IDC Confirms: Salesforce Ecosystem Brings New Sparks In Generative AI With Upsurge In Jobs & Business Revenue

IDC Confirms: Salesforce Ecosystem Brings New Sparks In Generative AI With Upsurge In Jobs & Business Revenue

The new IDC study foresees the Salesforce AI Economy bringing massive AI Job Growth and Business Revenue Increase. Salesforce previously focused on cloud-based solutions. It is now expanding its approach and is taking into account not just AI in general but generative AI specifically.

IDC predicts the Salesforce ecosystem will generate 11.6 million new jobs and $2 trillion in business revenue between 2022 and 2028. Salesforce found the potential in AI-driven business revenue growth across sales, services, marketing, commerce, and IT.

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Salesforce's Latest AI Approach and What It Brings to the Table:

According to IDC, Salesfroce's newest methodology accelerates Salesforce Career Opportunities. Salesforce, the pioneer of AI in CRM, continues to fuel the AI revolution with its generative AI mechanism. The innovative AI ensures enterprise data remains secure and within compliance regulations. It has built ethical guardrails for AI development based on five principles: accuracy, safety, honesty, empowerment, and sustainability.

Today, generative AI solutions are every Salesforce cloud professional’s go-to plan. Sales Cloud uses autogenerated emails. Service Cloud autogenerates personal replies. Professionals can now focus on customers better. All this while using generative AI based on Salesforce's unique CRM context, using real-time data to help resolve customer issues faster.

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IDC Survey Highlights: Salesforce Using AI-powered Solutions

IDC surveyed more than 500 organizations utilizing AI-powered solutions, and they found:

Category Detail Percentage
Salesforce AI Positive Impacts Employees performed better 45%
Less repetitive tasks 42%
Salesforce AI Challenges Lack of skilled personnel 35%
Lack AI governance and risk management 34%
Lack trustworthiness and bias 31%
Salesforce AI Impact on Jobs Data engineers leading AI-related roles 50%
Business Analysts 43%

Advances in AI have made undeniable impacts on global businesses. Salesforce’s current focus on AI development brings benefits to its economy generated by AI-powered cloud computing. So, step into this culture of innovation, invest in Salesforce-AI-Associate practice test training, and stay competitive with the on-going shifts in today's business landscape.

Looking Ahead: Future of Salesforce and AI

Salesforce's AI innovation and its impact on the global economy emerges as a central force. If you are curious about what’s more Salesforce plans for AI, tune into Dreamforce 2023. Or you could sign up at for the latest insights, updates, and trends. Another way to stay in the know of ever-changing AI world is our Salesforce-AI-Associate real exam questions.

Speaking of which the recent IDC study spotlights Salesforce AI business transformation’s role in skyrocketing businesses revenues and reshaping the future of work.