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Salesforce Certified Service cloud consultant (SP24) Dumps July 2024

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Salesforce Service-Cloud-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

Universal Containers (UC) wants to deploy Service Cloud to 100 contact centers locatedacross North America, Europe, andAsia. UC wants standardized reporting across worldwide contact centers’ key performanceindicators (KPIs).Which approach should a consultant recommend in this scenario?

A. Assign a global team of experienced analysts to create a standard report template.
B. Ask leadership, management, and agents in all regions to vote on the standard reporttemplate.
C. Request that the VP of worldwide support design a standard report template to provide aclear vision,

Question # 2

A customer submitted a case that is routed to a service desk agent at UniversalContainers. After the agent responds to the case, they realize the customer is ineligible forsupport.Which solution should the consultant recommend to prevent this scenario from happeningin the future?

A. Add the Case's Entitlement related list to the Case Lightning Record Page.
B. Add the related Contact's Entitlement related list to the Case Lightning Record Page.
C. Add the related Account's Entitlement related list to the Case Lightning Record Page.

Question # 3

Universal Containers recently deployed a Salesforce Knowledge implementation and wantsto evaluate the quality of the articles being produced.What should the consultant recommend to gather information efficiently on Knowledgearticle usefulness?

A. Develop custom Knowledge reports and dashboards.
B. Create a review board to evaluate and manage Knowledge articles.
C. Install the Knowledge Base Dashboards & Reports AppExchange package.

Question # 4

What should the consultant consider when implementing Salesforce Chat functionality in anew Service Cloud instance?

A. It should be deployed with Experience Builder.
B. It is incompatible with Einstein Bots.
C. It should be routed via Omni-Channel,

Question # 5

Universal Containers needs to provide contact center agents with access to a customer'spayment history if the call concerns abilling problem. The following considerations need to be taken into account:* Billing data is stored in an external system containing over 20 million records.* Only the finance department has direct access to the billing system.Which solution should a consultant recommend?

A. Create a custom tab that displays a search page from the billing system.
B. Integrate payment data into Salesforce from the billing system using custom objects.
C. Configure Salesforce Connect and External Objects to the billing system.

Question # 6

A consultant is tasked with creating a dashboard in Salesforce for Cloud Kicks’ executives.The dashboard needs to provide insights that willassist in strategic decision-making.Which type of report should the consultant include to meet the requirement?

A. Snapshot reporting that shows trends in the number of cases handled per month,providing a high-level overview of customer service operations
B. Omni-Channel Analytics detailing specific paths and routing types to evaluate theefficiency of support channel
C. Detailed CTI analytics reports, such as wait times and handle times, to review individualagent performance

Question # 7

Cloud Kicks (CK) uses Lightning Experience and Lightning Knowledge in its service center.CKwants an easy way for service agents to create new articles when closing a case. The newarticleshould include appropriate details from the case to make it useful for others.What is the recommended method to meet the requirements?

A. Develop a globally-shared macro to create a new article.
B. Use a trigger to automatically create a new article.
C. Create a Quick Action to map case fields to a new article

Question # 8

Universal Containers wants to ensure the contracted service level requirements for itscustomers are being met.What should a consultant configure to meet this requirement?

A. Entitlement processes, contract line items, milestone, and entitlements
B. Entitlement processes, milestones, milestone actions, and entitlements
C. Entitlement processes, contracts, contract line items, and entitlements

Question # 9

Universal Containers has tested Skills-Based Routing in a sandbox and is ready to deployto production.Which solution should a consultant use to deploy the Service Resources, Skills, andRouting?

A. Data Import Wizard
B. Data Loader
C. Mass Transfer Records

Question # 10

Universal Containers wants to reduce the clicks a customer support agent uses whenworking on a case. This includes the time it takes to create,resolve, and close the case.Which Salesforce productivity feature should a consultant use to accomplish thisrequirement?

A. Macros
B. Quick action
C. Flow

Question # 11

The support manager at Universal Containers wants to improve visibility to cases acrossthe organization and has decided that product managers should be more involved in thecase management process. The support manager has created predefined case teams foreach product and trained support agents to add the appropriate case team to each case.Which solution allows product managers to quickly see and review the cases that arecreated for their products?

A. Configure a Case list view filtered by My Cases.
B. Configure a Case related list on the Product page layout.
C. Configure a Case list view filtered by My Case Teams.

Question # 12

Ursa Major Solar (UMS) provides customers with remote monitoring of solar panels. Whenthere are issues with the service, such as a power outage, UMS needs to provide serviceagents, operations teams, and customers with full visibility into the issue.What is the recommended feature to meet the requirements?

A. Incident Management
B. Workforce Engagement
C. Field Service Management

Question # 13

Universal Containers provides customer support for both new products and routinemaintenance of existing products. The cases for both types have many stages and fields incommon; however, the maintenance cases have additional stages and fields that need tobe captured. Which feature should a consultant recommend to accomplish this objective?

A. Approval Processes
B. Support Types
C. Support Processes

Question # 14

A manager would like information on which Knowledge articles are used most often by callcenter agents.Which report should a consultant use to identify the Knowledge articles that are used mostoften?

A. Knowledge articles with the most revisions
B. Knowledge articles with the highest ratings
C. Number of Knowledge articles attached to Cases

Question # 15

Cloud Kicks is preparing to launch Service Console to a large set of service agents.Feedback from a pilot group of users revealed they would likea quick way to navigate the console, including changing tabs, saving records, andsearching.What is the recommended feature to improve productivity?

A. Keyboard shortcuts
B. Quick text
C. Custom macros

Question # 16

Cloud Kicks (CK) uses Lightning Knowledge and has set up Data Categories. CK usesData Category Visibility to control access based on products and geographic location. Theadmin plans to enable ‘Use standard Salesforce sharing’ in Sharing Settings underKnowledge Settings.Which consideration should the admin be aware of when making this change?

A. Data Category Visibility of All Categories provides Public Read-Only access.
B. Data Category Visibility of Custom overrides organization-wide default sharing access.
C. Data Categories no longer control access to articles.

Question # 17

Agents at Universal Containers are required to update the Case Status to Waiting forCustomer after they send an email to the Case Contact. Support managers are noticingthat many agents are forgetting to perform this step.What should a consultant recommend to address this problem?

A. Create a Case Macro.
B. Create a Validation Rule.
C. Create an action on Case,

Question # 18

Cloud Kicks wants to create a secure, branded mobile app that its Experience Cloudcustomers can use to create and track cases, see upcoming product announcements, andinteract with other customers who have common interests.Which mobile development option should the consultant recommend?

A. Create two custom mobile apps, one for Apple and the other for Android.
B. Explain that community users can access the site through a web browser.
C. Use Salesforce Mobile Publisher to create a common app for both Apple and Android.

Question # 19

Cloud Kicks (CK) uses Lightning Dialer and one-click calling to initiate phone calls tocustomers. CK has recently received complaints from customers who have set theircommunication preferences to email only or text only. What is the most efficient solution the consultant should use to meet the requirements?

A. Remove the phone number from the page layout.
B. Use Dynamic Forms to hide the phone number.
C. Set the Contact Do Not Call field value to True.

Question # 20

Universal Containers wants to automate the process of case creation. While conducting abusiness process review, the consultant learned that customers sometimes upload digitalpictures ofthe problem.Following best practices, which solution should a consultant recommend?

A. Email-to-Case
B. AppExchange package
C. Web-to-Case

Question # 21

Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to increase the number of articles in its knowledge base whilemaintaining article quality. CK plans to allow all service agents to create articles.What should the consultant recommend to create a vetting workflow to reduce the numberof low-quality articles?

A. Flow with notifications
B. Reports and dashboards
C. Approval process

Question # 22

Cloud Kicks provides phone support to customers using the Service Cloud Voice Dialer.Once a call completes, support agents often need to send a follow-up email or finalize casenotes. CK wants to get insight about agent efficiency.Which metric should a consultant recommend to track the efficiency of individual agents?

A. Total Emails Sent
B. Call Abandonment
C. After Conversation Work Time

Question # 23

Cloud Kicks has recently implemented two-way mobile messaging to increase the efficiencyof the support team. The company uses key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure thesuccess ofthe implementation.Which metric should a consultant use to measure the effectiveness of two-way mobilemessaging?

A. Average Handle Time
B. Reduced Call Volume
C. Total Open Cases

Question # 24

The support manager at Universal Containers wants to measure first-call resolution bychannel, agent, and calendar month.Which reporting solution should the consultant recommend?

A. Create a report using Grouping.
B. Create a reporting snapshot.
C. Create a joined report.

Question # 25

What is a consideration when adding a report chart to a Page Layout or a Lightning RecordPage?

A. The report must be used on a Dashboard.
B. The report must have a standard Report Type.
C. The report must contain a chart.

Question # 26

The support team at Cloud Kicks would like to implement a messaging tool to addresscommon customer feedback and concerns. The support team also wants to extend theirsupport capabilities.What should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement?

A. Slack Connect
B. Service GPT
C. Einstein Bots

Question # 27

Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to provide its authenticated customers with a top-tier supportexperience. CK Ants to allow asynchronous conversations, conversations across devices,andEstimated Wait Time transparency. CK currently uses an external website to deliver its chatsupportoffering.What should a consultant recommend to provide these newer capabilities?

A. Einstein Bots
B. Messaging for Web
C. AppExchange package

Question # 28

Universal Containers (UC) wants to improve case management by assigning cases toagentsbased on their relevant product specialization. UC also wants to automatically assignagents to thenext case to evenly distribute the case workload.Which Omni-Channel feature meets the requirements?

A. Use the most available routing model.
B. Use Most Cases Closed report.
C. Use the agents’ Presence Status.

Question # 29

Cloud Kicks (CK) wants to adopt artificial intelligence (Al) for improving case closure keyperformance indicators (KPIs) and product support planning within its Service organization. CK has atleast 1,000 closed cases from which it can predict accurate values for fields that are empty.CK hasyet to implement any Einstein Al products.Which approach should the consultant recommend to start. Al efforts at CK?

A. Review and address Case data issues and set up Einstein Classification Apps.
B. Review and address Case data issues and set up Einstein Article Recommendations.
C. Confirm there are enough closed cases and turn on Einstein Service Al Grounding withCases.

Question # 30

The call center manager at Universal Containers wants to generate daily reports to monitoragent productivity trends.Which primary object should a consultant select to create a new Omni-Channel reporttype?

A. Agent Detail
B. Agent Work
C. Assigned Work

Question # 31

A service agent is in a messaging session with a customer. The customer abruptly stopsresponding after 30 minutes.What should the agent do next?

A. End the messaging session with the customer.
B. Mark the messaging session as customer Inactive.
C. Leave the messaging session with the customer open.

Question # 32

Universal Containers wants to implement best practices for its customer support teams andhas decided to follow a Knowledge Centered Support (KCS) methodology.Which benefit can be expected?

A. Reduced post-interaction time
B. Reduced first contact resolution time
C. Reduced issue resolution time

Question # 33

Universal Containers is training a new set of service agents. Part of the training includeshandling messaging from customers.However, it is important that contact center managers monitor the messaging sessions toensure the service agents' responses areprofessional and accurate and that the managers are able to assist when needed.Which Lightning Console feature should a consultant configure to support this need?

A. Chat Supervisor tab and Whisper Messages
B. Incident Management tab and Whisper Messages
C. Omni-Channel Supervisor and Whisper Messages

Question # 34

Universal Containers (UC) is preparing to implement Service Cloud and wants to onboardits global support team. UC is gathering feedback fromthe support team about how they will use Service Cloud. Requirements gathering sessionshave resulted in a large set of deliverables.What should a consultant recommend as the next step?

A. Identify and prioritize the requirements for the minimum viable product.
B. Prioritize the requirements based on the stakeholder who submitted them.
C. Prioritize the requirements based on requests from the regions.

Question # 35

Universal Containers wants to let its customers interact in real time with support agentsfrom their computers and mobiledevices.Which feature should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?

A. Web-to-Case
B. Einstein Chat Bot
C. Knowledge articles

Question # 36

Universal Containers (UC) wants to implement Service Cloud using Agile methodology.How should the consultant recommend delivering a successful implementation?

A. Generate continuous feedback from the project team, and adjust the requirements anddeliverables accordingly.
B. Generate all of the requirements with UC executives and then develop the projectschedule.
C. Finish all of the project requirements at once and deliver a complete solution.

Question # 37

Service agents have reported that the Lightning Service Console is too crowded whichmakes it difficult to find the information they need. After reviewing the agents’ console use,a consultant has determined that all configured features are required.Given this scenario, which solution should a consultant suggest to improve the efficiencyfor console users?

A. Train on keyboard shortcuts.
B. Prepare macros.
C. Create multiple console layouts.

Question # 38

Universal Containers wants to move articles from an old database to its new SalesforceKnowledge system. Many of the how-to articles include images that need to be transferred.What should a consultant consider when moving these images into Salesforce Knowledge?

A. Add images to an HTML file.
B. Ensure each image is less than 25 MB.
C. Change all images to JPEG files.

Question # 39

Universal Containers has a case handling process that requires each case to go through aseries of steps within a specified amount of time from case submission to case closure.Which solution should a consultant recommend to meet these requirements?

A. Define entitlements and milestones.
B. Enable and configure Omni-Channel routing.
C. Implement Lightning flow with time-based actions.

Question # 40

To help service agents more accurately respond to a new case, Universal Containerswants a list of relevant Knowledge articlesdisplayed on the Case record page.How should a consultant configure this requirement?

A. Add the Knowledge tab to the Service Console.
B. Add the Knowledge component to the Case record page.
C. Add the Knowledge related list to the Case record page.

Question # 41

Cloud Kicks plans to use case teams to help collaborate on difficult issues. Support agentscan use predefined case teams to add specialists on a case. Specialists need to be able toview casesand add related records to the case.What is the recommended level of case access for the Case Team role?

A. Territory Rule
B. Read-Only
C. Private

Question # 42

Universal Containers has implemented Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS). Specificarticle types and categories require approval. Both thePublish Articles and the Submit for Approval buttons are available on page layouts. Agentsare forgetting to submit certain articles types for approval.What should a consultant recommend to automate the Approval Process?

A. Update the Approval Process to Auto-launch.
B. Create a Lightning Web Component action for Approval Process.
C. Create an autolaunched Flow.

Question # 43

Universal Containers provides customers with different service levels based on theirservices agreement. The VP of customer service wants touse Service Cloud to track when cases have yet to reach certain stages and ensure thatsenior management is alerted accordingly.Which feature should a consultant recommend to address this requirement?

A. Reports and Dashboards
B. Entitlements and Milestones
C. Service Contracts

Question # 44

Which feature should a consultant recommend to prompt a Tier 2 service representative totake over case processing from Tier 1 and know how far Tier 1 had progressed introubleshooting?

A. Path for Cases
B. Escalation Rules
C. Einstein Next Best Action

Question # 45

Universal Containers (UC) is migrating from a legacy case management system toSalesforce. UC would like to retain the existing parent-child relationships between cases.What should a consultant recommend?

A. Migrate child cases first.
B. Migrate parent cases first
C. {0} Migrate parent and child cases together.

Question # 46

Universal Containers wants to help customers resolve issues by browsing Knowledgearticles and submitting a case if they need more Information.What should the consultant recommend to meet the requirements?

A. Enable Chat in an Experience Cloud site.
B. Create a self-service help Center
C. Allow comments on Knowledge articles.

Question # 47

A manager has noticed an increase in average case age. This is negatively impactingcustomer satisfaction. The manager wants to compare the amount of time that cases havespentwithin each status during their lifecycle.Which report type should the consultant recommend when creating a report?

A. Use the Case Historical Trending report type.
B. Use the Cases with Milestones report type.
C. Use the Case Lifecycle report type.

Question # 48

The contact center at Universal Containers wants to reduce call volume and resolution timewithin Service Cloud.Which solution should a consultant recommend?

A. Email-to-Case
B. Chat with an agent
C. Knowledge base

Question # 49

Cloud Kicks (CK) often needs to seek assistance within its organization to resolve caseswithits customers. Sometimes, CK needs partners to engage as well. CK wants a solution thatis the mosteffective for case communication while documenting the conversation history.Which feature should the consultant recommend to meet the requirement?

A. Use Slack for Service for Case Swarming.
B. Send Email Quick Action to loop in the stakeholders.
C. Use child Cases to interact with the partner.

Question # 50

Universal Containers has technical support and general customer service teams that useunique Service Console applications.Which configuration should a consultant use when deploying the console?

A. Assign the app to the User profile.
B. Assign a permission set granting the Service User license.
C. Assign the Service User license to their User record.

Question # 51

Cloud Kicks plans to deploy Service Cloud to customers who will have different levels ofsupport. The consultant is unsure whether Entitlementsonly or Entitlements plus Service Contracts is the correct solution.Which question should the consultant ask to determine the preferred solution?

A. Will customers access Knowledge articles through Experience Cloud?
B. Is support provided on a periodic basis and renewed annually?
C. Do multiple versions of the Entitlements need to be created and maintained?

Question # 52

Universal Containers (UC) has deployed a call center using open CTI. Call center agentsare organized into four groups reflecting UC's four different product lines. Each group'smanager would like a report on their agents’ daily call volume, including related case andcontact information.How should the consultant recommend the report be created?

A. Build a report on Products with Activities grouped by owner.
B. Create a Custom Report type with Activities as the primary object.
C. Customize the My Team's Calls This Week standard report.

Question # 53

The cost of providing contact center support has steadily increased. Universal Containerswants to take cost-saving measures.What should the consultant recommend?

A. Configure a self-service Knowledge Base.
B. Configure Skills-Based Routing for service channels.
C. Create auto-response templates for Case emails.

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Salesforce Service-Cloud-Consultant Frequently Asked Questions

How to become Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant?

Becoming a Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant: To become certified, you need to have a working knowledge of Service Cloud and must first complete the Salesforce Administrator certification. The exam focuses on real-world experience and practical application of Service Cloud solutions​.

How many people have passed the Service Cloud Consultant exam by region?

Specific data on the number of people who have passed the Service Cloud Consultant exam by region isn't readily available. But Here on Salesforcexamdumps we are producing 100% results with our Service-Cloud-Consultant Dumps.

What are the benefits of the Salesforce Service-Cloud-Consultant certification exam?

Earning this certification can enhance your Salesforce career by proving your ability to design and implement Service Cloud solutions. It may lead to better job opportunities, salary increases, and recognition as a Salesforce expert​.

How many questions are there in the Salesforce Service-Cloud-Consultant certification exam?

The exam consist 60 multiple-choice questions along with 5 non-scored questions.

What is the duration of the Salesforce Service-Cloud-Consultant certification exam?

You have total 105 minutes to complete the exam

What is the passing score for the Salesforce Service-Cloud-Consultant certification exam?

The required passing score is 67%.

What is the cost of the Salesforce Service-Cloud-Consultant certification exam?

The examination fee is USD $200, and if you need to retake it, the cost is USD $100.

What are the key knowledge areas for a Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant?

These include customer support management, business unit processes, Knowledge-Centered Support (KCS), product knowledge, incident management, common metrics and KPIs, industry trends, intake channels, automation, and data management.

What is the Exam Candidate Code of Conduct?

The code includes using Salesforce-approved study materials, collaborating in the Trailblazer Community, and adhering to exam guidelines. Violations can lead to consequences like exam cancellation and certification revocation.

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