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Salesforce JavaScript-Developer-I Question Answers

Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I (WI23) Dumps March 2023

Are you tired of looking for a source that'll keep you updated on the Salesforce Certified JavaScript Developer I (WI23) Exam? Plus, has a collection of affordable, high-quality, and incredibly easy Salesforce JavaScript-Developer-I Practice Questions? Well then, you are in luck because just updated them! Get Ready to become a Salesforce Developer Certified.

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Salesforce JavaScript-Developer-I Sample Questions

Question # 1

Which codestatement below correctly persists an objects in local Storage ?

A. const setLocalStorage = (storageKey, jsObject) => { window.localStorage.setItem(storageKey, JSON.stringify(jsObject)); }
B. const setLocalStorage = ( jsObject) => { window.localStorage.connectObject(jsObject)); }
C. const setLocalStorage = ( jsObject) => { window.localStorage.setItem(jsObject); }
D. const setLocalStorage = (storageKey, jsObject) => { window.localStorage.persist(storageKey, jsObject); }

Question # 2

A developer wants to define a function log to be used a few times on a single-fileJavaScript script.01 // Line 1 replacement02 console.log('"LOG:', logInput);03 }Which two options can correctly replace line 01 and declare the function for use?Choose 2 answers

A. function leg(logInput) {
B. const log(loginInput) {
C. const log = (logInput) => {
D. function log = (logInput) {

Question # 3

A developer wants to create an object from a function in the browser using the codebelow:Function Monster() { =‘hello’ };Const z = Monster();What happens due to lack of the new keyword on line 02?

A. The z variable is assigned the correct object.
B. The z variable is assigned the correct object but remains undefined.
C. is assigned to ‘hello’ and the variable z remains undefined.
D. Window.m is assigned the correct object.

Question # 4

A developer uses a parsed JSON string to work with userinformation as in the block below:01 const userInformation ={02 “ id ” : “user-01”,03 “email” : “[email protected]”,04 “age” : 25Which two options access the email attribute in the object?Choose 2 answers

A. userInformation(“email”)
B. userInformation.get(“email”)
D. userInformation(email)

Question # 5

Considering type coercion, what does the following expression evaluate to?True + ‘13’ + NaN

A. ‘ 113Nan ’
B. 14
C. ‘ true13 ’
D. ‘ true13NaN ’

Question # 6

A developer creates a class that represents a blog post based on the requirement that aPost should have a body author and view count.The Code shown Below:ClassPost {// Insert code hereThis.body = author;this.viewCount = viewCount;}}Which statement should be inserted in the placeholder on line 02 to allow for a variable tobe setto a new instanceof a Post with the three attributes correctly populated?

A. super (body, author, viewCount) {
B. Function Post (body, author, viewCount) {
C. constructor (body, author, viewCount) {
D. constructor() {

Question # 7

Refer to the code below:Let foodMenu1 =[‘pizza’, ‘burger’, ‘French fries’];Let finalMenu = foodMenu1;finalMenu.push(‘Garlic bread’);What is the value of foodMenu1 after the code executes?

A. [ ‘pizza’,’Burger’, ‘French fires’, ‘Garlic bread’]
B. [ ‘pizza’,’Burger’, ‘French fires’]
C. [ ‘Garlic bread’ , ‘pizza’,’Burger’, ‘French fires’ ]
D. [ ‘Garlic bread’]

Question # 8

Universal Containers (UC) just launched a new landing page, but users complain that thewebsite is slow. A developer found some functions any that might cause this problem. Toverify this, the developer decides to execute everything and log the time each of thesethree suspicious functions consumes.Which function can the developer use to obtain the time spent by every one of the threefunctions?

A. console. timeLog ()
B. console.timeStamp ()
C. console.trace()
D. console.getTime ()

Question # 9

Which three statements are true about promises ?Choose 3 answers

A. The executor of a new Promise runs automatically.
B. A Promise has a .then() method.
C. A fulfilled or rejected promise will not change states .
D. A settled promise can become resolved.
E. A pending promise canbecome fulfilled, settled, or rejected.

Question # 10

A developer creates an object where its properties should be immutable and preventproperties from being added or modified.Which method shouldbe used to execute this business requirement ?

A. Object.const()
B. Object.eval()
C. Object.lock()
D. Object.freeze()

Question # 11

Refer to the code below:const event = new CustomEvent(//Missing Code );obj.dispatchEvent(event);A developer needs to dispatch a custom event called update to send information aboutrecordId.Which two options could a developer insert at the placeholder in line 02 to achieve this?Choose 2 answers

A. ‘Update’ , (recordId : ‘123abc’(
B. ‘Update’ , ‘123abc’
C. { type : ‘update’, recordId : ‘123abc’ }
D. ‘Update’ , { Details : { recordId : ‘123abc’ } }

Question # 12

A developer creates a simple webpage with an input field. When a user enters text in theinput field and clicks the button, the actual value of the field must be displayed in theconsole.Here is the HTML file content:<input type =” text” value=”Hello” name =”input”><button type =”button” >Display </button> The developer wrote the javascript code below:Const button= document.querySelector(‘button’);button.addEvenListener(‘click’, () => (Const input = document.querySelector(‘input’);console.log(input.getAttribute(‘value’));When the user clicks the button, the output is always “Hello”.What needs to be done to make this code work as expected?

A. Replace line 04 with console.log(input .value);
B. Replace line 03 with const input = document.getElementByName(‘input’);
C. Replace line 02 with button.addCallback(“click”, function() {
D. Replace line 02 withbutton.addEventListener(“onclick”, function() {

Question # 13

Refer to the following code:<html lang=”en”><body><div onclick = “console.log(‘Outer message’) ;”><button id =”myButton”>CLick me<button></div></body><script>function displayMessage(ev) {ev.stopPropagation();console.log(‘Inner message.’);}const elem =document.getElementById(‘myButton’);elem.addEventListener(‘click’ , displayMessage);</script></html>What will the console show when the button is clicked?

A. Outer message
B. Outer message Inner message
C. Inner message Outer message
D. Inner message

Question # 14

Refer to the code below:Async funct on functionUnderTest(isOK) {If (isOK) return ‘OK’ ;Throw new Error(‘not OK’);)Which assertion accuretely tests the above code?

A. Console.assert (await functionUnderTest(true), ‘ OK ’)
B. Console.assert (await functionUnderTest(true), ‘ not OK ’)
C. Console.assert (awaitfunctionUnderTest(true), ‘ not OK ’)
D. Console.assert (await functionUnderTest(true), ‘OK’)

Question # 15

A developer writers the code below to calculate the factorial of a given number.Function factorial(number) {Return number + factorial(number -1);}factorial(3);What isthe result of executing line 04?

A. 0
B. 6
C. -Infinity
D. RuntimeError

Question # 16

Refer to the code below:01 const server = require(‘server’);02 /* Insert code here */A developer imports a library that creates a web server.The imported library uses eventsandcallbacks to start the serversWhich code should be inserted at the line 03 to set up an event and start the web server ?

A. Server.start ();
B. server.on(‘ connect ’ , ( port) => { console.log(‘Listening on ’ , port);})
C. server()
D. serve(( port) => (
E. console.log( ‘Listening on ’, port) ;

Question # 17

A developer wants to iterate through an array of objects and count the objects and countthe objects whose property value, name, starts with the letter N.Const arrObj = [{“name” : “Zach”} , {“name” : “Kate”},{“name” : “Alise”},{“name” :“Bob”},{“name” :“Natham”},{“name” : “nathaniel”}Refer to the code snippet below:01 arrObj.reduce(( acc, curr) => {02 //missing line 0202 //missing line 0304 ).0);Which missing lines 02 and 03 return the correct count?

A. Const sum = curr.startsWith(‘N’) ? 1: 0;Return acc +sum
B. Const sum =‘N’) ? 1: 0;Return acc +sum
C. Const sum = curr.startsWIth(‘N’) ? 1: 0;Return curr+ sum
D. Constsum =‘N’) ? 1: 0;Return curr+ sum

Question # 18

What can the developer do to change the code to print “Hello World” ?

A. Changeline 7 to ) () ;
B. Change line 2 to console.log(‘Hello’ , name() );
C. Change line 9 to sayHello(world) ();
D. Change line 5 to function world ( ) {

Question # 19

Giventhe code below:const copy = JSON.stringify([ new String(‘ false ’), new Bollean( false ), undefined ]);What is the value of copy?

A. -- [ \”false\” , { } ]--
B. -- [ false, { } ]--
C. -- [ \”false\” , false, undefined ]--
D. -- [ \”false\” ,false, null ]--

Question # 20

A developer is working on an ecommerce website where the delivery date is dynamicallycalculated based on the current day. The code line below is responsible for this calculation.Const deliveryDate = new Date ();Due to changes in the business requirements, the delivery date must now be today’sdate + 9 days.Which code meets thisnew requirement?

A. deliveryDate.setDate(( new Date ( )).getDate () +9);
B. deliveryDate.setDate( Date.current () + 9);
C. = new Date(+9) ;
D. = Date.current () + 9;

Question # 21

Which function should a developer use to repeatedly execute code at a fixed interval ?

A. setIntervel
B. setTimeout
C. setPeriod
D. setInteria

Question # 22

developer is trying to convince management that their team will benefit from usingNode.js for a backend server that they are going to create. The server will be a web serverthathandles API requests from a website that the team has already built using HTML, CSS,andJavaScript.Which three benefits of Node.js can the developer use to persuade their manager?Choose 3 answers:

A. I nstalls with its own package manager toinstall and manage third-party libraries.
B. Ensures stability with one major release every few years.
C. Performs a static analysis on code before execution to look for runtime errors.
D. Executes server-side JavaScript code to avoid learning a new language.
E. User non blocking functionality for performant request handling .

Question # 23

A developer receives a comment from the Tech Lead that the code given below haserror:const monthName = ‘July’;const year = 2019;if(year === 2019) {monthName = ‘June’;}Which line edit should be made to make this code run?

A. 01 let monthName =’July’;
B. 02 let year =2019;
C. 02 const year = 2020;
D. 03 if (year == 2019) {

Question # 24

A developer wrote the following code: 01 let X = object.value; 02 03 try { 04 handleObjectValue(X); 05 } catch (error) { 06 handleError(error); 07 }The developer has a getNextValue function to execute after handleObjectValue(), but does not want to execute getNextValue() if an error occurs.How can the developer change the code to ensure thisbehavior?

A. 03 try{ 04 handleObjectValue(x); 05 } catch(error){ 06 handleError(error); 07 } then { 08 getNextValue(); 09 }
B. 03 try{ 04 handleObjectValue(x); 05 } catch(error){ 06 handleError(error); 07 } finally { 08 getNextValue(); 10 }
C. 03 try{ 04handleObjectValue(x); 05 } catch(error){ 06 handleError(error); 07 } 08 getNextValue();
D. 03 try { 04 handleObjectValue(x) 05 ……………………

Question # 25

After executing, what is the value offormattedDate?

A. May 10, 2020
B. June 10, 2020
C. October 05, 2020
D. November 05, 2020

Question # 26

Which three browser specific APIs are available for developers to persist data betweenpage loads ?Choose 3 answers

B. indexedDB
C. Global variables
D. Cookies
E. localStorage.

Question # 27

In the browser, the window object is often used to assign variables that require thebroadest scope in an application Node.js application does not have access to the windowobject by default.Which two methods are used to address this ?Choose 2 answers

A. Use the document object instead of the window object.
B. Assign variables to the global object.
C. Create a new window object in the root file.
D. Assign variablesto module.exports and require them as needed.

Question # 28

A developer at Universal Containers creates a new landing page based on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript TO ensure that visitors have a good experience, a script named personaliseContextneeds to be executed when the webpage is fully loaded (HTML content and all related files ), in order to do some custom initialization.Which statement should beused to call personalizeWebsiteContent based on the above business requirement?

A. document.addEventListener(‘’onDOMContextLoaded’, personalizeWebsiteContext);
B. window.addEventListener(‘load’,personalizeWebsiteContext);
C. window.addEventListener(‘onload’, personalizeWebsiteContext);
D. Document.addEventListener(‘‘’DOMContextLoaded’ , personalizeWebsiteContext);

Question # 29

Given the code below: 01 function GameConsole (name) { 02 = name; 03 } 04 05 GameConsole.prototype.load = function(gamename) { 06 console.log( ` $( is loading agame : $(gamename) …`); 07 ) 08 function Console 16 Bit (name) { 09, name) ; 10 } 11 Console16bit.prototype = Object.create ( GameConsole.prototype) ;12 //insert code here 13 console.log( ` $( is loading a cartridge game :$(gamename) …`); 14 } 15 const console16bit = new Console16bit(‘ SNEGeneziz ’);16 console16bit.load(‘ Super Nonic 3x Force ’); What should a developer insert at line 15 to output the following message using the method ? > SNEGeneziz is loading a cartridgegame: Super Monic 3x Force . . .

A. Console16bit.prototype.load(gamename) = function() {
B. Console16bit.prototype.load = function(gamename) {
C. Console16bit = Object.create(GameConsole.prototype).load = function (gamename) {
D. Console16bit.prototype.load(gamename) {

Question # 30

A team that works on a big project uses npm to deal with projects dependencies.A developer added a dependency does not get downloaded when they executenpminstall.Which two reasons could be possible explanations for this?Choose 2 answers

A. The developer missed the option --add when adding the dependency.
B. The developer added the dependency as a dev dependency, and NODE_ENV Is set to production.
C. The developer missed the option --save when adding the dependency.
D. The developer added the dependency as a dev dependency, and NODE_ENV is set to production.

Question # 31

Refer to the code below: let o = { get js() { let city1 = String("st. Louis"); let city2 = String(" New York"); return { firstCity: city1.toLowerCase(), secondCity: city2.toLowerCase(), } } }What value can a developer expect when referencing o.js.secondCity?

A. Undefined
B. ‘ new york ’
C. ‘ New York ’
D. An error

Question # 32

A class was written to represent items for purchase in an online store, and a second class Representing items that are on sale at a discounted price. THe constructor sets the nameto the first value passed in. The pseudocode is below: Class Item { constructor(name, price) { … // ConstructorImplementation } } Class SaleItem extends Item { constructor (name, price, discount) { ...//Constructor Implementation } } There is a new requirement for a developer to implement a description method that will return a brief description for Item and SaleItem.Let regItem =new Item(‘Scarf’, 55); Let saleItem = new SaleItem(‘Shirt’ 80, -1); Item.prototype.description = function () { return ‘This is a ’ +; console.log(regItem.description());console.log(saleItem.description()); SaleItem.prototype.description = function () { return ‘This is a discounted ’ +; } console.log(regItem.description()); console.log(saleItem.description());What is the output when executing the code above ?

A. This is a Scarf Uncaught TypeError:saleItem.description is not a function This is aScarf This is a discounted Shirt
B. This is a Scarf This is a Shirt This is a Scarf This is a discounted Shirt
C. This is a Scarf This is a Shirt This is a discounted Scarf This is a discounted Shirt
D. Thisis aScarf Uncaught TypeError: saleItem.description is not a function This is a Shirt This is a did counted Shirt

Question # 33

Refer to the code below:Const resolveAfterMilliseconds = (ms) => Promise.resolve (setTimeout (( => console.log(ms), ms ));Const aPromise = await resolveAfterMilliseconds(500);Const bPromise = await resolveAfterMilliseconds(500);Await aPromise, wait bPromise;What is the result of runningline 05?

A. aPromise and bPromise run sequentially.
B. Neither aPromise or bPromise runs.
C. aPromise and bPromise run in parallel.
D. Only aPromise runs.

Question # 34

A developer has a formatName function that takes two arguments, firstName and lastNameand returns a string. They want to schedule thefunction to run once after five seconds.What is the correct syntax to schedule this function?

A. setTimeout (formatName(), 5000, "John", "BDoe");
B. setTimeout (formatName('John', ‘'Doe'), 5000);
C. setTimout(() => { formatName("John', 'Doe') }, 5000);
D. setTimeout ('formatName', 5000, 'John", "Doe');

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