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Salesforce Communications Cloud Accredited Professional (AP) Exam Dumps July 2024

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Salesforce Salesforce-Communications-Cloud Sample Questions

Question # 1

Sonic telecommunication delivers B2C internet (broadband) and TV services to thecustomer and technician need to perform various task for the add product operations. Atone point in the flow there is a manual task that required technician to complete the steps and to provide information back to order management system to identify the equipmentordered, which action should consultant take to support the manual task resolution?

A. Design and attach the omni scripts to the manual task to help technician with each stepthat are required to be completed manually
B. Use the integration procedure to manage the various task that technician need toundertake
C. Use data raptor to assist with integration and introduce several manual task into theflow.
D. Use call out to fully automate the flow so that no manual steps are required

Question # 2

A Large Tier 1 Telco with 20 million subscribers needs to move all of their customer dataform legacy system to communication cloud. The team have discovered it would take along time to migrate all the data over.which approach should the fulfillment designer recommend as the migration strategy toensure that all the orders uninterrupted through the salesforce platform during migration?

A. Migrate Data on demand as orders are raised through the salesforce interface andimplement a bulk migration strategy
B. Partition the data into logical blocks and run the migration in multiple stages over time,allowing for on demand migration for the non-migrated data to the legacy system
C. Partition the data into logical blocks and run the migration in multiple stages over time,allowing for on demand migration data when migrations occurs
D. Disable the production system during off peak hours and migrate the data from the oldsystem to the new system. Ensure both new and old system are online during Peak hours.

Question # 3

Acme technology is Tier 1 Provider selling fixed line internet and TV services. In order tosend Set top boxes (STB) and modem they are requiring a single call to the shippingfulfillment system, which combination can be sent to the customer. They also want toensure optimal performance and avoid unnecessary use of storage of inventory incustomer base.

A. Decompose Modem & STB into one CFS using M:1 decomposition pattern configurescope field on CFS technical product definition to Account
B. Decompose the Modem & STB to distinct CFS technical product using 1:1decomposition relationship. Configure the scope filed on the modem and STB products todownstream Order Item.
C. Decompose the Modem & STB to distinct CFS technical product using 1:1decomposition relationship. Configure the scope field on CFS technical product definition todownstream Order Item.
D. Decompose the Modem & STB to one CFS technical product using M:1 decomposition relationship. Configure the scope filed on the modem and STB products to Account

Question # 4

A telecom service provider offers internet, mobile and TV services that can be sold asbundled and independently. Fulfillment consultant designer is designing the orchestrationorder that contains any combination to consistently improve the customer satisfaction, theconsultant need to design a solution that makes the service available to consumers forconsumption and support changes for completely fulfilled offers even when other are stillbeing same. what is the recommendation approach for an assets management strategy inthis case?

A. Module each offer as top offer, Use the standard assetization in orchestration toassetize the offer that have been ordered
B. Module the offer as a triple play bundle, Use standard assetization in orchestration toassetize the offer that have been ordered
C. Module the offer as a triple play bundle, Use staged assetization in orchestration toassetize the offer that have been ordered
D. Module the offer as a top level offers, Use staged assetization in orchestration toassetize the offer that have been ordered

Question # 5

Fivercorp is migrating its operations from a legacy on-premise system to communicationcloud. They have already migrated the account and product information, and are nowplanning to migrate the asset records and route of MACD processing to Salesforce by theend of the year. Which two considerations should they take into accounts for thisprocessing to be successful?

A. Large assets volume should be logically partition with staged migration, consider ondemand migration to allow seamless operations
B. Only Migrate the assets needed when customers are trying to place MACD orders.
C. Both commercial and technical assets need to be present in Salesforce to successfullyprocess the MACD orders.
D. Only Commercial assets need to be present in salesforce to successfully process theMACD orders.

Question # 6

A company uses as in-house legacy order management system for order fulfillment andinventory management. The order fulfillment support team complains that the items thatmakes callouts to the inventory management system get stuck and fail for days and manualintervention is required. The company has decided to move the industries Ordermanagement (OM) system. How would industries OM Fallout Management reduce thisissue for the company.

A. By automatically balancing order processing tasks across multiple orchestration items
B. By automatically balancing order processing tasks across multiple orchestration queues
C. By automatically queuing the fulfillment request to retry according to predefined retrypolicy.
D. By automatically queuing the fulfillment request to retry according to fallout analysisreport.

Question # 7

Universal Connect (UC) sells several mobile devices to its customer. UC has severalattribute like color, storage and screen size that are common across mobile devices. UC islooking for recommendation around efficiency them using SFI product catalog. How shouldconsultant model the product catalog for UC?

A. Create ‘Mobile Offer Spec Type’ object with common attribute and set the patent objecttype as ‘Base offer Spec Type’. Then associate mobile device offers with ‘Mobile OfferSpec Type’ Object Type.
B. Create ‘Mobile offer Spec Type’ with base attribute as parent object type and associatemobile device offers with object type and add additional attributes
C. Create ‘base offer Spec Type’ object type with all attribute and associate mobile deviceoffer with this object type
D. Create ‘Mobile Offer Spec Type’ object with common attribute and set the patent objecttype as ‘Base offer Spec Type’. Then associate mobile device offers with ‘Base Offer SpecType’ Object Type.

Question # 8

Airtalk has recently acquired Mobitel, which uses communication cloud as in CPQ andorder management system. Airtalk wants to upsell Mobitel products on its consumer portalto increase its revenue and make share without incurring the cost of migrating thoseproducts onto its own legacy CPQ and order management system. What should aconsultant recommend to quickly integrate Airtalk;s portal application with mobitel’sCommunication Cloud.

A. Use Cart Based APIs
B. Use Digital Commerce APIs
C. Use CPQAppHandler Methods

Question # 9

Universal Connect has a requirement to capture site address for its high speed businessinternet offerings in order to do a serviceability check. Which two entities are used incommunication cloud to capture location information?

A. Service Account
B. Place
C. Premise
D. Address

Question # 10

United Telecom (UT) has a high-level of customization in their exiting cultural landscape,which results in higher cost on maintenance and development. They have chosencommunication cloud with an expectation that they will be able to drive down theoperational cost.What are the two option to achieve the expectation?

A. Assess the entire architecture and identify ways to replicate the legacy system in Communication Cloud.
B. Handle the complex business processes manually outside the IT landscape.
C. Harmonize their business plan to reduce the complexity
D. Access the entire architecture to identify application that can be decommission.

Question # 11

ABC cloud communication service provider that uses communication cloud for their B2BMarket. ABC cloud sells services to tier 1 enterprise companies across the globe thenumber of items in the cart for each customer is usually high and with new products beingintroduced, the company expects even higher cart numbers. Sales representative started tonotice performance reduction while submitting big carts to order management. A consultantwas asked to provide design guidance for product design while taking into considerationcommunication cloud CPQ and order management constraints. Which two options shouldthe consultant consider while designing the commercial catalog?

A. Keep the number of attribute on the product low, avoid big picklist and directassignments.
B. Advise them to use picklist attribute with multiple pick lists values instead of configuringnew products
C. Avoid deep product hierarchy and big list of add on, limit the number of advance rulesuch as AutoAdd or Auto Remove products.
D. Model all product in flat while controlling the cardinality with AutoAdd and AutoRemoveadvanced rules

Question # 12

Acme technology is an internet service provider that has 20 distinct download and 10upload speeds, unique billing code must be sent to billing system during fulfillment.Which two actions should a consultant recommend for modeling the technical productcatalog and decomposition relationship?

A. Create a single CFS specifications and map the upload and download speeds. Retrievethe fulfillment details from the calculation matrix market using the integration procedureinvoked by an auto task
B. Create a single CFS specifications and map the upload and download speeds. Retrievethe fulfillment details from the calculation matrix using a custom auto task
C. Create a technical product catalog which maps 1:1 to the billing model. Use the out ofthe box tool to create product and generate billing code. Use unconditional decompositionrelationships to select the correct technical product
D. Create Multiple CFS specification where the billing code attribute is defined. Useattribute based decomposition relationship to map the various upload/download speeds tothe billing code attribute

Question # 13

ABC Telco wants to offers a self-service portal for their B2C customers so they can browseand order from product catalog. Which salesforce industries based solution helps activatethis?

A. Enterprise Sales Management
B. Assets based ordering
C. Mobile subscription Management
D. Digital commerce

Question # 14

United Telecom has release plan for their digital transformation it includes both legacyCRM and their new communication cloud, both of which will be active until the digitaltransformation is complete.Customer data from the legacy CRM will be migrated intocommunication cloud as part of first phase of the digital transformation project. There arebusiness critical operations that will remains active in legacy CRM after the first phase ofproject. Which strategy should a consultant recommended to keep the customer data tosync between the legacy CRM and communication cloud?

A. Synchronize real time customer data between the two CRMs when updated happens ineither of the two CRMs
B. Synchronize real time customer data between the two CRMs at the end of business dayusing batch updates.
C. Introduce customer data management system as a part of digital transformation to keepcustomer data up to date
D. Allow updated on Customer Data only on Communication cloud and synchronize theupdate to the legacy CRM

Question # 15

ABC telecom wishes to offer certain offers to retain its outgoing customers. They would liketo give pricing adjustments across the catalog. They also want their agent to have theability to give runtime adjustments and wish to have the approval process defined aroundthe same. Which features should the consultant suggest to address the aboverequirements.

A. Discounts.
B. Adjustment using Context rules
C. Promotions
D. Customizations using CPQ Hooks

Question # 16

A developer has modified the EPC price amount of one mobile device using the productdesigner from communication cloud. After the price have been changed the developerwants to check the previous EPC price amount to track pricing matrices and get someforecast matrices. How can developer check the previous price amount on the mobiledevice?

A. Creating a new customer field on price list Entry and populating it with the trigger thatwas created before changing the price
B. Use the versioning feature and comparing the prices for the version product after havingenabled the feature
C. Use EPC project feature checking the changes done for the defaulted project afterhaving enable the feature
D. Use price list history checking the changes done after having enabled the track fieldhistory on the Price list entry object

Question # 17

United telecom has large product catalog; over time their catalog has increased in numberof factors. They have choosen communication cloud as their product of choice to reducetheir product catalog size. Which are the two steps shall consultant take to migrate theseissue and build a stable product catalog.

A. Bundle the similar product together to reduce the volume
B. Make use of object types and attributes to better handle scalability using EPCfunctionality.
C. Rationalize the product catalog by identifying duplicates and legacy products that can beremoved
D. Mark the orderable flag on the legacy system to false so that they cannot be used.

Question # 18

ABC telecom offer advanced B2B connectivity products to companies with multiple servicequotes in different regions based quotes and 1000 line items per quote.Which application suits supports this scnerio?

A. Enterprise sales management
B. Subscriber lifecycle management
C. Advertising sales management
D. Multiple subscription management

Question # 19

Orbit telecommunication has announced that their B2C mobile business is doing well andthere will be high order increase next year well beyond anything they had planned.What are the two preparatory steps that a consultant should take to ensure the stability inproduction?

A. Ensure Enterprise sales management (ESM) is employed to split the large order prior tosubmission to order management system
B. Ensure that customer have enough Async Apex Callouts and platform events availableto cover the load
C. Ensure platform events mode is enabled
D. Ensure mule soft is employed for integration to reduce the consumption of salesforceresources

Question # 20

Universal containers (UC) is implementing communication cloud. One of the KPIs for theirdigital transformation is to reduce time to market for new product and products changessince it is currently takes three-month end to end to launch new product. Which two actionswill help measure product time to market in communication loud?

A. Leverage the EPC functionality to track the product related configuration.
B. Create a Product Time to market app from template in CRM analytics to track theproduct time to market
C. Create salesforce report on EPC project object to track the product time to market.
D. Create a salesforce Report on the Product object to track the product time to market

Question # 21

ABC telecom is using communication cloud for their enterprise customers. ABC telecomhas a requirement wherein assets must be synchronized to the assurance platform as soonas the sale of MACD order placed by each reseller throughout the day. There are hundredsof active reseller user present in the system. How should consultant recommend that ABCtelecom integrate communication cloud with their assurance platform?

A. Use industry order management to inform the assurance platform as a part of theorchestration plan
B. Use an on-demand data pull from communication cloud using REST API from servicerassurance
C. Use a Bulk API connector via middleware
D. Use platform events and GetAsset API

Question # 22

Universal container (UC) is implementing communication cloud and the business is askinga consultant to migrate all orders from the last 5 years, which will include millions of orders.What are three valid points consultant should raise in this scenario?

A. There is a need to raise a support case two weeks before the data load so thatsalesforce can monitor the performance
B. Migrating millions of records will cause Order Management to fail during processing dueto large volume
C. Migrating millions of records may reduce query performance due to large data volumes
D. This would require migrating all products sold within last 5 years, including those thatare no longer sold.
E. Migrating Assets instead of orders would provide more business Value.

Question # 23

An ABC telecom customer requested a change to their existing services which resulted innew set of assets. At later date customer changed from device based to an installmentbased contract. After few year customer then requested to change their telephone number.Which object of communication data model should a consultant use to manage the lifecycle of assets over a time?

A. Service Entitlement
B. Service Account
C. Contract Line Item
D. Subscription

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Salesforce Salesforce-Communications-Cloud Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salesforce Communications Cloud?

Salesforce Communications Cloud is a comprehensive suite of solutions designed for the communications industry, offering tools to manage customer relationships, sales, service, and marketing efforts seamlessly within a single platform.

Who should consider taking the Salesforce Communications Cloud exam?

The exam is intended for professionals working in the communications industry who wish to demonstrate their expertise in using Salesforce Communications Cloud to enhance customer engagement, streamline operations, and drive sales.

What are the prerequisites for the Salesforce Communications Cloud exam?

While Salesforce does not strictly enforce prerequisites, it is recommended that candidates have hands-on experience with Salesforce Communications Cloud and a solid understanding of the communications industry's practices and challenges.

What topics are covered in the Salesforce Communications Cloud exam?

The exam covers various aspects of Salesforce Communications Cloud, including data management, customer engagement strategies, sales and service processes, and the integration of Communications Cloud with other Salesforce applications.

What type of questions can I expect in the exam?

The exam consists of multiple-choice and multiple-select questions that test your knowledge on Salesforce Communications Cloud's functionality, best practices, and implementation strategies.

What is the passing score for the Salesforce Communications Cloud exam?

The passing score for the exam is typically around 65%, but this can change. It's important to verify the passing score on the Salesforce certification website.

How can I prepare for the Salesforce Communications Cloud exam?

Preparation can include a combination of hands-on experience, studying the Salesforce Communications Cloud documentation, completing training courses, and practicing with exam dumps and practice questions like those provided on

Does offer practice questions for the Salesforce Communications Cloud exam?

Yes, offers a comprehensive set of practice questions specifically designed to help prepare for the Salesforce Communications Cloud exam, covering all the key topics and concepts.

How often are the practice questions on updated?

Our practice questions are regularly updated to reflect the latest exam format and topics, ensuring that you are studying with the most current information.

Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the practice questions?
Please refer to our website's refund policy for details on eligibility for refunds. We strive to ensure customer satisfaction with our products. For More Details
Are there any tips for successfully passing the Salesforce Communications Cloud exam?

Besides thorough preparation, it's important to read each question carefully, manage your time effectively during the exam, and ensure you have a strong grasp of Salesforce Communications Cloud's capabilities and best practices.

What happens if I fail the Salesforce Communications Cloud exam?

If you fail the exam, you can retake it after waiting for a specified period. Check Salesforce's retake policy for details, including any associated fees.

What types of Salesforce Communications Cloud practice tests do you offer?

Our website offers a wide range of practice tests designed to cover every aspect of the Salesforce Communications Cloud certification exam. These include multiple-choice questions, scenario-based questions, and custom quizzes to test your knowledge comprehensively.

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