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Salesforce Certified Service cloud consultant (SU23) Dumps October 2023

Are you tired of looking for a source that'll keep you updated on the Salesforce Certified Service cloud consultant (SU23) Exam? Plus, has a collection of affordable, high-quality, and incredibly easy Salesforce Service-Cloud-Consultant Practice Questions? Well then, you are in luck because just updated them! Get Ready to become a Certified Service Cloud Consultant Certified.

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What is Salesforce Service-Cloud-Consultant?

Salesforce Service-Cloud-Consultant is a necessary certification exam to get certified. The certification is a reward to the deserving candidate with perfect results. The Certified Service Cloud Consultant Certification validates a candidate's expertise to work with Salesforce. In this fast-paced world, a certification is the quickest way to gain your employer's approval. Try your luck in passing the Salesforce Certified Service cloud consultant (SU23) Exam and becoming a certified professional today. is always eager to extend a helping hand by providing approved and accepted Salesforce Service-Cloud-Consultant Practice Questions. Passing Salesforce Certified Service cloud consultant (SU23) will be your ticket to a better future!

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Salesforce Service-Cloud-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

Cloud Kidcs (CK) uses Lightning Knowledge and has set up Data Categories. CK usesData Category Visibility to control access based on products and geographic location. TheService Cloud administrator plans to enable "Use standard Salesforce sharing" in SharingSettings under Knowledge Setting.Which consideration should the administrator be aware of when making this change?

A. Data Category Visibility of All Categories provides Public Read/Write access.
B. Data Categories no longer control access to articles.
C. Data Category Visibility of Custom overrides Organization-Wide Sharing Default access.
D. Data Category Visibility of AM Categories provides Public Read Only access.

Question # 2

The support team at Cloud Kicks would like would like to implement Messaging to gathercustomer feedback and issues.What are two places the messages can be routed to?Choose 2 answers

A. Chatter Group
B. Web Chat
C. Einstein Bots
D. Call Center Agent

Question # 3

Cloud Kicks uses the Service Console and work items to route cases to available agents.Service agents need a way to see work they have accepted and incoming items. Whichfeature should a Service Cloud consultant recommend?

A. Global Shared Macro
B. Omni-Channel Utility widget
C. Actions & Recommendations component
D. Personalised navigation menu

Question # 4

A recent work task entiys sVa service center rtviaUd that service agents perform the samesteps when closing a case and sending a survey through email. These steps take around lminute per case. With minions of cases closed each year, it is important to improve theefficiency of this operation.What are two recommended Service Ctoud features that work togethe' to improve theprocess'Choose 2 answers

A. Quick Text
B. Macros
C. Global Quick Action
D. Email Temp ates

Question # 5

Cloud Kicks (CK) provides product support based on Service Contracts. A customer’sService Contract includes the same level of Entitlements for response time and businesshours on both Case and Work Orders. CK would like an efficient method to manage thesetup.What is the recommended configuration to meet the requirements?

A. Set up separate Entitlement Process for Case and Work Order
B. Assign the WorV Order to the same Case as the Entitlement Process.
C. Create or Apex Trigger to assign the Entitlement Process to Work Order.
D. Work Orders created from a Case automaticallv inherit the Entitlement Process

Question # 6

Cloud Kicks use a Console App to support users. Service agents open an Accountworkspace tab and multiple subtabs for the Case, Contact and service Contract. Serviceagents would like to share links to recently opened subtabs with other users to swarm oncases.What should a consultant recommend to meet the requirements?

A. Recent Items set to Account object.
B. History Utility in the Utility bar.
C. Actions & Recommendations component.
D. Screen flow launched from a global action.

Question # 7

Cloud Kicks wants to easily tum social network posts into cases to respond to customercomplaints. Support agents will need to respond to posts on Facebook, twitter, andinstagram.What is the recommended license to meet the requirement?

A. Service Cloud User feature license
B. Einstein Reply Recommendations
C. Einstein Social Insights add-on
D. Social Service Pro add-on

Question # 8

AW Computing sells and supports personal computers and printers. There are times whensupport reps are unable to solve the customer's product issues over the phone. In thoseinstances, the customer ships the product back to AW Computing for servicing.What should be implemented to ensure the repairs are completed in a timely manner bytechnicians with the appropriate skill set?

A. Service requests are assigned to a quruc where the technician can accept it.
B. Service requests are scheduled using Salesforce Field Service.
C. Service requests are asstgred to the technician using Omnt-Channel.
D. Service requests art assigned by the support reps to trie technician

Question # 9

Cloud Kicks is migrating from an external knowledge base to Salesforce Knowledge.Currently, users can select from 8 top-level topics. Each topic has 250 subtopics, arrangedinto a hierarc that is 10 levels deep.What should a consultant recommend?

A. Organize up to 200 categories in each category group.
B. Consolidate into 3 or fewer category groups.
C. Reorganize Into a hierarchy with 6 or fewer levels.
D. Assign up to 10 data categories per category group to each article.

Question # 10

Ursa Major Solar sells industrial equipment and privide support through voice channels aswell mobie technicians.When incident occur, high-priority customer have a dedicented phone number to call.Technicians must then be rerouted from the next scheduled word location to the highprioitycustomer site.What is the recommended solution?

A. Visual Remote Assistant
B. Field Service
C. Workforce Engagement
D. Incident Management

Question # 11

Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to correlate its Customer Satisfaction ratings to service center callmetrics, CK has identified Average Speed of Answer as a leading indicator to predictCustomer Satisfaction.What should the consultant explain about Average Speed of Anwer?

A. It captures the same informaion as First Call Resolution.
B. It includes blocked and abandoned calls.
C. It is the typical experience of a caller.
D. It is skewed by calls that are quickly answered

Question # 12

Cloud Kicks supports customers through chat. Service agents have reported multipleinstances where customers have used abusive language, Cloud kicks wants to way toprevent abusive customers from starting future chat sessions.What is the recommended feature to meet the requirement?

A. Create a blocking rule.
B. Enable Assistance Flag Configuration setting.
C. Create sensitive data rules.
D. Enable Sneak Peek Configuration setting.

Question # 13

Universal Containers (UC) receives partner data in Excel format. The Excel data is all text,but needs to be imported into existing Salesforce Date, Number, and Text fields. Which three best practices should a consultant recommend?Choose 3 answers

A. Import the records and create a workflow rule to change the data type.
B. Standardize all rows to match Salesforce data types.
C. Import the records and use Duplicate Management.
D. Deduplicate the data before importing into Salesforce,
E. Install the Data Quality Analysis Dashboards from the AppExchange.

Question # 14

Cloud Kicks is preparing to support customers through SMS text messaging andWhatsApp. Support agents will need to easily switch between multiple customerconversations. Which two features will help meet the requirements?Choose 2 answers

A. Social Customer Service
B. Service Console
C. Messaging
D. Chat

Question # 15

Ursa Major Solar provides onsite support for customers' solar panels. Dispatchedtechnicians work in a specific geography during set hours of the day. Managerrefit wants tominimize the numberof rescheduled appointments by ensuring technicians have the required products tocomplete repairs.Which feature should a Service Cloud consultant recommend?

A. Field Service Inventory
B. Work Oder Assignment
C. Operating Hours and Shifts
D. Service Appointment Bundling

Question # 16

Cloud Kicks is preparing to migrate to Service Cloud from another system. The currentsystem has thousands of help articles such as FAQs, step-by-step guides, andtroubleshooting guides. A group of specialists will create and manage these articles inSalesforce.What is the recommended license for the specialists?

A. Knowledge Only User
B. Satesforce
C. WDC Only User
D. Salesforce Platform

Question # 17

Cloud Kicks wants to optimize its development methodology. Team members want tovisualize the workflow to ensure te everyone is aligned. In addition, the team limits theamount of work in a given state on capacity and bandwidth.Which methodoogy should a consultant recommend?

A. Extremen Programming
B. Lean Development
C. Scrum
D. Kanban

Question # 18

Cloud Kicks is preparing to deploy Omni-Channel Resolutin to dispatch work items to service agents. The Head of Service wants to know what shojld be done during highvolume incidents where over 200,000 cases are opened.

A. Use a Most Aavailable Routing Model which will assign to the agent that be availablenext.
B. Set Work Item Size Percentage of Capacity to only consume part of an agent’savailability.
C. Configure an Overflow Assignee with a user or queue outside the routing configuration.
D. Use a Least Active Routing Model which will assign to the agent that is the least overcapacity.

Question # 19

Universal Containers wants to notify Support Managers when a new case has beenuntouhed for more than two business days.Which approach should a consulatant implement?

A. Define case auto-response rules.
B. Use Flow Builder to create a flow with a scheduled path.
C. Establish case assignment rules.
D. Configure case escalation rules.

Question # 20

What should a consultant recommend service agents use?

A. Einstein Next Best Action Strategy Guilder.
B. History tab on the Actions & Recommendations comporent.
C. Paused now interviews Lightning Component.
D. Recommendation Strategy Metrics related list.

Question # 21

Cloud Kicks (CK) has service agents based in North America and Europe respond to newleads created in Salesforce. The lead record includes the language spoken: English,French, or 5panish.In CK's industry, the time to contact after a lead expresses interest is a critical successfactor. Most service agents speak a single language and a few are multilingual.What is the recommended feature to meet the requirements?

A. Lead Assignment Rules
B. Queue-Based Routing
C. Skills-Based Routing
D. Lightning Flow for Service

Question # 22

Ursa Major Solar sends service technicals to customer locations. Customer havecomplained about 4-hour long appointment windows and lack of information about thetechnical’s arriaval time.What is the recommended feature to improve the customer experince?

A. Omn-Channel Routing
B. Incident Management
C. Video Support
D. Appointment Assitant

Question # 23

Universal Containers need to determine whether the work orders and customer contactsshould be stored as chil cases or on a related custom object.Which three aspect should the consultant consider to meet the requirements?Choose 3 answers

A. Work order and customer contact escalation requiements
B. Visibility and accesst to the work order records
C. Total number of accound and contact records in the database
D. Accoun team relationship to the primary contact
E. Case closure rules on the original case

Question # 24

Ursa Major Solar’s support department would like to implement an entitlement process toensure customers receive the appropriate support based on their service level agreements(SLAs)Which two features need to be configured as part of the implementation?Choose 2 answers

A. Workflow Actions
B. Milestones
C. Assignment Rule
D. Escalation Rule

Question # 25

Cloud Kicks wants to view cases resolved on the nrst cal. Pecs nave been trainee to useSave & Close when creating a Case. An existing Closed Case repot must be modified toshow ftrst call resolution.What is the recommendeo report change to meet the requirements7

A. Filter or Cosed When Created equals true
B. Filter on Status equals Ctosea Resolved
C. Filter where Dete/Time Opened equals Created Date
D. Filter where Closed Date equals Created Date

Question # 26

Cloud Kicks pride support to customers across the workd and uses the Lightningexperince. Service agents have a set of common responses. Managers would like toconsilidate the responses as Quick Text, translate them to multiple languages and sharethem to the correct groups of service agents.What should a consultant recommend to meet the requirements?

A. Use translation Workbech to localize each Quick Text.
B. Set the Organization-Wide default to Public Ready Only.
C. Share the Folder with Quick text for each language.
D. Share each Quick Text individually to Public Groups.

Question # 27

Cloud Kicks is planning to use Case Teams to help swarm on difficult issues. Supportagents can use predefined Case Teams to add specialists on a Case. Specialists need tobe able to view Cases and add related records to the Case.What is the recommended level of Case Access for the Case Team Rote?

A. Read Only
B. Visible in Portal
C. Private
D. Read/Write

Question # 28

Universal Containers wants to unify channels and manage agent workload with Omni-Channel routing. What required step Should a consultant address before configuring OmniChannel?

A. Customize service channel settings to define how the organization receives work fromvarious
B. Create a Salesforce Case to have Omni-Channel enabled.
C. Create the necessary objects in Salesforce.
D. From Setup, select Omni-Channel Settings and Select Enable Omni-Channel.

Question # 29

Cloud Kicks uses Service Cloud and Slack. For difficult casesm service agents wants tocreate a swarm in Slack to pull in in experts from multipleHow should the consultant recommend an agent launch a swarm?

A. Dynamic Form
B. Apex Trigger
C. Quick Action
D. Scheduled flow

Question # 30

As part of a service improvement project, Cloud Kicks (CK) has implement Knowledgemanagement for its support agents. Several months after the implementation, CKmanagement notices an inconsistency in reported customer satisfaction, CPIS show adecrease; however, many customers have provided testimonials about great supportexperinces.Which KPI should help explain the disparity?

A. Track not promoter scores as part of an automated survey after case closure for everycote.
B. Benchmark the average cases per agent versus the team average across each casechannel
C. Track the average calls per day, average cases per agent, and average cases per casetype.
D. Measure difference in CSAT ol cases with and without articles attached.

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