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Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder (SU23) Dumps October 2023

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Salesforce Platform-App-Builder Sample Questions

Question # 1

An app builder wants to create a custom Sync button on Account that will call a Lightning Web Component that connects with an external system. This action should only be available If the custom Status field is set to Ready to Sync. What should an app builder use to add this functionality to an Account record page? 

A. Formula field
 B. Dynamic action 
C. AppExchange product 
D. Custom link 

Question # 2

An App Builder is loading the data into salesforce. To link the new records back to the legacy system, a field will be used to track the legacy ID on the account object. For future data loads this ID will be used when upserting records. Which field attribute should be selected? Choose 2 answers 

A. Unique 
B. Required 
C. External ID 
D. Text (encrypted) 

Question # 3

Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to track orders against inventory, ensuring its ability to fulfill order requests. CK created a junction object called Request Inventory to enable many-to-many relationships with the Inventory and Order objects. What does the app builder need to provide to ensure users can view Request Inventory records? 

A. Read access to both master objects. 
B. Apex-based sharing on the first master object. 
C. Sharing rules on Request Inventory object. 
D. Read access to the first master object. 

Question # 4

Universal Containers (UC) has created a picklist field called Status on three separate custom objects. UC has a requirement to share the list of values for this field across each object. Which feature would an app builder use? 

A. Field Update 
B. Global Picklist Value Set 
C. Dynamic Action 
D. Dependent Picklist 

Question # 5

When an opportunity close date is delayed by more than 60 days, the manager and the VP sales must approve the change. How can this requirement be met? Choose 2 answers 

A. Build an approval process that requires unanimous approval from the manager and VP of sales. 
B. Create a workflow rule that checks for close date less that 60 days and add an email alert.
 C. Create a lightning process builder flow that submits the record for an approval process 
D. Build a validation rule that does not allow a user to save the opportunity record. 

Question # 6

Ursa Major Solar wants to convert the relationship between Galaxy and Star from a lookup relationship to a master-detail relationship so each Galaxy record can be equipped with a roll-up summary count of Star records. Which two considerations should be made? Choose 2 answers 

A. The Star records are all required to have an existing value in their Galaxy field. 
B. The Galaxy object has fewer than two existing master-detail relationships. 
C. The Galaxy object is required to contain existing roll-up summary fields. 
D. The Star object has fewer than two existing master-detail relationships. 

Question # 7

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) is looking to hire some new employees. UMS wants to allow the same applicant to apply for multiple open positions using a single application. What should an app builder recommend to meet these requirements? 

A. Create a master-detail relationship on Open_Position__c to Application__c
 B. Create a master-detail relationship held on Applicant__c to Application__c 
C. Create a master-detail relationship field on Application__c to Open.Position__c 
D. Create a master-detail relationship field on Applicant__c to Apphcabon_c 

Question # 8

Universal containers wants to ensure that they are accepting clean data from their users and verify that important fields are entered. What should an app builder recommend to meet this requirement?

A. Update the important fields to be required on the page layout 
B. Make a formula field to check the format of the important fields 
C. Create a workflow rule to check the fields are formatted correctly 
D. Configure a validation to require a field for a specific record type 

Question # 9

Northern Trail Outfitters wants the field sales team to only see the accounts that they own Separate North American and European marketing teams should only see accounts m their respective regions. The inside sales team needs to see all accounts in Salesforce. Mow can this be accomplished? 

A. Set the Organization-Wide Default to Public for accounts. Create criteria- based sharing rules for each marketing team, and create an Inside Sales Team permission set with the "View Air setting for accounts, 
B. Set the Organization-Wide Default to Public for accounts. Create profiles for each marketing team, and create an Inside Sales Team role that is at the top of the Role Hteran 
C. Set the Organization-Wide Default to Private for accounts. Create criteria- based sharing rules for each marketing team, and create an Inside Sales Team profile with the "View All" setting for accounts.
 D. Set the Organization-Wide Default to Private for accounts. Create permission sets for each marketing team, and create an Inside Sales Team profile with the "View All" setting for accounts. 

Question # 10

universal containers is migrating its sales operations from a legacy system that was used. opportunities need to be imported with the proper country currency. Which two steps should an app builder configure to meet these requirements ? Choose 2 answers.

 A. Include the currency ISO code in all currency fields in the import file. 
B. Use Data Loader to import the records. 
C. Include the currency ISO Code Column in the import file. 
D. Use import the currency ISO Code Column in the import file. 
E. Use Import Wizard to import the records. 

Question # 11

Ursa Major Solar's sales team has been struggling to enter data on mobile since rollout; the team dislikes scrolling through all of the fields to input only the necessary data. How could the app builder solve this with minimal impact to desktop users? 

A. Filter components by device using Form Factor. 
B. Reorder the fields to make sense for the reps when in the field.
C. Update the training documentation with better screenshots. 
D. Deselect the phone radio button on the Lightning record page assignment. 

Question # 12

A production org includes custom objects containing confidential Information. A sandbox h needed that Includes data records, excludes all of the confidential objects, and can be refreshed weekly the confidential objects, and can be refreshed weekly. What steps should an App Builder take to meet these requirements? 

A. Create a Full Sandbox and use a sandbox template 
B. Create a Developer Pro Sandbox and schedule Data loader to download selected object data weekly. 
C. Create a Partial Copy Sandbox and use a sandbox template. 
D. Create a Developer Sandbox and schedule Data loader to download selected object data weekly. 

Question # 13

Sales reps at Universal Containers use Salesforce on their mobile devices. They want a way to odd new contacts quickly and then follow up later to complete the additional Information necessary. What mobile solution should an App Builder recommend? 

A. Customize the mobile menu to move Contacts to the top. 
B. Build a global action to create Contacts. 
C. Add a compact layout to Contacts. 
D. Use Path and set pre-defined values 

Question # 14

Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to simultaneously delete a Suppliere record and all Supplierltem__c records if a partnership ends with a supplier. What solution could an app builder use to meet the requirement? 

A. Many-to-many 
B. Indirect lookup 
C. Hierarchical 
D. Master-detail 

Question # 15

Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to begin socializing and collaborating within Salesforce around customer accounts to discuss various topics. CK would like all company employees to see these conversations. Which two features of Chatter would meet CK's business needs? Choose 2 answers 

A. Set up new private Chatter groups. 
B. Set up new public Chatter groups. 
C. Use post action on the Account object. 
D. Use Chatter actions to create tasks to complete. 

Question # 16

On the Account Lightning record page, users need to see ten fields and the ability to sort and wrap text on their Related Lists. What Related List type would the app builder select for the Related List Lightning component? 

A. Enhanced List 
B. Basic List 
C. ListVlew 
D. List Class

Question # 17

Cloud Kicks wants to efficiently Increase the company's adoption of Salesforce while simultaneously moving away from their reliance on spreadsheets. An app builder is given a spreadsheet everyone is sharing that needs to be added to Salesforce. The object with fields needs to be created and the data inserted simultaneously. Which tool should be used? 

A. Import Wizard 
B. Lightning Object Creator 
C. Data Loader 
D. Schema Builder 

Question # 18

At Ursa Major Solar there is a requirement for a new field called Planet Details on the Planet object where users can write detailed descriptions that can include pictures and links. What field type should the app builder utilize to fulfill this requirement? 

A. Long Text Area 
B. Rich Text Area 
C. Multi-Select Picklist 

Question # 19

What option is available to an App Builder when defining an object-specific Create Record custom action? Choose 2 answers 

A. Pre-Defining field values on the target object. 
B. Redirecting the end user to the detail page of the target object 
C. Specifying the fields and layout of the action. 
D. Allowing the end user to choose the record type 

Question # 20

Universal Containers (UC) has a custom Invoice object and a custom Invoice Line Item object. TTie Invoice Line Item object has a lookup relationship to the Invoice. UC would like to convert the lookup relationship to a master-detail relationship but is unable to do so. Which two reasons could be preventing this relationship conversion? Choose 2 answers 

A. Custom objects are unable to be on the detail side of a master-detail relationship. 
B. There are already two master-detail relationships on the Invoice Line Item. 
C. Invoice Line Item records exist without having the Invoice lookup field populated. 
D. There is a roll-up summary field on the Invoice object. 

Question # 21

DreamHouse Realty (DR) has a policy that requires the phone number on Contact to be deleted when the DoNotCall checkbox is checked. What automation tool should the app builder recommend? 

A. Quick action
 B. Approval process 
C. Validation rule 
D. Workflow rule 

Question # 22

The finance manager at Universal Containers wants to receive a new business notification email each time a new client is won. The sales manager wants to receive a task letting them know to onboard the new client unless it is a top-tier client. Which automation tool should an app builder use to best address all these requests? 

A. Record-triggered flow 
B. Screen flow 
C. Apex 
D. Approval process 

Question # 23

Universal Containers uses a custom picklist field Account Region on the account record. They want this region to be reflected on all related contact records and stay in sync if the value of this field changes on the Account. How should an app builder meet this requirement? 

A. Create a picklist field called 'Account Region' on Contact object > Create a workflow rule to update this picklist field if the Account Region field on the Account is changed. 
B. Create a formula field on the Contact object > Set the value of the formula to ISPICKVAL(Account.Account_Region__c). 
C. Create a formula field on the Contact object > Set the value of the formula to TEXT(Account.Account_Region__c). 
D. Create a text field called 'Account Region' on Contact object > Create a workflow rule to update this picklist field if the Account Region field on the Account is changed. 

Question # 24

An app builder needs to create new automation on an object. What best practice should the app builder follow when building out automation? 

A. One Workflow rule per object. 
B. One Flow per object. 
C. One invocable process per object. 
D. One record change process per object. 

Question # 25

Cloud Kicks Is redefining its entire business process to convert the Manager Notes field from a long text area files. The goal is to encourage managers to be more concise In their comments and stay at 255 characters or less. There is preexisting information In the Manager Notes field that often is well beyond the character limit. What would happen to any existing information if the app builder tries to convert a preexisting long text area field to text area' 

A. Preexisting information will truncate to the first 255 characters. 
B. Preexisting Information in the field will be completely lost. 
C. Preexisting information will remain even if it was over 255 characters.
 D. Preexisting information will cause an error message to pop up. 

Question # 26

An app builder wants to limit the amount of fields users are required to fill out when creating a new Opportunity. Once they fill out the required fields and save, the full record page with additional fields relevant to the Opportunity type becomes available. How could this be accomplished? 

A. Make the Opportunity type a required field on the initial Opportunity page layout and use automation to fill in the type field to a record type.
 B. Use different page layouts for Opportunity types based on the user profile. 
C. Once the required fields are populated, use a sharing rule to share the new fields with the user.
 D. Hide additional sections on the page layout and show the users how to manually expand them when they want to fill in the fields in the hidden sections. 

Question # 27

Cloud Kicks works on an annual subscription model. When a sales rep marks an opportunity as closed won, a new opportunity should automatically be created for the renewal. The contracts team works outside of Salesforce but also needs to be notified about closed deals in order to initiate the contract process with the customer. Which automation solution would meet these requirements? 

A. Approval Process 
B. Validation Rule
 C. Process Builder 
D. Workflow Rule 

Question # 28

Universal Containers would like to automatically assign a specific permission set to new users. How can this requirement be met? Choose 2 Answers 

A. Create an approval process on the User object to assign a permission set 
B. Create a flow on the user object to assign a permission set. 
C. Create a lightning process on the user object to launch a flow. 
D. Create a workflow rule on the User object to assign a permission set. 

Question # 29

Universal containers wants to display the real time stock price for each account on the account record page. How should an app builder implement this request? 

A. Add a dynamic report to the page layout 
B. Create a lightning web component 
C. Install a solution from the appexchange
 D. Build a visual flow that users API calls 

Question # 30

Universal Containers wants to match Opportunity data from Salesforce to the records in a financial database. What is required to configure an indirect lookup relationship in Salesforce between the Salesforce Opportunity records and those in a financial database? 

A. Salesforce Record ID 
B. TEXT(Id) 
C. External ID 

Question # 31

After universal containers converted qualified leads. Sales reps need to be able to report on converted leads. How should an app builder support for this requirement ? 

A. Enable preserve lead status in the lead conversion settings 
B. Assign the representative view and edit converted leads permission 
C. Ensure the representative has read access to the original lead records 
D. Create a custom report type with converted leads as the primary object 

Question # 32

Universal Containers uses a private sharing model for opportunities. This model CANNOT be changed due to a regional structure A new sales operations team has been created. This team needs to perform analysis on Opportunity data, all should have read arid write access to all Opportunities. What are two recommended solutions for the app builder to give the users appropriate access? Choose 2 answers 

A. Create a criteria based sharing rule to all opportunities with the sales operations public group. 
B. Add a manual share for all opportunities with each user on the sales operations team. 
C. Add a permission set with 'View All" and 'Modify All'' opportunity permissions enabled. 
D. Create a criteria-based sharing rule to share all opportunities with the sales operations private group 

Question # 33

An app builder wants to update a field on the parent record when a child record connected via lookup is deleted. What automation should the app builder use? 

A. Screen flow
 B. Process Builder 
C. Apex code 
D. Workflow rule 

Question # 34

An app builder received a request to extend record access beyond the organization-wide defaults configured. Which two features satisfy this requirement? Choose 2 answers 

A. Sharing Rules 
B. Public Groups 
C. Permission Set Groups 
D. Manual Sharing Rules

Question # 35

Cloud Kicks wants to display the number of opportunities that are Closed Won with a Close Date within the last year on the Account detail page. Which tool should an app builder use to implement this? 

A. Process Builder 
B. Activity Timeline 
C. Roll-Up Summary Field 
D. Workflow Rule 

Become a Certified Salesforce Platform App Builder: CRT-403 Exam Overview and Preparation Tips:

As a leading cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform, Salesforce has a high demand for certified professionals. The Salesforce Platform App Builder certification exam is designed to test an individual's knowledge and skills in custom app development on the Salesforce platform. Here's everything you need to know about the exam and how to prepare for it.

Platform App-Builder-Exam Format and Content:

The Salesforce Platform App Builder or CRT-403 exam is a multiple-choice, computer-based test consisting of 60 questions to be completed within 105 minutes. The exam covers a range of topics, including Salesforce fundamentals, custom app development, and implementation of security and data access.

To pass the exam, you must score a minimum of 65%. The cost of the exam is $200 USD, and it is updated on a regular basis to reflect the latest Salesforce releases and changes.

Preparing for the Exam:

  1. Study Salesforce Fundamentals: Understanding Salesforce fundamentals is the foundation for building custom apps on the platform. Study the basics of the Salesforce platform, such as objects, fields, and relationships, as well as the app development lifecycle.

  2. Practice with Trailhead: Trailhead is Salesforce's free, interactive learning platform. You can use it to gain hands-on experience with custom app development on the Salesforce platform, as well as to learn new skills and explore different features.

  3. Use Official Study Guides: offers Platform-App-Builder official study guides, practice exams, and other resources to help you prepare for the Platform App Builder CRT-403 certification exam. Utilize these resources to improve your understanding of the material and to familiarize yourself with the exam format.

  4. Attend a Training Course: Enrolling in a formal training course is another great way to prepare for the exam. You'll have access to expert instructors and in-depth course materials, as well as the opportunity to ask questions and receive personalized feedback.

  5. Build Custom Apps: Hands-on experience is key when it comes to building custom apps on the Salesforce platform. Start building custom apps on your own or participate in hackathons and coding challenges to gain practical experience.

A strategic approach to excelling in the CRT-403 exam involves strategic employment of practice tests.

In conclusion, the Salesforce Platform-App-Builder certification is a valuable credential for professionals looking to advance their careers in the Salesforce ecosystem. With the right preparation and study materials, you can pass the exam and become a certified Platform App Builder. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Platform App Builder exam format?
Answer: The Platform App Builder exam is a multiple-choice, computer-based test that consists of 60 questions to be completed within 105 minutes.
What is the passing score for the Platform App Builder exam?
Answer: The passing score for the Platform App Builder exam is 65%.
What is the cost of the Platform App Builder exam?
Answer: The cost of the Platform App Builder exam is $200 USD.
What are the topics covered in the Platform App Builder exam?
Answer: The exam covers topics such as Salesforce fundamentals, custom app development, and implementation of security and data access.
How often is the Platform App Builder exam updated?
Answer: The Platform App Builder exam is updated on a regular basis to reflect the latest Salesforce releases and changes.
Can I use Salesforce documentation during the exam?
Answer: No, you cannot use any external materials, including Salesforce documentation, during the Platform App Builder exam.
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