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Salesforce Certified-Strategy-Designer Question Answers

Salesforce Certified Strategy Designer Exam Dumps December 2023

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Salesforce Certified-Strategy-Designer Sample Questions

Question # 1

Cloud Kicks has uncovered a trend in parents and children wearing similar, coordinatedfashion. A strategy designer is scoping a project to explore the potential of this opportunity.Whenshould families be invited to co-create with designers?

A. Concepting
B. Roadmapping
C. Prototyping

Question # 2

A strategy designer collaborated with the product design team at Cloud kicks and is nowcoming to the end of their discovery. Which technique should be used to frame the designchallengeon the right problems?

A. Design "For an optimal experience..." questions.
B. Construct "How might we..." questions.
C. Create "As a user, I should..." questions.

Question # 3

Cloud Kicks (CK) has just added sustainability as a corporate value. CK has assigned astrategydesigner to partner with the manufacturing team to look for opportunities to improve on itssustainability goals.What should the designer do to build and rationalize a case with this new team?

A. Meet with the manufacturing team and give them feasible solutions.
B. Analyze internal systems through the lens of environmental risk.
C. Present research on climate change to the manufacturing team

Question # 4

In listening to its customer and influencers Cloud Kicks (CK) identifies a design opportunityto create a more sustainable sneaker Which additional topics should CK consider beforeframing thedesign challenge as a How Might We question?

A. Shareholder priorities and design team capabilities
B. Potential market sire and supply chain costs
C. Business drivers and signals of success

Question # 5

Cloud Kicks' (CK) product teams are well-led, productive, and meet their KPIs. However,theteams tend to become siloed and focused on their individual team priorities, occasionallyleavingCK's customer experience fragmented.Which tool should CK's strategy designer recommend to grow and nurture crossdepartmentalcollaboration?

A. V2MOM with shared methods.
B. Roadmap of cross-product features
C. Annual leadership summit

Question # 6

Cloud Kicks (CK) designs innovative footwear for site athletes. Manufacturing the footwearis possible but expensive.What should CK focus testing efforts on to determine whether to produce at scale?

A. Novelty, privacy, and potential to go viral
B. Competitive advantage, impact, and own ability
C. Desirability, viability, and feasibility

Question # 7

Cloud Kicks is going to conduct research with users of products to better understand their needs. What are some safeguards that should be put in place to ensure the research is conductedethically?

A. A customer journey map, research scenario, and a RAID log
B. A hypothesis, project plan, and financial reimbursement for users
C. A code of conduct, ethics training, and a research data handling polic

Question # 8

Cloud Kicks' (CK) stakeholders have some concerns about a newly created CX visionbecausethey struggle with imagining how it will impact CK's current product.What should a strategy designer do to alleviate the stakeholders' concerns?

A. Prototype an aspect of the vision that in interact with the current product and shareinsights with stakeholders.
B. Organize a brainstorming session toto provide stakeholders with a chance to reassessthe vision.
C. Share associated Objectives & Key with stakeholders to put the vision in a businesscontext.

Question # 9

A strategy designer is working with a group of developers who have yet to buy into theteamdesign process.What should the strategy designer to do to engage them more?

A. Conduct interviews with developers to gather insights on process approaches.
B. Invite the developers to lead the conversation for synthesis and persona development.
C. Facilitate a workshop on ideating and sketching with the core team members.

Question # 10

A cross-disciplinary design team is looking at an affinity map of insights.Which question should the team use to prioritize and turn them into design opportunities?

A. What constraints would we have to overcome?
B. Why is this insight valuable?
C. Do we have the capability to develop this?

Question # 11

Cloud Kicks' sales team is reporting an increased rate of churn. The Support team isfrequently bombarded with customer requests for less complicated user experience. Thedevelopment team sees the risk in changing a mature product.What should a strategy designer recommend to help create alignment between the team?

A. Share stories from customer reach to create a common understanding of challenges.
B. Create a prioritized product roadmap to ensure future releases address knownchallenges.
C. Define acceptance criteria and acceptance testing to validate intended outcomes.

Question # 12

A startup company that develops machine learning tools that track the performance ofcarbon dioxide and wants enforce perception validity of its data. The company starts bydeveloping aneed statement and a challenge statement.What is the communality between the two statements?

A. Both are solution free statements
B. Both are tactics intended to solve problem
C. Both explain the scope of possible solution.

Question # 13

Cloud Kicks (CK) is interested in collecting data passively from customers while they areexercising in the company's latest tours plans to collect heart rate and activity levels and then overlaythis data with self-reported weight, age, and health behavior information to provide fitnessrecommendationsWhat should a strategy designer recommend before CK commits to this project?

A. User Acceptance Testing
B. Consequence Scanning Workshop
C. Global Trend Analysis

Question # 14

An insurance company has a calc banding process that involves multiple team members,different departments, and many disparate systemsWhich Salesforce automation tool should a strategy designer recommend to improvebusinessprocess efficiency?

A. Financial
B. MuleSoft
C. Services Cloud

Question # 15

Claud Kicks (CK) has launched a new online store with special emphasis on improvinguserexperience.Which metric should be used to measure user experience improvements achieved as onoutcome of the redesign?

A. Increased transaction volume
B. Net Adoption Score (NAS)
C. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)

Question # 16

Leadership at Cloud Kicks just approved a vision for a new digital commerce and servicestrategy. They ask the Strategy Designer to create a roadmap to help them understand therolloutprocess and implications.What should be one of the initial steps to take when creating a program roadmap?

A. Start with a phased approach, then address foundational items early.
B. Develop a RACI diagram among internal stakeholders only.
C. Create a release plan matching calendar-based milestones

Question # 17

Cloud Kicks (CK) has developed a successful commerce solution for its customers in thehealth space o creation of an artificial intelligence (AI)-based recommendation engine.There areprivacy concerns.What should a strategy designer suggest that would provide a focus on AI concerns?

A. Publish a publicly accessible set of ethical principles and guides
B. Create a focus group among internal stakeholders to advocate consideration of bias.
C. Evaluate multiple AI vendors with commerce solutions that must be ethical.

Question # 18

A Strategy Designer at Cloud Kicks presents narrative to drive stakeholder alignment for a new product vision. In addition to the narrative, what should the designer provide to create alignment?

A. Design sprint
B. Journey mapping workshop
C. Service blueprint workshop

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