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Salesforce User-Experience-Designer Question Answers

Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer (SU23) Dumps October 2023

Are you tired of looking for a source that'll keep you updated on the Salesforce Certified User Experience Designer (SU23) Exam? Plus, has a collection of affordable, high-quality, and incredibly easy Salesforce User-Experience-Designer Practice Questions? Well then, you are in luck because just updated them! Get Ready to become a Salesforce Designers Certified.

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Salesforce User-Experience-Designer Sample Questions

Question # 1

A UX Designer is using the human-centered design approach to redesign a portal that medical staff use to report on patient demographics. Which activity should come first in the process?

A. Observing the medical staff while they use their existing portal 
B. Estimating the cost to complete development of the portal 
C. Writing technical requirements for how the portal should function 
D. Designing a mockup of how the new portal will look 

Question # 2

What are two benefits of inclusive design? Choose 2 answers

A. Removing the need for 508 compliance 
B. Extending access to more users 
C. Reducing friction for users in achieving their goals 
D. Tailoring a solution to one type of user 

Question # 3

When designing a custom component that includes this clickable icon in a Lookup field: What should be used as the alternative (alt) text? 

A. Image of a search button 
B. Search 
C. Search button 
D. Image of a magnifying glass 

Question # 4

A UX Designer presents a creative design approach to solving end-user problems, beginning with identifying their needs and ending with creating solutions that meet those needs. Which approach is being followed?

A. Salesforce Declarative Design 
B. Digital Declarative Design 
C. Human-Centered Design 
D. User Interface Design 

Question # 5

A branding and marketing team wants to customize the theme in the external customer support site to match the style guide requirements? What should be the recommended next step?

A. Create a custom-scoped CSS style sheet. 
B. Configure the Experience Builder Theme panel. 
C. Override conflicting Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) styles. 
D. Link a company style sheet. 

Question # 6

Cloud Kicks (CK) is building a new community portal using Experience Cloud. CK’s Designer is asked to provide examples of out-of-box functionality that will make for great customer enagement. In which three Ways Could CK's customers engage? Choose 3 answers

A. Endorsement of skills and expertise 
B. Customize page layouts 
C. Choose personalized branding 
D. Join affinity groups 
E. Recognize peers with badges 

Question # 7

Which two UX design principles are key to creating excellent mobile user experiences? Choose 2 answers

A. Removal of all images for faster load times 
B. Increase the need for typing with the onscreen keyboard 
C. Consistency. across device experiences 
D. Prioritization of content and UI elements on the screen 

Question # 8

The service team at Cloud Kicks has complained about the quantity of list views available, ,making it hard find the relevant ones. In which two ways should their experience be improved? Choose 2 answers 

A. Request users to create and share their list views. 
B. Share list views to Public Groups and only add relevant users. 
C. Remove irrelevant public list views. 
D. Recommend using related lists instead of list views. 

Question # 9

Cloud Kicks’ support agents need to interact with customer information stored in several different objects when handling cases submitted from their web form. In which two ways could the agent experience be made more efficient? Choose 2 answers 

A. Open links in new windows when agents click on details from case widgets.
 B. Use Salesforce Flow to help complete fields required for case closure. 
C. Design custom Lightning Web Components for the customer to complete. 
D. Complete relevant information about the customer using Lightning Record Pages. 

Question # 10

A UX Designer has been asked to optimize a Lightning app for screen reader-assisted accessibility. How should the page be optimized? 

A. Switch to a Lightning Console layout. 
B. Place components in adjacent tabs. 
C. Stack components on the same page. 
D. Use accordions to organize components.

Question # 11

A UX Designer is asked to design a responsive page. When screen resolution changes, the content of the page should expand across columns or wrap and push it self onto new rows. Which Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) utility provides the most flexible system to meet these requirements?

A. Spacing 
B. Layout 
C. Alignment 
D. Grid 

Question # 12

During discovery, a UX Designer finds that most sellers like the idea of using the utility bar for easy access and productivity. Which three standard use cases could be recommended for using the utility bar to enhance the user experience? Choose 3 answers 

A. Quick access to Lightning Dialer 
B. Perform common tasks without navigating away from page 
C. Access to view a list of records favorited for quick access 
D. Access to a consistent custom help menu across the org for all users
 E. Access at any time to a customized set of items specific to an app 

Question # 13

A UX Designer needs to restyle a Lightning Experience model to meet brand guidelines. Which two steps should the designer take? Choose 2 answers

A. Use design tokens. 
B. Configure properties in App Builder. 
C. Find the appropriate component blueprint. 
D. Use a Lightning flow. 

Question # 14

Cloud Kicks has requested feature enhancements as a result of user acceptance testing. In which three ways could the changes be effectively analyzed and implemented? Choose 3 answers

A. Determine the change in scope and impact of each enhancement request. 
B. Develop and deploy all enhancement requests before going live. 
C. Reduce unexpected results by configuring and testing in & sandbox. 
D. Deploy enhancements with the feature and adjust scope accordingly. 
E. Create a prioritization list and perform a feasibility analysis. 

Question # 15

A UX Designer wants to use Paths to provide guidance about which activities sales representatives should be doing at each stage of the opportunity lifecycle. Which two elements could be used in the Path's Guidance for Success sections? 

A. Lightning Component 
B. Images and Links 
C. Progress Indicator 
D. Rich Text 

Question # 16

A UX Designer wants to build on a human-centered design by focusing on more than just an individual person and is considering engaging, connected, and social value-driven solutions. What is the designer practicing?

A. Compassionate Design 
B. Relationship Design 
C. Service Design 
D. User Experience Design 

Question # 17

A UX Designer wants to plan and communicate the intended page layouts of a community portal. Which tool should they use?

A. Journey Mapping 
B. Wireframes 
C. Personas 
D. Process Flows 

Question # 18

A developer is creating a Lightning Web Component (LWC) and wants to make sure the visual experience is consistent with Cloud Kicks’ branding. The developer asks their UX Designer about the Salesforce Lightning Design System (SLDS) styling hooks. How should the designer describe them? 

A. They use standard CSS properties to directly style HTML elements. 
B. They use standard CSS properties to easily style base and custom components. 
C. They use custom CSS properties to directly style HTML elements. 
D. The use custom CSS properties to easily style case and custom component. 

Question # 19

Cloud Kicks has identified that users are getting anxious over a multiple-step custom Screen Flow with no way of visualizing its completeness. What should be done to improve the user experience?

A. Replace multiple-step Screen Flow with a static vertical form. 
B. Set up a Salesforce Path with Guidance for Success. 
C. Configure cascading accordions to condense the experience. 
D. Create a Progress Indicator component that displays the flow's stages. 

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