experience is consistent with Cloud Kicks’ branding. The developer asks their UXDesigner about the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) stylinghooks.How should the designer describe them?

A. They use standard CSS properties to directly style HTML elements.
B. They use standard CSS properties to easily style base and custom components.
C. They use custom CSS properties to directly style HTML elements.
D. They use custom CSS properties to easily style base and custom components.

Question # 31

Cloud Kicks (CK) has made a commitment to incorporating human-centered design and isnow collaborating with its Sales team to redesign some of its key sales processes inSalesforce.Which conceptual approach would describe CK's new design solutions?

B. Agile
C. Desirable, Feasible, Viable

Question # 32

A UX Designer has been tasked with designing a custom Lightning Web Component(LWC) that uses the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS).Where on the SLDS website should the designer find accessible HTML and CSS used tocreate components along with implementation guidelines?

A. Component Blueprints
B. Design Tokens
C. Development Tools

Question # 33

During discovery, a UX Designer finds that most sellers like the idea of using the utility barfor easy access and productivity.Which three standarduse cases could be recommended for using the utility bar to enhancethe user experience? Choose 3 answers

A. Quick access to Lightning Dialer
B. Perform common tasks without navigating away from page
C. Access to view a list of records favorited for quickaccess
D. Access to a consistent custom help menu across the org for all users
E. Access at any time to a customized set of items specific to an app

Question # 34

Sales managers want their team members to help each other close Opportunities. TheOpportunity and Account organization-wide defaults are private. To grant Opportunityaccess tosales reps on the same team, owner ship-based sharing rules were created foreach team.What is the side effect of this approach?

A. All sales reps will have Read access to Accounts for all Opportunities.
B. Sales Reps on the same team will have Edit access to the Accounts for Opportunitiesowned by then team members.
C. Sales reps on the same team will have Read access to the Accounts for Opportunitiesowned by their team members.
D. All sales reps will have Read access to all Accounts.

Question # 35

A UX Designer atCloud Kicks is having difficulty getting its developers to see why thedesign changes would improve the user experience.How should the designer help mitigate pushback from developers?

A. Invite them to user testing.
B. Ask a manager or superior to doit.
C. Let them know the designer is the expert.
D. Hand them a printout of the design

Question # 36

A UX Designerhas created a new form for a call center that takes special deliveryinformation from its customers.The designer wants to ensure the call center staff finds the form easy and intuitive to use.Which kind of testing should be conducted to validate this?

A. Usability Testing
B. Survery
C. Focus Groups
D. Qualitative

Question # 37

Cloud Kicks (CK) has finished conducting research and has synthesized the findings. CKnowplans to collaboratively redesign services with stakeholders to address issuesuncovered in the study.Which process should be used?

A. Service-Blueprinting Workshop
B. Management Committee Meeting
C. Pitch Session
D. Service Usability Testing

Question # 38

Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to determine whether or not the Experience Cloud site it islaunching is intuitive. CK’s UX Designer is going to conduct a usability study.What shouldbe one of the first steps when planning this study?

A. Define the goals of the study.
B. Design changes to the site.
C. Design the information architecture.
D. Analyze the results of the study.

Question # 39

Cloud Kicks wants to implement its company colors in all UIcomponents, like buttons andicons, using a custom themes.How does the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) ensure the UI components alignwith the theme?

A. Design tokens prefixed with "brand"
B. JS libraries loaded from a static resource
C. CSS Hexcolors
D. Builder panels

Question # 40

Which goal would be important in undertaking a Consequence Scanning exercise beforelaunching a new product?

A. Reframe the product objectives from multiple, diverse perspectives.
B. Encourage team well-being through collaboration.
C. Identify the best angle for positive launch press coverage.

Question # 41

Cloud Kicks (CK) is implementing its brand style guide using out-of-the box ExperienceBuilder features. CK wants to avoid custom solutions.Which declarative option could be used?

A. A Apply brand fonts and colors.
B. Use a different template.
C. Update global CSS.

Question # 42

Cloud Kicks (CK) wants gamified learning content for its internal users and leadership. CKwants to create a custom product training as a part of the experience.What should be recommended?

A. In-app prompts to provide access to video content
B. Sandbox to experiment with the product
C. Enablement Site to build and assign custom modules

Question # 43

Cloud Kicks (CK) is planning its Einstein Bot implementation and has identified commonissues the bot canresolve. CK has determined that extensive technical planning is neededfor bot effectiveness and customer satisfaction.Which additional element(s) would be essential?

A. Training and support planning
B. User interface planning
C. Onboarding planning
D. Voice and tone planning

Question # 44

Cloud kicks wants to incorporates human-centered design across its organizationWhich two practices should beadopted

A. Including innovative ideas to showcase technology
B. observing user behavior
C. putting oneself in the situation of the end-user
D. creating requirements based on business leaders priorities

Question # 45

A UX Designer is hired to help create a brand new app for the AppExchange with a humancenteredapproach.Which strategy will most likely strengthen employee relationships the most?

A. Create a first draft in a design team and then share it for feedback with employees.
B. Send an anonymous survey to collect ideas from across the whole company.
C. Invite employees from different departments and create a journey map together.

Question # 46

Cloud Kicks has updated its logo and wants it prominently displayed on its DigitalExperience site.Where does their UX Designer need to code to update the logo?

A. Visualforce pages
B. Page headers
C. Email templates

Question # 47

Cloud Kicks (CK) isgoing to conduct some interviews surveys with users to betterunderstand theirPurchasing habits. CK’s UX Designer wants to get the most accurate view of customers’purchasing behaviors using these research methods.Which two response biases should the designer be aware of when interviewing orsurveying users?Choose 2 answers

A. Social Desirability Bias
B. Randimized Bias
C. Objectivity Bias
D. Recency Bias

Question # 48

Cloud Kicks wants to drive engagement on its website.Which Salesforce feature should boost B2C engagement?

A. Marketing Cloud Personalization
B. Experience Cloud
C. Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Question # 49

What is a goal of usability testing?

A. Showing users how to use the design in the right way
B. A Learning about the user's behavior and preferences
C. Identifying the best variation of a page

Question # 50

What are the foundational principles from the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines(WCAG)?

A. Perceivable, operable, understandable, robust
B. Useful, effective, efficient, reliable
C. Desirable, feasible, viable, affordable

Question # 51

Following a human-centered design process approach, Cloud Kicks is preparing a userfeedback session for an app that is not performing as anticipated.In what way could confirmation bias be avoided?

A. Allow the user to explore the application without specific questions regarding whichtasks to perform.
B. Ask open-ended questions staying away from questions regarding feelings.
C. Ask specific questions about known pain points to confirm your hypothesis.

Question # 52

Cloud kicks has identified that its users are having difficulty figuring out where to look on aweb page due to the number of design elements.Which threeconsiderations should be made to improve the visual hierarchy of the page?Choose 3 answers

A. Grouping proximity and common regions
B. Scale using relative size to signal importance
C. Continuity keep all typeface the same size
D. Proportion, keep allelement a similar size
E. Color and contract, saturation between the elements

Question # 53

A UX Designer wants to explore sample code for Lightning components and see howchanging to code affects the visual appearance in real time, without deploying any code toa Salesforce org.Whichtwo resources should help accomplish this?Choose 2 answers

A. Lightning Design System Website
B. Local Development Server
C. Lightning Web Component Recipes App
D. Develop Center’s Lightning Component Library

Question # 54

A Sales team is having trouble interacting with Contact records in Sales Cloud. Theycannot find the information they need, and many of the visible record fields are not relevantto sales activities. On top of that, they complain the page load time is very long.Which approach should be recommended to improve their experience?

A. Run the Salesforce Optimizer App to identify fields not in use.
B. Move all unused fields to a separate section at the bottom of the page.
C. Implement In-App Guidance to help users focus on the most important fields.

Question # 55

Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to build a custom component for a complex opportunity process.CK's UX Designer is creating a three-step flow with modals and needs to select the mainbuttons for the "Continue", "Cancel", and "Back" actions.Which set should be chosen to adhere to the Salesforce Design System guidelines forbutton usage?

A. Brand button for "Cancel" and "Continue"; Neutral button for 'Back"
B. A Neutral button for "Cancel" and "Back"; Brand button for "Continue"
C. Brand button for "Continue", "Cancel", and "Back"

Question # 56

Which part of the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) should be used to createvisual consistency with regard to alignments, grids, spacing, and typography'

A. Component Blueprints
B. BEM Naming Classes
C. Utility Classes

Question # 57

Cloud Kicks wants to create a site for its customers to manage events regardless of thedevice they are using.Which best practice should be used to provide this experience?

A. Create a responsive user interface.
B. Develop a separate native mobile app for Android and iOS.
C. Launch two different interfaces from the same page.

Question # 58

Cloud Kicks hired a UX Designer to help improve the design of its Experience Cloud site.The company knows the interface needs updating but is unsure about what should bedone.Which tool should the designer utilize first?

A. Heuristic Evaluation
B. Low-Fidelity Prototype
C. Design Template

Question # 59

Cloud Kicks requires a custom image to be added to a record detail page, making it easierfor the company to visually identify its current membership level.Which platform tools should be used to achieve this requirement?

A. A Formula Field, Static Resource, and Object Page Layout
B. Image Field, Dynamic Form, and Lightning Record Page
C. Lightning Components, SLDS Icons, and Compact Layouts

Question # 60

A UX Designer at Cloud Kicks wants to utilize a design thinking approach for the design ofnew customer services.Which approach combination encourages more creative problem-solving?

A. Divergent and convergent
B. Agile and efficient
C. Simple and innovative

Question # 61

Cloud Kicks (CK) is planning to roll out a refreshed version of its mobile app with some newfunctionality for customers.What are two reasons why CK’s UX Designer would consider using an interactive prototypein this situation?Choose2 answers.

A. To increase the speed of design compared to paper prototyping
B. To eliminate the need for journey mapping during discovery
C. To avoid added long-term cost from oversight-driven rework
D. To enable iterative feedback from the users

Question # 62

A sales representative needs to quickly see key fields whenever viewing an opportunity.Which three Salesforce feature would allow fields to be available when they are viewingarecord?Choose 3 answers

A. Customer Links
B. Highlights Panel
C. Compact Layout
D. Tabs
E. List Views

Question # 63

Cloud Kicks wants to use Paths for onboarding its sales representatives.Which Path feature should be used to add onboarding value?

A. Integrated buttons to automate approvals
B. Actions and recommendations component
C. A Key fields to complete before next Path stage

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