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Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer (WI23) Dumps March 2023

Are you tired of looking for a source that'll keep you updated on the Salesforce Certified B2C Commerce Developer (WI23) Exam? Plus, has a collection of affordable, high-quality, and incredibly easy Salesforce B2C-Commerce-Developer Practice Questions? Well then, you are in luck because just updated them! Get Ready to become a Developers Certified.

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What is Salesforce B2C-Commerce-Developer?

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Salesforce B2C-Commerce-Developer Sample Questions

Question # 1

A developer is asked to periodically create a CSB file in a WebDAV folder to hold the orders information of the last 30 days. What are the appropriate actions to implement such a requirement? 

A. Develop and configure a steptype and corresponding CommonJ5 job step script. 
B. Implement and configure a recurring task using the cron command in Business Manager. 
C. Configure a new custom OCAPI endpoint and use the Customers resource type. 

Question # 2

A developer working on a multi country site is asked to store country specific data that drives the creation of a country selector. Examples of the data stored are: Pricebook to be used Image URL for country flag The data used in staging also applies in production, but only for this site. Which approach should the developer take to implement these requirements? 

A. Extend the Locale System Object to contain the custom data for each country. 
B. Create a replicable, site-specific Custom Object with the custom data for each country. 
C. Create site-specific content assets to store the data for each country.

Question # 3

Multiple shoppers report slow performance on the Product Details Page. Which tool can a developer use to view average response times for the Product-Detail controller route? 

A. Pipeline Profiler 
B. Request Logs
 C. URL Request Analyzer 

Question # 4

A developer is tasked with the development of anew Page Designer Page Type, as requested by the merchant. How should they define the rendering logic of the page? 

A. Implement a JavaScript file with a render () function. 
B. Implement a metadata JSON file with a ''render'' property. 
C. Implement a Controller file with a ''render'' route. 

Question # 5

A developer wants to embed a link to a content page from within the body of another content asset. the target content asset ID is: about-us Which option represents the correct format to use? 

A. $url(''page-Show,''cid'', about-us')$ 
B. $url('Content_Show', 'about-us')$ 
C. $url('Content-Page', cid 'about-us;)$ 

Question # 6

A custom cartridge that seemed to be performing well in a sandbox has been installed in production. The production instance is showing increased page load times that seem to be related to the new custom code. What can a developer do to quickly track down the potential problem?  

A. Use the Code Profiler in production instance. Set the mode to Development Mode and then wait a few minutes to collect data from onsite traffic. Click the refresh button to see the new data. 
B. Use the Code Profiler in production instance. Set the mode to Development Mode and click the refresh button to see the new mode displayed. 
C. Use the Code Profiler in a sandbox instance. Set the mode Extended Development Mode and then load the suspected pages and run the suspected process several times. Click the refresh button to see the new data. 

Question # 7

In order to implement site custom functionality, a developer creates a new cartridge. Which step should the developer take to ensure their cartridge changes take effect? 

A. Add the new cartridge to the cartridge path for the business Manager site.
 B. Rebuild the site indexes to capture incremental changes. 
C. Add the new cartridge to the cartridge path for the relevant Storefront site. 

Question # 8

A developer cannot create a custom object in Business Manager because the attributes do not show. The developer can view the object but not the attributes. Which action should the developer take to resolve the problem?

A. Change the data type of the attributes. 
B. Create an attribute Group with the desired attributes in it. 
C. Set the attributes to site-specific replicable. 

Question # 9

In Log Center, a developer notes j number of Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) log entries. After adding the token in the 15ML template, which action might solve this problem' 

A. Add csrfProtection middleware steps in the controller 
B. Extend the CSRF token validity to avoid timeouts. 
C. Delete the existing CSRF allow list in Business Manager.

Question # 10

A developer has a sandbox with code to log a message during execution, and the following code: After the code executes, the developer does not see any log file with the message in the WebDAV folder. Which two tasks does the developer need to perform to correct this issue? Choose 2 answers

A. Request that the developer's account be given permission to the Log Center of the current realm. 
B. Set the root log level to debug. 
C. Check the box for Info under Log Files. 
D. Set the logging global preference to true. 

Question # 11

A Digital Developer needs to check for product inventory in a specific inventory list using the Open Commerce API. An example request URL is: Which resource_id value enables the appropriate resource?

A. /inventory_lists/* 
B. /inventory_lists/** 
C. /inventory_list_search 
D. /products/* 

Question # 12

A developer needs to perform the same additional checks before completing multiple routes in a custom controller, in order to decide whether to render a template or redirect the user to a different page. According to SFRA best practices, what is the correct approach to improve code reusability in this scenario7 

A. Define a new middleware function and use it in the existing routes. 
B. Append a new function to all the existing routes with the server module. 
C. Replace the existing routes by creating a controller in separate new cartridge. 
D. Use the superModule property in the existing routes to extend their functionality.

Question # 13

A client has a requirement to allow users on the Storefornt to filter by a newly created attribute. Which is necessary to achieve this? 

A. Add a new Search Refinment Definition. 
B. Set the attribute as Searchable. 
C. Change the productseachrefinerbar.iml template 

Question # 14

A merchant has complained to the developers that some products are not appearing in the storefront and has asked them to diagnose and solve the issue. Which two factors might be causing a product to be hidden? Choose 2 answers

 A. Product has been set to searchable. 
B. Product lacks a price.
 C. Product does not have any images. 
D. Product Available to sell is <1. 
E. Product is not online. 

Question # 15

A merchant uploads an image using the Content Image Upload module of Business Manager. Which three modules can the merchant or developer use to display the image on the Storefront? Choose 3 answers

A. ISML templates 
B. Content assets 
C. Storefront catalogs 
D. Content slots 
E. Payment types 

Question # 16

A developer has these requirements for out-of-stock products: Save the SKUs of the out-of-stock products that the customer is interested in Save the customer email regardless if the customer is a guest or registered Email the customer when the product is back-in-stock Which step should the developer perform as part of the solution to achieve the requirements?

A. Create a new set-of-string type custom attribute to the system object type Profile to save all the SKUs and use the existing email field for the email.
 B. Create a new system object type that has a set-of-string type custom attribute for the SKUs and a string for the email field. 
C. Create a new custom object type that has a set-of-string type custom attribute for the SKUs and a string for the email field.
 D. Create a new set-of-string type custom attribute to the system object type Product to save all the customer email addresses for back-in-stock notification. 

Question # 17

A developer needs to check for product inventory in all inventory lists using the Open Commerce API. An example request URL is:  Which properly should the developer check in the OCAPI settings to confirm the appropriate resource is enabled?

A. Client_id 
B. Ecom-inventory 
C. Inventory_list 

Question # 18

A developer configures the dw.json file and needs to fill in the necessary parameters to complete the task. Which three parameters are required when using npm scripts? Choose 3 answers 

A. Usemame/Password 
B. Code Version 
C. Hostname 
D. Site ID 
E. CSRF Token 

Question # 19

Which object type can a developer import using the Merchant Tools > Import $ Export module in Business Manager? 

A. Images and other static assets 
B. Content slots 
C. Products 

Question # 20

A merchant wants to obtain an export file that contains all the products .assigned to their Storefront catalog. They do not know how to achieve this easily without manual processing, so asked their developer to help Generate this. The merchant s Instance setup is as follows: They have one Master catalog and one storefront catalog. Some, but not all, of the products in the Master catalog are assigned to categories within the Storefront catalog. Which method allows the developer to generate the export for the merchant?

A. Using the Catalog Import and Export module, export the Master catalog with a categoryassignment search to export specific 
B. Using the Site Import and Export module, export both the Site catalog and the Master catalog in a single archive. 
C. Using the Site Import and Export module, export the Master catalog filtered by the site catalog categories to export specific products. 

Question # 21

A merchant checked the "Show Orderable Products Only" preference in Business Manager. What impact does this have on the Storefront from a user perspective? 

A. Back-order products will be excluded from search results. 
B. Products with an Available to Sell (ATS) - 0 will be excluded from search results. 
C. The product detail page will be hidden if Available to Sell (ATS) = 0. 
D. Pre-order products will be excluded from search results. 

Question # 22

Given the requirements: To show the washing Instructions for a clothing product on a dedicated section the detail page Washing instructions come from the product Information manager (PIM) To have this attribute available to localize in the Storefront Which action must these requirements? 

A. Create a custom attribute on the product system object and set it as localizable. 
B. Add a resource file for every locale for which the attribute needs to be translated. 
C. set the product system object type as localizable. 

Question # 23

Which method is efficient and scalable because it uses the product search index rather than searching the database?

 A. ProducrlndexModel.getOrderableProductsOnly() 
B. ProduccAvailabiliryModel.isOrderable()
 C. ProductSearcbHodel().gerProductSearchHita() 
D. ProductVanari.cnMcciel.aerVariams () 

Question # 24

A developer is implementing new Page Designer content on a merchant's Storefront and adds the line below to What does this achieve?

A. Enables searching to find Page Designer content assets that are not in folders. 
B. Prevents Page Designer pages and components from being searchable. 
C. Filters Page Designer search results into separate page and component folders. 
D. Extends the ConrencSearchModei to allow the folder filter. 

Question # 25

A developer wants to configure multiple products that should only be sold as a group. It should not be possible for buyers to buy these products individually. How should the developer configure the products? 

A. Bundle
B. Set 
C. Variation Group 

Question # 26

A. Enablessearching to find Page Designer content assets that are not in folders. 
B. Prevents Page Designer pages and components from being searchable. 
C. Filters Page Designer search results into separate page and component folders. 
D. Extends the ConrencSearchModei to allow the folder filter. 

Question # 27

A developer has a sandbox configured with a service and its profile and credential. Now there is a requirement to allow changes to the service URL manually from the sandbox.Which B2C feature should the developer useto achieve the request?

A. Use the service credential URL field 
B. Use the service status area, set the override URL checkbox, and then populate the URL field with the required one. 
C. Use a Sitepreference dedicated for the service URL 
D. Use a Globalpreference dedicated for the service URL 

Question # 28

Refer to the screen shot below:

A. Import the RefArchGlobal customer list into the RefArch site. 
B. Enable "Customer List Sharing" in Global Preferences. 
C. Select RefArchGlobal in the dropdown for Customer List. 
D. Enable "Customer List Sharing" in Site Preferences. 

Question # 29

The developer is asked to enhance the functionality of an existing controller route by adding information to the response's viewData.How should the developer approach this task while following SFRA best practices?

A. Replace the callback function of the existing route using superModule. 
B. Use the "extend" method of the server module for the existing route. 
C. Copy theexisting route in a new cartridge and modify where necessary. 
D. Use the "append" method of the server module for the existing route. 

Question # 30

A Storefront is designed so that multiple pages share a common header and footer layout. Which ISML tag should a developer use on the templates for these pages to avoid coderepetition in the mosteffective way?

A. <isdecorate> … </isdecorate> 
B. <iscontent> … </iscontent> 
C. <isreplace> … </isreplace> 
D. <isinclude> … </isinclude> 

Question # 31

A merchant has reported that customers are seeing low stock items at the top of their search results, giving them a subpar customer experience and impacting conversion.Howmight this issue be resolved to ensure a better customer journey?

A. In Business Manager, select Show Orderable Products Only at the root level to hide any products that are currently out of stock. 
B. In Business Manager, enter a higher boost factor for availability in Searchable Attributes. 
C. In Business Manager, set an availability low ranking threshold in Search Preferences. 
D. Create a job that sets all unavailable products to be hidden. Schedule the job to run hourly to clean up the catalog on aregular basis. 

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