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Salesforce Media Cloud Consultant Exam Dumps April 2024

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Salesforce Media-Cloud-Consultant Sample Questions

Question # 1

A company has purchased the media cloud solution. the it manager in charge of thedeployement wants to understand which tools in media cloud can be used to maè legacysystem data model to the media cloud data model? Which two tools should the consultantmetion to the IT manager in this case?

A. setup / object manager
B. schema builder
C. IDX build tool
D. IDX workbench

Question # 2

Which two features should a consultant keep in mind when proosing the use of JSONbasedmapping over object-based mapping for contract templates?

A. documents cannot display attribute data unless the custom section in the documenttemplate is used
B. JSON-mapping allows for filtering individual line items or repeatable content items todisplay in a document, but object-based mapping does not
C. the consultant can use the item section for any type of item list, not only for line items
D. only contract, opportunity, order, and quote objects are supported when mapping fieldsis JSON-based mapping
E. the data to extract and merge into the template must exist in standard objects

Question # 3

A media cloud customer has a requirement of showing different fields to different groups ofusers so that confidentiality of information is maintained. For example, business unit Ausers cannot view quotes of business unit B and vice versa. However, both business unitsare supported by a single operations team who need to see both quote types. Managersneed to be able to view and edit records of their team members. Which three sharing andvisibility settings are relevant for consideration in this scenario?

A. enterprise territory management
B. organization wide default
C. sharing rules
D. field level security
E. sharing group

Question # 4

Which standard media cloud advertising sales menagement component gathers live andcampaign performancedata?

A. CRM analytics
B. marketing cloud intelligence
C. salesforce dashboards
D. tableau

Question # 5

Which standard media cloud advertising sales menagement component gathers live andcampaign performancedata?

A. CRM analytics
B. marketing cloud intelligence
C. salesforce dashboards
D. tableau

Question # 6

Why would a consultant integrate media cloud advertising sales management (ASM) with aprogramming server?

A. to retrieve actual impressions delivered by date and advertiser
B. to set the priority for ads to be served based on advertiser category and competitiveexlusion rules
C. to create digital ad campaigns with guaranteed impressions
D. to provide third-party impression numbers for actual delivery

Question # 7

A media cloud consultant is modeling and designing the pricing of the differentadvertisement types, including Digital, Out-of-home, Print, or Linear Advertising. What aretwo basic ways that the advertisement could be priced?

A. discount charge
B. recurring charge
C. periodic charge
D. one time charge

Question # 8

A media cloud consultant is modeling and designing the pricing of the differentadvertisement types, including Digital, Out-of-home, Print, or Linear Advertising. What aretwo basic ways that the advertisement could be priced?

A. discount charge
B. recurring charge
C. periodic charge
D. one time charge

Question # 9

A publisher wants to share the omniscript with a subset of partners through the experiencecloud. An administrator has created a page variation and added the omniscript to the page, but the subgroup of partner users are reporting they not seeing any changes in theexperience site page. Which three actions should the administrator take to helptroubleshoot this issue?

A. validate flexcards are being activated with the community page and community defaultas targets
B. validate that the page variation is published
C. validate that the latest version of the omniscript is enabled
D. validate that the user has the mediacloudCCRuntime permission set license assigned
E. validate that the audience for the page variation is correctly defined as assigned

Question # 10

A CTO of a B2B advertising publishing company asked an administrator who worked onmaking the media cloud application live, for their help in monitoring the real-timeinformation on system performance and security. Where can the administratot find thisinformation?


Question # 11

A CTO of a customer who uses adverrtising sales management (ASM), asked a consultantto help them upgrade to the latest ASM release. Which two steps must the consultantcomplete before starting a manual upgrade to the latest release?

A. Ensure that the consultant has the required permission sets and licenses
B. complete the post install tasks for salesforce insustries communications, media, andenergy
C. raise a support ticket to enable the required permissions
D. go to setup and click on validaate in the latest release

Question # 12

A publishing company receives a request for a proposal (RFP) from a home store toadvertise their brands - Electro and Furnito. How should a consultant model the homeaccount?

A. create an account for home with advertiser record Type and create Accounts for Electroand Furnito with brand record Type
B. create an Account for Home with two Contacts – Electro and Furnito
C. create Accounts for Home, Electro, and Furnito and associate using the parent-childrelation
D. create Accounts for Home, Electro, and Furnito with Advertiser Record Type

Question # 13

During proposal line item creation, a consultant needs to able to select a value for a picklisttype attribute. Which non-overridable behaviour must the consultant select during theassignment to the parent object type?

A. is not Assetizable
B. Run-time Configurable
C. is Not Translable
D. is Encrypted

Question # 14

An administrator is mapping a user to media cloud personas. In the current role, the userbuilds media plans from request for proposals, reviews past performance to ain insight, andproposes proactive solutions. To which persona should the user be mapped?

A. media planner
B. ad ops
C. designer
D. yield manager

Question # 15

A client is looking to adopt a new CRM solution to sell advertising products, starting withtheir digital content line of business. They sell standard digital ad products (digital banners,video inserts). Using media Cloud Advertising Sales Management (ASM), what is the mostefficient approach for modeling these products?

A. create a new salesforce object for the digital ad products specifications, link that objectto the product2 object, and configure the required products using the product page layout
B. create the required characteristics of the productsusingthe product page layout
C. configurea product using product designer and associate the product to an ad spacespecification
D. configure an OmniScript that will retrieve the products from google Ad Manager and willbe used in sales processes

Question # 16

In digital ad sales, which set of objects does a consultant need to configure and how manyrecords are needed under the object to form a relationship where one program is shown onfive mobile apps?

A. media content title: five(program), media channel: five (app), product: one
B. media content title: one(program), media channel: one (app), product: five
C. media content title: one(program), media channel: five (app), product: five
D. media content title: five(program), media channel: five (app), product: five

Question # 17

A publisher has an existing system to build media plans and integrate with google admanager to create digital ad campaigns. Which two questions are important to ask todetermine if media cloud advertising sales management is a good fit to replace the existingsystem?

A. which types of ad products are included in media plans?
B. which ad servers does the system need to connect to forcampaign booking?
C. which type of marketing automation system is in use?
D. what are the dimensions for all digital ad formats for the publisher?

Question # 18

A b2b advertising publishing company is exploring salesforce to manage its advertisingsales business. They require an ad ops persona to be created. Which two managedpermission sets should a consultant add to the ad ops persona?

A. OmniStudioAdmin
B. MediaCloudRuntime
C. Media Cloud Base User
D. OmniStudioUser

Question # 19

While integrating the media plan with ad servers some of the integrations need to beconfigured as synchronous interfaces. Which two options should be configured as bidirectionalsynchronous interface?

A. activate campaign in ad server
B. campaign reporting from ad server
C. campaign performance feed to CPQ
D. check ad inventory in ad server

Question # 20

A publisher wants to create a media plan that includes linear adc for a specific tv program.Which object should a consultant use to define this TV program in media cloud?

A. media channel
B. ad space specification
C. ad creative
D. media plan placements

Question # 21

In advertising sales management, what is the correct order to execution of the pre-built industries order management orchestration plan components?

A. create line items, create order, approve order, activate order, add creative
B. create order, create line items, add creative, approve order, activate order
C. create line items, create order, add creative, approve order, activate order
D. create order, create line items, approve order, activate order, add creative

Question # 22

In digital ad sales, what are two ways advertisiments are priced?

A. cost per mille (CPM)
B. marketing cost
C. cost per click (CPC)
D. prepaid expense (PE)

Question # 23

A consultant working on the implementaion of media cloud for publishing company hasbeen asked by an IT Manger at the publishing company to better understand the structureof media cloud data model. How should the consultant describe the characteristics ofmedia cloud data model?

A. it is composed exclusively of custom objects
B. it is composed of custom objects with no extensions.
C. it is composed of custom and standard objects.
D. it is composed exlusively of standard objects

Question # 24

A b2b advertising publishing company has recently upgraded advertising salesmanagement winter 22 to advertising sales management spring 22. Certain corecomponents have been moved to the media service on the core platform to ensure easierupgrades. Which set of components are delivered as part of the managed package?

A. flexipage, custom labels, data model, media service
B. flexipage, custom labels, velocity integration settings, custom layouts
C. omniscript definition, cpq api’s, flexipages, custom labels
D. omniscript definitions, CPQ API’s, apex classes, lightning web components

Question # 25

A home store wants to advertise their products on a video streaming service hosted by apublishing company. How can a consultant ensure that this advertisement is visible tosubscribers residing in the united states only?

A. create the media plan under the account with shipping address as united states
B. select the operating system targeting as united states
C. select united states in the media campaign country
D. select united states in geo targeting within configure placements

Question # 26

Which permission set license should a consultant consider using when planning to allow forinternal users to leveragemanagementfeatures such as "360 view of the costumer andsales cycle", "visualizations of the key relationship including agencies and contract", and"digital contract lifecyclemanagement?"

A. advertising salesmanagementPSL
B. communications cloud digital experience user PSL
C. subscriber lifecyclemanagementPSL
D. omniStudio Admin

Question # 27

Apublisher is working with agents, which is Home's agency, to advertise Home's products.How should a Consultant create and relate these records in Advertising Sales Management(ASM)?

A. create a home acount and agents as a contact on the home account.
B. create a home account and create an agents account with a brand record tyoe
C. create a home account and create an agents account with an agency record type
D. create home and agents as accounts without specific record types.

Salesforce Media Cloud Consultant Complete Exam Detail

Exam Detail Value
Total Time 90 minutes
Exam Fee $200 USD
Passing Marks 67%
Available Languages English, Japanese, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese
Exam Format Multiple Choice (MCQ)
Prerequisites Salesforce Administrator Certification; Experience in implementing and consulting on Salesforce Media Cloud solutions
Topics Covered - Media Cloud Setup and Configuration
- Content Management
- Analytics and Reporting
- Integration with Other Systems
- Security and Compliance
Additional Resources - Salesforce Official Study Guide
- Trailhead Modules
- Online Communities and Forums
- Hands-on Experience
Retake Policy Candidates can retake the exam after 14 days

Media-Cloud-Consultant Complete Exam Topics Breakdown

Domain Weightage (%)
Media Cloud Consultant Overview 10
Media Cloud Strategy and Planning 20
Media Cloud Implementation 35
Media Cloud Configuration 20
Media Cloud Optimization 15

Salesforce Media-Cloud-Consultant Frequently Asked Questions

Q:1 What topics are covered in the Media-Cloud-Consultant exam?
Answer : The exam covers cloud computing basics, digital asset management, media services in the cloud, content delivery networks, streaming technologies, cloud storage, media processing, cloud security, and media analytics.
Q:2 What is the format of the Media-Cloud-Consultant exam?
Answer : The exam typically includes multiple-choice questions, focusing on practical and theoretical knowledge of cloud-based media solutions.
Q:3 How can I prepare effectively for the Media-Cloud-Consultant exam?
Answer : Study the key topics thoroughly, use practice tests to familiarize yourself with the exam format, and consider joining study groups or online forums for additional insights and support. provides Exactly word to word same questions for your exam.
Q:4 What job roles can I pursue with a Media-Cloud-Consultant certification?

Answer: This certification can lead to roles such as Cloud Media Consultant, Digital Asset Manager, Cloud Solutions Architect, Media Services Specialist, and similar positions.

Q:5 How does the Media-Cloud-Consultant certification benefit my career?

Answer: It validates your expertise in managing and implementing cloud-based media solutions, potentially leading to better job opportunities, higher salaries, and career advancement.

Q:6 Where can I find practice tests for the Media-Cloud-Consultant exam?

Answer: Media Cloud Consultant Practice tests are available on You will get exactly word to word same questions in your exam.

Q:7 What does Cloud Computing Basics cover in the Media-Cloud-Consultant exam?

Answer: It includes fundamental concepts of cloud computing, such as cloud service models, deployment types, and basic cloud technologies.

Q:8 How is Digital Asset Management relevant to media services in the cloud?

Answer: It involves managing digital media assets (like photos, videos, audio) in the cloud, focusing on storage, organization, and accessibility. 

Q:9 What role do Media Services play in the cloud?

Answer: They encompass cloud-based tools and platforms for creating, managing, and delivering digital media content.

Q:10 How are Content Delivery Networks (CDN) utilized in media cloud services?

Answer: CDNs are used to distribute media content efficiently across different geographical locations, reducing latency and improving user experience.

Q:11 What is the importance of Streaming Technologies in the cloud?

Answer: These technologies enable real-time or on-demand distribution of media content over the internet.

Q:12 How does Cloud Storage and Data Management function in media applications?

Answer: It involves storing, organizing, and managing digital media and associated data in cloud environments.

Q:13 What is involved in Media Processing and Transformation?

Answer: This covers the conversion and manipulation of media files, like format changes, encoding, and editing, typically performed in the cloud.

Q:14 What is Cloud Security for Media?

Answer: It focuses on protecting media content and infrastructure in the cloud from unauthorized access and cyber threats.

Q:15 How is Media Analytics applied in cloud environments?

Answer: Media analytics in the cloud involves analyzing viewer behaviors, preferences, and interaction patterns to optimize content strategies.

Q:16 What are Cloud Migration Strategies for media?

Answer: These strategies include planning and executing the movement of media assets and services from on-premise to cloud environments.

Q:17 What are Multi-cloud and Hybrid Cloud Environments in media services?

Answer: Multi-cloud involves using multiple cloud services, while hybrid cloud combines on-premise infrastructure with cloud services for media solutions.

Q:18 How is API Integration used in Media Services?

Answer: APIs are used to integrate various media services and platforms in the cloud for streamlined operations and enhanced functionality.

Q:19 What are Automated Media Workflows?

Answer: These are processes where tasks in media production and distribution are automated using cloud-based tools and software.

Q:20 How is Cost Management and Optimization performed in cloud media services?

Answer: This involves controlling and reducing cloud expenditures while maximizing efficiency in media services.

Q:21 What do Media Content Management Systems do?

Answer: They provide platforms for creating, managing, and distributing digital content through cloud-based interfaces.

Q:22 What are Compliance and Legal Considerations in Media Cloud?

Answer: These refer to adhering to laws and regulations related to data privacy, copyright, and security in cloud-based media services.

Q:23 How do User Experience and Accessibility play a role in media services?

Answer: This involves designing cloud-based media services that are easily accessible and provide a positive user experience.

Q:24 What are Cloud Service Models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) in the context of media?

Answer: These models represent different levels of service provided by cloud providers, from infrastructure to software tailored for media applications.

Q:25 What is the role of Virtualization and Containerization in media services?

Answer: They are used for creating scalable, efficient, and isolated environments for media applications in the cloud.

Q:26 How are AI and Machine Learning applied in Media Applications?

Answer: AI and ML are used for tasks like content recommendation, analytics, and automated content creation in cloud-based media platforms.

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