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Amazon CLF-C01 Question Answers

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Dumps October 2023

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What is Amazon CLF-C01?

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Amazon CLF-C01 Sample Questions

Question # 1

A company wants its Amazon EC2 instance to share the same geographic area but use redundant underlying power sources. Which solution will meet these requirements? 

A. Use EC2 instance across multiple Availability Zones in the same AWS Region.
 B. Use Amazon CloudFront as the database for the EC2 instances. 
C. Use EC2 instances in the same edge location and the same Availability Zone. 
D. Use EC2 instances in AWS OpsWorks stacks in different AWS Regions.

Question # 2

Which AWS service or feature provides high availability and low latency within an AWS Region? 

A. Edge locations 
B. Availability Zones 
C. AWS Outposts 
D. Amazon Route 53 

Question # 3

Which AWS services can a company use to transfer on-premises data to the AWS Cloud? (Select TWO.)

A. AWS Snowcone 
B. AWS Transit Gateway 
C. AWS DataSync 
D. AWS Backup 
E. Amazon Connect 

Question # 4

A company wants to rightsized its Amazon EC2 instances. Which configuration change will meet this requirement with the LEAST operational overhead?

A. Add EC2 instances in another Availability Zone. 
B. Change the size and type of the EC2 instances based on utilization. 
C. Convert the payment method from On-Demand to Savings Plans.
 D. Retravision the EC2 instances with a larger instance type. 

Question # 5

Which fully managed AWS service assists with the creation, testing and management of custom Amazon EC2 images?

A. EC2 Image Builder 
B. Amazon Machine Image (AMI) 
C. AWS Launch Wizard 
D. AWS Elastic Beanstalk 

Question # 6

Which AWS service provides storage that can be mounted across multiple Amazon EC2 instances?

A. Amazon Workspaces 
B. Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) 
C. AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) 
D. AWS Snowball Edge 

Question # 7

A company uses Amazon EC2 instances to run its web application. The company uses Ondemand instances and Spot instances. The company needs to visualize its monthly spending on both types of instances. Which AWS service or feature will meet this requirement?

A. AWS Cost Explorer 
B. AWS Budgets 
C. Amazon CloudWatch 
D. AWS Cost Categories 

Question # 8

A company wants to update its online data processing application by implementing container-based services that run for 4hours at a time. The company does not want to provision or manage server instance. Which AWS service will meet these requirements?

A. AWS Lambda 
B. AWS Fargate 
C. Amazon EC2 
D. AWS Elastic Beanstalk 

Question # 9

Which of the following is a benefit of deploying workloads in multiple AWS Regions?

A. It increases the performance of Amazon EC2 instances. 
B. It is the most cost-effective deployment model. 
C. It is faster to deploy workloads across multiple AWS Regions than in a single Region.
D. It reduces latency for users who are in different geographic areas. 

Question # 10

A company needs network access to be restricted to an Amazon EC2 instance for certain ports. Which AWS services or features will support this requirement? (Select TWO.)

A. Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) 
B. Network ACLs 
C. IAM Password rotation policy
 D. Security groups 
E. Amazon Route 53 record sets

Question # 11

Which AWS service, feature, or tool helps visualize the pattern of AWS spending?

A. Cost Explorer 
B. Amazon DevPay
C. AWS CloudTrail 
D. Consolidated billing 

Question # 12

A company plans to host its data warehouse application on AWS. The company has a machine learning (ML) model and wants to use that model within its data warehouse for data forecasting. Which AWS service will meet these requirements? 

A. Amazon DynamoDB
 B. Amazon Redshift ML
 C. Amazon Aurora ML 
D. Amazon MemoryDB for Radis 

Question # 13

Which pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework includes the design principle of defining workloads, applications, and infrastructure as code (laC)? 

A. Operational excellence
B. Reliability 
C. Performance efficiency 
D. Security 

Question # 14

A company needs to manage multiple login across AWS accounts within the same organization in AWS Organizations. Which AWS service should the company use to meet this requirement? 

A. Amazon VPC 
B. Amazon GuardDuty 
C. Amazon Cognito 
D. AWS IAM Identify Center (AWS Single Sign-on) 

Question # 15

A company wants help from AWS Certified freelance consultants to complete several AWS Cloud projects. Which AWS service should the company use to find this support?

B. AWS Support 
C. AWS Trusted Advisor 
D. AWS Marketplace

Question # 16

A company wants to migrate its main application to Amazon EC2. The application must provide low latency to users residing in two different geographic locations. The architecture of the Application must have disaster recovery capabilities. How can these requirements be met?

A. Deploy the application on an EC2 instance and set up EC2 automatic recovery.
B. Deploy the application on multiple EC2 instances running in one Availability Zone. 
C. Deploy the application on EC2 instances in Multi-AZs in a single AWS Region. 
D. Deploy the application on EC2 instances in multiple AWS Regions. 

Question # 17

Why is an AWS Well-Architected review a critical part of the cloud design process?

A. A Well-Arch Heeled review is mandatory before a workload can run on AWS. 
B. A Well-Architected review helps identify design gaps and helps evaluate design decisions and related documents. 
C. A Well-Architected review is an audit mechanism that is a part of requirements for service level agreements. 
D. A Well-Architected review eliminates the need for ongoing auditing and compliance tests. 

Question # 18

A company runs an application in the AWS Cloud. The level of traffic to the application vary throughout the week. The company wants to increase the reliability of its application at all times, even during times of high traffic. Which combination of steps will meet this requirement? (Select TWO.)

A. Test recovery procedures. 
B. Purchase instance weekly based on the previous week’s high traffic points. 
C. Handle software failures automatically. 
D. Scale the application vertically. 
E. Make all changes in the environment manually.

Question # 19

Which option is a common stakeholder role for the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (AWS CAF.) platform perspective?

A. Chief financial officer (CFO) 
B. Chief information officer (CIO) 
C. Chief data officer (CDO) 
D. Engineer

Question # 20

Which benefit of the AWS Cloud helps companies achieve lower usage costs because of the aggregate of all AWS users?

A. No need to guess capacity 
B. Ability to go global in minutes 
C. Economies of scale 
D. Increased speed and agility 

Question # 21

A company needs to generate reports that can break down cloud costs by product, by company-defined tags, and by hour. day. and month. Which AWS tool should the company use to meet these requirements?

A. Reserved Instance utilization and coverage reports 
B. Savings Plans utilization reports
 C. AWS Budgets reports
 D. AWS Cost and Usage Reports 

Question # 22

A company wants to deploy a web application on AWS that serves audio and video content. Which AWS service would provide high availability and scalability in this situation? 

A. Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) 
B. Amazon EC2 
C. AWS Storage Gateway 
D. Amazon S3 

Question # 23

What is a customer responsibility under the AWS shared responsibility model when using AWS Lambda? 

A. Maintenance of the underlying Lambda hardware. 
B. Maintenance of the Lambda networking infrastructure.
 C. The code and libraries that run in the lambda function. 
D. The Lambda server software. 

Question # 24

A company is building AWS architecture to deliver real-time data feeds from an onpremises data center into an application that runs on AWS. The company needs a consistent network connection with minimal latency. What should the company use to connect the application and the data center to meet these requirements?

A. AWS Direct Connect 
B. Public internet 
D. Amazon Connect 

Question # 25

An ecommerce company plans move its data center workload to the AWS Cloud to support highly dynamic usage patterns. Which benefit make the AWS Cloud cost-effective for the migration of this type of workload? (Select TWO.)

A. Reliability 
B. Security
C. Elasticity 
D. Pay-as-you-go resource pricing 
E. High availability 

Question # 26

Which of the following is included within the security pillar of the AWS Well-Architected Framework?

A. Identity federation 
B. Data protection 
C. Incident reporting 
D. Disaster recovery 

Question # 27

Which AWS services or features can a company use lo connect the network of its onpremises data center to AWS? (Select TWO.) 

B. AWS Directory Service 
C. AWS Data Pipeline 
D. AWS Direct Connect 
E. AWS CloudHSM 

Question # 28

A company's headquarters is located on a different continent from where the majority of the company's customers live. The company wants an AWS Cloud environment setup that will provide the lowest latency to the customers. Which solution will provide the LOWEST network latency between the AWS resources and the customers?

A. Place the resources in the AWS Region that is closest to the company's headquarters. Move the resources to the Availability Zone that is closest to the customers. 
B. Place all workloads in the AWS Region that is closest to the company's headquarters. 
C. Place all workloads in the AWS Region that is closest to the majority of customers. 
D. Place the resources in AWS edge locations that are closest to the company's headquarters.

Question # 29

What is the MOST secure way to store passwords on AWS?

A. Store passwords in an Amazon S3 bucket.
 B. Store passwords as AWS Cloud Formation parameters. 
C. Store passwords in AWS Storage Gateway. 
D. Store passwords in AWS Secrets Manager. 

Question # 30

A company wants to move petabytes of historical data into the AWS Cloud. The company needs to transfer the data from a remote location that does not have reliable network services. Which AWS service will meet these requirements?

A. AWS Snowball 
B. AWS DataSync
 C. AWS Direct Connect 
D. AWS Site-to-Site VPN

Question # 31

Which AWS service provides a virtual desktop solution?

A. Amazon EC2 
B. AWS Elastic Beanstalk 
C. AWS System Manager 
D. Amazon Workspaces 

Question # 32

Which AWS service or feature can a company use to create a private, secured, and scalable network environment in the AWS Cloud?

A. Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) 
B. Amazon S3 
C. Amazon VPC 
D. Route tables 

Question # 33

A company needs to set up user authentication for a new application. Users must be able to sign in directly with a user name and password, or through a third-party provider. Which AWS service should the company use to meet these requirements?

A. AWS 1AM Identity Center (AWS Single Sign-On) 
B. AWS Signer 
C. Amazon Cognito 
D. AWS Directory Service 

Question # 34

A company wants to run its workload on Amazon EC2 instances for more than 1 year. This workload will run continuously. Which option offers a discounted hourly rate compared to the hourly rate of On-Demand Instances?

A. AWS Graviton processor
B. Dedicated Hosts 
C. EC2 Instance Savings Plans
 D. Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling Instances 

Question # 35

Which component of the AWS global infrastructure does Amazon CloudFront use to speed up the delivery of content to users across the world?

A. Amazon VPC 
B. Edge location 
C. Local Zone 
D. AWS Outposts connection 

Question # 36

A company has an AWS-hosted website located behind an Application Load Balancer. The company wants to safeguard the website from SQL injection or cross-site Scripting. Which AWS service should the company use? 

A. Amazon GuardDuty 
C. AWS Trusted advisor 
D. Amazon Inspector 

Question # 37

A company wants to reconfigure its ecommerce application to automatically scale to meet customer demands. The company wants the operating system that the application runs on to be automatically updated. Which AWS service will meet these requirements?

A. Amazon Lightsail 
B. Amazon EC2 
C. AWS Lambda 
D. Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling 

Question # 38

Which AWS service requires the customer to patch the guest operating system?

A. AWS Lambda 
B. Amazon OpenSearch Service 
C. Amazon EC2 
D. Amazon ElastiCache 

Question # 39

An ecommerce company has migrated its IT infrastructure from an on-premises data center to the AWS Cloud. Which cost is the company's direct responsibility?

A. Cost of application software licenses 
B. Cost of the hardware infrastructure on AWS 
C. Cost of power for the AWS servers 
D. Cost of physical security for the AWS data center 

Question # 40

Which of the following is an advantage that the AWS Cloud provides to users? 

A. Users eliminate the need to guess about infrastructure capacity requirements. 
B. Users decrease their variable costs by maintaining sole ownership of IT hardware.
 C. Users maintain control of underlying IT infrastructure hardware. 
D. Users maintain control of operating system for managed services. 

Question # 41

Which AWS feature grants temporary access to specific AWS resources? 

A. AWS IAM Access analyzer 
B. Service control policies (SCPS) 
C. Access control lists (ACLs) 
D. IAM roles 

Question # 42

A company needs to use a serverless interactive query service to analyze data in Amazon S3. The query service must support standard SQL. Which AWS service will meet these requirements?

A. Amazon Redshift 
B. AWS Glue 
C. Amazon Athena 
D. Amazon Kinesis Data Streams

Question # 43

Which of the following is an architectural design principle of the AWS WeII-Architected Framework? 

A. Loosely couple components 
B. Build monolithic systems 
C. Scale vertically, not horizontally 
D. Use third-party software 

Question # 44

A company is defining its AWS multi-account strategy. The company needs to control access to AWS services and needs to consolidate billing across accounts. Which AWS service should the company use to meet these requirements?

A. AWS Organizations 
B. AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) 
C. AWS Billing and Cost Management 
D. Amazon Cognito 

Question # 45

What is a characteristic of Convertible Reserved Instances (RIs)? 

A. Users can exchange Convertible Rls for other Convertible RIs from a different instance family. 
B. Users can exchange Convertible Rls for other Convertible Rls in different AWS Regions. 
C. Users can sell and buy Convertible Rls on the AWS Marketplace. 
D. Users can shorten the term of their Convertible Rls by merging them with other Convertible Rls. 

Question # 46

Which feature of AWS Auto scaling will forecast future traffic to schedule changes in the number of Amazon EC2 instances at the appropriate times?

A. Scheduled scaling 
B. Predictive scaling 
C. Target tracking scaling 
D. Step scaling 

Question # 47

A company wants its Amazon EC2 instances to operate in a highly available environment, even if there in a natural disaster in a particular geographic area. Which solution achieves this goal?

A. Use EC2 instances in a single Availability Zone. 
B. Use EC2 instance in multiple AWS Regions. 
C. Use EC2 instance in multiple edge locations. 
D. Use Amazon Cloudfront with the EC2 instance configured as the source. 

Question # 48

A company is moving its on-premises key-value database to the AWS Cloud Which AWS service will support this use case?

A. Amazon RDS 
B. Amazon ElastiCache
 C. Amazon DynamoDB
 D. Amazon Redshift 

Question # 49

A company wants its Amazon EC2 instances to provide a low-latency static website to global users. What should the company do to meet this requirement? 

A. Use the EC2 instances in multiple edge locations.
 B. Use an Application Load Balancer with the EC2 instances configured as the target.
C. Use the EC2 instances in the same Availability Zone but in different AWS Regions. 
D. Use Amazon CloudFront with the EC2 instances configured as the source.

Question # 50

A company wants to use an Amazon EC2 instance that has a pre-installed third-party firewall. Which AWS service or feature can provide this solution?

A. Security groups 
B. AWS Marketplace
 C. AWS Systems Manager 
D. AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) 

Question # 51

Which AWS service should a cloud practitioner use to identify security vulnerabilities of an AWS account?

A. AWS Secrets Manager 
B. Amazon Cognito 
C. Amazon Macie 
D. AWS Trusted Advisor 

Question # 52

A company is using AWS Organizations to configure AWS accounts. Which design principle is a best practice for the company to implement? 

A. Organize accounts based on security and operational needs. 
B. Assign multiple sets of related workloads to each production account. 
C. Deploy workloads to the organization's management account. 
D. Combine production workloads and non-production workloads. 

Question # 53

Which AWS services can a company use to achieve a loosely coupled architecture? (Select TWO.)

A. Amazon Workspaces 
B. Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS.) 
C. Amazon Connect 
D. AWS Trusted Advisor 
E. AWS Step Functions 

Question # 54

A company needs to track the relationships among AWS resources. The company also needs to review resource dependencies before the company makes any changes to the resources. Which AWS service can the company use to meet these requirements? 

A. AWS Trusted Advisor 
B. AWS Confit 
C. AWS Resource Access Manager (AWS RAM)
 D. AWS System Manager 

Question # 55

Which combination of AWS services or features can a company use to encrypt data in transit and data at rest? (Select TWO.) 

A. AWS Lambda 
B. AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) 
C. Amazon CloudWatch metrics 
D. AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) 
E. AWS Systems Manager 

Question # 56

What is the recommended use case for Amazon EC2 On-Demand Instances?

A. A steady-state workload that requires a particular EC2 instance configuration for a long period of time 
B. A workload that can be interrupted for a project that requires the lowest possible cost 
C. An unpredictable workload that does not require a long-team commitment 
D. A workload that is expected to run for longer than 1 year 

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