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Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud Accredited Professional Exam Dumps May 2024

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Salesforce Energy-and-Utilities-Cloud Sample Questions

Question # 1

What tool should be used to migrate configurations from sandbox to production when a
customer has completed configuring OmniStudio components?

A. Salesforce Export Wizard

B. OmniStudio DataPacks

C. IDX Workbench


Question # 2

A company's energy and utilities org uses Permission Set Licenses What are the two
methods to control users access to features and functionality?

A. Permission Sets

B. Sharing Settings

C. Permission SetGroups

D. Managed Package Licenses

Question # 3

An implementation team has requested an org containing the Energy and Utilities Cloud
Large Account Sales Management application. After working with the app. they determine
that they need the functionality of the homepage for agents and team leaders.
How does the team get the required components into their development environment?

A. The team should follow the documentation and migrate the required components into
the* development environment.

B. The team needs to copy and paste the required components from their trial environment
into their development environment.

C. The team should take a look at the application code, and then go and re-type the code
into their development environment.

D. The team should request the Energy and Utilities Cloud engineering team to deploy the
necessary components into the project development environment.

Question # 4

An energy company urgently needs to replace its current customer information system
(CIS). The current system is at end-of-life and unsupported Because the cost to replace the
CIS is so high, executives contemplate putting all other projects on hold. This would delay
the planned Energy and Utilities Cloud implementation. The executive committee asks a
consultant for a recommended, cost-effective approach to maximize the return on
Which two courses of action should the consultant recommend?

A. Implement Energy and Utilities Cloud and simultaneously replace the customer
information system with a cloud based billing system.

B. First, implement Energy and Utilities Cloud and integrate it with the current customer
information system through a q middleware platform. Then, replace the customer
information system with a more modern one and reconnect the integration points between
middleware and the new CIS.

C. To avoid reworking to integrations, deploy a new customer information system first then implement Energy and Utilities Cloud.

D. Cancel the Energy and Utilities Cloud implementation and replace the CIS. because
modem CIS systems have all the necessary functionality to effectively track and manage
customer engagements in any channel.

Question # 5

A customer has recently installed Energy and Utilities Cloud Which specific license enables an energy company's partners to access applications via a web portal?

A. Energy and Utilities Cloud for Digital Experience User

B. Energy and Utilities Base

C. Energy and Utilities Base for Digital Experience Partner

D. Energy and Utilities Base Service

Question # 6

An energy company uses Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud to generate quotes and
orders. Two custom fields on quotes get populated during the quote capture process These
two fields need to be populated when the quote gets converted to an order.
How can a consultant achieve this without custom code?

A. Creating Apex trigger

B. Adding fields in CPQ configuration

C. Adding fields in Checkout method

D. Using Field Mapper

Question # 7

Energy and Utilities Cloud has the capability to provide access to information using several
different data access methods Using the Digital Interaction Platform, online web portals,
internal console applications, and mobile applications are all examples of which data
access technology?

A. Metadata API

B. Streaming data API

C. SSO data access

D. Omnichannel data access

Question # 8

A customer is ready to install the managed package for Energy and Utilities Cloud.
Which two Product Schedules settings must be enabled for all products as a prerequisite step for a successful installation?

A. Product Scheduling

B. Revenue Scheduling

C. Quantity Scheduling

D. Inventory Scheduling

Question # 9

When preparing a demo of Energy and Utilities Cloud, the consultant needs to showcase a customer's 360-degree view that allows the customer service agents of the company to see

the following information in one glance:
• Identify the caller
• Provide answers to questions about billing. consumption, and payments
• Add meter readings
• Manage user complaints.
• Perform user requests such as Start Service. Stop Service, and Set Up a Payment Plan.
Which two functionalities should theconsultant use to achieve this?

A. Configure the Energy and Utilities Contact Center Console available m the process

B. Configure a custom Salesforce Service Cloud console.

C. Configure custom OmniScripts and FlexCards to cover the requirements.

D. Assign the relevant lightning pages to the energy company's service agent user profile

Question # 10

An energy company wants to sell additional commodity products related to services other
than electricity and gas.
Which three enhancements need to be considered?

A. Extend the value list on the status picklist for cases

B. Extend the value list on the product family picklistfor product object.

C. Extend the value list on the service type picklist for service points

D. Extend the entries of record types on account object.

E. Extend the entries of record types on inventory item object.

Question # 11

When considering data mastery in Energy and Utilities Cloud, which two types of data
should remain mastered in the relevant legacy application?

A. Caserdated data

B. Contact data

C. Meter reading data

D. Billing related data

Question # 12

Which three features are included in the Energy and Utilities Cloud Console?

A. Customer Story

B. Multiple tabs, such as Overview.Biling. and Usage

C. Configuration options with significant coding

D. Rate Comparison
E. Customer 360 view

Energy-and-Utilities-Cloud Complete Exam Detail:

Detail Information
Total Time 105 minutes (1 hour 45 minutes)
Exam Fee $200 USD
Passing Marks 65%
Available Languages English, Japanese
Exam Format Multiple Choice and Multi-Select Questions
Prerequisites None
Certification Level Specialist
Renewal Requirement Every release cycle (typically every 4 months)
Study Resources Official Salesforce Training, Trailhead Modules
Recommended Experience 6-12 months of experience in Salesforce

Salesforce Energy and Utilities Cloud Accredited Professional Exam Complete Exam Topics Breakdown:

Topic Description
Overview of Energy and Utilities Understanding the energy and utilities industry, its challenges, and trends
Salesforce Platform Overview Familiarity with the Salesforce platform and its capabilities
Data Modeling and Architecture Designing data models specific to energy and utilities processes
Customer Management Managing customer relationships and interactions within the industry
Asset Management Tracking and managing assets such as power plants, substations, etc.
Workforce Management Optimizing workforce scheduling, skills management, and field operations
Analytics and Reporting Utilizing analytics tools to derive insights and generate reports
Industry Regulations and Compliance Understanding regulatory requirements and ensuring compliance
Mobile Solutions Implementing mobile solutions for field workers and remote operations
Integration and Automation Integrating with third-party systems and automating business processes
Security and Privacy Ensuring data security and privacy in accordance with industry standards

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